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Combat Patrol Boxes (Replace Start Collecting Boxes)

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Really wonder what we're going to see in the Death Guard box. A lot of people have been expecting the Dark Imperium models to reappear as a SC set, so if they work as a combat patrol, that could be it. If so, though, that would be a pretty significant price increase for those models.

I expect a mark up compare to Dark Imperium, same as the Primaris Vanguard and current CSM start collectings

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Just said myself I'd have loved it if they had full ten incursors in there.


Intercessors are ten a penny and most have a ton of them. Yes it's a new start collecting but to have one with a full ten infiltrators/ incursors would have nicely differentiated from the other two we've seen


Wonder what the heretics get? (Dark Angels :p )


Could always split a box I guess...

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That's probably the best value so far, essentially the aggressors, the upgrade sprues and the librarian are 'free' in USD.


Just the impulsor plus 10 infantry would be $135 USD.


Something like $80+ dollars savings without adjusting for overinflated upgrade sprues.


The SW one would be 60 + 30 + 35 + 60 for 185 (interessors + 1/2 reivers + character + invictor) without upgrade sprues, this one is 30 + 30 + 75 + 50 + 35 for 220 (1/2 intercessors + 1/2 infiltrators + impulsor + aggressors + character) without upgrade sprues, so massively better value, probably for driving down the obviously overcosted impulsor.

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I'm going to predict the Dark Angels box will include Intercessors, Hellblasters, Chaplain, and Redemptor (with a Macro Plasma Incinerator on the box). 


Hellblasters could be replaced with Inceptors (armed with plasma on the box). 

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That'd be pretty lame imo, would rather buy the leaked BA one for DA. Doesn't help that the Chaplain is an utterly hideous sculpt in my opinion, it does not resonate with me at all.


Would much rather something with RW or DW, not just plasma everywhere.

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New Blood Angels Combat Patrol £85?

Impulsor £45

1/2 Intercessors £17.50

1/2 Infiltrators £17.50

Aggressors £30

Primaris Librarian £22.5

Upgrade Sprue £9

Total £141.5

Savings £56.5


Old Blood Angels SC £60

Blood Angels Tactical Squad no longer available so instead using the normal Tactical Squad £30

Terminator Chaptain £20

Baal Predator £37.5

Blood Angels Upgrade Pack because Blood Angles Tactical Squad is no longer available so you would need this to get the same £9

Total £96.5

Savings £36.5


So Blood Angels have a new savings of 40% to the old one of 38%

Which would be way better compared to:

The Deathwatch which get a new savings of 32% to the old one of 46%

and Space Wolves have a new savings of 33.5% to the old one of 41%


So maybe this Combat Patrol will cost more?

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Is it just the 5 infiltrators/incursors/intercessors in the box? Isnt it a box of 10 of both on the webstore?


Also, they sure are pushing aggressors hard in the boxes post double shooting nerf.

The normal kit for both has 2x 5 man sprues while the combat patrol only has one each

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That BA box looks to be a surprisingly good deal, especially if it stays are the £85 mark... Although it does make me wonder if GW will do variable pricing for these boxes like they did with the SC boxes. I could see them selling this one at £95.

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The Blood Angels one is also more than 25 power I think?


That's slightly awkward.

Good point. It's 28PL or 530pt (assuming basic equipment)

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