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Legions of Bloodshed - Episode 1

Zynk Kaladin

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My brother, Zeke, and I decided to enhance our hobby by setting up a relatively cheap challenge.  The premise is we each rolled a d20 to randomly determine our first founding legion.  Next we each get 1 HQ and 2 5 man squads to choose from; however, our choice of models has to be as "fluffy" as possible.  We then assemble, paint, and fluff the models.  Finally, and most importantly, we BATTLE!


The results:


Legions of Bloodshed - Episode 1: Death Begets Ravens


Zeke: XIV Death Guard

Zynk: XIX Raven Guard


Updates to come.

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Thanks Jono!

I managed to assemble 1 model tonight. I'm probably going to come back to it later and touch up a few areas once the initial GS dries. I still need to toss around his fluff in my head, so ideas are always welcome.

Raven Guard HQ: Praetor Brannon




More to come.

EDIT: I kinda want to put some raven feathers somewhere. I'm thinking perhaps 2 criss-crossing feathered scarves? Any ideas?

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Great mode, love the pose and choice of wargear.


The left Lighting Claw still has a wolf skull on it, you'll need to do some cutting, I think.


As for the feathers I like your idea. Also, maybe put one or two in a way that helps convey motion.

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@ Greyall: I plan on converting the wolf skull to a raven skull. Hopefully my skills with a blade and GS pull through... in all honesty the feathers are going to give me the biggest grief, but I really want them.

@Grot: I'll take a look at your challenge. Perhaps I'll win thumbsup.gif

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Good evening ladies and germs, tis I, Zynk's other (and better :p) half.

Anyways, I rolled and got the Death Guard. My list for this little shenanigans is as follows:

1 Praetor (w/ Power Fist)

5 Tactical Marines

5 Destroyer Legionaries

Now my biggest problem was this: I really have no idea how to paint the pre-heresy Death Guard. So I did some research, looked at pictures, and went out and got a few paints and winged it. My first victim was a random marine I had lying around, and lets just say that I'm not too pleased how he turned out. He's not done by any means (no bolter, crux on shoulder, aquila on the chest and winged skull on the leg), I was just attempting to try different types of painting to achieve the result I was aiming for. So, one pauldron has highlights over the wash, the other has the Rakarth Flesh with Skull White highlights washed with Nuln Oil, and the legs have little highlights, just some white thrown on for some damage. Honestly, if anyone has any experience painting them I am all ears.

Without further adieu, my first attempt at a Death Guard:



Any tips or tricks, please chime in. All C&C is greatly appreciated.

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As far as I can tell (imo) your biggest mistake was using Nuln Oil instead of Seraphim Sepia,


sorry about the quality of the pic, but here's Forgeworlds guide for the Death Guard,





Here's one I winged for the ETL, its was Racarath base, seraphim wash, screaming skull drybrush. The green was DA green base, snot green drybrush, nuln oil wash. It was about 2hrs start to finish, so pretty quick.






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