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+++ Talon's Reach - An Armory Building Event +++

Race Bannon

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+++ The fires of war burn bright. Engines of battle will be needed for campaign. +++


Warriors of Deliverance! Your fight against the enemies of the Imperium is nigh, yet more than sword and cunning will be needed. The Armory of the Ravenspire is open and plentiful.

This painting event is for the machines of war we often need, or want, yet somehow our brushes and dedication are left behind for other desires or projects. The goal for this event is to simply paint vehicles to add to the collection!

The rules are simple: vow to paint any unit with an Armor Value. Each vow should be for the same unit type. So, if I want to paint two Dreadnoughts and one of them is a Contemptor, then I make 1 vow but declare both variants. It is preferred the quality be at least for table-top use with three different colors used (washes do not count).

The vow is:

I, (name), for the (Chapter name), vow to complete (model/models) by 11:59 PM on April 15, 2017.

The end time is for your time zone, your personal honor is used in that regard :smile.:

In this thread, submit a photo of the model(s) in the vow(s) in whatever state they are in. Upon completion, post a photo of the completed model(s). More than one angle would be nice, but not required. The OP will be updated every couple of days because ... real life.

This is for the Raven Guard and any of their Successor Chapters. If you want to vow multiple Chapters, that’s fine so long as they are using Corax’s gene-seed.

Banners for vowing can be used. At the end of the event, banners will be available as a mark of pride. A special banner will be provided to the participant with the most completed models. No fail banners because the OP will show that and your shame is for you to own (no need to advertise that wherever you post :laugh.: ).

Get building, get painting, chop chop!

+++ Banner +++


Thank you WarriorFish :thumbsup:

Most completed:


Thank you NiceGuyAdi :tu:


Please send a PM with any questions or concerns. I will try to reply quickly.

[This is the first time I'm doing something like this and I didn't want to make too many restrictions. All I have is MSPaint for banners, so if anyone wants to make a sweet banner set, PM me with your ideas. Your patience is certainly appreciated :happy.:]


Participants: (name / vow / completion)

Bedouin2 / Drop Pod (complete)

Colonel Bindoff / 3 Drop Pod and Stormraven (completed) / 2 Land Speeder Tornado (completed)

Damo1701 / Contemptor Dreadnoght (completed) / Stormraven (completed) / 2 Land Speeder Storm, 1 Land Speeder Tornado and Razorback (complete) / Razorback (completed) / Drop Pod (completed) / Drop Pod (completed) / Drop Pod (completed) / Razorback (complete)

duz_ / 2 Rhino (completed) / Land Speeder (completed) / 2 Stormtalons (complete) / 2 Drop Pod

Itvyper / Land Speeder Storm (complete)

Jacques Corbin / Land Speeder Storm

Leinadyor / Venerable Dreadnought (complete)

MajorNese / Corvus Blackstar and 2 Land Speeders (completed) / 2 Rhinos (complete) / Land Speeder Storm (complete)

mithrilforge / Land Speeder Typhoon (completed) / Drop Pod

NiceGuyAdi / Drop Pod (complete)

Race Bannon / Razorback (completed) / Lucius Drop Pod (completed) / Rhino (completed)

Realityburn / Contemptor (completed) / Storm Raven (complete)

redmonster / Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought

SanguinaryGuardsman / Drop Pod (complete)

ShinyRhino / Rhino

Shrieker / Corvus Blackstar (complete)

Tyriks / Razorback (complete)

Valaas / Contemptor and Land Speeder Storm (complete)

war009 / Predator Destructor (completed) / Dreadnought (completed) / 2 Land Speeder Typhoons

WolfGuard / Land Speeder

Edited by Race Bannon
Completion 4-17
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I, Realityburn, for the Raven Guard, vow to complete a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought and a Land Speeder Typhoon by 11:59 PM on April 15th, 2017.


Starting small. I know I'll have a Contemptor early enough for it and I already have the Land Speeder :wink:

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I, Mithrilforge vow for the "Talon's Reach" Challenge a Landspeeder Typhoon for the Raptors chapter,6th Co.
to be completed on or before 11:59 p.m April 15th,2017.

Before Pic-


This was a WiP of an Ultramarine Speeder from many years ago...metal parts being the Missile launchers,it has a weighty balance to it :tongue.:

Cheers, Mithril

++ EDIT -Picture Added++

Edited by mithrilforge
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I, Colonel Bindoff, for the knights of Corax, vow three drop pods and one storm raven on or before 11:69 April 15th 2017


drop pods


One drop pod to be assembled and I've not bought the Storm Raven yet.  So I also vow to buy that.  

Edited by Colonel Bindoff
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I, Race Bannon, for the Raven Guard, vow to complete a Razorback by 11:59 PM on April 15, 2017.

This will have the Lascannon turret primarily. Since I dig modular vehicles, then I'm also going to throw in a Whirlwind and Heavy Bolter turrets. The side doors will be magnetized to make the Rhino hull able to be Predatorized. New word :happy.:


Edited by Race Bannon
Added pic
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Ya, if I can get this Razorback out, then I may give my FW Ironclad the brush.


Gotta make some banners! Unless someone offers to make them then I'll squeeze them out on Monday.

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I DSS7 of the Raven Guard Successors Vow a 5 man Squad of Death Spectre Tartaros Terminators by 11:59 April 15,2071 . pics will follow later after my B-day celebration tonite .

Heyo DSS7, Happy Birthday! ^_^


Sorry, for this event only models with AV are allowed.

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I, Valaas, for the glory of the Raven Guard 4th Company and the Ravenspire, vow to complete a Raven Guard Contemptor and Landspeeder Storm by 11.59pm on April the 15, 2017.


Talons Reach 1


Depending on how I get on and how my Tale of Many Gamers painting challenge is going, i'll maybe manage a second vow later!.




Edited by Valaas
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