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So this is what I'm thinking of for my siege of terra list for DG I may Ally some Deamons later but how is this for a list?



• Typhus, Herald of Nurgle




• 5 Terminators - Icon of Chaos Glory; Reaper autocannon and chainfist; 4 combi-meltas




• 7 Plague Marines – Plague Champion with powerfist; 2 meltaguns; Rhino


• 7 Plague Marines – Plague Champion with powerfist; 2 meltaguns; Rhino


• 7 Plague Marines – Plague Champion with powerfist; 2 flamers; Rhino




• 2 Obliterators


• Vindicator - Daemonic Possession




1,498 points

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I don´t get the Typhus if you aren´t going to be playing a zombie list. A MoN Lord would probably do better (Due to being less expensive and having access to better weaponry)


Termis won´t need the icon nor the reaper (reaper is pretty bad). Just play themm all with combi-weapons


Power fists on unit champions are less effective than power axes in general. Basically you are usually better off without any power weapons on plague champions. Plagues would be better with dual plasma.


Otherwise the rest is ok.

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I just wanted typhus for fluff reasons.


I'll be doing a deamon prince and nurgle sorcerer aswell to switch through.


Cultists may come later same with Deamons and other units but this was just a start up.


I still want to use them with 30k rules so I was thinking of building up tac support squads that I can throw into 40k lists hence meltas etc.


I'm not sure on the axe vs fist case I agree about the axe being better I just stress that too many axes when placed beside my WE thoughts?


What if I got rid of the icon and reaper for the termies but add an autocannons or flamer?


Thanks for the advice

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Plague marines already have plague knives. I find they do just fine in combat without spending extra points. I'd like to see a land raider instead of the vindicator. You can save the extra points for the land raider by dropping the power weapons and by taking 4 termies so they all fit with typhus. Plague marines in a rhino are full of win.
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Hmmmm well then that's a consideration :)


I'll have this as a WIP thread soon just waiting on money and FW to arrive.


The FW apostate preachers I just ordered what exactly do they do.


I'm also considering those plague ogryns

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hmm in that case model them how you will, but I still say run them as axe/plas, a unit in my army has scythes and I use them as axes. flamer is ok on termicide used to hunt troops but to short range on bigger squads unless your deepstriking them to get in close.

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So my fellow brothers of the plague I'd like to show you an update;







so thoughts?

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So a squad of prototype plague marines






So the finished scheme & another squad of 7 marines

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