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Welcome to my Blood Angels painting blog!


My army is based on the 4th Company, along with reinforcements from other companies. The disposition of my assembled, part painted and fully painted forces are as follows:

++Angels of the Blood++


++Chapter Command++


++High Command++

Commander Cervan Dante - High Lord of the Blood Angels

Games Day Captain

The Sanguinor


++Sanguinary Priesthood++

Brother Corbulo - Sanguinary Highest Priest

Brother Olburoc - Sanguinary Higher Priest

Sanguinary High Priest



Reclusiarch Xenith - JP, Crozius, Powerfist

Chaplain Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost

Chaplain Diabocca - JP, Crozius and Infernus Pistol

Chaplain - JP, Crozius, Grav Pistol

Chaplain - TDA, Crozius, Storm Bolter



Chief Librarian Mephiston, Lord of Death

High Epistolary Nostiphem, Master of Twilight

Chief Librarian Primaris Mephiston, third of his name.

Codicier Librarian - JP, Force Halberd

Lexicanum Librarian - TDA, Force Sword, Combi Plasma

Lexicanum Librarian - JP, Force Sword, hand flamer

Epistolary - Force Stave

Epistolary - TDA, Force Stave

Lexicanum Varus - Storm Bolter, Force Stave


++Sanguinary Guard (10 Marines)++

Sanguinary Ancient Remiel, The Exaltation

The Host of Mikhael (5), The Grace of Sanguinius

The Host of Gabriel (4), The Strength of Sanguinius


++The Lost Company (11 Marines)++

Death Company Squad (6 with jump packs)

Death Company Squad (5 with jump packs)

Death Company Marine w/ TH. 


++1st Company (49 Marines)++

Captain Karlaen, The Shield of Baal

Brother Captain Donato

Company Ancient with Thunder Hammer

Company Ancient Darrago: Power Fist and Storm Bolter

1st Sternguard Squad (5)

2nd Vanguard Squad (7)

3rd Vanguard Squad (5)


++Terminator Squads++

Redemptor: 1st Assault Terminator Squad (4 TH/SS)

Invictor: 2nd Tactical Terminator Squad (4, AC)

Avengor: 3rd Assault Terminator Squad (5 LC)

Damnator: 4th Tactical Terminator Squad Alphaeus (5, HF)

Venator: 5th Assault Terminator Squad Victorno (2xTH, 2x LC)

Vindictor: 6th Tactical Terminator Squad (Serge, 2x SB, CML)

7th, Destructor;

8th, Vexator;

9th, Signator;

10th, Praetor.

Unassigned: 1 Cyclone Terminator; 1 Assault Cannon; Brother Ferruan


++3rd Company (12 Marines)++

Captain Tycho

Psycho Tycho

6th - Tactical Squad (10)


++4th Company (102 Marines)++

Captain De Bosola, the Lord Adjudicator

Company Champion

1st - Tactical Squad Venusian (10 flamer, hand flamer, heavy flamer)

2nd - Tactical Squad Terranostro (10 melta, combi melta, multimelta)

3rd- Tactical Squad Solon (10 plasma, combi plas, plasma cannon)

4th - Tactical Squad Mercurio (10 flamer, heavy bolter)

5th - Tactical Squad Jovor (10, Grav gun, grav cannon)

6th - Tactical Squad Santurini (10 Combi plas, plasma gun, las cannon)

7th - Assault Squad Neptus (10)

8th - Assault Squad Marsellus (10)

9th - Devastator Squad Plutaxo (10)

10th - Devastator Squad Urannon (10)


++5th Company (17 Marines)++

Primaris Lieutenant Verrocchio

Primaris Ancient

1st Intercessor Squad Donato (5)

2nd Intercessor Squad Calpurnius (5)

7th Inceptor Squad Giorginone (3)

9th Aggressor Squad Bronzino (3)


++6th Company (1 Marine)++

Captain Raxiatel, Caller of the Fires


++7th Company (2 Marines)++

1st Squadron (1 Land Speeder Tornado)


++8th Company (24 Marines)++

1st - Assault Squad (9)

5th Bike Squadron (3)

7th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes)

8th Squadron (2 Land Speeder Typhoons)

10th Squadron (2 Attack Bikes)


++10th Company (28 Marines)++

1st Squad - (10 BP/CCW)

2nd Squad (5 Shotguns)

3rd Squad - (4 sniper rifles, HB)

4th Squad - 5 Shotguns

7th Squad (3 bikes)

Land Speeder Storm


++Hall of Ancients (6 Brothers)++

#2 Imperator Furioso - Dreadnought w/Multimelta

#2 Balthasar the Prophet - Furioso Librarian

#3 Kaspar the Destroyer - Death Company Dreadnought

#4 Ancient Borgio - Dreadnought

#5 Bellerophon - Contemptor Dreadnought

#6 Leviathan Class Dreadnought

#7 Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought


++Motor Pool++

#1 Eternal Vigil - Whirlwind

#2 Iron Blood - Baal Class Predator (Magnetised)

#3 Iron Faith - Baal Class Predator (Flamestorm)

#4 Praetorian of Baal - Destructor Class Predator '' (Auto-Las)

#5 Wall of Terra - Vindicator

#6 Tyrant's Bane - Land Raider Proteus

#7 Invictus - Land Raider Crusader

#8 Wrath of Heaven - Stalker Support Tank

#9 Interfector - Sicaran Venator

#10 Aegis Eternal - Land Raider Excelsior

Iron Fire - Baal Class Predator' (Heresy-Era Brrrrrt Pattern)


Chaeron - Death Company Rhino


Drop Pod

Rhino Primaris

Razorback (TLHB)


++Air Support++

#1 Thunder's Echo - Stormhawk




My painting backlog can be found here:

XBA: The Grey Pile of Shame

Credit is due to DiegoGisbertLlorens on Deviant Art for the artwork in my signature, and also to teef, who's banner I used in the first post.

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++The Red Scar Crusade++


Comprising the Honoured and Damned Successors of the Blood Angels


In the wake of the Devastation of Baal and the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the region of the Red Scar was still plagued by Hive Fleet Leviathan, including a particularly insidious splinter fleet designated 'Jabberwocky'. The arrival of Guilliman's Primaris Torchbearer Fleet gave the Blood Angels new hope. The defences of Baal Secundus were shored up, and the newly arrived Primaris brethren assigned to the Blood Angels and Successor Chapters and then sent back into the darkness of the void to reclaim that which belonged to the Emperor of Mankind.




++Crusade Disposition (53 Marines)++

++Crusade Command++



Bladeguard Ancient




++Angels Sanguine (4)++




03-01: Intercessor Squad 1 (1 man)

++Fire Support++

03-02: Eradicator Squad (3 man)




++Flesh Eaters (23)++


Constantin, the Steadfast - Primaris Captain

Marcus Paznic - Bladeguard Lieutenant

Esteban Valdez, The Mindeater - Librarian in Phobos Armour

Reclusiarch Grigori, the Watchful - Chaplain on Bike



02-11: Intercessor Squad Trajan (5 Man ABR)

++Close Support++

02-18: Reiver Squad Luca (5 man)

02-13: Outrider Squad Ionian (3 man)

02-13: Titus - Invictor Tactical Warsuit

Brother Nikolaj, The Redeemed - Redemptor Dreadnought

++Fire Support++

Suppressor Squad (3 man)




++Flesh Tearers (17)++


Garrak Karn - Lieutenant in Phobos Armour

Bladeguard Veteran


Infiltrator Squad 1 (5 man)

Infiltrator Squad 2 (5 man)

++Close Support++

Incursor Squad (5 man)




++Lamenters (3)++

++Fire Support++

XX-XX: Eliminator Squad 1 (3 man)


++Void Reavers (1)++


Ajax - Bladeguard Veteran


++The Lost (5)++

Death Company Intercessors (5)


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Ok, so to kickstart the WIP blog, here are photos of what I have already.

4th Tactical, Squad Mercurio. Members of the 4th tactical squad shows an above normal tendancy to succumb to the black rage, with the previous three sergeants eventually joining the death company, in addition to several other members ofver the centuries. Sergeant Mercurio refuses to accept this fate and is resolute to vent the squads rage on the battlefield. Squad Mercurio is often at the forefront of an assault, fighting in te name of the Emperor and Sanguinius. The squad favours xenos clearing flamer and a heavy bolter that can be fired while advancing, the unit fighting as one, and rarely separating, even at the expense of mission objectives. In honour of comerades who have fallen to the black rage, the squad paint their face-plates black, with some members featuring a saltire glyph, indicating that they have lost a close friend to the curse of the Blood Angels.



Sergeant Mercurio

and Squad Leader Kren


And the rest of the squad








Erk, the pictures are a little flashy, I took these at night under bright light.

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Cheers, Midnight, I found a while back that the hyper detailing on the marines was one of the parts I enjoyed the most!

Here are some more

Assault Squad (un-named). These guys need more background and Chapter, company and squad insignia added.

Originally from the 8th Co, the assault squad has been serving with the 4th company near-continuously for over a century.







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@Sanguine Eternal: On the first guy? That's a Khorne Berzerker chest with the mark filed off, and the BA symbol painted on :wink:


I do, however have a few of those pod emblems saved up for a rainy day... I'm thinking shield bosses. But maybe just whacking them on normal marines may be cool, like bucklers!


@Jorre: Yup, just jewellery chain. there's actually a soft metal pin running through each hand that I hooked the chain onto, the twisted the pin around with some fine pliers to make a chain link, then coated it in superglue! That chain is actually in 3 pieces, with 3 pins.


It stands up to normal wear and tear, normal handling wont do anything to it, and I left the brickwork chain loose so it wobbles and swings when I move the model, although you could easily put a thin coat of superglue on top to stop this.


And thank you :)

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@Xenith, wow I thought that was a drop pod emblem for sure.  Your free hand is excellent.  I can't achieve anything without drawing it on with pencil first, and even then, it has been the big X's on my drop pod using a ruler.

I used jewelry chain as well on my DC dread.  Coated it in superglue as well so it wouldn't move around, and take the shape I wanted.

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I think it's time for you to take your painting to the next level. You get the paint in all the right places (only a bit thick sometimes) and your hand seem steady. 


Right now though it all looks very basic, try some more advanced techniques to make your stuff pop. :thumbsup:

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Loving the beakey with the fanged maw, very RT (and dare I say Flesh Eater-y ;) ) also the fallen SangGuard weapon looks great.


Keep up the good work, and as knife say push it on it is going well :)

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Thanks again, guys!

@Sanguine: It took a little while to build the confidence, but the symbols come easy with practice. I owe a librarium article for failure in the LPC, so may do one on painting BA symbols, if that's of interest. I've also figured a quick cheaty way to make cool Flesh Tearers ones too.

@K&F: I know what you mean, I'm a lazy painter and dont push myself too much,;ast thing I got into was freehanding 2-3 years ago, and before that wet blending on my Eldar 5-6 years ago. The new paint range is letting me push myself, though. These are models painted a while ago, mainly drybrushing with the old paints. Mephiston red is much smoother and allowing me a much better finish, which you should see on my Dev squad, hopefully! Although it needs patience! What other techniques would you suggest?

@Midnight: Ta! I take a lot of my inspiration from Jake Vlemmix's (sp?) BA army from the back of the third ed codex. So many unique models. I think I may have subconsciously stolen the black faceplates from there too...

Cheers, Blind!

And today's offering:

4th Co, 3rd Tactical, Un-named.

I love plasma weaponry, so this squad had to exist. The first batch of my original 3rd ed army were reborn into Squad Mercurio, the remainder went into this squad, along with a few other stragglers to makeup the numbers. I like the yellow, and may try to incorporate it more into the army!

Squad shots



Heraldry and evidence of how i liked to 'battle damage' my marines back in the day. Scratched gouged with scissors or something equally stupid.


My first plasma cannon. Old, metal and heavy. I put him together horribly when I was younger, so he got rescued. His original Blue devastator head was removed, and a spare head with mangled face plate attached. I didnt like this and shaved the faceplate down to make the blank faceguard.


Squad leader: This guy was one of my first models back in...1998/9? Teenage Xen decided it would be cool to have one commando with all the gear, and some battle damage. Rescuing him, I decided that such a warrior needed promotion to at least squad leader, and faithfully repainted the lightning olt army badge. He is awaiting a backpack magnetisation and back banner to indicate his new rank.


This squad is currently awaiting a sergeant, and I'm not sure what to arm him with. Either a combi plasma or plasma pistol, in keeping with the theme of the squad. Or possibly just a bolter to save points in an already expensive unit.

EDIT: As of 2018 or so, this squad has a leader and a name: Squad Solon, under Seargeant Solon.


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Thanks again, guys!


@K&F: I know what you mean, I'm a lazy painter and dont push myself too much,;ast thing I got into was freehanding 2-3 years ago, and before that wet blending on my Eldar 5-6 years ago. The new paint range is letting me push myself, though. These are models painted a while ago, mainly drybrushing with the old paints. Mephiston red is much smoother and allowing me a much better finish, which you should see on my Dev squad, hopefully! Although it needs patience! What other techniques would you suggest?


I think you could be a lot more aggressive with shading and highlighting.  But mostly I think it's important that you find a look that you like and then try to emulate it. Doesn't matter if it's the cartoony, clean cut GW look, realistic style or heavy on the weathering. Look around on coolminiornot until you see something that you would like to see on your shelf. 

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K&f - Ok, a lot of these guys aren't highlighted at all, and I think my flash wiped out what I have done- The best example is Sgt Mercurio, they have blazing orange, then up to vomit brown edge highlighting.

Character time!

Un-named librarian



90% Tycho


90% Mephiston


Reclusiarch Xenith



Sanguinary Priest


Company Champion, used as a captain in-game.


And Corbulo, my first ever special character, replete with 10 year old paint scheme, tidied up, but not painted over. He will remain the same to show my improvement.


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  • 9 months later...


===Date: M3. Message lost in warp, and has arrived much later than expected.===

+++Thought for the day: A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy+++

Ok, looking back ,I have severely neglected this thread, and indeed my Blood Angels for the last year or so. This will change.

I'm working in Switzerland at the moment, so am a long way from my models, but I will be working on them soon enough. Looking through here again has given me the desire to add more to them.

To make up for a distinct lack of updates, here is a dump of most of the rest of the army as it stands:

4th Co, 9th Squad.

These two guys have been repainted, but are some of my very first marines. The guy on the left was the ML marine from the tactical squad in the 3rd ed boxed set, the right one was from my second tactical squad. Both 15 years old now.


Front view.


3rd and 4th Missile Launcher stand in. The left one is from the AoBR boxed set, and the the last guy from the 2nd ed starter set I managed to find at a car boot sale! He will eventually be inducted into the 2nd company (which will be full of my second edition marines, geddit?)

And the sergeant, made from a DV sergeant, Space Wolf head, signum, and gubbinz. I just really wanted a pointing/"TAKE AIM!" serge for the squad.


I later realised that adding the signum backpack may have been a mistake as I wanted every appropriate model in the army to have a back banner. I may try and model one somewhere, and the squad leader will of course get one when the devs are upgraded to 10 men.


Terminator sergeant

I'm still not sure what to do with the terminator sergeant. I was originally going to make him into a librarian, hence the yellow robe and the loss of the Storm Bolter, then I changed my mind and left him as a sergeant, but didnt replace the SB. The second sergeant from DV will either be made into a libby or Chaplain in TDA.

And finally, a project that has been languishing in oblivion for far too long: I present Captain Barbarossa of the Second Company, as pictured at the Second war for Armageddon.



Edited by Xenith
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Your second company captain is looking impressive. The green stuff is looking well done, but if I have one nitpick, I'd suggest touching up his left leg. It may just be the angle, but it looks like he has a large gap at the back of his knee. Would a back shot be possible?


Keep up the good work.



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Thanks, Dallo. He still needs a bit of work done to him. I'm resculpting the wings on the right leg as theyre pretty sloppy, into more defined feathers.


There is some piping on the back of the left knee, you can just about see it in the first and second photos. I'm noewhere near the model right now, so can't update for a while.



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Ok, Sneaky update on my first game on Vassal!

I decided to take my BA for a spin at 1000pts to get used to it, as I know the BA codex back to front, and dont have any others with me:

4th Company:

Reclusiarch Xenith - Jump pack, Infernus pistol
Sanguinary priest - pack, power axe

10 tacticals - flamer, heavy bolter
10 asm - 2x melta, powerfist
5 DC packs, 5x bolters, 1 fist

5 Devs - 4xML


Destroyer Lord - warscythe, Mind Scarabs, sempiternal weave

10 immortals, tesla
10 immortals, tesla

6x wraiths

3x Annihilation barge

So not the most interesting Necron list, vs my line company.

Mission is Dawn of war, The Relic, night fighting.

Apologies as I dont have pictures of them all. I took a few screenshots to show to Skink, but didnt think of reporting them til after!

He won deployment zone roll, I deployed first and he gave me the choice ogf going 1st or second, let him go first.


General shuffling, wraiths and lord move toward the relic.
Left hand barge and the green immortals shoot the combat squad. 4 die, even with Fnp. Unsurprising from the barrage of shots. I hate Tesla.

The other warriors and middle barge shoot the asm, and kill 3.

right barge shoots the other combat squad and fails to do anything.

End of My movement T1

The Death co walk toward the wraiths, Reclusiarc within 6" of the lord for a good infernus roasting. The ASM jump in front of the lord to melt him. Tacticals move into ruins.

4 missile launchers and one signumed shot fire at the middle barge. All miss.
Death co bolters cause a wound on a wraith. The Chaplains infernus hits the lord, and he fails to look out sir - wound 1! The asm and their meltas all get saved by the lords 2+ weave, or LoS! onto wraiths. One wraith dies.
Heavy bolter tac does nothing.

I assault, and in the working out of the scarabs, totally forget to do my hammer of wrath hits! This probably cost me the game, in retrospect (you'll see why)

The chaplain gets 5 S7 attacks, causes 4 wounds, killing an wraith, Death co charge in with 16A, rerolling hits and misses, and cause 10 wounds, killing a wraith, spilling onto the lord and killing him! Slay the warlord and first blood to me! The assualt marines do their thing and whittle the wraiths down to 2 men. The serge, death co fist and priest were too far back to attack, even after pile in move. Damn.Fearless wraiths stay in combat, Lord fails his WBB roll and dies, woot!

Ok, this is where the lack of pics gets annoying, so apologies.

Necron T2
Some shuffling, the Barges move away from the combat in the middle.

2 left barges and the immortals shoot the devs and kill 3.
right barge and immortals shoot the right tac marines combat squad and kill all 5 :-/

Dev's fail their morale and flee 4", staying on the table.

I need to kill these two wraiths now.
4 S6 attacks from the chaplian
8 chainswords and 2 powerfist attacks from the DC
10 attacks and 2 fist attacks from the asm
3 axe attacks from the priest

Cause 3 wounds, leaving 1 wraith on 1 wound. Here's where the extra 6S4 hits, leading to 3 wounds and 1 failed save from hammer of wrath would have helped immensely. Everyone stuck in combat.

BA: T2
Devs rally, nothing else.

Devs fire 2 kraks into nearest barge. miss with both.

Heavy B does nothing

Assault. Kill the wraith, DC consolidate closer to the teal immortals, the ASM toward the relic and other barges.

Stuff moves away from me.

They unleash hell.
Left barge and immortals shoot the ASM, thankfully only killing 3.
Middle, right barge and teal immortals shoot the DC, killing all but the Reclusiarch. Damn.

The teal immortals try to assault the reclusiarch. He responds by overwatching with his infernus...getting a 6! And killing one. Amazing. They then fail their charge through cover (5" away, rolled a 5).

BA: 3.
Chaplain jumps for the right hand barge, thinking with S6 I can maybe take it out.

ASM totally ignore the relic and jump towards the green immortals.

Chaplain infernuses the barge, hit, penetrates...and jinked away.
ASM shoot into the immortals, kill a couple.
Devs fire 2kraks at the left barge, and get 2 misses. Honestly, 8 shots from this unit all game and not one hit.

Asm charge in and wipe the immortals
Chaplain charges in and...1 penetrating hit, leading to...a 3. Crew shaken, which is then 'living metalled' away. At least the Quantum shields are down, but the chappy is left isolated.


Necron turn 4:

right barge moves towards the teal immortals

Right barge fires everything into the chaplain. Initial rolls for the destructor are 1,1,1,2. I cant believe my luck! Then I'm, caught by the twin liked trap and it comes up 4,6,6,6, leading to 10 hits, and 8 wounds on the chaplain. He's good, but not that good, and fails 3 saves, dying.
The other 2 barges and remaining immortals fire into the ASM, killing all but the priest and 2 guys.

BA turn 4:
The ASM, now their meltaguns are gone, try to jump for the teal immortals, landing 5" away. The heavy bolter tac makes a move and then run for the objective.

Devs - 2 kraks into the left barge...jinks...2 glances, both jinks failed, down to 1HP!
ASM dont shoot the immortals in case I kill one and fail the charge.

ASM decare a charge on the immortals
Immortals Tesla overwatch them from the face of the earth.

BA T4.

All I have left are 3 marines, including 2 blind devastators, so I call it there, with a win to my opponent.



Vassal was pretty good, and I had fun playing. This was despite not many people in the lounge wanting to play at 1000pts. I'll wheel out the 1500 list and see what happens sometime this week.


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