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Broken Throne The VIII Legion- Monarchs of Denaus


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++ Legion VIII: Monarchs of Denaus ++




Primogenitor: Kardenólido “Karden” Linnaeus

Cognomen (Prior): Toxitaes Incarnum

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Fast Assault, Aerial Combat, Chemical Weapons Specialists

Noteworthy Domains: Denaus

Allegiance: =][= REDACTED =][=


=][= REDACTED =][=

Table of Content

Inspiration/Creator's notes

The monarchs as shown by their legion heraldry take inspiration from the butterfly. Their name is derived from the monarch butterfly, and many of their units use the colors or incorporate the abilities of certain breeds of butterfly. Culturally the monarchs draw inspiration from the Mexican revolution of 1910 most notably from revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. They also draw inspiration from other South American freedom fighters and revolutionaries.

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Sorry about the dark coloring I’ll fix it I’m pretty new to B&C so It’s a learning curve

Looks interesting but.... Black text on the grey background is nearly illegible. I had to highlight the text to even read any of it.

Sorry about that I’m pretty new to B&C so it’s a learning curve. I’ll try and fix it.

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Primarch History

  • Pre-Discovery

    • Raised by simple farmers Karden grew up relatively poor, while growing up he became fascinated by the native butterflies of Denaus and began to research them. His research took him all across his planet. During his travels across the planet he saw the horrid conditions people like him lived in compared to the rich opulent rulers of the planet. When he returned home he wrote about what he had seen and his ideas he had to fix it. His book was published under the title of “when the chrysalis cracks”. From here dissent slowly grew within the populace as “Chrysalian” ideas began to take root. As tensions continued to grow the King of the planet decided that Karden was a Dangerous individual and all of this “rabble rousing” would end if this man was killed. Karden living on the fringes of society knew little of these events, all of that changed when Chrysalian militiamen appeared at Kardens lab in an attempt to get him to run, Karden oblivious to the danger told them to leave, they begged him to leave with them but he would not budge. It was not until the government assassins appeared and a gun battle broke out did he flee with the militiamen. Things reached a bursting point after that. Karden was forced to become the reluctant face of the revolution. The revolution took 2 decades, Karden saw more combat than he had ever wanted when he had accepted to join. On the eve of victory Karden disappeared from the Revolutionaries camp, guided by a golden butterfly it lead him to the peak of a nearby mountain, where he met a man wreathed in gold, the man introduced himself as “the emperor of mankind” and as his father. Karden overcome with emotion fell to his knees and swore fealty to the man. The next morning it was not just the Guerrillas the Government was facing but giants wrapped in steal and wielding weapons none had seen before.

  • Great Crusade

    • During the great crusade Karden began to take a more direct battlefield role than compared to that on Denaus. He was inspired by his son’s bravery and loyalty to a man they had only heard about. He of course worked to integrate as many human planets as he could, favoring diplomacy before conquest. Upon every world he would integrate he would instill the philosophy of the Chrysilians in the population. This gives the more puritanical of imperial bureaucrats an immense dislike of Karden leading to many disputes between the Primarch and the bureaucrats. 

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Would the Chrysalian thing also affect the Warrior Lodges if the Legion adopts them?

Yes and also no. Once the legion adopts chaplains the chaplains work as sort of political commissars as well as doing the regular task of chaplains. Though the Chrysalian's themselves were more of a rag tag army lead by Karden, similar to that of Zapata's "Liberation Army of the south" essentially they were guerrillas drawn together ideologically under the banner that Karden himself unwittingly created when he published his book. The ideology itself kinda permeates the legion.

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  • Legion Tactical Doctrine:

    • Offensive Doctrine: fast attack, utilizing everything from jump packs to fighters. To swiftly eliminate any high value target and keep going. As well as utilizing chemical/toxic weapons.

    • Defense Doctrine: the monarchs make heavy use of guerrilla style traps and controlled destruction to create killing fields. Approaching a city defended by the monarchs will not only be a dangerous task but one filled with stress and fear, every hallway could have a gun nest hidden in a room, every grand hall could have mines and punji traps, and while the enemy trodds their way through these defenses the monarchs deploy hit and run tactics against the enemy’s rear guard

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  • Pre-Primarch History: christened the Toxitaes Incarnum during the great crusade these warriors were drawn from all over Terra. The discovery of their potent acidic spit is what eventually gave way to their name and their eventual love of toxins and poisons. As the Toxitaes slogged through the great crusade they developed their own unique style of war, pounding the enemy position with artillery as they marched forward under the rain of munitions, though this was not what made them unique, many of the toxitaes marines simply chose not to wear helmets instead opting to allow themselves to utilize their potent acidic spit in ways originally not intended. This unique aspect of their warfare gradually ingrained itself into their already strange and cobbled together culture, many soldiers taking part in spitting contests to see who could spit the furthest or whose spit could melt the most.  

  • Post-Discovery History: With the discovery of Karden the Toxitaes were reordered and restructured into their primarchs desires. Karden implemented a unique librarium called the “kolidoskirii”, added a new order to the apothecarium called the “Posinarica'' for researching unique poisons and toxins and ways to implement them into weapons, and a unique chaplaincy called the “chrysilian Commissars” who acted as both a mental health service for the marines and the philosophical leaders of the legion basing their philosophy off of the book their primarch had written. He also made a unique company of pre-primarch legionnaire veterans called the Toxitae Auxilium, the Toxitae Auxillium still employed the old methods of war first used by the Toxitae. Not only did the structure and doctrine change but the culture as well, a strange mix of traditional Denaian culture and the Unique Chrysillian guerrilla culture.

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  • Legion organization: The modern legion organization is fairly standard for a space marine legion with a few unique changes. The monarchs organize themselves into "Armies" rather than chapters, "Corps" rather than battalions, and "Regiments" instead of companies. These changes are lifted from the primarchs time as a revolutionary on Denaus leading one of many revolutionary armies. Armies themselves are offered a strong degree of autonomy allowed to roam and fight where they wish as well as adopt personalized colors if they so choose, though they must be similar to the Monarchs traditional color scheme so that they may be recognized as monarchs. The Armies of the Monarchs are lead by Commandants; Highly skilled warriors and revolutionary philosophers, the Commandants tend to direct the ideological path of their chapter leading to many sub ideologies of the Chrysalian ideology taught by their father. Armies such as "The Metal Marked" and "The Eternal Vanguard" have lead to the creation of "Techno-Chrysalism" and "Vanguard-Chrysalism".


  • Armies:
  • First Army-"Kardens Own" lead by Karden linnaeus
  • Second Army-"Metal Marked" lead by Zoltinio Heldane
  • Third Army-"Swallowtail Sentinels" lead by Palearc Kimsil
  • Fourth Army-"Atomic Wings" lead by Romulo Pyzzadus
  • Fifth Army-"Oculi Nocta" lead by Guermo Caligio
  • Sixth Army-"Unbreakables" lead by Antonius Besha
  • Seventh Army-"Headhunters" lead by Heberto Justinian 
  • Eighth Army-"Throne Burners" lead by Kezar Vashol
  • Ninth Army-"Eternal Vanguard" lead by Yaniv Trutcki
  • Tenth Army-"Crimson Shades" lead by Jaros Blaanqi
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