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Grot's Dark Angels: Ravenwing Outrider ATV


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Well, it's been a while since I've been a regular here in the Rock, but with the arrival of Imperium in Oz (finally...) I've started with the Lieutenant, and I'll be trying to keep up month to month with the models,


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So funny story, apparently, at some point in the past, I have already painted this model....



Seeing them both together, I think I prefer the new one, which is funny because it's primarily contrast, vs. (I'm guessing) traditional paints for this one.

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I've not been idle, but a certain Necron commission was QUITE the time-hog....anyways, I've got the first of the three Assault Intercessors, with the remaining two about 2hrs of work each from being done,


I also received my second Imperium delivery and some conversion inspiration struck....


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I was fortunate enough to snag a deal on some cheap Outriders and an ATV last week, they arrived today and I was able to make reality a conversion I first envisioned WAAAAAAAY back when the ATV was first announced. 

You see, I liked the concept, but the front looked goofy, and rather unprotected, so I thought I should beef it up,






I'm not quite happy with it as I took a short cut when attaching the new front ends, originally I was going to cut out more of the inner fairings so that they would sit more level with the rear. I'm going to sit on it a few days, and if it still bothers me I'll pull them off and get to it.

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