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E Company of the 7th Levalloisian Life guards WIP

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Finally some more Life Guards! Great to see baz, they look excellent as always the white and red are very nice. The more troopers the better, but even more so with such a fantastic scheme that suit the models so well. The commissariat demands more! :P

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Thanks for the comments guys.

@Vash always thought those who are about to give their lives for the Emperor should look fabulous while doing it!


Some progress on Astropath for Blood and Guts. Most bases are down on body. Not sure how to paint staff, was thinking white as would tie in with rest of army colours or is that too "Gandalf"??

Anyways commemts always welcome


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I found a metal was a good default for a staff, makes it look like he could whack people with it if he got (really) desperate :P It's a nice model to paint up so I'm looking forward to seeing yours done - I painted mine in a camo cloak :lol:

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Small update. Not done too much painting wise in the last couple of weeks on my guard, took a break to paint some bugs and return to my Sallies. However I have done some kit bashing to create a vet squad for the Life guards. Normally don't post freshly assembled models as the gap between assembly and painting for me is a pretty long one. Might bump these guys up the paint queue tho. Love to here your thoughts.





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Quick update on first vow. Not as much progress as I was hoping for (:censored: bank holiday sport), But got the multiple layers of red down which is always a grind (really should use new pot), and added some depth to the robes. One more night and he should be done.


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ETL update. Finished priest. Started on test Bullgryn. Basing colour scheme on my cadian life guards, so the carapace will be silver. Going try and balance that big lump of silver with large areas of red and planning some grim on there as well. Here's the current WIP.


Heres the Priest too.


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