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Nurgle Soul Grinder vs Skull Cannon


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I wanted to put forth an alternative to the Nurgle Soul Grinder with Phlegm and that is the Skull Cannon.

Assuming the target has a 4+ cover save , such as they are behind an ADL, Phlegm is only better against a 3+ save. Against 2+ and 4+ they are equal and the Skull Cannon wins at 5+/6+.

Strength and range is equal but SC is BS5 vs BS3. Phlegm does get ordnance bonus though.


The biggest difference is the Skull Cannon's grenade effect and significant cost savings compared to the extra armor and HP of the Grinder.

For me, hiding the smaller Cannon behind an ADL is durable enough for a unit that costs a third less.


Lastly, both have some value in assault but in either case its only a backup option to shooting.

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The main thing for me is that I can run a Nurgle Soul Grinder with Phlegm, place him in ruin/area terrain at mid field for a 2++/3++ cover save and shoot an AP3 large blast into my opponents defense lines, instant gibbing devastators, havoc's, etc...


Id rather Deep strike in 1-2 cannons on turn on my opponents lines, soften them up, then assault with the rest of my units.


The difference between Ap3 and Ap5 is huge.

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I don't think the AP difference is that significant. 

It doesn't matter for vehicles and in a world where the typical target is hiding behind some kind of 4+ cover, the value of AP3 that still allows a cover save is weakened. 


The difference in price and BS values are significant in my eyes though.

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I must admit I'm thinking the same thing. I'll be playing in a 1k all comers league at my local club soon and I'm going to drop the soul grinder in favour of the skull cannon.


The remove cover saves for me is golden. Most things are relying on cover these days, and with Tau stealth teams and the like on the rise I reckon the skull cannon will nip it. The reduced points also free's me up for a lot of other options too.


I know the skyfire of the soul grinder could come in useful, and if the SG was BS4 then I probably would keep it just for that, but as it is with one or two shots hitting and then rolling to pen on top of that I just don't think I'll bother. I'm going more horde anyway, so flyers won't hurt as much.


So yeah, skull cannon pips the SG at lower points in my book, and that's not even considering the mighty assault grenades it brings!



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