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Gederas' Forge - Resurrection! 40k World Eaters & 30k Ultramarines (Pg 35)


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Santa certainly likes you this year, look forward to seeing what you do with the knight. 


The army looks really good, one day i will have a fully painted force lol 


You're right about the night lords heads giving the Berzerker look!!

So it would seem! :D


And thank you. The Knight will be getting assembled ASAP, I just need to finish up the Iron Warriors I have on the table currently. Speaking of the IV, I have an update:



Had to start working on the base for Narik, as he keeps spinning around pin he has in his right foot I have holding him to the wine cork I'm using as a handle for him, which makes doing highlighting impossible.


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looks really good Gereras! The only thing i would suggest is a nuln oil wash in the recess of his left knee to break the yelllow and bronze up and make it pop right out :smile.:  

I'll be making a wash of Rhinox Hide later to add some extra definition near the yellow areas, don't worry about that :lol:

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Sounds good mate. That'll finish the model off nicely!



In other news, my Christmas present from my girlfriend showed up today. Already hard at work on it.



Note: These are NOT for my Dark Angels. They're for something else....

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Noice! Check out my monthly Munda conversion challenge if you get into the game.

Thanks! And I will, I just need to read the books.


Nice haull :thumbsup:



In other news: Barring some highlights and a recess-wash of Rhinox Hide on the yellow areas, Dreygur is done!


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Looking good so far, nice job on the eyes I always struggle with those myself.

The secret (for me at least) is to focus super hard on the eye area (but don't focus so hard you yourself go cross-eyed :laugh.:), and get the model as close to your face as possible to make the eyeballs easy to see. I've tried using a magnifying lens....but each time I tried, I ended up getting Corax White everywhere on the face when I tried using it.


In other news:



Nearing completion on Dreygur's non-Robot buddies

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Always brings them alive! Looking good :thumbsup:



The Mark IV guys are all finished, barring bases:



Now it's just the Mark III squad (Sergeant needs a new pistol because I may have accidentally broken the barrel of his when drilling it out....)


Also got these primed and ready for Wednesday:


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