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[GW] Community Painters Make Ka’bandha Outshine his Angelic Nemesis

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57 minutes ago, darkhorse0607 said:

Wonder if this means we are eventually getting to his release date. They previewed it five months ago and still nothing

If the influencers got their free copies painted, I'm sure the pre order is right around the corner.

They definitely held this model back for the new edition, and ironically can't even be used until the daemon rules come out.

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I don't really like it.

The downward motion of the wings conflicts with the upward motion of the whip and the static posing of the legs. 
He doesn't look like he's just landed, nor taking off, nor is he even cracking his whip or slashing with his axe - if you removed his wings and his axe you could mount him on a (large!) chariot and he'd look like he'd be mushing his steeds along. 

The third picture down with the wings pointing upwards make it look so much better. IMO, of course. 

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I think Matt Wingrove's take is pretty badass too, if you ignore the basic wings. I think they all concentrated on the demon and weren't quite sure what to do with the blank canvas of the wing membranes so most just did a basic airbrush. I suspect their time was limited too, it often is for these challenges. Much as I would like to do Liam's approach to the wings on Angron, I lack the talent to pull it off.


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