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Sons of the Lion!

Supreme Grand Master Azrael has called for a Gathering of Angels at the Rock. Representatives from each of the various successor chapters are requested and with them is a brief data summary of their chapter’s history and past glories to be added to the vast data banks of the Unforgiven.

So arm yourselves with your quills and your cogitators!
Activate your savants and servitors!
Gather your banners of honor and let loose the Brotherhood of Angels!

The Brotherhood of Angels (BHoA) is a Dark Angels Forum Event aimed at participants creating unique DIY Unforgiven chapter histories. In other words you enter the event by submitting a written description of an unforgiven chapter that you have created.

There are two ways to enter, both requiring you to submit a completed Index Astartes article about your chosen chapter.

1. Make an oath in this thread in the following manner:

I, <<your name>>, chapter master of the << name of your unforgiven chapter>>, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honored brothers.

2. Write a completely new Index Astartes Article, based on the structure below, on the Chapter you have created and submit it for the event.

Take a chapter you may have created in the past for previous contests including the BoA 2012 and 2014 and update and upgrade it to the BoA 2015 level and then re-submit it. We encourage all those who had previously submitted such an article to review it and upgrade it and then resubmit it.

1. The article should have minimum 2000 words

2. It should include the livery of your chapter using the Space Marine Painter with at least one image each of Power Armor, Terminator Armor, Scout Armor and Captain. Optional images of the specialists (Apothecaries, Chaplains, Librarians & Techmarines) are encouraged but not required. A sketch or image of the Chapter Badge is also strongly encouraged.

3. The chapter should be of your own creation.

The article should include the following sections, most of which are self explanatory.


Include Founding if it is known; What made that Chapter come into being; Are they a Successor of a Successor?
Description of the home world along with an image, if possible

Narrative about the Chapter at the dawn of the 41st Millennium

Short descriptions of famous battles and outcomes in chapter history

The way the chapter is made up, where they differ from Codex Astartes; Deathwing, Ravenwing, Battle Company? Inner Circle?

Description of the chapters fleet strength, vessel names and any significant fleet action based conflicts.

How neophytes are recruited.

Livery/color schemes (Include Space Marine Painter images) of the various armor types and specialists

An image or sketch of the Chapter Banner or Standard

Description of specific awards, honorariums and honors.

How they fight. Deathwing & Ravenwing in use? Armor Heavy? Specializations? Intolerances?
"Poke 'em in the eye!" or "Repent! For tomorrow you die!"
Any rituals in their home world/base.
Unique beliefs and practices.
Description of origin and current status - Dark Angels, Obviously!
Special characters (As many as you wish)

Once you make your oath you may wear the following banner in your signature


Once you complete your submission you may wear the following banner in your signature:


The Deadline for submissions is Midnight GMT JULY 15, 2015

Octaguide 2.0
40K Timeline

BBCode Guide

+ + + PRAISE BE THE LION + + +


A Message from Brother Tyler (taken from last year's competition)


For all of those that haven't already done so, please submit your DIY Unforgiven Successors to the Tabula Astartes. The submission criteria can be found here (as far as I can tell, every Chapter with a completed submission for this challenge meets the criteria).

Note that this includes DIY renditions of official Chapters, such as my Angels of Vigilance submission. These DIY versions are listed separately from the official entries (so there is a canon Angels of Vigilance entry and a DIY entry - this is what we've done for a number of other DIYrenditions of official Chapters).

All you need to do to submit your entry is post a reply with the following information:

Chapter/warband name:
Creator: (only necessary if you are not the author)
Article link:
Image(s) link: (only necessary if the images aren't in the article)

Note: If/when you submit your Chapter, please ensure that you provide a link that goes directly to your entry, either a dedicated topic or the reply in this topic in which your Chapter is presented. If you post a link to this topic, you can find your Chapter's post by right clicking on the post number that appears in the upper right, then copying the URL.

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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I, Brother Arkley, Grand Cross of the Blades of Alaric, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honored brothers.

I, Brother Arkley, Dread Master of the Sons of Thanatos, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honored brothers.


Yeah I had to go one better with 2 :P

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Here is the first of my 2 entries. I will leave the main one till I have done a few more changes :)


Enjoy C&C welcome and encouraged :)


Name: The Sons of Thanatos
Founding Chapter: Angels of Absolution
Founding: 11th – 544.M35
Chapter Master: Nkosana
Homeworld: Raethe (Adopted 894.M36)
Fortress-Monastery: Death's Gate (Planet) – (Fleet-Based) Apocalypse Class Battleship
Main Colours: Black & Bone with Red. White Robes
Speciality: Oversized 1st Company (200+ Members) Dread Walkers/Dread Riders

Battle Cry: “In death we grant you absolution.”
Estimated Strength: Full Strength






Most Chapters created by the High Lords of Terra are given a mandate, the Sons of Thanatos are no exception. They were given a planet to protect which was given to a high population of psykers.

The Sons of Thanatos have never made landfall to this planet is it is declared off limits by the Inquisition, given this is it not surprised that the Unforgiven treat them with suspicion this is not to say they will not fight together but nothing of the Unforgiven secret mission is known to the Sons. The Dark Angels have used the Sons to their own advantage in numerous occasions usually for cover of the Dark Angels hunt for the Fallen. Whether the Sons see this deception there is no evidence.


This population was used to feed the God-Emperor. This planet suffered a catastrophic failure in 622.M36 as the core of the planet ripped itself apart causing massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


Even thou the Sons has no means to stop the destruction of the Planet they still consider it a failure, the Chapter Master at the time declared the Chapter a penitence crusade, adopting a more nihilistic approach.


After the adoption of Raethe the Sons started to worship death and this proved to define the Chapter for all eternity.


Home World


For the first 1350 years of the Chapters creation the Sons was a fleet based Chapter and recruited from the worlds in nearby systems to their Mandate. After the destruction of the planet the Chapter free of their duty. They adopted Raethe as their homeworld.

Raethe is located in Segmentum Tempestus, In a 5 planet system rotating a yellow sun.

The Planet is a Feral Verdant World, the surface has very few water bodies, 1 ocean splits the land mass while a great lake is fed by the ocean. Most of the planet is covered in a rain forest and wild grasslands most of the population live in huts up in the panoply of the massive trees that cover over half of the world it is not unknown for these Tree Cities to be heavily populated more so than most indigenous species tend to be.

Each of these Tree Cities are ruled by Death Priests, with Dread Seers providing council and wisdom, although Death is considered the ultimate the Raethian people are not without honour.


The population of nearly 6 million are considered to be below the Imperium view. The people worship Death as the ultimate, there is nothing that escapes it grasp. Whether it is via sacrifice, headhunting or death match fights everything revolves Death in some form.

As a big portion of male children either die or become recruits for the Sons, Raethe has become dominated by strong Female leadership over the last 5 millennia. 1 in 5 males that survive the games are kept by the tribes to act as breeding stock.

Combat Doctrine


The Sons use Terminators to great effect, the 1st Company is well over sized by the guidelines of the Codex Astartes, Terminators never fights understrength or seconded to other Companies they fight as a whole or not at all. It has been noted in battles that this tactic is overkill but it has served the Sons over the last 6 millennia. The other half of the 1st Company are formed into elite biker squads

These bikers are used for harassing the enemies and deep infiltration into enemy territory. Unlike the Terminators it is not unknown for Bike Squadrons to lend their strength to other companies.

The Chapter makes good use of Predator Tanks and Whirlwinds. Land Raiders also play a part in any armoured assault the Sons perform.

The Sons also use Scouts for sabotage, it is not unknown for enemy armies to lose supply depots etc to the Chapters scouts.




Unlike the Unforgiven and Codex Chapters as a whole the Sons 1st Company is split between Terminators (Dread Walkers) and Biker Squadrons (Dread Riders).


The 2nd to 5th Companies are the Battle Companies each company has their own veterans. It is from these Veterans that the 1st Company get their members. It is not unknown for exceptional Battle Brothers to be promoted to the 1st


The 6th Company were a Reserve Company however when the Chapter prepares for mass Tank battles most of the crews are taken from the 6th as such they have developed a reputation of being very efficient in this style of warfare. As such the 6th are considered a separate formation and no longer a Reserve Company.


The 7th to 9th are the Reserve Companies and function as such.


The 10th is the Scout Company, they are used extensively as saboteurs. Also as infiltrators when the Dread Riders as considered unsuitable.


Fleet Assests


1 Apocalypse Class Battleship – Pride of Thanatos

2 Battle Barges – Dread Reaver & Sword of Raethe

10 Strike Cruisers

Various numbers of small craft including Thunderhawks.




Given the populations predilection for Death they are taught as an early age to fight and learn to appreciate Death is the master of all. Children as young as 8 are taught to fight in arenas and hunting games, while its not common children do die in these games. By the age of 12 they are chosen by the native Death Priests and Dread Seers to be offered to the Sons as possible recruits. These recruits are taken to the Chapters Flagship and tested by the Chaplains and Librarians, if they are found suitable they will start to undergo the process to become a Space Marine.


For the population of Raethe becoming a Space Marine is to become an Avatar of Death, it is possible why parents of male children make them perform in the Arenas and Games. With the adoption of the Death Cult the Chapter adopted new designations for all officer ranks.

Death Priests are the Chapters Chaplains, a Officer that already symbolises Death it is considered one of the highest honours a Marine can hope for.


Dread Seers are the Chapters Librarians. As the Chapter recruited more from Raethe the Librarians became more enthralled with causing fear and terror in their enemies as such it is not unknown for them to specialist in dominating and compelling enemies to fight each other.


The Chapter Master has the honorific title of Lord Thanatos.


Appearance and Iconography


The armour of the Sons is Black with Bone Lower Legs, Shoulder Pauldrons (Red trim) and Helmet. Any robes worn are White.


Weapons usually have red casing.


The Chapter Symbol is a stylised Skull with Crossed Swords behind it.




Before planet fall on Raethe the Sons of Thanatos where quite standard in their beliefs, The Emperor is to be venerated as the Master of Mankind and the creator of the Adeptus Astartes. Given their geneseed they do consider the Lion to be their genetic Father.

After the Chapter claimed Raethe things began to change over the first 500 to 700 years, as the new recruits started to become a faction in the Chapter, first as a minority of the Scout Company to the eventual domination of the Chapter.

The Sons began to carry tribal fetishes personifying death. Soon Chaplains preached Death, this led to the Chapter becoming very similar to Death Cults which has also led to some deviant behaviour such as cannibalism this however is only a rumour and had never been confirmed. If it is true the Chapter practices these behaviours behind closed doors.




As with all Dark Angel successor Chapters the Sons of Thanatos gene-seed is considered to be very pure. Given the High Lords of Terra's reluctance to use Dark Angels gene-seed is it unknown what made them use Angels of Absolution instead. But given the rumours of deviant behaviour it brings to question whether something has started to fail.




“In death we bring you absolution.”


Selected Battles/Events


566.M35 – Death of Kallistos


The first Chapter Master of the Sons Kallistos was killed in during a space battle in which he and his 1st Company with elements of the 3rd and 4th boarded a space hulk infested with Orks. MekBoss Grimsnaga laid low the Mighty Hero when he caught Kallistos with his Power Claw. Vengeance of his death did not take long when the Chapters Champion Markos killed the MekBoss in single combat.


After the destruction of the Hulk the Sons of Thanatos made Markos the 2nd Chapter Master.


901.M36 – Disappearance of the 3rd.


During routine patrol of a nearly sector, the Battle Barge Gates of Tartarus disappeared, The Chapter declared a Crusade but after 300 years the Company and Ship were declared lost.

The 3rd Company was finally rebuilt after the declaration.


421.M37 – Brothers of Death


The Sons are called upon to aid in a crusade with the Mortifactors & Brazen Claws. They answered the call and sent over half the Chapter. The Crusade was successful and the Ork Waaagh was stopped before they could cause major damage to nearby systems.


During this time the Mortifactors and Sons formed strong brotherly bonds over similar ideals. This has lead to a very strong alliance between both Chapters that has lasted to the present. It is not unknown for both Chapters to crusade with each other.


932.M39 – The Dark Angels


The exact details of this meeting have been kept secret and anything written about it is pure rumour.


How the Dark Angels found out the Sons of Thanatos where a Successor Chapter is unknown but the Dark Angels have used this to their advantage. The Sons have fought along side the Unforgiven in a few battles but they have usually left the Sons in difficult situations due to other complications. But as to why the Sons do not refuse to fight by their side has been led to believe the Chapter Masters of the Sons know something.

711.M40 – Chaos Unleashed


The Lost Sons returned, after being declared lost for nearly 4 millennia they returned but not in the way the Chapter would have hoped.


They returned not as the Sons of Thanatos but the Death Knights of Adrastos. With daemonic allies the Death Knights launched an attack on an orbital station currently garrisoned by the Sons , Death Eagles and the Imperial Paladins.

The station was lost with all hands. All 3 Chapters swear vengeance.


Heroes of Infamy


Chisomo – The First Dread Master (3th Grand Master)


Most of the history of the Sons is surrounded in mystery, this seems to be due to design, the Imperium has very few records of the Chapters Heroes but one such record is of Chisomo, He was the first Grand Master to be called Dread Master he was also the first Raethian to become the Chapter Master. By this time the Death Cult has taken over the Chapter and Chisomo was the Vanguard.


He was nothing short of a brute, quick to anger, quick to kill for slight provocation, this however came to a head when he would constantly berate the Chapter Master of the Marines Malevolent during a campaign from simple insults to sucker punching the Master. The Sons were left without a Grand Master for the rest of the Campaign.


To a few he was an Avatar of Death, but to most of his fellow Masters they were too glad for his passing. It is still unsure how he became Grand Master.


Masters of the Chapter


Nkosana – Current Dread Master


Nkosana is considered as one of the finest Heroes the Chapter has ever had, like Death himself Nkosana is a very patient man. Soft spoken even in the heat of battle his voice is a constant calm. Where as most Masters have a standard command squad Nkosana is always accompanied into battle with 2 Death Priests

the sight of 3 Astartes with Skull Masks is enough to strike fear in most enemies. Even with his calm demeanour in battle he is a maelstrom of destruction. Armed with a 2 Handed Power Spear of unknown origin and his combat shotgun he used as a Scout. Wearing the most advanced MkVIII Power Armour. Nkosana has proven himself time and again as a great leader.



Weapons of Death (Relics)


Mayeso – (Test)


This ancient Power Spear dates back to before the Horus Heresy, it was found of Raethe over 2000 years ago and given to the Chapter as a gift by the Tribes after it was discovered. Until Nkosana became the Dread Master the Spear never left the Chapters Armoury it is an unusual weapon. However Nkosana noticed the ancient writing on the haft of the weapon. He picked the weapon and knew it was his, it was his test to prove his worth.


The Spear can pierce armour with ease, it can also be used as a thrown weapon returning to the users hand with built-in teleporter in the hilt.




Master Thabo of the 4th Company 



Unknown Brother of the 1st Company



Brother Sergeant Akachi of the 4th Company



Scout (1st Year) Enu

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Well I entered and failed last year so I shall strive for redemption this year.


I, Brother SP, vow redemption for my lost sons of the First Legion, the Lion Warriors.  Shorn from their primogenitor through their own sins of pride and eventually further treachery I shall detail their story of dark woe and even darker sins to serve as a lesson for all sons of the Lion, pride cometh before the fall, and a moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy....

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I got a good feeling about this... Let's see if we can topple last year's participation levels!


C'mon all you aspiring archivists (or dare I say Librarians?), show youselves!


Good luck to all!


That sounds like a challenge. 


Whenever Captain Semper is involved, it usually is a challenge.

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Along with Brother SP, I will redeem myself after last year's failure. Here we go again!


I, Greenz, chapter master of the Angels Hospitaller, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honored brothers.

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I, Olis, chapter master of the Brotherhood of the Lion, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.



I hope you don't mind, Belial, but I've given Team Liber a poke and some of them will along later. ;)

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I, Olis, chapter master of the Brotherhood of the Lion, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.



I hope you don't mind, Belial, but I've given Team Liber a poke and some of them will along later. :wink:

*Ahem* :tongue.:


I, Aquilanus, Chapter Master of the Angels of Salvation, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.

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I, Olis, chapter master of the Brotherhood of the Lion, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.


I, Aquilanus, Chapter Master of the Angels of Salvation, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and it's honoured brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.



I, Conn Eremon, Chapter Master of the Knights Sovereign, in the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a complete history of my chapter and its honored brothers. This oath, written before the eyes of my Brothers and my Emperor on this day of the Liberalia Martiale, is bound by blood.

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The more the merrier!


Feel free to modify and adopt for the Liber Forum. I can run that one as well.


We'll form a huddle later and let you know what we think. ;)



This is gaining momentum - fantastic! Some intra forum interaction is always welcome!


Just bear in mind Team Liber has seven members (not all of whom are Liber Mods). So you may very well be seeing more entries from us. ^_^

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I got a good feeling about this... Let's see if we can topple last year's participation levels!


C'mon all you aspiring archivists (or dare I say Librarians?), show youselves!


Good luck to all!


That sounds like a challenge. 


Whenever Captain Semper is involved, it usually is a challenge.



The Scions of the 1st Legion stand ready against any challenge...


Never Fail... Never Falter... For the Lion.

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Calling these boys done!

Brooding Sword Marine


  • GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Disciples of Caliban
  • FOUNDING: Officially a part of the 17th Founding
  • CHAPTER MASTER: Ituneric Lama, Grand Master of the Chapter, Keeper of the Dark Sword
  • CHAPTER WORLD: Dark World LXVIII (Saizeci si Opt)
  • MAIN COLORS: Black, Dark Blue and Red
  • SPECIALITY: Night/Void Operations
  • BATTLE CRY: Silence
  • CURRENT STRENGTH: 845 Battle Brothers

The Brooding Swords started out as an ad-hoc force assembled from veterans of the Disciples of Caliban. They were sent to search out a series of systems that orbited brown dwarf stars. Over the course of the campaign, the Veterans grew to be proficient in low-light operations. Their armor reflected their knowledge of the darkness and became the basis for a new chapter to be created. When the High Lords of Terra called for the 17th Founding, the Disciples of Caliban inserted the chapter into the official records to make them formally a part of the Founding.
Since that time, the chapter has continued to hone their skills to operate in darkness and has expanded their specialization to attack ships before they enter the system and are visible in the light of the local star.
In the early days of the campaign, the Veterans set up a series of fortresses on the husks of the dead planetoids that circle the ancient stars. In time, the 68th dark work world encountered by some prior exploration became the central base of operations. The planetoid has been hollowed out to become a pale imitation of the Rock that cannot leave the system. Many of the nearby fortresses are also occupied and have been expanded upon to become alternative homes should the dark world be discovered and destroyed.
The Brooding Swords are not engaged in any long term campaigns. The chapter is hard to reach through standard Astropathic communications. The Unforgiven typically sends courier ships to an outlying fortress to establish formal communications. However, this has not stopped them from sending out small tasks forces to search for the Fallen Dark Angels.
Capture of the Cruiser “Prince of Pleasure”
The Fell cruiser, Prince of Pleasure, dropped out of the warp to allow the crew the engage in all manners of debauchery with the pleasure slaves trapped in the holds of the cruiser. However, the system was not uninhabited. A garrison of Brooding Swords noticed the arrival of the cruiser and set up an ambush in the debris field that was positioned along the cruiser’s path. As the cruiser passed, the Brooding swords leapt from the debris onto the hull of the cruiser. From the exterior of the hull, the marines quickly disabled external augurs and sabotaged key systems before entering the vessel. Upon taking over the command center of the vessel, the marines opened all of the corridors to space and killing most of the crew. The remaining traitors were purged through a systematic search of the ship. Mechanicus efforts to reconsecrate the ship as the Imperial cruiser, Prince of Jupiter, has failed and the ship was destroyed. The Brooding Swords only lost two brothers to action and no ordinance from their own vessels were expended. 
The War for the Night
The Night Lords attempt to claim the Imperial World of Figaro’s Folly met with strong resistance from the Brooding Swords. The tide locked planet’s night side set the stage for a conflict between the Legion of the Night and a chapter who fought in the dark. The Brooding Swords knew the level of experience of the Traitor Legion and immediately set to confound the Legion with their own tactics and tricks. Over the course of 5 years, a stalemate was reached that left the Night Lords with a grudging respect of the chapter and vowed to see the chapter annihilated. The stalemate was finally broken when additional forces from other Unforgiven chapters reinforced the Brooding Swords and the remaining Night Lords were eventually captured or killed.

The Brooding Swords follow the same Chapter Organization as the Dark Angels. The First Company, while able to teleport to their target, rarely use this method of attack due to the light that is emitted when they arrive. The Second Company in many instances will operate all of the vehicles in the armory with the exception of the transport vehicles. All vehicles are rigged to operate in low/no light conditions. As a consequence of the Chapter’s specialization for Void warfare, the Second has very few bikes in its armory and most of its brothers are mounted in land speeders. Those few given the honor of a bike are considered to be the elite of the Company.


The Battle Companies of the Chapter are usually the only ones that are intact while the First, Second, Reserve and Scout Companies are broken up to garrison the various fortresses or to assist the Battle Companies. The three battle companies are typically the ones on patrol and will engage targets of opportunity or respond to the summons of battle with their attachments. It has been over a millennia since the entire chapter fought as a unified chapter.


Brooding Sword Robed Devastator


Brooding Sword Master

Marine & Master

Brooding Sword Terminator


Brooding Sword Scout

Terminator & Scout

Brooding Sword Techmarine


Brooding Sword Apothecary


Brooding Sword Librarian

Specialists (Chaplains are similar to the rest of the chapter)

The Brooding Swords have a large fleet utilizing a number of smaller ship but still keep two battle barges for larger operations.  Most of the time, they use the smaller ships to get into position to launch an assault. In several circumstances, the ships would deposit the marines on floating pieces of debris or small asteroids and then the ship would become bait to lure the target craft close enough to the marines that they can use Jump Packs to jump onto the passing craft and cripple it from the outside.
The Brooding Swords have a significant problem with recruitment. Many of their areas of operation are lifeless systems with no settlements to attain any recruits. The task is even more difficult due to the specialization of the chapter to low-light levels. The Chaplains of the chapter have taken on the challenge of finding recruits in surrounding systems that have low-light conditions. These are typically hive worlds. Younger Chaplains would venture to these locations and infiltrate a hive. From there they would monitor the youths in the Mid-hive and lower for signs of combat prowess and cunning. Those they find are then brought before the chapter to start training even before their first implant. 

Brooding Swords

The Brooding Swords have retained the black of the original Dark Angels Legion and the predecessor the Disciples of Caliban. The robes they wear are also black but the insides and the symbology of the chapter is a dark blue. 
Their Chapter Symbol is the Sword of the Dark Angels crowned with a hood.


The Brooding Swords rarely take the field of battle under a banner. It is only in large scale campaigns where the need for light discipline is removed that the chapter would use a standard and even then, it is only to designate assembly areas for the brothers. Even the Chapter Banners are different in each of the garrisons and vessel as each is static to that location and has taken on characteristics for each location. 
The most identifying mark is on the robes and capes of the Sergeants and Masters. The Sergeants tend to incorporate the symbols of their squad into their robes or cape so that the brothers following them know who they represent. The Masters tend to be more simplistic and have two bands on the bottom of their robe or cape and the Grand Masters have three bands. Woven into the symbols are special fibers that are reflective in the low lights but would be unnoticeable to normal human eyes.  
The Brooding Swords like several Unforgiven chapters eschew the idea of rewards and honors. Their deeds recorded by the Librarians and scribes that document each battle and the brothers that fought in each are the only mention of their glory. The chaplains of the chapter have even refrained from the practice of presenting purity seals to individual brothers. This came about from their specialization in fighting in the dark and the ability for purity seals to be noticed by a variety of opponents and animals — negating any potential benefit they may have had.
The few relics the chapter has in their armories are master-crafted weapons and armor. Without the honors of battle being bestowed, many pieces of war gear have illustrious histories that would spark veneration from other Astartes chapters. But as they do not voice their glories, many relics are given to newly promoted sergeants not knowing their past and who held them. One of which is the Dark Sword, a Heavenfall Blade, that has been a part of the chapter’s inventory for centuries. Its past is unknown to nearly everyone in the chapter save some of the oldest dreadnoughts and the Master Librarian.

The Brooding Swords are masters of void war and in terrestrial environments that are predominately dark. All of their war gear and vehicles are modified for near silent running and low to no light levels. Even the eye lenses of the Brooding Swords barely glow blue so that a normal human could easily miss them in the darkness. It is eerie when they are on the move as the only tell-tale sign is the noise of the ground as they move. 
Even the interior of their fortresses and ships are dark and quiet. In the areas in which the Brooding Swords train, the walls are baffled to reduce noise. There are very few halls where conversations can be heard and most of them revolve around training or battle plans.
The Brooding Swords maintain a level of battle readiness at all time. Most of their fortresses and ships are ready for void war at a moment’s notice. The Brother’s typically are outfitted in their full plate save when it us undergoing any repairs and then they are in a body glove capable of functioning in a vacuum. 
One ritual that the chapter upholds is the Crossing of the Void whenever a brother is promoted or transfers to another company. In each fortress are areas that are exposed to vacuum with doorways on either side. The selected brothers would then cross the across the void in their current war gear and position and upon reaching the other side they would enter the doorway to their new position and title. This is of particular note to the Scout company as they are restricted from the rest of the chapter by those areas until they are selected to join the chapter as full brothers. 
Much of the history of the Brooding Swords is forgotten by the active brothers and is only contained in the various tomes and data scrolls that the chapter has accumulated. However, they are well versed in the lessons learned from each conflict even if they do not know how that knowledge was attained. 
This has worked well with the knowledge of the Fallen Dark Angels. All full brothers of the Chapter have rudimentary knowledge of the Fallen and the need to capture them. Only the Inner Circle has specific knowledge on those they are chasing.
The Dark Angels



Joseph - Master of the Disciples of Caliban/Grand Master of the Brooding Swords

Joseph was one of three Masters to be a part of the Ad-hoc force of Unforgiven selected to campaign in the dark areas of the Segmentum searching for Fallen Dark Angels and other enemies of the Imperium of Man. After 70 years of campaigning, Joseph was the last remaining master and the brothers under his command had organized into three companies when the Disciples of Caliban returned to check on the battle force. In their long campaign, they had effectively become a small chapter in their own right and an edict was made to allow the brothers to become a new Chapter. Joseph’s command was officially recognized and he was elevated to Grand Master within his old chapter and allowed to part as an equal to his former Chapter Master. Many of the brothers had painted their armor darker colors and this was formalized and new insignia were created but a level of individualization was allowed to remain. 


Ituneric Lama - Grand Master of the Brooding Swords

Ituneric is the 8th Grand Master of the Brooding Swords. He rose through the ranks quickly upon his return from the Deathwatch where he worked side by side with the Raven Guard. Adopting several of their tactics and training, he incorporated them into his squad’s training with marked improvement in their performance in Night Fighting. Soon he was tasked to introduce them to his company at the request of his Master. Ituneric took over command of the Company as a result and with a markedly improved record in battle. He was given command of the First Company where he modified and adapted his skills for the Terminator Armor. When the First also saw better performance, he came to the immediate attention of the Grand Master of the Chapter. His contributions to the chapter saw him being given the Dark Sword - the only Heavenfall Blade in the inventory of the Chapter.


Apelantului din Ituneric - Epistolary 

Apelantului is the oldest Librarian in service of the Brooding Swords. Being a psyker of physical effects, he has been able to assist the Brooding Swords by shrouding his brothers advance in total and tangible darkness or having a tangible shadow terrorize the enemy so that they fear the darkness and come into the lines of fire of Swords’ bolters. His inability to read minds may have cost him the Chief Librarian spot but he is not bitter. His skills have been requested to assist in the training of the Scouts. Apelantului also works with those new candidates for the Librarium and helps them to mold their minds to be able to channel the immaterium for the Chapter’s use.  Those who also show talents of a physical type become his special students while other librarians work with those able to perceive the minds of others.


Calaret Tacut - Master of the Second Company

Within the Brooding Swords, the Second Company operate all of the vehicles in the Armory save those assigned to the other companies. As such, the Second Company is larger than the standard 100 man company. The Second deviates from the Dark Angels standard organization because they have so few bikes as they are useless in a void war. Most of the Company is organized into Land Speeder squadrons while the rest are mounted in the various tanks of the Chapter with a select few maintaining the bikes of the Chapter. Calaret was one such individual, working with the Techmarines, he was able to nearly silence his space marine bike and those of his squad using the nearly forgotten knowledge that produced the jet bike. As Master, he has taken to silencing the various tanks in the armory so that they may used to assault targets without raising the alarm.


Vanator Noapte - Master of the Tenth Company

Vanator has served the chapter for over three centuries and a little more than half of that has been in Scout Armor. Vanator came to prominence during the Rok Intercept of Waaagh Grubnitz. A collection of scouts that had lost their Sergeant were found by the squad Vanator was attached. Requesting permission to take command of the Scouts, Vanator led the scouts through the caverns of the Rok and allowed them to take vengeance on the orks that had taken their Sergeants and brothers. At one point, they were able to provide a distraction for a number of killer kans while allowing them to be assaulted from behind by elements of the 1st Company. After the battle, Vanator was assigned as a Sergeant in the Tenth. Over time, his successes with his scouts made him the natural choice to lead the Tenth. As Master, he has continued to expand the Scouts ability to work in the Void and not just in the darkness of battlefields with an atmosphere.

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gallery_26_6416_0.gifI, Mikha’il Mansor Al Fâyiz, Grand Master of the Angels of Veneration, also known as the Venerators of Korumani,gallery_26_6416_0.gif
gallery_26_6416_0.gifin the name of the Lion, make this oath of moment to submit a history of my Chapter and its honored brothers.gallery_26_6416_0.gif


Note that this Chapter was first developed in my Lost Sons of the Lion topic as a follow-on to (but not part of) the Brotherhood of Angels 2012 challenge, though the focus there was on Grand Master Mikha'il, the Tide of Blood, and the Inquisition. My efforts this time around will be to cover the Angels of Veneration prior to the Tide of Blood in much more detail.
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I've got the minimums to mark the Brooding Swords complete, but I plan to add a few more characters. I just wish I had access to a cheap or free CADD program to make the Chapter Symbols. It sucks that I no longer have access to AutoCAD. :furious: :furious: :furious:

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We have Nine Brothers who have taken up the oath of creating a new DA Successor (a total of TEN successors)!

Arkley has completed his first vow and my own Successor is 95% complete. I just want to add a few more characters. And, we have a teaser of coming attractions. 


The most notable update is that we have some distinguished visitors from the Liber Forum that have joined the competition. Having seen what they have come up with on their own forum will make for some exciting reading! I wonder if a certain DA Successor from the Liber Cluster would be making an appearance as well. EDIT: Challenge has been accepted


For those who have not visited the Fortress in some time, there were a number of Chapters created oh so many years ago. I may try to bring back some of those chapters and bring them up to BotA 2015 Standard. As they are creations of another, I will not be taking credit for them. 

Edited by Grand Master Belial
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