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Apocrypha Necromunda - The Daemons of Meridian

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In this instalment of Apocrypha Necromunda, we find ourselves in the smouldering ruins of Cinderak City shortly after the Goliath attack detailed in The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning, as an old and deadly foe rises from the ashes. This new Necromundan lore continues the story of the tumultuous conflict surrounding Lord Helmawr’s apparent demise, and adds a new scenario and rules to enhance your games and gangs.


Czarn the Cyberoth, an infamous heretek and leader of the Brethren of the Black Dawn, has been slain in the fighting for the city. Not one to let a little thing like death slow him down, Czarn transferred his consciousness into the brain of a scrap-code ambot before his demise and is now set to rampage through the ruined city with his crazed followers in tow!


In addition to a brand new scenario, Cut off the Head, you will find a new Dramatis Personae – Czarn the Cyberoth – for use with Chaos Helot Cult gangs and Chaos Corrupted gangs. This new fighter allows you to add a powerful heretek to your gang wearing the iron body of an ambot automata. Czarn is also suitable as a leader for an Outcast gang, leading renegade hive scum in the service of his dark masters.


WarCom article.


PDF link.


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