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Iron Hands Log - Techmarine Painted


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Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted anything of my own, but I'm starting to get a bit more time available for the hobby now. This log is most likely going to be updated sporadically and the background of the force is only vaguely sketched out in my mind, so fluff may be a while in coming. Nevertheless, welcome to my new project log for that most brutal and unrelenting of legions - the Iron Tenth. I leave with you with the first eight members of a Seeker squad, though they are awaiting a fresh shipment of combi-plas with which to destroy the traitor foe:




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Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!


As to the caln, @Stix, I'm angling for clan Vurgaan, for a couple of reasons: Firstly, my initial goal with this force is to build an orbital assault list (the image of Astartes bursting forth from drop pods into the heart of the enemy is such a distinctive and defining part of their character) and the lightning bolt symbolises such a method of war. Secondly, I recall reading somewhere that the clan has a higher number of Destroyer cadres than the others; I'm unsure if I will be picking up any Destroyers in the near future, however their above average presence within the clan speaks towards a more savage and brutal mindset, which is something that draws me to the tenth legion, especially in their post-Isstvan incarnation.

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Today we have the ninth member of the Seeker squad:


And also the sergeant of a future Immortal squad:


Really happy with the second fellow, I took a mould of an Immortal body, removed the torso and added it to the bionic pair of legs from the MKIII Iron Hands set. As well as an orbital assault force, I'm also planning to be able to field a force of Immortals in Proteus Raiders backed by heavy artillery; jusr recycling the same five sculpts for the army would look off, even with the quality of the Immortal kits.

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Cheers @Johanhgg, I can't quite match your prolific output, but I'm plodding along.

It's been a while since I updated, much longer than I intended to leave it, but real life has been busy of late. To prove the gears are still turning I've got some WiP photos of the Seekers and Immortals sergeant, as well as a taste of what's next in the works:


It was a bit tricky getting a shot of these guys that actually showed the sheen of the armour, but this is pretty close. Just need to finish lenses and optics, as well as the ammo pouches/holsters. Some of the bionics might be switched over to a bronze colour too. The sergeant is needing his charger to be finished too.


After this lot are painted up, I'll be working on units for Loyalty & Treachery, I'm not yet decided on what will be worked on, but there will be a unit of Cataphractii, two will have chainfists though I'm unsure on the rest:


And as a chance to paint some new colours, I've started on some casualties for use on bases and perhaps terrain or dioramas:



An additional comment, for those who actually know the rules of the game, do double strength weapons strip armour saves, or just induce instant death? I'm considering the armament of an honour guard and am planning either power axes or mauls with a rad-grenade equipped Forgelord.

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Those seekers are looking pretty rockin' Pearson my dude,Love the dings and dents in 'em too, I'm too afraid to do that with anything but some casualty models :tongue.:   But maaan it's the Cataphractii with the chain that's getting me.  Now that looks brutal, love it.  Absolutely fits the legion's character insanely well, not sure I can look at IH pteruges as just the leather straps again.  


Can't wait to see what you get up to next mate! 


Rules wise: all it does is induce instant death (which is, in itself, pretty good).  It doesn't strip the save, only D weapons do that (so far as I recall).  

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Cheers Vykes, I figure that even though this task force didn't participate in the Isstvan operation, they're likely to have got battered quickly and not have access to any full scale rearmament or repair facilities. The Seekers especially are going ot be in the thick of the fighting. The leather just really didn't seem to fit and then the chains on the FW Death Guard Terminators sparked the idea off. Originally I had planned on a Cataphractii/Gorgon bash, inspired by those of @Stix but they weren't coming together. Next up is the rest of the Cataphractii squad with chainfists and combi-bolters, as well as finishing the painting of the Seekers.


Shame about the preservation of the armour, I must be misremembering that from an older edition of 40k. Will probably stick to axes for the command squad then, the need for reliable AP2 can't be denied.

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Well, I really should be getting on with some painting, but the I've been lured into building more Cataphractii by the Loyalty & Treachery event. I've run out of chain for now, so perhaps I'll get some painting going soon... I'm sticking with combi-bolters, though meltas might complement their tank-hunting role, I'm a big fan of the bolter aesthetic and it's just a classic weapon.


Sergeant, in need of a name, if anyone's offering an idea?



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Yup, simple 1.5mm jewellery chain, though I got it from Greenstuff World. The squad needed a metre of the stuff, which sounds ridiculous.


Only ridiculously awesome! :woot:


Greenstuff World...I've heard good things so I'll take a peek later!




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LOCATION: Outer edges of XL887, designated 'Gordian' System.


Silence. There is no sound in the darkness of the void, no gushing winds, no life to raise a cry.

Darkness. On the fringes of deep space, there is precious little light, the weak rays of the far distant stars that rule over this system
barely illuminating the planetoids of the system's outer edge, let alone this benighted nether region.

The darkness ends as great tongues of iridescent flame burst forth, seemingly from nowhere, as the prows of immense vessels tear their way into real-space. The tendrils of the warp flail madly, seeking purchase but reality is poison to the stuff of the immaterium and they bleed away, relinquishing their grasp on the ships of the 145th expeditionary fleet. Dozens of ships break into the system, mostly smaller support craft and freighters of the Imperial Navy, though several are much larger, their colossal hulls black as night and bearing little in the way of ornamentation. Upon the flagship, an adjutant turns to his commanding officer, both clad in thick plate of the same cast-iron black as their ship. "All vessels report engines and voids online Iron Captain, scout ships moving forwards now for preliminary auspex and beacon scans." Maros saluted as his captain nodded his acknowledgement and took the proffered data slate. Six weeks later he would be dead, his body lying broken on the barren surface of Gordia Tertius.



Lieutenant Maros of the Signals Cadre, Tenth Legiones Astartes.

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