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Have a look through the previous threads posted in this section - if it's something you think is cool and want to do, brilliant. But, no point unless you've decided it's the path for you.


Only you can make that decision.

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I forward Chaeron on that.


Being a traitor seems to be based on your own personal experience with the 40k universe, aswell as your own views based on society here. I for example cannot stand any loyalist legions, so not a hard decision for me there. Death to the false emperor, may the imperium burn!


Hobby wise:

The plus point on nurgle is converting. Fairly easy to create models that look "great aka disgusting". 


Play style wise you will have models on the table that are hard to remove. 


In short:


It´s all a choice of heart. Go for what you crave most :P.

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I fell in love with the story of Mortarion's horrific background and the history of the chapter (can be found now in HH Betrayal book or on lexicanum webpage). I like the fact that pre-heresy everyman was an army and would do things that other marines couldn't or wouldn't do (survive the most hostile environments and use chemical weaponry for example). The whole betrayal at Isstvan where Mortarion attempts to kill all those loyal to the emperor in their ranks and the fact that Captain Garro escapes (and later helps to from the Inquisition/ Grey Knights). The second betrayal by First Captain Typhon (now Typhus) as he bargains with chaos. The fact that Mortarion and the rest did not want to join Nurgle, but had to for their own survival. The fact that they now seek to spread Nurgle's rot as a way of proving to themselves that everyone eventually gives in to his torture (so they don't have to hate them selves for selling out)... I LOVE IT ALL biggrin.png

There's also some cool background in the Imperial Armour: Seige of Vraks books about one of the later subfactions led by necrosius after the split.

Bonus that they are also one of the more competitive chaos factions in the game (although as a whole chaos generally is not competitive), have good independent (e.g spellcrow) and forgeworld parts available, and the theme caters for novice and pro painters and modellers alike!

I'm thinking of also having a pre-heresy loyalist legion army of them, so I can model the same characters descent into despair...

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One of the founders of BOLS has a beautiful, perfectly-done Pre-Heresy Death Guard army. It was 40k, and I think he has now expanded it to the new 30k range as well. Sadly I've never gotten to see it in person despite living and playing in Austin a number of years (maybe glanced at it once).

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Is it this one you're on about? 




It's been an inspiration of mine since doing my second Death Guard army. I always liked how not over the top it was. Realistic and gritty which makes the subject matter more believable. It's also the colour scheme I did as well.


For the original poster; they army is very forgiving to play with as plague marines are just fantastic and still are in this edition. There is a great array of modelling components for Nurgle 40k on GW, Forge World and also third party sites like Maxmini.eu. They are also very rewarding to paint in my opinion.

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