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Good primers for Salamanders?


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Hey, everyone. I have a pile of untouched marines that's getting out of hand, and I have been thinking about making them into Salamanders. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good green rattlecan primer to start with. I think I'm going to want to go for a really vibrant green to get something different than my other armies, that all tend to be pretty dark and gloomy. I'm not a particularly skilled or patient painter so finding a good green spray to start with would be a big help.



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I'm unsure of a specific colour, but Army Painter have a great range of coloured spray primers, and I'm sure they'll have something to suit.


If you're going with army painter specifically, their greenskin primer is pretty close to the usual salamanders green.  you'd want to use a wash over the recessed areas to give it some depth though. Follow that with some edge highlights and you should have a pretty decent paint job for the armor.  


or you could do what I do and start with their angel green to get your shade color, and then run over that with a brighter green for the midtones (I use GW's warpstone), and then add highlights.


EDIT: if you're feeling really lazy, you could possibly use their goblin green spray for a quick and dirty highlight effect. I've never tried it though so I don't know how well it'd work.

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Base and Primer are not necessarily the same thing. For green and blue models, I normally prime with Halfords grey rattle can primer and then put the base colour on top of that.


I use Army Painter rattle cans but I am not a big fan. Their paints dry slighty glossy compared to GW and this means that if you apply GW paints over the top, they don't stick well and tend to rub off at the edges, even when thoroughly dry.


I would use grey primer and then basecoat with a couple of coats of Warpstone Glow. Using a layer paint for a basecoat will make it a little harder but GW greens normally cover fairly well and using grey for the primer will make the job a little easier. Warpstone Glow is definitely the "right" colour for Salamanders in my mind's eye.

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