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=] The Boxing Day Bash 2021 [=

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Previous Boxing Day Bashes







2021 - Live Now

With Global Shipping being what it is this year I'm making this year's announcement a little earlier than previous years to give everyone plenty of time to get any bits or models ordered and delivered in time.

In previous years, the most common question was about the timeline, so I'll try and be a clear here.

You may pledge to the Challenge at anytime on your LOCAL 26th or 27th of December, so 12:01am Dec 26th until 11:59pm Dec 27th, at your local time / date. Once you have pledged you will have 24hrs to complete the challenge. The challenge will conclude 24hrs AFTER the last vow, and as usual there will be a summary with awards.

Please do not post any vows in this thread, there will be a challenge thread in The Forge for the event, which I will link here once the Challenge is live.



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My box of Wargames Atlantic WW1 French turned up yesterday, looks like I'm painting more shovel swingers tomorrow then. :biggrin.:


Oh and merry whatever you guys celebrate!! Hope you all have a good one, even you primaris collectors :lol: hope you all get many toy soldiers to add to your piles of shame today. 

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First of all, I would like to thank the 10 brave Frater who embarked on this Boxing Day challenge

with me, many of whom are returning from previous years.

We had an outstanding result with 9 out of 10 Frater managing to Complete their Vows,

and bring honour to their Forums, with the last Frater earning a partial Completion.

In the end, the winning Forum claimed Victory by just 2 points....

...Please join me in congratulating the

Dark Angels Forum !!!!!!

Below we have the points/Forum breakdown, and everyone's Completion times,

Chaos - 3pts

Slaves to Darkness - Guard H/W Team - Completed 1hr, 9mins

Codex: Space Marines - 5pts

Liber Astartes - 5pt

Brother Argent - 1 Howling Banshee - Completed 21hrs, 56mins

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch - Build 3 Eradicators - Completed 13hrs, 41mins

Dark Angels - 9pts

Dwango - Medicae Primus - Completed 23hrs, 21mins

Grotsmasha - The Red Gobbo on Bounca - Completed 3hrs, 40mins

Lostrael - Kyganil - Completed 23hrs, 40mins

Forces of the Imperium - 3pts

Agents of the Inquisition - 3pts

TPS - Adeptus Custodes Bladeguard Champion - Completed 11hrs, 42mins

Xenos - 7pts

Necrons - 4pts

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch - 2 Lychguard - Completed 19hrs, 40mins

Orks - 3pts

andes - Jain Zar - Completed 9hrs, 32mins

Other Games - 5pts

Arkhanist - BSF Taddeus the Purifier - BUILT

Trokair - 1 AI Thunderhawk - Completed 23hrs, 54mins

...and now onto the Awarding of the Badges, if I've missed anyone, please let me know,

Completed -




Brother Argent

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch




Slaves to Darkness



Victory!!! -





Fastest -


Slaves to Darkness - Guard H/W Team - Completed 1hr, 9mins

Longest -


Dwango - Medicae Primus - Completed 23hrs, 21mins

Lostrael - Kyganil - Completed 23hrs, 40mins

Trokair - 1 AI Thunderhawk - Completed 23hrs, 54mins

Artificer -






Seriously -


Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


Thank you everyone for participating, and hope to see you for The Bash in 2022...

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