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Warhammer+ Yr2 models + WHTV Preview

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So, after seeing the silhouettes for the announced Year 2 models for Warhammer+ subscribers, it's probably safe to say they're both Chaos. 

I have a feeling that the big guy might be a Chaos Terminator Lord.. 

Reminiscent of this piece of artwork: 




Plus an article on the future of Warhammer+


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And the silhouettes are:



I’m very much hoping it’s a modern rendition of that terminator within the silhouette, i.e. better anatomy and proportions. Probably a safe bet. Dear gods does that midsection look horrible.

Looks like his abdomen is more extended in the silhouette, so this is pretty exciting!

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Just now, Noserenda said:

Has this not already got a topic? Though admittedly they are really dragging these two out

There was a new Warhammer+ announcement today.

Just like Warhammer+ itself, it must have been seen by almost a dozen people by now, so we will probably get a full topic on it soon.

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I’m not into chaos at all and I’ve not been impressed with WH+ so I’ll be cancelling my subscription. Happy for you guys that are excited for chaos though. 

Same, WH+ was an experiment on my part, largely justified by me really wanting that assassin, but I have no need for a chaos terminator, iconic art or not.

I seem to be unable to find info on what's happening with my assassin, i recall seeing an option where I could pick which my mini would be under account.. no longer? Anyway, I should be safe to cancel now?

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44 minutes ago, twiglets said:

Colour version.

I do like the chain... middle fingers... thing


I have this as a banner in my games room, and on a tee-shirt. I'll be resubbing just for this guy. 

And you don't have to wait a year, annually sub and you get him in sept. 

I'm disappointed in myself, I really want to cancel my sub to show GW how disappointed I was with their offering. 

But this model...... 

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Overall I like WH+. I knew what I was buying. Battlereport and animations, and I got satisfied.

AND ESPECIALLY the mini. I feel I spent 50 bucks for the mini, the rest came welcomed.

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I love Warhammer+ I generally have it on while I work, nice background noise.

I’m excited for both models this past year... But honestly, the assassin has me a bit confused. Is it a diorama? Playable? I think he’s awesome, just don’t really know what to do with him.

Those two new silhouettes are amazing! Can’t wait. I’ll be getting both!

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I would sign up for the service in a second, especially with the Khorne Terminator as the giveaway. Unfortunately, WarhammerTV is not available in my location and let's just say it's a bit of a joke that GW claims on their website they are adding new countries to the list all the time but in fact haven't done so in a full year.

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1 hour ago, Shield-Captain said:

I still haven’t received the email to get my first years model. Which is weird considering I subscribed Day One. But excited for the terminator dude.

It says in the article that an email should be going out before the 25th of august.

But I think some people might be able to get it early, those who transferred from the app sub and I think maybe those with the annual subscription?

The email when it comes will just be a link to the mini on the webstore either way, which you can find on the store now by doing a search for assassin. It will show up as free when available and you just order it like any other mini and it comes with free delivery. A number of people on reddit have already gotten theirs this way.


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