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Privateer Guardsmen?


Was there a specific Guard regiment/world that was represented by the tricorn?


(Now I have a regiment idea in my head for a red and white striped pauldron with a broad blue band and a circular cluster of stars named like the 13th Colonial or something :facepalm: )

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New weapon from Liber Daeminica Bitz



Excellent for Nostraman Chainglaives. These look better than the FW bits.


Eh I don't think so. Less is more sometimes. These are busy. With how the hands are sculpted on, there's always going to be ridigity to it, some of the glaives from FW have the hands in more natural "spear" holding positions, which will help with dynamism. Of all of these, I like the last one the most. The second to last is too anime for liking, massive head, attached in a very unnatural way to the haft. 2nd one in is very top heavy, the plume/tails should feature at the bottom to balance it out a bit. First one is... I think the hook at the end would benefit to bend the other way, but I think that's personal preference. 

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