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The Judgment on Kadeth - Dr. Ruminahui's Emperor's Children


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Looking good and it's nice to see the whole squad together!

The finished bikers look great, I really like the banner design.


Thanks, I'm glad you both like them.  I'm quite happy with how the banner came out as well.


Okay, finally finished my sorcerer in terminator armour:




That mean's I'm done my fourth vow - here it is all together:





And here are all my vows together.



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  • 6 months later...

I've been quiet for a quite a while - I was super into kill team, for which I was painting terrain (see http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/350264-show-your-finished-kill-team-terrain/?p=5193172) and generally not thinking about the chaos forces.  Between that, life and video games, I haven't made much progress on this army.


That said, I've been trying to put some more work on it, and thought sharing it would help motivate me.


First, I've been working on these bikes forever - I started them just before the last ETL (they were just barely too painted for the ETL - I have done the purple base coat and painted the wheels).  Still not done - need to do washes and some final details on the champion, pretty much everything to the standard bearer and some highlighting to the entire squad.





As a break from painting, I decided to do some converting.


First, I added spikes to my chaos knight - another model sitting around for at least 6 months (the spikes spear tips are from an old box of fantasy skeletons, that I bought to have skeletons to add to terrain).





Then, an idea I've had kicking around for a while for either a herald of slaanesh or the Masque - it uses the extra gang leader jacket that comes on the Necromunda escher sprues, which I greenstuffed epaulets onto to make it look like the jacket on the dark vengeance cultist leader with the shotgun. Other bits include the head and hair from the fantasy witches. Not too happy with the pose, though - it looks a bit too "B-movie rubber suit monster" to me.  Oh well.





And finally, I did up a squad a seekers - these have a few witch elf parts, but not a whole lot.



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Oh, and I forgot to add my chaos cultists converted from Genestealer cultists - just a matter of choosing the more human heads, swapping in some leftover heads (well, faces, there aren't any extra back of the heads, so those are greenstuffed) from the Necromunda Goliath sprues.




If you are curious how I made the stars, I made 5mm squares from thin plasticard (I wish I had made them smaller, but on the other hand they were fiddly enough as it was).  I then cut triangles out of each side.




That left me with two pointy little crosses:




Which I then glued together.



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Cultists are looking good, nice trick with the plasticard icons. Fan of the Slaanesh Herald too!


Thanks - glad you like them.  I'm looking forward to getting the Herald painted - I feel its a model that will improve greatly with a coat of paint, as the jacket really isn't that discernible in the photos..  That, however, will have to wait until April when it gets above freezing so that I can prime.


Indeed, the icons make a surprisingly big difference nice work :thumbsup:


Thanks.  Their aesthetic is already quite fitting for chaos (thought they aren't as "ratty" as the official cultist models), but I thought they needed something to make them identifiable as chaos rather than GSC, especially since I think I will be painting them similarly to their "official" colour scheme.


Thank you for the Chaos Stars tutorial.


You have some wonderful conversions!


I'm happy that its helpful.  And thank you - that means a lot coming from you, who converts everything. :)

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Almost done painting my bike squad - will post photos when they are done.  After that, probably no more painting until the spring when it is warm enough to prime my models.


So, I'm working on building another project - here's a teaser. :)



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Okay, finished building the mount.




Lots of lessons learned on this one - man the tail is fiddly to put together.  Started at the front, but found each piece I glued on caused a previous join to come undone.  Ultimately, I ended up starting at the end of the tail and using green stuff as well as glue - the green stuff filled the cracks, and held it together allowing the glue to dry.


I've ordered some of the new oval bike bases to put it on, though that may be too narrow - if it is, I'll put it on a round 40mm base. 

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Yeah, I spoke too soon - the steed has fallen apart again.  The next time, I'm going to not use greenstuff on the main join between the body and the tail, as the fit there seems pretty good (unlike some of the other joins) and the greenstuff there seemed to be causing more harm than good.


My first army was sisters of battle, so I'm well aware of their challenges painting wise... just haven't assembled a multi-part metal model in a while, and certainly not one with such small joins between pieces.


Never did understand how some people say they prefer metals over plastic.

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I may end up having to do so - the only reason I haven't already is that each join has a raised curved portion and a recessed portion on each half - while its fairly easy to drill a hole on a flat or recessed surface, from past experience it can be a real pain to try to drill a hole a raised, rounded surface.


I'm hoping gluing it on a base will help stabilize it, though I fear it will make it worse by giving a larger surface area to catch and pull the joins free.


Thanks for the advice so far.

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Okay, finally got it built along with its rider, who will be herald of slaanesh on a steed of slaanesh.






I did end up pinning it as it just wasn't staying together otherwise.  Its all assembled now, except for going back and cleaning up the joins on steed - there are some gaps that need filling, and such.

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I think pinning is best for such a model due to the shape, I find that gel super glue is really good for fiddly models as well as providing a small bit of filling :smile.: It's a great way to make your Herald stand out, looking forward to seeing more :thumbsup:


Its going to be herald on steed out of the index - however, should we lose access to the index (say, in some later edition) I'll use it as just a fancy looking herald.



Yeah gel super glue is awesome. I use it as much as I can even though it's rather expensive compared to plastic glue and regular super glue. ^^


Never tried gel superglue - I'll have to pick some up.

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  • 1 month later...

This stuff was actually finished a week or more ago, but I wasn't happy with my pictures.  So, I took some new pictures, which aren't any better, so I decided to stop being so picky. :)


Anyway, the old steed of slaanesh fits nicely onto the new bikes, so no need to put it on a 40mm and instead it'll have the same bases as my seekers, which is nice.




Then, my 3rd unit of bikes is done - like this one, the other are all 6-model units (one with 3x plasma, one with 3x melta) - this one has 2x flamers and a combi-bolter instead of a third flamer (thought the combi was more versatile and better value for the points).




The sergeant (with converted combi-bolter)



The two flamers:



The 2nd pic is with flash, which is closer to how they look in person.


The icon bearer (for whenever I pay the points for it - next time will be the 1st time :)) and 2 squaddies.





This is this first time I've ever done highlights on the armour - I think they turned out pretty well.  I'll likely going back and do some on the rest of my painted emperor's children as well.

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So, I'm getting ready for ETL 2019 and I have way too much stuff on the go:




Basically, in that muddle are all the chaos stuff from Shadowspear, the Slaanesh stuff from Wrath and Rapture (except for the daemonettes) and the mounted herald and chaos cultists from earlier in this thread.


This is on top of this guy, who I finally managed to get fully primed and am eager to get painting.




I'm also building a second "all options magnetized" hellbrute.  In doing so, I thought that I should also magnetize options that aren't in the kit - as I play Emperor's Children, that meant dual blastmaster and a doom siren.


For the doom siren, I was lucky enough to find I still have 4 old (as in early second ed. old) searchlights - these came on the imperial vehicle accessory sprue that came with the original rhinos and first IG tanks.  They are a bit bigger than I might like, but otherwise fit the part well - the gothic spikes in particular fit the chaos aesthetic.




Now I'm working on the blastmasters.  First, a comparison for the length of an infantry blastmaster and lascannon.  From the front of the weapon to the back they are both about the same length (about 1.5 inches or 4 cm), though the blastmaster looks longer because the barrel is both longer and thinner than the lascannon barrel.




I then measured the barrels of the hellbrute lascannon and autocannon - they are both about 3/4 of an inch (just under 2.5 cm).  I wanted a little bit longer than that, so I cut a 1 inch piece of rectangular plasticard.  Then, I figured out it was too short for what I wanted, as I wanted to replicate some of the handle end details of the blastmaster, which would make the barrel way too short - so I instead went with a 1.5 inch length.  Here is a picture of the various pieces I used for sized comparison, plus the hellbrute multimelta that will have its barrels removed and magnetized to be swappable with the blastmaster.




I also want to make a magnetized right handed scourge out of the maulerfiend tenticles that I had left over from building a forgefiend instead.  As can be seen, as is they are much too large, but it gives me some ideas on how I might cut them down to make something that works.





Also on the cutting board is a chaos lord on steed of slaanesh, using a second copy of the metal steed I used for my herald previously in this thread.  I have bought a box of the new marines, hoping to cut one up, but now I have it in front of me, I don't think that will work - at least not for the legs.  So, all I have done so far is partially assemble the steed and cut up a pair of legs from the old chaos marine box - dry fitting them, they should assemble nicely to look like they are gripping the steed as they should, but they of course aren't as detailed as I might like.





Finally, I was lucky enough to go to London on holidays late last fall, and somehow convinced my wife to go on a day trip to Nottingham for the sole purpose of visiting the mecca of our hobby, Warhammer World.  While there I bought myself

a little something... at the moment awaiting a wash and a scrub.




Its a landraider proteus - as I wanted something that a) I didn't need special rules for, as its a pain to have to buy a new book every edition for one model; and b ) something that looked better than the GW model.  I intend to field the Proteus as a basic landraider from the Codex: CSM - I really like the look of the old rogue traider landraiders, and I'll be figuring some way to twin the heavy bolter (with magnets, just not sure what I'll use for the second heavy bolter).  I'm hoping that I can paint it as part of my 40K chaos vows for ETL 2019, but if that isn't permitted by the organizers it should make its way into my painting queue later in the year.

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Yep, the left will be magnetized as well - the one on the model in the photo is already magnetized.




Don't think I'll ever use the hammer this edition, but its there if it becomes a good option in the future.


I used the method in this tutorial - its very good in setting out how to do each weapon option.  https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/converting-modelling-green-stuff/171250-tutorial-how-fully-magnetize-helbrute.html

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