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Silver Skulls 2nd company decals 1.0

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About This File

These two files are homemade decals for the Silver Skulls 2nd. company.

One sheet is made to be printed on transparent, and the other to be printed on white decal paper.

The documents are made to fit Letter format, but can be printed on A4 just fine.


On the transparent decal sheet:

The shoulderpads of the Silver Skulls are black with a metal trim. The idea is to use the inverted Silver Skulls decals on the black shoulder pad, but before you put them on, you paint a silver square to fit the transparent part of the decal. That way you get a silver decal, without having to use an expensive printer that can print metal colours.

You may need to touch up the shoulderpad and decal with some black paint afterwards, depending on how accurate you made the silver area. But it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.


On the white decal sheet:

The idea is to print this sheet on white decal paper, because it enables you to get strong colours in your decals, even when put straight onto the black shoulderpad of the Silver Skulls marines.

Once fitted where you want it, you may have to touch up with a bit of black depending. But it's quite easy once you get some experience with it.


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This should've been posted in the original text to go with the files, but since I am unable to edit it, I will include it here.



Carlson793 for the gothic numbers.

GW for the Silver Skulls icon (Though I modified it a bit to work better as a small decal)

Forgeworld for the inspiration on what to include in the sheets.

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