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Watchers in the West (Our_Baz Deathwatch Project)


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I said I wasn't going to start another amry, I especially didn't want to start another marine army. Yet here I am, the pull of the watch was too strong. I've been slowly picking up bits and pieces for this project over the last few months and diverting materials from other projects to this. Current state of affairs I have amassed.


Watch Cpt





Vet Squads (x3)


Ven Dread


Fast Attack





Vanguard Vets (x2)

All in all I've got approx ~1500 pts to play with. I'll use this thread to show my painting progress and some bat reps up once I get the chance to use these guys.

Here's my first painting update my Intercessor squad


Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome


Edit: spelling

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@xenomortis the recipe is adapted from the citadel painting app. Astrogranite debris, athonian camoshade wash, administratum grey dry brush. For the green pools, caliban green, then nurgles rot.

Thanks for looking

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Ok played my first game with my DW @1000 pts last week. I had to break one of red lines in that I was using a mostly undercoated / unpainted army which I generally don’t like doing, but figured I couldn’t wait ten years to finish my army to use them! This was my first game using the watch it was also my opponent’s first use of the new Ork dex so a learning exercise for both.

We used the open war cards for our battle.

Objective: Field of Glory (Three objectives if you hold all three at the end of the turn you win). We had a dawn of war deployment.

Twist: Battle Frenzy (add +1A to all models in this battle)!

My List:

Watch Captain: Stalker Bolter, power sword, Relic Thief of Secrets, Warlord trait: Nowhere to hide

Chaplain: Bolter


Intersessors (Auto Bolt rifle x5) Aggressors (Boltstorm x3)

Vets: Stalker Bolter (x4), Hvy Bolter (x1), Bikes (w/chainsword x3), VV (Thunder hammer boltpsitol), VV (Chainsword Storm Shield)

Vets: Blackshield (Storm Shield, pw sword), Sgt (Storm Bolter, Chainsword), Vet (x2 bolter and chainsword), Vet (Storm bolter thunder hammer), Termie (Storm Bolter, pw sword)


Ven dread (Assault Cannon, CC weapon)


Eversor Assassin



Pain Boy

Boyz (x29 + Nob)

Boyz (x10, + Nob + truck)

Boyz (x10, +Nob + truck)


Grot Cannons (x3)



I placed the Ven dread, Chaplian and 6 strong vets squad in teleport, ready to drop near the ork objective. I left the stalker bolter squad holding my objective

Turn 1

I lost the roll off and failed to seize the imitative

The ork trucks bombed forward on each flank with the Dakkajet in support, the blob of 30 boyz with the Warboss and painboy stayed camped on the objective in the ork deployment zone. The ork shooting was crazy in the amount of dice used (Dakka, Dakka, Dakka really helps them) but in the end I only lost my Storm Shield VV to the dakkajet.

In return I advanced my intergressor squad and Cpt towards the objective in the centre of the board and my bikes on the right flank. Combined fire from my agressors and stalker bolters took out one ork truck, annoyingly I had nothing left at this point to shoot the boyz who jumped out.. The auto bolt rifles took out a couple of boyz from the big blob.

End of Turn 1


Turn 2

The orks on the right flank charged the stalker bolter team holding the objective after thinning their number by one in the shooting phase. The truck on the left flank moved towards the intergressor squad. The Dakkajet targeted this squad but the shooting only dropped one intercessor. In CC the orks boyz made short work of the Stalker Vets then consolidated into cover.

In response I pulled my bikes back to deal with the boyz holding my objective, their shooting dropped all but two, the Ven dread who I re-deployed to hold this backfield objective finished the squad off. The intergressor squad didn’t move as I knew the ork truck nearby would unload its cargo next turn ready for a charge. So I opened up on the dakkajet, the shooting from the Aggressors took the plane out. Further up field my Vets and chaplain dropped in near the big blob of boyz along with the Eversor. Shooting from both of these units killed a handful more orks but 15 still remained, the Eversor charged into CC, but the Warboss heroically intervened and easily squished the Eversor annoyingly he then failed to detonate.

End of turn 2


Turn 3

At the start of the third things were looking positive for the DW.

The remaining boyz and Warboss charged my vets squad and chaplain. The chaplain and black shield faced down the Warboss. Ultimately the squad and chaplain got mulched before being able to get a swing in. The Truck dropped off its cargo of boyz and shot off to hold the middle objective. The boyz then charged the Cpt who I had left in a poor position. Fortunately he survived taking only one wound, in response the Cpt dropped four boyz.

In my turn 3 I pulled the Cpt out of combat, pulled my bikes towards the small group of boyz. The intergressors advanced towards the mid objective. In shooting the Aggressors knock four wounds off the truck. And combined fire from the bikes and Intersessors wiped out the boyz. I charged my intergressor squad into the truck. The aggressors made short work of it, the unit then consolidated onto the objective.

Mid Turn 3


At this point we called it a night, as I had two objectives but the ork force was pretty much crippled with no real way to win.

I really enjoyed using the DW. They clear chaff really well, I was really surprised how effective the bolters could be in a Anti-Armour role when pushed. The stars of the show were the Aggressors, the sheers weight of fire they put out was scary. Knocking a healthy dakkajet out in a single round of shooting was impressive. On the orks, they did exactly what I expected, died in droves but when they got into CC they pulled me to pieces. Their shooting is surprisingly effective, it was neutered here by lots of 2+/3++ on my units. If i was playing my IG in this match my troops would of been dieing by the spade full due to shooting.

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Couple of more recruits for my DW, a Mentor and Flesh Tearer.


I've got another box of vets that need assembling. But Im not sure how to equip them. Currently I've got 4 x stalker, 1 x Hvy Bolter, 1 x Blackshield (storm shield, pw sword), Sgt (storm bolter chainsword), 2x bolter chainsword, thunder hammer and storm bolter, frag cannon.

I've got bits for equip 3 more storm bolters, 2 frag cannons, missile launcher, 2 hvy bolters, 5+ various combi/plas/melta/flamer.

I think I lack anti tank but also dakka. My first though was to equip 2 with storm bolter and shield, 2 combi melta, 1 fragcannon.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I've been meaning to update this for a while now, but RL has been kicking my ass. I've tasked myself with completeing 500 pts of my watch before I start anything else (Im a hobby butterfly!). I've nearly got this done, new addition to my vet squad and a stalker bolter squad. Got finishing touches on my ye olde libby and I've kicked off my watch Captain.



Also played my second game (pre xmas!) with my watch against my buddy orks 1000pts. In short it didn't go well. Tracktor cannons are lethal (auto hits really!). The Unstoppable green tide stratagem was a game changer, you whittle a 30 man mob down to a handful for it to reappear the next turn.

Thanks for looking C&C welcome

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Now that we are back online, I need to do some housekeeping with my DW project which I haven't updated in a while:

Some Vanguard Vets:


Maybe Uriel Ventris in DW:


Chaplain Cassius


Bikers (god I hated painting these models)





And that brings me up to date and the grey pile of DW shame is significantly reduced! Thanks for looking

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