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That Taurus Dread armor looks great. When do you think it will be on the site?

It's for sale on scalbros site or on their ebay store. Already placed my order


Thanks for the tip - found the site and put a few things, including this dread, on order.

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As I don't have a Facebook here is a post concerning adjusted operations in-case anyone else was wondering like I was:



I would like to share some news! All parcels will go through Estonia, what does this mean?
This means that now there is no need to pay duties for parcels and you will not pay taxes on these parcels. But it also increases the cost of sending each parcel, since the cost of sending at the Estonian post office was calculated for us at 10.15 Euros per parcel. Therefore, we are forced to increase the cost of sending up to $ 12 in order to be able to pack and send the parcel and not forget about the person who helps us in this.
At the same time, the delivery time of the parcel will be significantly reduced and we will be able to serve more customers per week, being sure that each parcel will reach the addressee.
And finally - we have significantly expanded the staff of our employees, now new items will be released more often! Many have already appeared on the site and you can buy them!)
I forgot about the most important thing - Instagram and Facebook, because of their stupid algorithms and this whole situation in the world, did not come up with anything better than how to disable the advertising opportunity for us, so now we will have to ask you to help us distribute our goods with reposts, because without you and your kind words we will not be able to work normally.
If you are too lazy to read and need to quickly:
-Shipping from Estonia
-Reduced delivery times
-Increased shipping costs
-Cancellation of duties
-A lot of new products on the site
-We have disabled advertising
-We really need your help in reposting and mentioning us!1f525.png



Liber has been putting out some interesting stuff and I encourage you to take a look for yourself as the last post in this thread was almost an entire year ago there is too much to cover for releases.

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