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The Judgment on Kadeth - Dr. Ruminahui's Emperor's Children


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Not a lot of work, but fiddly.  As well, I used my regular small magnets (3mm) to do these but that was too large for the mouth pieces - I thought that they would just fit inside the attachments, but 3mm was essentially how wide that portion of the model was, so I ended up having to glue it to the end instead of inside the piece, which is why I need to go back and disguise the magnet - also makes the overall length of the mouth part a bit longer.


As for the gun, I probably would have been better off with a smaller magnet - the 3mm just fits the gun mount and is too large for portion the gun attaches to.  As well, unless you have far better luck or planning than I, you can forget about the mechandrite lining up with the gun handle - my least favorite part of the model was attaching the mechandrites, as the way they do it is kind of odd and hard to figure out without a lot of dryfitting.


tl/dr - not too difficult, but you need to take your time and try dryfitting the parts a bunch before drilling.  Oh, and use something smaller than 3mm for your magnets.

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Thanks both of you - that's high praise.  I quite like the original pose (so, unlike with the maulerfiend, my repositioning was for a variety rather than to change a derpy pose) so I think I still like the original better - while I really like how the repose brings focus to the face, it does feel a bit "scrunched up" in the middle.


Doing my master of executions next and not sure how to paint him, so thought I would seek your guy's advice.  As a reminder, here's the model I'm referring to:




I'm planning on doing his cloak and tunic white, and the head white or bone.  Which brings me to the question of his armour, of which I'm not sure which of the following options I should do:


1)  My regular purple colour, to make it fit in best with my army;


2)  Dark purple (naggoroth night) for greater contrast with all the white; or


3) A half and half (or more probably quartering) of both the above colours.  This would be similar to what I did for my noise marine dark appostle (with pearlescent white and purple: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/346143-the-judgment-on-kadeth-dr-ruminahuis-emperors-children/?p=5475863 ) and my chaos knight (which is pink and purple: http://www.bolterand...ghts/?p=5347819).  This would bring the benefits of both schemes, but potentially leave it looking too busy.



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Thanks Warriorfish!  I'll see if anyone else has an opinion then will likely start doing the armour later this week (I've blocked out the colours on the axe, but other than a few other smaller details, that's all I can do before I make a decision regarding the armour.

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Everyone I asked thought quartering was the way to go, so that's what I did.


Anyway, got him painted up and am pretty happy with him - though, the photo sure makes apparent my small mistakes with highlighting.










Normally, I don't like dirtying or bloodying up my models. but someone I showed the unpainted model to though the front tabard looked like a butcher's apron so I wanted to run with that.  Most of the blood is on the axe, so if I decide to tone it down that would be a pretty easy fix.


The part I'm least happy with is the flayed skin on the left shoulder and the left glove that I did the same colour.  Not really certain what flayed skin should look like, which is part of the problem.  Anyone have any suggestions in that regard?

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Thanks.  Mine was in Flayed One Flesh with a Seraphim Sepia ink over it and it came out far more yellow than I had expected.  Haven't highlighted it because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.


Since I had a whole swack of armies stocked up that needed basing, I did that so that my Anger and Arrogance entries could be based before the event closed (not a formal requirement, but needed for my own satisfaction). Its basically all the models I've painted over the last year:



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Posted (edited)

Thanks Khornestar!  That's exactly what I was going for on the venomcrawler.


Did the glow effect on my first maulerfiend, which means it is now done.






Did something a bit different with the photos which is why they are darker - my new lamp is really bad for creating glare effects compared to my old one, these photos are without it shining directly on the model.

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Posted (edited)

So, I had a 1500 melee focus list that I made just before we knew we were getting a new codex.  When updating it on Battlescribe it was real eyeopener as to what is no longer legal.

- My sorcerer with staff and combimelta (has been legended to be legal)
- My lord with jump pack
- My sorcerer with jump pack.
- All 3 of the biker champions (all had combi weapons of one type or another)
- My 2 shooty noise marine champions with sonic blasters and combi-bolters
- My melee noise marine champion with double lightning claws
- My double scourge hellbrute

The last 2 were the most discouraging as they were the least expected and I had just finished building and painting the twin lightning claw champion.  For the characters with jump packs would annoy me more if my models weren't so old and not my best paint work  - and I can legends them.  I also lost a couple of lord to legends that I had built but not yet painted - one with jump pack and hammer, another with twin claws.

Anyway, over the end of last week and the weekend I have removed their old weapons, built power fist options  for the champions and magnetized the whole lot.  The hellbrute that doesn't really work, though, so I'll probably just field it as having a scourge and a fist (oddly enough, it brutes don't get +1 attack for having 2 melee weapons anymore - both have to be fists).

Normally I don't magnetize infantry options, but I did so in this case for a couple of reasons - I wanted it so that they could go back to their old options if those ever became legal again, I didn't want to have to cut them up again should their new loadouts become illegal or suboptimal, but largely because the "ignore minuses to hit" as a legion trait feels so temporary and I fear that when we get new rules it will go away and powerfists will no longer be the best option.  I think I understand the reasoning for ignoring the -1 as a representation of their seeking perfection, but the tabletop consequence of making all those unwieldy weapons that have -1 to hit becoming the best option doesn't really fit with how I view emperor's children as, at least to me, they should prefer weapons that require finesse over those that rely on brute strength.

There are also a couple of units where the models are still legal just not in the units I painted them for - both noise marine units lost a blastmaster and one other model, as they each had 12 models and 2 blastmasters.  Hopefully when we get our actual codex I'll be able to put them back in.

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Finally got the English version of the new codex yesterday (they originally sent me a French version, which took about 3 weeks to fix as GW customer service is really back logged at the moment).  Haven't really gone through it yet, but its nice to finally have rules that I can read easily (I could read the French with a great deal of effort, as my more formalized language instruction somehow didn't include the French for such terms as "tainted chain axe"). :happy:

Been working on my magnetization - finished doing my 3 noise marine champions and one biker champion, which I will post once I take photos I am happy with.

Another thing I've been working on (in addition to working on my chaos knights) is that I decided to build my own "not Lucius" model.  In the waning days of our last codex, I envisioned having lord with lightning claws accompanying my melee noise marines in a rhino, for which purpose I built this model.  Never really liking the posing on him, and his having an illegal load out this codex, and having read posts here about how strong Lucius now was, I decided to remove the head and claws and rebuild him with as my Lucius stand-in.

Here he is so far:


I'm pretty happy with him so far. 

Finding the sword for him was a bit of luck - I had searched online in vain for a suitable rapier like sword, and while at my local GW getting some necrons for a friend for his birthday, I asked if they could think of any GW kit with a left handed rapier.  They were able to direct me to the limited edition Anasta Malkarion figure, who they had 1 of left which I quickly snatched up.  That's what the model is currently armed with, and I think its perfect - its way out of scale for the model it comes with (it has the proportions of a 2 handed weapon) which actually makes it just the right scale for my model.

The right arm is going to have a weighted chain like the one on a kusarigama, for which I picked up the smallest linked jewelry chain from Michaels, a big box general hobby supply store in my parts.  The arm is from one of one of these guys, who the local GW staff let me take home with me for free, as I am thinking of using its head for this model.


Still working on which head to use - I currently have 3 options in mind

1.  The sigmarite head in the last link - got the idea from @Rimbamboozle's post.

2.  The chaos chosen head on the bottom left of this photo:

Image 1 - Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine Bits: Chosen Bare Heretic Heads x6

Or this one (its the middle top of the photo above, but this model by @Khornestar gives a better view):


3.  This head from the fantasy chaos chariot, which I would need to pick up (a helpful recommendation from @Slave to Darkness) - maybe witha top knot?  I would need to mailorder that kit if that's the one I go with.

Warhammer AoS Bitz: CHAOS - Gorebeast Chariot - Crew Weapon B - Great


The model has the backpack of the original Lucius model, which I was thinking of converting to represent Luciu's doom siren, but am rethinking that as I fear it will make it (an already busy model) too busy.


Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

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Finished magnetizing and painting the new bits for my now illegal aspiring champions - have a couple of additional options for my melee noise marine champion (a plasma and a bolt pistol) but no real hurry to finish painting them, as I'll be fielding him as a fist and chainsword for now.  He also got one of my doom siren back packs swiped from one of my shooty noise marine champions.


I'm using his lightning claw as a power fist (for now, anyway) as they look similar enough to each other and I with the rules change I don't have any models with (legal) lightning claws - though I suppose I could have fielded him in his original loadout is with 2 accursed weapons (didn't realise that until after I had already cut him up and built the new options, due to not having an Englist codex for quite some time).

Here are my 2 shooty noise marine champions, converted to have fists.  I also swapped their heads (they had the eyeless "speaker mouth" heads to represent their doom sirens) for two of the chosen heads with top knots from the chaos fantasy warriors sprues.


You can see their original combibolters, which I also magnetized for if that option ever becomes legal again.

And here are my 3 bike champions, who all had combiweapons (plasma, melta and bolter, respectively).  Couldn't find another right handed fist, which is why the one guy has the claw (from the ages old possessed kit) - since found one on the raptors sprue I aquired with a bunch of other assorted sprues, but like the claw so I think I will stick with it.




And here they are with their original weapons, magnetized for if that should ever be legal again.


Finally, I bought the thunderhammer lord, in case I need a lord before I get my Lucious kitbash done.  Not a huge fan of the model - for one, his head is far too "black legion" for my own liking, so I gave him my AoS head instead - does mean that Lucius won't be getting that head, which is fine.


I think its an improvement - for my army, anyway.

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