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On top of their existing Astartes range, Liber Daemonica has just announced a slew of conversion pieces (heads, to begin with) for Imperial Guard and Traitor Guard. They are staggeringly gorgeous.







He's got a quick turn-around, so I'm excited to see these when they come out!

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I thought, ok nice concept work but not a real image of a model...then i went to their site...:huh.: ... :eek: ...:wub: … wow... some of those Taurus helms would look dare I say it ...really good on Age of Sigmarines (instead of those horrible heads they have :sick: )



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Assuming the detail survives the production process, GW should hire this guy yesterday. Beautiful work, and much more imaginative than most without straying from what's appropriate. Look at these "Tribus" shoulderpads, for instance:




That horsehead!

I totally agree

Look these "DA" heads


They scream to me "put them on the new Bladeguards" ;)

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I don't see it on their store, any idea when it might be available? Lovely stuff.

Still in design. They should be available soon.


Look these "DA" heads

Those Dark Angels heads are based off of the art of Crusade/Heresy-era DA, funnily enough. Mixture of the Fallen character references and the loyalists that also appeared as part of the old TCG.

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I really like their stuff, but I wish they weren't so hesitant about selling a select head multiple times. For instance, in the Mendax 'Romanus' style helms; 


I'm a big fan of bottom row, left. I would love to have 4 sets of that and maybe the middle top row to have a more uniform look. They refuse to budge on that stance though, it seems. I believe these guys are also KFStudio, whom have made fantastic Space Wolf/Night Lord pieces before; namely capes, loin cloths, shoulderpad cloths, helms. 

Edit - YEP, Kfstudio is baked into their site as well. I can attest personally to the quality of the casts. 



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