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Vote: Pay CP tax or Troops tax? Vanguard v Battalion

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I want to build an all Terminator & Bike list but I'm torn on which detachment to use; either Vanguard or Battalion: 




+All Terminators & Bikes theme

-Either Bikes or Terminators limited to 2 units depending on detachment

-Only 2 HQs

-Costs 3 CPs



+ No CP cost

+ 3 HQs

- Costs 405pts for cheapest 3x Troops (I don't like the Prosecutors)

- Kind of defeats the whole point of making the army


So basically it comes down to would you rather pay 3CPs or 405pts?



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Pay the 3CP I say if whole idea is terminators and bikes.


As you say, 405 points for troops is an enormous cost.


The extra HQ would also be a non-terminator or bike right as its one of each type and costs the same as 1.5-2 normal guys

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If you're theming your army there's a very good reason to pay the CP tax really. It does depend on playstyle of course, but "normal" Custodes are Terminator equivalent in operation anyway, so I'm not averse to their inclusion.
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Thanks for the responses! My favorite army was was Deathwing/Ravenwing army back in ~3rd-4th because it was the most 'elite' small model count, easy to transport list and I feel like this is it's natural successor. Not really trying to make it competitive but any help with Shield host selection, Relic etc would be great!


Vanguard Detachment 2000pts (updated points from CA 2022)




Captain on Bike + Salvo



Allarus Vexilus Praetor

3x Allarus w/ Axe

3x Allarus w/ Axe

3x Allarus w/ Spear

3x Aquilon w/ Firepike (heard not great but love the models)

Culexus Assassin



4x Vertus Praetors w/ 4x Salvo

4x Vertus Praetors w/ 4x Salvo


Only model I'm thinking of changing is Trajan to a Allarus Captain to fit the theme a little better.

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Trajan is auto-inclued!

An Allarus shield-captain Will be less strong.


For 1cp, you can put Trajan on teleportarium ;)


Some vertus preators with bolter hurricanes are good to strike hords!


For shield-host, i think thé Solar Watch or Dread Host are good.

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