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That is a really well thought out Board setup, I'm very envious of you :wub: you could nearly make a blueprint of that :biggrin.:

Question - have you put models underneath and around...i'm asking in regards to easy access to the board areas for movement etc?


i wonder if the long straights from the other city ruins building sets might work with this stuff?...  



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@Doghouse: Thanks...but dedicated? I flit about all over the place :smile.: However, joking aside the board is about getting a Okay table done so it might be the kick up the backside I need to get an army done after I move :smile.: My actual Realm of Battle board (the one with hills and skulls) was painted an ash waste colour and seriously varnished and sealed years ago, I just never did any scenery for it. As for project...all I have been doing is trying to decipher what FW did. But after seeing various images, then watching Andy Hoare and Mark Bedford on WHTV, and reading December WD today, I have reached the conclusion that they must have been fibbing about what kits they used (they must have had extra struts/walkway sprues), and pipes going into or out of decking with nothing corresponding above or below looks daft to me. Basically the more I have seen the less and less flexible, adaptable, and durable their approach seems to have been (to me). So I have played a Fleetwood Mac song at myself and decided to go my own way :wink:


@mithrilforge: Thought out? What? If I gave that impression I apologise, it has been a very organic process involving oodles of swearing :smile.: I mean serious shouting profanity as I did daft stuff. However with each sub-component (once I worked out that might be wisest) I have improved to the point the last bit I build might actually be sensible. If you want to use it as a blueprint, a bit like I have tried to use GW/FWs board (in December's WD), then I hope my pain stops any annoying missteps for anyone else.

I have put models all over the place, mostly a 32mm Death Guard Plague Marine, and a 40mm based Vaylund Cal conversion. As for getting large manly hands in there to move models, probably. Just don't wear a big woolly jumper whilst doing this as thing might snag bits and lift them off. Then again it is summer in the southern hemisphere now, so you should be Okay :smile.:

The ruins floors will probably work, I haven't tried that yet. I intend to make a two wide ped-way using the support struts from a Skyshield pad.

I have fiddled about with the old Necromunda bulkheads heads with the new octa-floor sections, and they looks surprisingly good.

Anyway, fever has finally abated so time to walk the dogs. When i get in I'll finish of the last of the "standard" kits, and sacrifice the haemotropes and a furnace to make a large thing I saw when Googling.

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Im really liking your terrain work and will be watching you progress.
The thermic plasma conduits are really nice.  Problem is there isnt enough of the feet to even make what is shown on the instructions.   I've started casting up some extras as they are great to hold walkways on top of the pipes too.  I also cut one section at the joint to give me more flexibility.
The large silo part from the galvanic mangavent set works great laying on its side as a sort of storage tank that is medium height.  I magnetized the ends to make it usable either way
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@Gstealer: Thanks mate. As will be seen in the next few photos I have used my last one of the vent things for a feature, and I may have found a use for the thermic conduits.


I have not been able to bore out the holes as the connector for my drill is in the shed and it is very dark and cold. Tomorrow I will sort. I like the regulators being clumped and close to other stuff to make a sort of feature, as they can combine at that level with something else to create a small scene. I liked it so much I ordered another box (and some other silliness, more later).

This should answer mithrilforge's questions.


Yes, and whilst just tacked at the moment the old bulkheads do work with new octagonal floors, I can definitely make it into something interesting.


And two 3x1 ruin floors. The conduit runs nicely down the middle, leaving lots of room either side for models. This split affect should help with cover, as will adding ruin parapets. I'll have to saw up some conduits to make the link for the curves that take the pipe down to ground level.

Also due to differing length I'll probably need to make it a single piece, 6x2 with three bulkheads (I'll experiment).

I am finding it frustrating not being able to finish stuff off and my office is a mess of parts and boxes now. I have ordered two more ferratonic incinerators, to get 4 2x2 and 4 1x1, the furnaces themselves can be furnaces or more sump tanks.

With the walkways I'll be able to build the winch gantry I had to take apart, and probably a 2x1 walkway, and a 4x1 (a 2x1 with 2 1x1s either end).

However out of stock at GW so the place I order from won't ship until 04/12. And my goliath gang second box is stuck in that order.

So...I thought I'd think about my actual gang to try and motivate myself.

Then I read juves.

On one hand very, very odd. No armour, can't get armour unless (I think) a retiring ganger returns all their weapons and equipment to the stash. Can't really take any expensive weapons, and due to starting gangs just(!) having house armouries it means just stub guns (not easy to get as plastic now), but they can get pistols that are easy enough to pick up later from the trading post (like las pistols and auto pistols).

Also whilst they learn skills at a flat XP cost, they aren't great and I can see them failing endlessly to earn XP. Also the maximum stats can increase by is from original, and theirs is lower than other gangers. So whilst it is possible for the other goliaths to end up S/T6, with juves that would be 5. And they'll never get to be leader and change type unless all the Leader and Champions are all dead AND they have the best Ld from whomever is left.

So I may not start with any, but the first time I get to a trading post I am filling the stash with cheap pistols and then getting juves. Or gangers to load up on grenade launchers. Decisions, decisions.

The reason is converting. I think by using catachan command legs, with marauder/blood reaver torsos (naked as they have no armour), and various arms from the same kits, and some marauder horse heads (with mohawks), with catachan command las pistols and auto pistols from genestealer hybrids,I can then do some twin-pistol juves with axes, spud-jackers, brute cleavers etc. It'll keep me interested.

Note I have only skimmed the rules, but I noted the master weapon list in Gang War on pg. 33 was missing brute cleaver (so not a complete list), and I am trying to work out why I would pay 5 credits for a club/maul/hammer at the trading post (I can't find the profile for those weapons) if kicking (Unarmed Attack) is just as nasty, and free.*

I am also so doing a goliath with a counts as renderizer using the genestealer hybrids heavy rock saw or drill.

*Edit: club/maul/hammer is in the Gangs of Legend pdf. D2, ooh. Now I am sure I have some nasty and spiky looking chaos weapon heads that'll be great for spiked clubs.

Edited by Marius Perdo
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Combined the haemotropes with a ferratonic furnace (not my idea) to make a plasma reactor. Something to feed the promethium into, at the back end (promethium relay pipes), and have the thermic plasma conduits out the other. Basically 3 in and 3 out at ground level, 2 at a higher level either side.


The magnavents look Okay alongside as their side grates marry up with the ferratonic ones that are above ground level. Other furnaces line up too but in my opinion look too big. The center piece is the reactor.

Obviously attaching thermic plasma regulators outbound makes sense and looks cool, especially if you have banks in a series.

If you want it off ground level, which I don't, it is going to take 2 small half-oct plates and 4 large corner oct walkways at least to make a big enough surface.

It is so tall dreads could hide behind it.

Quite pleased.

So I have some alchomite parts left (dome and part of a stack), and another furnace, so I am going to make one last big stack (I liked them in the early Necomunda art). Then when my other kits arrive I'll build another sump tank, possibly two (with magnetised octagonal roofs, to also be used as furnaces), the other two thermic regulators, the big winch gantry thing, the pumping station from the manufactorums, and then two or three walkways.

Then the standard stuff will all be done. Apart from the thermic plasma conduits.

At that point I can start mashing old necromunda bulkheads with leftover sector mechanicus stuff and ruins floors with model railway stuff etc. Really look forward to building winch towers, walkways, pipeways, pedways, crane towers etc.

By then I should have more than enough, combined with my already built ruined manufactorums, to cover 8' x 4'.

Edited by Marius Perdo
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@Major_Gilbear: Ta. My office desks are starting to look like...well...Necromunda :)

The 3 Manufactorums and the first of the ferratonic incinerators should arrive tomorrow so I can then build the pumping house/station.

I also need to pass through and clean mold lines and make sure I am happy with stuff, position ladders, maybe some drooping power cables for character that don't get in the way or snag, and then do some final gluing.

I really should build some gangers. If I can swap my Eschers I'll have 30, and with the parts I mention before I guess I can build have a dozen juves or so.

Also if the weapons in Gangs of Legend appear in Gang War 2, and can be bought at the Trading Post, i'll be able to use heavy stubbers, flamers, hand flamers, autoguns etc from chaos cultists and genestealer cultists for conversions.

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@Gstealer: Ta, not my idea. I spotted it in the sea of Google image searches for "Nercomunda Terrain Conversions". I have done it differently (no smoke stacks, optimising pipe/stack connection points for it to be a hub or nexus), and I think Warhammer World have done one with a grate and chute at one end for a Goliath smelter. It does need some razor saw work to trim back parts of the rear haemotrope plate, as the face details are too big and deep to fit into the furnace.

I am really growing to like it myself, it is so massive. Great for LoS blocking, whether Necromunda or WH40K.

@Sagentus: Ta, still quite a lot left to build. Main reason I have not ascended, all the terrain kits are in my office.

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First Ferratonic Incinerator arrived today, so I rebuilt the winch gantry (on the top deck left). Everything together, very clustered, not how to play but looking very hivey.


The manufactorums arrived so next up will be the pumping station/pump house. Was interesting researching. Whether modern ones, or old brick ones, they are "houses" with all the workings inside, and pipes going in and out all over the place.

It'll be fun doing the base 4x4, and the 1st floor 3x4, with a side parapet with a roof for pipes to come across onto from the pipe tower. I'll put some consoles on the roof from the damocles kit, and mix in some sector mechanicus spare bits (protective barricades as opposed to parapets, new ladders etc).

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@Markus_: Ta, as a test it proved a point.

Now, this how many spare floor sections you get as there are not enough struts.


Even with me using some for other stuff with old bulkheads, magnetising some to swap onto furnaces for variety etc I will still end up with too many spare.


The 4x1 and 3x1 walkway I said I'd build with my 2nd incinerator that arrived today. Attached to a feature to test, and some black orc spiked club bitz to make Goliath clubs. And the second box of thermic regulators.

I was worried I wouldn't have enough spare safety barricades for other terrain pieces, or just to add character.


I was wrong.

So next is the last two furnaces. I'll do one with a octagonal floor roof, and the other with a 1x1 over a plasti-card liquid roof. I have so many I may not magnistise the sump ones and just build them as is (I'll have 5, and one converted into the plasma reactor).

Then the thermic regulators.

Due to the sectional nature of a full manufactorum building I'll do that in sub-asemblies in between working on other stuff.

Then I'll probably do some gangers and make my own home brew kit bashed stuff (scenery) and then juves (still waiting for legs).

Edited by Marius Perdo
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First Ferratonic Incinerator arrived today, so I rebuilt the winch gantry (on the top deck left). Everything together, very clustered, not how to play but looking very hivey.


The manufactorums arrived so next up will be the pumping station/pump house. Was interesting researching. Whether modern ones, or old brick ones, they are "houses" with all the workings inside, and pipes going in and out all over the place.

It'll be fun doing the base 4x4, and the 1st floor 3x4, with a side parapet with a roof for pipes to come across onto from the pipe tower. I'll put some consoles on the roof from the damocles kit, and mix in some sector mechanicus spare bits (protective barricades as opposed to parapets, new ladders etc).

That's a great combo of those kits.

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@sockwithaticket: Ta, it is taking a while though and I haven't even got to the complicated conversion stuff (all ideas in my head at the moment).

@DuskRaider: If the missus and the little one pop out for more than an hour I'll take the board downstairs to the dining room table and try and hook everything together in an interesting scene for a group shot.

Been busy doing christmas tree stuff today with a 2 year old which takes hours.

So I haven't done much, but I had a bee in my bonnet about juves.

When GW/FW do them they'll probably be resin, which makes converting weapon load outs a wee bit harder.

But if I wanted to build my own for Goliaths, how sprang to mind.

I had some ideas, and some marauder bodies do work, some AoS starter box blood reavers sawn in half work. Some marauder heads work.

Legs though...catachans don't, neophytes don't, marauder stuff just looks daft. It is a sense of scale and quality, compare them to the new plastics and some stuff looks crap. The legs just didn't have those heavy duty canvas work pants, on massively strong legs, and heavy duty workman's boots look, whilst being smaller than a non-juve Goliath.

So I pondered for a while, and it was something else that helped. If Goliath's are the same size as space marines, and they are both on 32mm bases, should juves be on 25mm bases. Like scouts.

Eureka moment, use plastic scout legs as a start.

These are very, very WIP, blu-tac stage, and armed after start (as the weapons can't be purchased from Goliath Armoury, only the Trading Post).


He actually has a fighting knife reversed grip stolen from a chaos cultist model.


A pair of auto pistols stolen from Overkill, and a tauros sledgehammer across his back.

I'll build my first 10 tonight as per the fighter cards for Underhive and see what bits that leaves me to help do a couple of juves. I think I'll have a stub gun spare so I can do one with that and an axe (the chaos champion cultist one looks surprisingly good).

Edit: So, do folks reckon Goliath juves should be on 25mm bases, on 32mm like their big vatjob brothers?

Edited by Marius Perdo
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Wow that Plasma reactor :wub: , def going to use that idea as a Terrain centrepiece !! Gee.....All that terrain....:drool:

i would hold off on basing the juves on 25mm as i reckon all Goliaths will be on 32's ...don't quote me but that's what i think will happen...

Oh,that Goliath Juve rocks Man! :cool.:  


Cheers, Mithril 

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Thanks guys, good if it inspires.


So I have built the Underhive guys as standard and will play tomorrow.

Blu-tac on bases for now as I will need to pin if painting hazard stripes on some bases.

Good to familiarise myself with the sprues.

Nox the Ripper seems odd and he seem to have four weapons (spud-jacker, brute cleaver, frag grenades, krak grenades). Probably should have the split grenade part on Bonesnapper so the both have 3 weapons each.

Started planning conversions. Took the combi-pistol off a spare arm and swapped for a stub gun. Took a combat shotgun off another and swapped for a stub gub. Will be good for juves. I'll just leave off shoulder plates and thigh plates, and use normal faces and hair to represent them for now.

I'll put a black ork spiked mace head on a renderizer haft for a two handed weapon.

Having listened to WHTV about Gang War II, and looking at the Gangs of Legend pdf, I'll do a heavy stubber from chaos cultists on a sort of Rork, and a chaos cultist flamer on a Drago. I have 30 Goliaths so I can build all sorts.

I'll also put the genestealer hybrid rock saw on a sort of Korg as a sort of tenderizer until mining weapons get rules.

A mate is giving me some ork choppas (axes and swords) and warbiker cog clubs as well. He also has a spare sector mechanicus walkway sprue and struts sprue which will be great.

As home built Bounty Hunters can have 5 weapons, if Bulging Biceps doesn't make Unwieldy weapons count as one, I can do a Bounty Hunter with a pair with BB, and say he used to be a Goliath.

I think I'll use the scout sniper googles as photo goggles, and a rebreather mask, and call him the Renderizer, formerly Jomeo, cast out for his illicit love affair with the rebel Escher Ruliette :wink:

Also the scout biker heads with mask on Goliath bodies could be cool for another Bounty Hunter.

Note I still ponder Death Guard stuff and the blight-haulers look pretty cool. I still keep missing out on Blightlord combi-plasma and flamer bits for that army, which keeps annoying me.

I also just cannot be arsed doing the 40 Death Guard cultists as yet.

Edited by Marius Perdo
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More stuff.


Top left: Basically paired stub pistols, will be a juve with a fighting knife as well.

Middle top: When he grows up and get to combi-pistols. Having essentially 4 guns should be he will end a game with at least one not out of ammo ;) I was just farting about swapping gun positions.

Top right: With the grenade carefully cut out the arm can be used to attach hand to lean stuff on shoulders. Like power hammers attached to a renderizer haft. I will put a sub cannon there on one guy and have him aiming with a stub gun and have a fighting knife for a medium range to close encounterer. In this case I have just swapped a combi pistol for a combat shotgun. Again just farting about making sub-assemblies and roughly experimenting.

Bottom left: More farting about with sub-assemblies. Brute cleaver axe head for power maul, ork warbiker cog mace club head thing where the brute cleaver head used to be, stuff like that. However as each sprue has two stub cannons, and only one stub gun, I thought I'd have a quick go at cutting one down into a large stub gun.

Bottom middle: A cheap ganger (apart from respirator and goggles head) holding said over-sized stub gun and cog club. I think the brute cleaver hand with the axe and haft removed will be good for holding the grenade stick bomb as well.

Bottom right: Initial ideas for "The Renderizer". As he will have a slung stub cannon he will probably have 5 weapon slots, even with Bulging Biceps and whatever GW says about that, so he will be a Bounter Hunter in Gang War II. I'll have him with a respirator, and give him scout sniper goggles as bionic eyes from when his were torn out back when he was Jomio. I thin the marauder kits have some nice flayed and stitched skin cloaks that I can used to represent his former House Escher lovers skin (Ruliette).

I am at the stage now where I have a feel for the kits, I am loving them like DG sprues, and I have been reading the rules. Time to plan a gang I guess and start building non Underhivers (as they will cost way too much creds initially).

Juve 1: spud-jacker, stub gub

Juve 2: brute cleaver, stub gun

Juve 3: stub gun x2, fighting knife

Ganger 1: Stub cannon, stub gun, fighting knife

However due to the ratios I'll probably only be able to have two juves at the start, and with only 1000 creds I am gald I have worked out how to convert a passable stub gun.

I am most certainly going to disappear into ponderland on this one.

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