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Community-Made Ultima Successor Polls

Iron Father Ferrum

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For those interested, the Iron Hands Facebook group and Discord community have started work on a community-generated chapter since GW has not yet seen fit to grace the sons of the Gorgon with our own Ultima Successor Chapter.  The first poll was already concluded, resulting in a solid color with different colored pauldrons -- voting is now open for what two primary colors we should have!


Join the Discord here! -- https://discord.gg/gey7vqT7d8

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Presumably those are considered fanon in this case - to qualify as "GW giving us the chapter" there'd need to be more than just the report of some player creating an Iron Hands successor


The Iron Ravens, by contrast, actually made it into printed splatbooks.

The Knights of Byzantium also appear in the official Tale of X Warlords in the White Dwarfs and, iirc, are mentioned in one of the campaign books.

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