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The Histories of the November Warriors


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I suppose it's time for me to finally post some fluff for my DIY Chapter. C&C is, as always, appreciated.

The November Warriors
http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag67/NovemberIX/novemberTri-Star_zps5a2f42ca.jpg CHAPTER NAME: ..............<<The  November Warriors>>
FOUNDING: ..................<<7TH[M.32]>>
CHAPTER WORLD: .............<< Formerly Sudentor>>
FORTRESS MONASTERY: ........<<Spite of Glatisant>>








We must be able at all times to prosecute war in every theatre, simultaneously, thrice over. Only then can we hope to overcome these enemies of mankind” - 2nd Coalition Master Erich Grauvogel


+The Early History of the November IX+

he November IX was an adhoc coalition of 2nd and 3rd founding chapters based on the 9 geneseed of the remaining Loyalist Legions consisting of seconded units. Formed during the 3rd Black Crusade for the Rescue of the Anea Sector, a coalition of 765 battle brothers seconded from various companies and squads went forth to protect the Forges of Kantaris, a group of Forge Moons surrounding the super massive planetary Forge Farbanti Prime. It was during this dark war that the ground work for their future endeavors towards overwhelming heavy support was made. The first units to be seconded to this coalition were Siege Specialists from the Imperial Fists. Almost immediately the Salamanders and the Blood Angels followed suit with Heavy Weaponeers and Assault Squads respectively. Soon after Dark Angels, Raven Guard and White Scars sent brothers and material as well, to finally be followed by units of Space Wolves, Iron Hands, and Ultramarines. With the Coalition brought to completion they named themselves the November IX. Early history showed that the IX were successful in their rescue of Kantaris, and for their support and fire control the Adeptus Mechanicus gifted them a small forge moon by the name of Sudentor for the supply and maintenance of the fledgling coalition.


Post Black Crusade the disparate units of the IX were given choice by their chapters, they could return home to their original chapters, or continue to serve with the November IX as permanent units. But for a few token units the Wolves, Iron Hands, Ultramarines completely pulled out. Surprisingly units from the Dark Angels were not given this choice, and instead formed one of the early major triumvirates of the Chapter. During the next twenty-three hundred years what was once a sub-chapter sized coalition had blossomed into a twenty-five-hundred battle brother strong unified chapter. Due to Losses of brothers, and the return of their geneseed to their home chapters, the IX came to be comprised mostly of Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Salamanders. It was during the 7th Black Crusade that the IX came into its own. Being specialized in decentralized command and control they were among the first chapter to be able to respond in full force to the Ghost War. It wasn't uncommon to see the quartered colors of November upon the pauldrons of front line units responding to raids by chaos forces.


+The Fall of the IX+

Through we are few, our might is many – Captain Alsin Toroid

fter astounding losses to a series of phyric victories during the 12th Black Crusade the November IX were reduced to 1/3 strength. Fortune favored them in that they did not want for tools of war, their arsenal, previous to destruction with the greater part of the coalition was known to be "prepared for every scenario in war, all at once, thrice", is but a shadow of its former glory. Still it was the envy of many more established chapters.
It was after the Tragedy of Sudentor that the final triumvirate of Captains from the seeds of Sanguinius, Dorn, and Vulkan took the name of the November Warriors. No longer populated with even single brothers from 2/3’s of their founding chapters, they felt to carry the name of the November IX was disingenuous at best, so to carry forth the honor left them they would fight under a new name, a new banner. While only numbering 255, they fought as if they were thrice that.

+Combat Doctrines of the November Warriors+


iven their start as a coalition of loyalist chapters in the post legionary era command was spread out amongst the officers of many different chapters. In these early days of the Codex Astartes there was a marked influence of combat doctrines inherited from parent legions. The singular constant was the use of overwhelming fire support to soften targets followed by the direct application of Astartes in force, the so called Axe & Hammer approach.

By M.33 the IX had adopted the tenants of the Codex Astartes in matters of logistics, administration, and tactical formations. A nominal adherence to the Codex is what allowed the coalition to grow to its massive size by the 7th black crusade. Records from late M.36 state that the chapter had become fully adherent to the Codex Astartes in most matters of combat logistics, allowing them to further refine their unique decentralized command and control practices.

As of M.41 the Warriors are widely thought to be completely codex compliant with the exception of squad markings, to which they have adopted an almost inscrutable designation system that follows the ancient heraldries of the IX. The exception to compliance is it's cadre of the sons of Sanguinius, they continue to eschew a number of Codex tenants for the teachings of their Primarch.

+The Spite of Glatisant+


With vicious anger, with unyeilding spite, we stab into
the heart of those who brought us low, our vengeance shall not be
slaked till every traitor is ground beneath our boots. – Captain Vertin Faulk

he Forgemoon Sudentor was the homeworld of the IX, gifted to them in the late years of M32 for actions during the rescue of Anea sector, this forgemoon was an inhospitable airless chunk of dense metalloids and rock. Within the deepest crater was the Fortress Monastery Glatisant, a sprawling complex of tunnels and cooled magma chambers, it was thought to be secure against any possible attack. For nearly six-thousand years this held true, until the Tragedy of Sudentor.

Deep within the mantle of Sudentor was the Room of Gauf, the storehouse for the geneseed of fallen brothers, waiting to either be sent back to their home chapters, or to be implanted into chosen initiates by one of the myriad Apothecaries who tended to their specific geneline. There are none alive who truly know what occurred in those hallowed depths, for a great and massive explosion occurred, one large enough to crack the planetoid from core to crust. Within hours gravitic stress fractures began to tear the moon apart in great ragged chunks. The shipyards of Comberth crashed to Farbanti Prime, the fortress Glatisant torn asunder, the only structure to survive was the Forge Grunder and its power facility, the Mammon Engine, as it was built in and upon a massive load of metals. While greatly damaged, this one surviving piece of Sudentor had become the new home for the IX, retrofitting scavenged superstructures from the Comberth Shipyard, the Sippli Refining and Refueling facility, and whatever could be found of the former fortress. It is motivated by the engineering sections of 12 strike cruisers and three battle barges giving it a modicum of control, if not warp capable travel.

The hulk was rechristened the Spite of Glatisant once the Warriors took residence upon their new “ship”. Unlike most spacehulks, the Spite of Glatisant has an ability to chart it’s course and bearing, not to a great degree, but it is slowly being piloted towards the halo stars. Though it can be piloted, due to the lack of coverage by a gellar field, warp travel is a rarity, instead smaller strike cruisers sortie when needed. Normally this would be a massive hindrance to any chapter attempting combat operations, but given the small amount of available forces only three strike cruisers are needed at most.

+Recruiting and the Armory of the November Warriors+


The future of our honored history is in danger,

he nature of the November Warriors recruiting practices are a much speculated on affair. Their Coalition status and their practice of returning Gene-seed to the home chapters it was once thought the IX did not recruit. While in the earlier years this was true, as time passed and the home chapters either had the return of their Astartes or an equivalent amount of gene-seed the IX began to build up their store house. The coalition went to great length to prevent cross contamination or the creation of chimeric gene-seed. All gene-seed was stored in much protected chambers in the room of Gauf.


This practice of multiple gene-seed gave rise to the cross training of the Apothecarion, any apothecary could conceivably operate and remove the gene-seed from any of the Astartes of the IX. The Apothecaries were sworn to hold the secrets of the multitude, never revealing any of the specific weaknesses or mutations to any Astartes who needed not know. Once the Tragedy occurred almost all recruiting came to a halt.

The IX were once known to have among the myriad of Astates chapters one of the larger collections of Armor outside of 1st founding chapters. In their early founding years, they were often on ancient fields of battle and could almost always be counted on to find a relic weapon of some kind, sometimes a Great Crusade era LasCannon or an archeotech pistol. In the era of the Warriors the chapters Tech-Marines have tasked themselves specifically to search out and recover as many ancient relics of armored warfare they can find. In their travels they have managed to recover a number of strange and esoteric machines of war. Among those are Deimos Pattern predators, Scimitar Jetbikes and dreadnought of ancient but unknown provenance. The derelict state of most of their finds means that rebuilding can take decades if not centuries of work. Most Revered among these an Achilles Pattern Land Raider named the “Valerie’s Ire” found on a world named for a Saint of Battles.

By having manufacting facilities within their chapter home, the Warriors have taken to performing near constant repairs and in some cases upgrades to all their weapons of war. The Colors of November are reapplied after almost every battle, though some brothers have taken to keeping some small amount of cosmetic damage left on their armor. Sgt. DeLeon of the Lightning Claw Terminator Assault squad being the most prominent. His armor was damaged during a particularly vicious battle with a tyranid infestation on the moonlet Dinsmark.



+Honored Battle Brothers of the November Warriors+


Honored Veteran Brother Arcus



Veteran Brother Gyr



Honored Brothers Caspian, Coperion and Ciro



Honored Veteran Sergeant DeLeon


++Further Edits to follow including Battle Histories, Honored Brothers, and a look into the current mission of the Warriors++



As a note in regards to the actual constitution of the Warriors, it more or less follows my actual collection of models, I felt that I wanted to have the fluff in some way fit the nature of my collection. I have a number of BA units, DA Mortis Dreads, and a small collection of HH vehicles. In addition I do plan on using SM/DA/BA/HH codecies as I feel by whim. But as stated above, Comments and Criticisms are more than welcome, and if there are any ideas on how to tighten up on some of the concepts, I'm all ears, thanks brothers!


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he November IX was an adhoc coalition of 2nd and 3rd founding chapters based on the 9 geneseed of the remaining Loyalist Legions consisting of seconded units.


There are two aspects of this that I should talk about: One of them is not a problem at all, and the other one is completely a problem.


The first is that the process it describes is completely inconsistent with normal background, and it will bother most of the people who are interested in reading about your Chapter.  That is the one that is not a problem, unless you have a personal investment in being correct, and you can basically ignore all of the posts that are going to correct your background errors.


The thing that is a problem is the writing of that sentence.  The subject ("the November IX") is not something a reader has a reason to be interested in.  Indeed, the entire point of writing this article is to make the case that the chapter is interesting.  Why would I keep reading this article if I have never been given a reason to be interested in the subject of the article?  The subject of the first sentence is bad, throw it away.


Then I get to the next word, "was."  This word tells me the rest of the sentence is going to be boring too.


The rest of the sentence is an enormous chain of prepositions and jargon.  In a nominal way, everyone reading this board is interested in things like "2nd and third foundings," "nine geneseeds," "Loyalist Legions," and "seconded units."  You have, however, taken away the reasons people care about those things, you have made them boring.  There is no conflict,and no resolution of conflict, so it's a bad way to start an article.


Instead of the first sentence including "the November IX," make the subject "heavy units from almost a dozen chapters."  You are talking about the same thing, the same object, but you are giving me more information about things I am more likely to care about. 


"In the massive forges of Kantaris, heavy units from a dozen chapters preserved the Imperial Peace from the predations of an enormous, sinister invasion: Abaddon's third Black Crusade."  


Change it to something like that and I'll read past the first paragraph.  Your background is crazy/under-informed, but that is fine with me as long as you are doing something readable.



also, scrape the mold lines off your models before you paint them.

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