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A Broken Throne - Legio X - Devourers of Irithon

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++ Legion X: Devourers of Irithon ++


Primogenitor: Aladran Limos, Devourer of Gods, Prophet of the Iron Crown
Cognomen (Prior): Flesh Reapers
Observed Strategic Tendencies: Jack of all Trades, Counter attacks
Noteworthy Domains: Irithon
Table of Content
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  • Element2
  • Element3
Inspiration/Creator's notes

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Pre-Primarch History: The Flesh Reapers

The X legion were once a brutal force with a dark habit of consuming their enemies. Suffering from a hyperactive Omophagea, it gave them this sinful craving and though they learnt a great many secrets from their enemies, they lacked the discipline and patience to learn from them.

Considered savages by many of the other legions, they became loners, avoiding the judging eyes of their kin. As their hunger for flesh became well known, they were sent into devastating conflicts in the hope that it could calm them. The legion were sent into a brutal campaign against the Croiden Empire, made up of mutants and xenos alike. Shortly after the first engagement, warp storms engulfed the system and contact with the X was lots.

Years later, they re-emerged a hollow shell of what they once her, cold and devastated. The remaining 2 chapters were hidden away from the rest of the legions. Locked away for the monsters they became and the beasts they had destroyed.

Eventually a ray of hope broke through there isolation. Aladran Limos, Primarch of the X had been discovered, and he would show them that there curse was in fact a blessing.

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Post-Discovery History: The Devourers of Irithon

Reunited with their lost liege, they were welcomed with a warm but stern embrace. Aladran saw the same savages who once worshipped him, he didn’t hate them for what they were and knew they could reformed, re-shaped into icons the Imperium needed them to be. Though it took many years for the Terrans to adapt, the vast intake of native Irithons quickly swelled the legion with those already well taught in the primarchs teachings and beliefs. They would seek old lost and forgotten world and guide them in the imperial truth, through tutor and by example they would rid them of their ignorance and turn each world into a might vessel for humanity.

Once feared, they became beacons of the Imperium, their ability to consume their enemies and see their memories gave them a unique insight into their enemy’s motives and tactics, letting them quickly adapt with certainty. Originally a heavy assault force this refinement of their gift had made them Counter Attack specialists.

The Devourers would never become a beloved legion during great crusade, the legion was surrounded by dark rumours, instead their need to educate was fanatical and those worlds who refused faced the bloodied fangs of the legion, but worlds who did embrace their teachings often became prosperous and well integrated into the wider Imperium.

Towards the end of the Crusade, the legion found itself clashing with others, not sharing the same views many worlds were left primitive, be it for easy recruitment or to abuse its resources. It became more and more apparent that the Imperium cared more for its overall prosperity than the worlds that granted it.

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Gonna record the suggestion here that after the Xth Legion's sojourn in Croiden and severe depletion of numbers, a large number of their ships and other assets are given to other Legions. Often those ships are treated with disfavour by their new masters, despite extensive scrutiny and reconsecration by the Mechanicum.

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The Sixty-Second Armoured Company, “Awlbahn’s Bludgeon”

The Storm Watchers

  The Sixty-Second Company, as befitting their name, were a unit who scorned subtlety and instead acted as the sledgehammer of their Covenant. Formed around a core of Terran veterans when the Storm Watchers were raised, they initially constituted a holdover of the Legion’s old identity. By the late Crusade however, they had become defined by the heritage of Irithon, led by the bellicose but talented Herst Awlbahn.


  High in the esteem of their commander, Awlbahn’s company had the first pick of many heavy and super-heavy tanks allocated to the Covenant. With the Storm Watchers’ preference to facing enemy infantry in hand-to-hand combat, the Sixty-Second were typically deployed to destroy enemy war machines, their bombardments often clearing a path for their brethren’s Rhinos and Land Raiders to advance into melee range. 


  As a consequence of their specialism, Awlbahn’s company fielded tanks primarily designed to crush enemy armour, counting two Fellblades and a Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer, Awlbahn’s own steed of war, as the centrepiece of their strength. They also deployed a number of smaller Saber Tank Hunters to serve their specialised role, along with the more flexible Predator in substantial numbers.

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