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  • Brother Tyler

    Hobby Creativity and The Bolter & Chainsword

    By Brother Tyler

    One of the best aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby is the ability for hobbyists to make the game their own. While Games Workshop and its subsidiaries produce diverse products that appeal to a wide range of tastes, the setting itself allows for even more diversity. For example, the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man has numerous sub-factions that range from the "little people" represented by hive gangs (Necromunda) and planetary defense forces (the Astra Militarum in the Warhammer 40,000 game) to

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  1. Well to add the craziness of life, Funeral for GF's ex husband is this weekend, my house goes for sale Oct 1st,  2 kids birthdays, and then GF and I leave for a 17 day Vacation to Europe on the 4th, so I guess I need to pack my personal things to get house ready for sale, along with some repairs and yardwork....on top of working full time plus being on call. 


    While talking to my regular opponent @Entropomancer, it seems a few of us are disappointed in 40k. And Like me, he has space issues due to having so many armies. With me losing my dedicated hobby area to a shared hobby area/ Craft room/ Office at the GF's house I have to make a few decisions on my armies. 


    Adeptus Astartes- With the rule changes and models being retired and replaced with new ones I have lost a ton of units to legends.  I am at a loss for words. I guess I can paint all 5 scout squads up as HH Scouts squads but they are still to modern IMHO plus they chest eagles need to be removed.  I just have no desire to build or paint them.


    Adepta Sororitas- I need to paint them. My army may be to large to play again but they are not going anywhere.


    Grey Knights- Majority painted and when I have time they are easy to paint. Like my Adepta Sororitas, the army is to large to see the table at 1 time. 


    InquisitionArmy I wanted for a while so it is staying.... just need to build and paint everything I have for them. 


    Legion Imperialis/ AA/ Adeptus Titanicus- I have lots of unbuilt, primed, models to build and finish. including lots of terrain. Staying.


    Necromunda- Redemptionist, yes they are staying, others not so much, outside of my FW Characters. 


    Horus Heresy- Raven Guard. I feel this is where I need to be and have variant armies thinks to Rites of War. There are lots of things I need for the army but I am waiting...for some reason, but they will be purchased eventually.  Raven Guard Tank army and all Cataphractii/ Land Raider army are being planned, plus I have tons of conversions to finish. 




    Like converting him in to a RG Praetor for Pride of Legion




    And paint my Master of Signals







    My Jump Praetor and Dark Furies need some love too




  2. Record: 3-3 (WLLWWL)

    Placing: 36th (out of 88)



    I had a phenomenal weekend, with six awesome opponents, four fun games, and a free raffle prize that means I profited off this tournament. Despite the location being an hour drive from my house, I loved it and will 100% be a permanent future attendee. A special shout out to the Smite Club people who put on this event; it ran so smooth, the terrain was excellent, the information before and during the event was so clear. Really, really well run.


    Now, about that incongruity above: six great opponents, but only four fun games? Yes, my last game of both days was a real stinker, despite how nice my opponents were. On day 1, I played into Custodes, a match-up I still didn't understand and one where I didn't feel like my army could compete. Large blocks of 2+, Fights First, re-rolling wounds, special-rule-on-top-of-special rule are just too much for my "here's a bunch of AP-1 and D2 attacks, please don't hit me too hard" faction.


    Day 2 and the tournament ended for me with going against Aeldari, complete with a Wraithknight, the Yncarne, two Night Spinners, and two Fire Prisms, and who-cares-what-else. Again, simply far too much for me to deal with. Whoever at GW allowed this index to go live should be tried in a criminal court, because it was one of the most un-fun and un-interactive games I have ever played. In fact, the last time I had such little fun in a game was in 7th, against... Eldar, with a Wraithknight. The past repeats itself.


    But, like I said, my opponents who great, gracious people who I'd love to play again. In a better game.

    But, I was able to nap a big win, as I heard my raffle-ticket get called for this:



    This was something I was already planning on buying, so not only did I win a $310 box, but I basically profited off coming to this event. Move over, Daniel, I'm the real winner.

    Expect more Horus Heresy posts in the future.

  3. Over in the Works in Progress forum, my most recent post revealed the Chapter Insignia - here I wanted to briefly explain my thinking behind it. IMG_20230914_212913.thumb.jpg.0d92581770f403bbb02a56bb3bd544df.jpg


    There's two main things to point out from an 'in-universe' perspective - firstly, reflecting the Chapter's origin that they were intended as reinforcements for the Shadow Stalkers Chapter, there are echoes of their predecessors' Insignia. 


    This symbol was named after the Eclipse of Strontium, the Ashen Sentinels retained the star/halo part to honour their fallen predecessors. 


    Added to it is a skull, a familiar Warhammer motif :sweat: Here it represents memorial of those who have given their lives for the Emperor (also another nod to the Shadow Stalkers). It also represents a threat - death to the enemies of the Emperor; and it is a symbol of defiance - even if they burn their flesh, their bones will remain to watch over in judgement, a promise of future retribution. 


    I think it tells their back story, is indicative of their outlook and temperament as a Chapter, and is suitably symbolic. Plus, it's typically Warhammer :biggrin:

  4. large.SiteBanner.png.a91445950f492d5c9e37d8d216d50031.png



    As a third vow in the Call to Arm 2023 Challenge - Imperium Stronghold, I pledge the following stuff for the Adeptus MEchanicus Sub Forum:

    - Cawl - 10 pts

    - 2 Kastellns - 2 x 3 pts

    - Their Datasmith - 5 pts

    - 1 unit of Skitarii - 10 x 1 pt

    - 2 Pieces of scenery/small scrap type - 2 x 2 pts

    -1 Piece of Scenery/Munitorum Container type - 4 pts


    Total: 39 pts




    It´s a lot for just 2 weeks left, but I will try it. Pure Glutony. 

    I count on the fact that the Scenery and the Kastelans can be painted quite fast and that I already defined and developped the paint scheme on previous models earlier this year.


  5. So I’m new to the B&C blog feature, but thought I would use it to post the progress of my new Ultramarines army. 

    I originally intended it to be a a Third Company army, but plans have changed, and I am now planning on building it as a 1st Company Strike Force. 

  6. So, I haven't done a lot more build work recently (have been painting the TDA squad!) but did a little bit to finish the Infernus squad and also put together the Ancient I got!




    Mostly stock, but did include a few head/shoulder swaps for older gear and some extra studs. Also gave the Sgt a TH I had (obviously not a legal loadout currently, but as Infernus don't have any options it shouldn't cause any problems, just looks cool!)






    I really wanted to give him the power sword, but I preferred the two-handed pose on the banner. However, I had the sheathed sword from the Indomitus Lt. in my bitzbox, and with a bit of GS got this:




    Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it!



    Thanks for looking!

  7. Well, it's over.


    Took a week longer but..



    My Call to Arms Vow is complete!


    A few closer looks...




    20230907_165622.thumb.jpg.fd0fc5bdaf3fbc771e15fd0e35f956dc.jpgYup, still haven't fixed that Barbagaunts :laugh:








    Of course, the Parasite of Motrex was just sitting there, begging to be let in on the fun. So here it is, my full Tyranid swarm (was worth over 900pts but now has dropped below this..

    Thanks GW:laugh:)




    For even better pictures look at the included galleries.


    These past few weeks have been eye opening for me and for what I can accomplish. It also was the realisation of a goal I had over 20 years ago but never did back then: a painted Tyranid army. What was once a pile of grey plastic, is now a hungry swarm, wanting to consume as much biomass as possible!


    To say I've had a blast would be an under statement.


    Till next time,


    Keep on hobbying!

  8. Hello all!


    Sorry that my normal posting schedule got disrupted by NoVa and life, but the balance dataslate is a perfect chance to slip in a low effort post! 


    Some knee jerk thoughts:


    Cult Ambush


    This was actually a fairly frustrating change to me. The end result is for most practical intents and purposes, models are coming back on a 4+. It’s just….very convolutedly written and I wish they had made it simpler and more streamlined. To be honest, I don’t particularly like the direction they took GSC with this rule. I appreciate how it is meant to represent on the table how they act as an army, but it’s entirely too random and difficult to balance. As most tabletop gamers are all too aware, the four ups are fickle.


    Modifying Stratagem’s Costs


    This one is a bit hidden, so you are quite forgiven if you miss it, but it will primarily impact the Nexos. 


    “Rules that modify the CP cost of a Stratagem but do not specify the name of the Stratagem can only be used to affect the CP cost of Battle Tactic Stratagems.”


    “Rules that allow you to use a Stratagem even if another unit has been targeted by that Stratagem this phase or turn, but that do not specify the name of the Stratagem, can only be used to use Battle Tactic Stratagems”. 


    List of Battle Tactic Stratagems for GSC:

    • Index - A Perfect Ambush
    • Index - Coordinated Trap
    • Core - Command Reroll
    • Core - Go to Ground


    It’s….a short list. The good news is that it won’t impact free Grenades and the like for the Saboteur. However, coupled with the points hikes, I expect that the Nexus will be mostly gone from lists now, given that the singular best Stratagem it can impact now is A Perfect Ambush, and that may not be worth the 60 pts.


    Also: the Double Demo Alpha Strike is Dead, long live the Double Demo Alpha Strike.


    Atalan Jackals


    They come in within 9” of a table edge now, not 6”. This is mostly a quality of life change due to the new 3” restriction on Ambush Markers. Not huge, but welcome.


    Points Increases


    We’re not surprised right?


    For the most part, I don’t really see anything too tragic here. I stayed away from the triple Primus build for a reason, and when they came for it…they came for it. I still think you’ll see the Primus running around, just probably in more measured ways.


    Only one thing I do want to harp on--I HATE the 10%(ish) hike on the Aberrants. They were already expensive and they had a unique role of tanking in an army that severely lacks for it. What a frustrating shame, clearly it was to pre-prune ideas of an immediate pivot to Muscle Beach.


    Moving Forward Productively


    So…what are the future building blocks?

    • Acolytes got off relatively lightly, so plenty of them in the future. 
    • Nexos are probably out. 
    • I do want to highlight Hybrid Metamorphs went completely untouched and they have been performing VERY WELL for me. I have more to say on them later on, but I think they have been seriously overlooked. 
    • Kellermorphs are also untouched, and very competitive for having a second unit that can 3” deep strike in a turn for scoring secondaries. Don’t sleep on their point scoring value!!!
    • Brood Brothers--Manticores took a big hike and Scout Sentinels a smaller one, but Basilisks are unchanged and perhaps quite the opportunity….!!!


    Shake ups can be tough, but it’s always a good chance to re-evaluate everything with fresh eyes!


    Back to the Dojo!!!

  9. As a follow up to my previous blog post, I decided to make a short update on how my zero bits challenge is going so far and I will start by making a comparison between the current status graphs versus the ones from the last update:


    Status from May 2nd


    Status from September 5th



    There are some changes on the green bars (painted models) in several categories as you can probably notice, but the major difference at the moment would be the fact that the top value in the infantry graph moved from 3500 to 4500 and the red bar (models converted beyond box numbers) is getting closer to the size of the blue bar (bought models) and at the moment the distribution of bought versus converted is at 58% versus 42%

    I should get closer to 50-50 until the end of the year (although I am not yet sure whether I will reach it in 2023 or not), as I spend more of the spare parts in the boxes.

    The last group of boxes that I have dispatched were persians from wargames atlantic although some of the converted models were certainly far closer to sci-fi models than would be expected from the original box. After spending all bits from the 5 boxes of persians I ended up with 480 converted models, 80 more than the amount I had done from the einherjar boxes before.


    I still have a large amount of spare bits to use before I can get to a point where only newly purchased boxes have bits to use, but if I keep up the pace I should be able to get most bits spent before the end of 2024. When that happens I will have the ability to focus more on scratch built stuff or simply painting, basing and other tasks that will be pending when the building/converting part is over.


    On the painting side I should be able to finish some of the categories this year, with cavalry being the most likely candidate to being fully done before the end of 2023.

  10. So i got the army mostly finished in a haze of madness and some other coinciding deadlines and had a great event up at Firestorm games in Cardiff, which is a great venue to boot. I have immediately been dragged into more unrelated deadlines so ive not got the brains to do a full report, but heres the army laid out for some glamour shots ;) 











    Ill hopefully do some more detailed looks at models in future, especially when some of them get tidied up and the bases finished! 

    I went 3 losses (all close) and 1 win (also close lol) over the event despite being dreadfully hungover on the Sunday and the army being "for allies" though perhaps being weird and exotic can be an advantage :D 

    Finally a shot from a much more competent photographer ;) (IE not me)





    Peace ;) 





  11. Oath of Moment
    If your Army Faction is ADEPTUS ASTARTES, at the start of your Command phase, select one unit from your army and one unit from your opponent’s army. Until the start of your next Command phase, each time a model from the unit (from your army) you chose makes an attack that targets the enemy unit your chose, you can re-roll the Hit roll and you can re-roll the Wound roll.

    Design Note
    Some units have rules which state (hopefully in consistent language along the lines of “When chosen for Oath of Moment”) they gain additional bonuses when chosen as the unit from your army for Oath of the Moment. If another rule would have such a unit “counts as under the effect of Oath of the Moment when attacking” then they do not gain the additional bonus (because they were not chosen, they're just under the effect). They can, however, use Stratagems requiring a unit be “under the effect of Oath of Moment.”


    Gladius Strike Force Detachment

    Unchanged from the current Index, except for Bolter Discipline

    Bolter Discipline - 15 Points
    ADEPTUS ASTARTES model only. While the bearer is attached to a unit, ranged weapons with either “Bolt” or “Bolter” in their name in that unit have the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability. If the ranged weapon already has [SUSTAINED HITS 1], then it becomes [SUSTAINED HITS 2]. In addition, while the bearer’s unit is under the effects of the Devastator Doctrine, each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack, a successful unmodified Hit roll of 5+ scores a Critical Hit.

  12. Some pics from a game I played against Space Wolves yesterday. Another loss as I lost a turn due to bad placement and boxing myself in. I need to switch up my list, my tactics, and have a plan.


    Wrapping up deployment.





    Space Wolves advance unimpeded.





    I thought I had a clever plan to ambush the advancing squad with the most powerful psyker available in the army. I then whiffed 7 of 9 casting rolls essentially sacrificing this dude for no gain.





    My tank survived until the end, but those reapers die in a single round of shooting from some plasma guys.





    Lost 4 rangers due to a stiff breeze (6+ saves suck) and these two followed shortly after.





    Dark Star Prince runs to the objective just to get shot down 5 minutes later.





  13. This is again from a while back, but my local club had an apoc game in May bank holiday which was great fun. This was a custom mission designed by myself to try and force a narrow frontage with waves of models coming at one another, but ended up a bit one sided. We went for a long, narrow table with a depth of deployment, to give long raged guns some chance to shine also (how often do fellblades get to use their 120"range?).


    Two players wanted to get away quickly, but hoped to have a smaller gmae that would still impact the larger game, so I came up with a custom mission: Explosive Payload. 






    This was fought between Death Guard (traitor) and Dark Angels (loyal) and resulted in a DA win and several missiles fired at the main table. They were a bit weak though, so I might give them a boost if we every play it again. 




    This was my first outing using Alpharius, and I took him with 10 firedrakes in a spartan, with primus medicae. 



    Gigaros, the Spear of Hades - my Cerberus. 



    Traitor Deployment featuring Dark Angels and My Alpha Legion. Much armour as you can see. 



    After Alpharius sneakily infiltrated himself, the Primus Medicae, the Firedrakes (and spartan) and the Leviathan. 



    The BA Fellblade takes potshots from the reat, but struggles for line of sight, or to hit anything as the sponsons are out of range.



    The triad of predators rumble fowards to unleash their heat weaponry. 



    You can see how far back the Blood Angels deployed - thir fear of deep strikes really prevented them from getting into the game at all. That spartan started something like 36" away from any enemy units. The BA player loves conversion beamers and tries to keep everything as far away as possible...



    MISSILE LAUNCH! The Death Guard gain control of the launch controls and fire an ICBM into Valdor. 



    Alpharius gets out of the spartan to hunt valdor, who runs away. I fail the charge, and next turn the cheeky vindicare tried to kill my Primus medicae, however failed to wound. Phew. 



    With his ride near wrecked, Alpharius hops out to get his old nemesis Valdor. 



    The Dread Drop Pod arrives filled with Leviathan, which proceeds to chop up the fellblade.



    Traitor vehicle pool T3. 



    Big old messy combat. Alpharius and Valdor fought one another to a standstill, Alphy really is one of the weker primarchs, however my many thunderhammers reduced his custodian bodyguard to paste, then finished valdor off before the custodian lord could kill alpharius. 




    Overall this was a traitor victory - the loyalists couldn't get any distance up the table and were thwarted by the wall of steel and infiltrating leviathan - this was largely their own fault as if you cannot kill a spartan and leviathan in one round with 8k points of models, then you only have yourself to blame - in this case, poor deployment meaning their stuff was mostly out of the fight. 


  14. Brother nathan
    Latest Entry

    20230825_111321.thumb.jpg.5770b1195d80564e409adc2171dfeb56.jpg20230825_113213.thumb.jpg.7837d953bc92b277f1c2609b3f7e12d1.jpg20230816_092454.thumb.jpg.28f109ca80876627f85e2e67cd5f8f6d.jpgChuckles and wonders away from the plastic craic puns... maby...


    Anyway partially as im not sure where to overly put this one  but i find it fun and have wanted to share though its not army specific. Gaming aids...

    More specifically the things we use to play. Dice and tapemeasures and tokens and the like.  Some buy but some make. Many customise. 

    We are hobbiests who like to create and make and customise... sowhy not. 

    This is just another side of the hobby of ours that i love. Im sure some just pick up and never think much but for those that do customise... what have you done. Whatelse should i do. 

    To start ive my tape measure. Hazard stripes...(iron within) flames and a purity seal(by the angel).(i make my own seals)

    Dice box custom painted and each die has a wound on its pip so i can tell em appart from anyone elses.

    Tokens im working on. Seals for battle shock tokens. Army rule tokens to remind me. Ive got rid of all tokens i was making for 9th. Of course then theres objective tokens and the like. 

    So thoughts on what iv done and what iv missed etc. Be cool to sre others too

  15. I completed a multi melta sentinel for the militia today.


    The multi melta is the sentinel heavy flamer with the melta barrels from the Leman Russ sponson. 



  16. IMG_20230817_083808.thumb.jpg.0a512f101f801197209ede6bdc177211.jpg


    I had to take a break from the Knights and get stuck into the Reaver. It's been a very slow progression as life keeps throwing curve balls my way but I'm slowly getting there.  Now I've got to say I've never really been a fan of the pre-moulded Princepts/Banners...etc that GW produces, not all but most. And starting out with the other armour piece that I did prior to the Call of Arms starting, having to switch to the Princepts armour piece didn't thrill me HOWEVER after I was fairly close to done with it, I don't know, it kinda grew on me and I actually really quite like it now. Not really a great shot of it here but I'm lousy at progress photo's as I always say "I'm going to document everything" and then forgetting everything I set out to document sooooo......!  

    Anyway Thanks for reading!

  17. Hey all so I have an update, just finished priming my very first land raider proteus and I had a lot of fun building it and getting it ready for when my paints and brushes show up.  Here’s a quick picture of it and in the wings I’m working on a spartan, but I have set myself the goal of building it then waiting to get it started until I’m happy with the land raider.  



  18. After test with other color schemes and found one I like and have begun painting a test model. It's nowhere near done but I'd figure I'd share it and get some feedback the main body is plate mail metal while the helmet and Aquila is painted banshee brown


  19. Introduction

    The Great Adar was a near-1000 year old Astartes who served the chapter as one of it's many revered Dreadnoughts. He was previously known as Bresh’Tan Adar, an Assault Marine Sergeant of the Salamanders 2nd Company. After suffering grievous injuries in combat 840 years ago against the Arch Enemy, his fractured body was interred into the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. This is when he became The Great Adar, “last survivor of the Drop Site Massacre”. That statement is begrudging accepted by the veterans of the chapter, but many of the younger Astartes heed his stories and wisdom as if he was truly ten millenia old.



    The Great Adar alongside his brothers of the 2nd Company, engaging Ork skirmishers on the outskirts of Dakota Primus.


    During his mortal life, Adar took a great interest in the Salamanders history, and frequented the Librarius in his spare time. It is hypothesised that since his interment, his historical knowledge and personal memories have blended together, culminating in his belief of being a survivor of the Istvaan V battle during the Horus Heresy ten millenia ago. Despite repeated reminders from the Techmarines, The Great Adar still vividly “remembers” the betrayal of his brothers and succumbing to his injuries on Istvaan V. Many veterans of the chapter speculate he is actually remembering the fall of his Assault Squad at the hands of the Emperor’s Children (another participant of the Drop Site Massacre), on the death world Jacob’s Eye in 044M41, of which he was the lone survivor. 



    Venerable Dreadnought "The Great Adar", equipped with power fist, heavy flamer, and twin-linked lascannon.


    In combat, The Great Adar is often equipped with a versatile arsenal, allowing him to serve as either a fire support platform or as an assault unit as required. His preference is the twin-linked lascannon for dealing with long-range threats, and the power fist with underslung heavy flamer for close engagements. 



    Siege of Harkon West Industrial Precinct (Dakota Minor - 884M41)

    The Great Adar participated in many engagements on the world of Dakota Minor against the Orks and the Steel Reavers. His most notable actions was during the final battle against the Steel Reavers at the planet's largest industrial precinct, Harkon West. A combined force of Salamanders and Astra Militarum forces (including the 144th Asokan Rifles and the 37th Sartorian Rangers regiments) assaulted the precinct, forcing the Steel Reavers to make a last-ditch effort to fend off the Imperium forces. The Great Adar was among the Salamanders forces leading the Imperial charge into the precinct.


    A spearhead lead by the Salamanders' Land Raider Celestial Hammer attempted to cross the main bridge to enter the precinct. A barrage of rocket fire immobilised the Celestial Hammer before reaching the bridge, bringing the Salamanders' charge to a halt. The Venerable Dreadnought saw the need to maintain the momentum before they were counter-attacked, and thus continued toward the bridge. His Astartes brothers attempted to dissuade him over vox, telling him to wait until the rocket barrages had been dealt with, but his actions had emboldened the Sartorian Rangers forces into rushing the Steel Reaver defences alongside the Dreadnought. 


    As The Great Adar charged head-on into the thin defence of the Steel Reaver forces, the Sartorian Rangers launched smoke grenades to screen their approach alongside the Venerable Dreadnought. With their targets obscured, the Steel Reavers resorted to firing their ordnance blindly into the smoke and quickly exhausted their arsenal. When the ceramite behemoth emerged from the smoke unleashing burning promethium, the Steel Reavers could do nothing but either fire their lasguns uselessly against the Dreadnought, or flee into the precinct. With that, the Imperial forces quickly secure the bridge and pressed forward without pause, cutting down the heretics as they retreated.



    The Great Adar leading Sartorian Rangers in an assault on the main bridge into Harkon West industrial precinct, overwhelming the Steel Reaver defenders


    Unbeknownst to the Imperial forces, the Steel Reavers had in fact sacrificed their more expendable units to defend the precinct entrance while their more elite forces were focused on stealing several Imperial cargo ships, carrying millions of tonnes of foodstuffs and promethium (accounting for a year's worth of tithes for Dakota Minor). Nevertheless, with the industrial precincts secured and the last of the Steel Reavers on Dakota Minor destroyed, the Imperium declared the second victory on Dakota Minor.


    With Dakota Minor secured for the Imperium once again, The Great Adar returned to the strike cruiser along with the surviving Salamanders, en route to Nocturne. He very much looked forward to the long rest, and to see his homeworld once again.



  20. After finishing Calgar and his Honour Guard before the weekend, I was stuck waiting for my basing supplies to arrive before I took a few completed shots.


    All in all, I'm really happy with how things have turned out. Sure, improvements can still be made, which will show on the next models I do, which, incidentally, are my Leviathan Marines for the Combat Patrol.



    Group Shot



    Honour Guard 1



    Honour Guard 2





    So, by no means am I a professional painter, nor am I sponsored by any company. But, if I can turn out something to be happy about, think about what the masters can do!

  21. Exterminator Leman Russ

    The last time I had an exterminator painted, I think it had pewter barrels (3rd ed?). But, the index exterminator rules are at least interesting for the first time in an age. It's 'withering hail' rule means that if this main gun hits, for the rest of the phase the rest of my army gets another pip of AP against the unit that was hit. And, since the main gun has 'twin linked' it's likely to actually score hits. Still, with vehicle toughness systemically improving this 10th edition, this gun only has limited value outside it's core targets. How much do I want to waste the main gun here? This will be of some help to boost indirect fire, though. Which, at least for now seems oddly and brutally improved. A hard left in an edition change here. I love artillery as much as the next guardsman, but artillery spam lists have been largely criticized for ages.


    Odd that GW would go back to it, and apparently double down in it. Also, indirect fire has many drawbacks, and that could mean that pumping in a whole bunch of buffing units might be a moneypit/points sink. Typically non-los shooting is not super points per damage cost-effective. Such units are usually very vulnerable to assault as well. Certainly not moving = not scoring. Even still, assuming the sky isn't falling with the new imperial guard artillery list, how long before GW overreacts? It seems unlikely that present rules will remain for long. And that is a point of pessimism--not that GW will kill great rules, but that when they do they won't undertake to balance the rest of the codex. That is to say, without the great index units, what will be left when the nerf bat comes out swinging? All too often GW's nerf power seems one-directional. Well, part of my malaise at present is also about how quickly the new codex became obsolete. My beautiful vanquishers finally had a moment in the sun, albeit very short and largely controversial. 


    ALL THAT SAID... let's build an exterminator. The old forge world Mars and Gryphonne patterns are long gone. So, I picked up the 30k terminator auto cannon to convert one up. The Contemptor auto cannons might be a bit bigger and perhaps better. In any case, I like the smaller barrels with the heat-sink, something closer to the mars pattern. I miss the WW2 style (conical) flash suppressor, but the 30k one is good enough. 


    As the standard leman Russ turret weapon mount is too skinny for the forgeworld turret, I used a circle-cutter to cut out a number of circles. I then punched out some rivets from the styrene to try and get a bit closer to the forgeworld design. I also added some green stuff cables to conceal some seams and blend the whole construction in a bit. I think I'll have to cut off the support arm on the side and add two underneath. 



    Brick Wall

    With some foam scraps from the last display board I wanted to try out some bricks. I'm not sure if I'll just decorate a field ordnance battery or actually go all into another display board. I'm ok with it for a fist try. Since I have a 1/35 scale brick mold I can also make piles of debris to go with this. I think I should also experiment with grout in between the bricks. I'd like to try a denser foam, like AK interactive sells, but it seems Europe has the better foams at a better price (Styrodour). Such denser foams were discussed in NightShift's and Black Magic Craft's youtube videos. Ultimately it seems like denser foam will yield a better result, but the price gets really high, really quickly. I'm not sure yet what to do. I think there is something here though. 



  22. Greetings,


    Unfortunately, my work trip has taken a turn. I am now dealing with a family medical emergency in a foreign country and it looks like my return date may not be the 22nd of June.

    Obviously my focus is on my family member's health crisis at this time. All inquiries, and indeed all order shipments will be replied to as I am available, until my eventual return to the office and full availability.

    If you have an outstanding order and would like to cancel at this time, please email mcdougalldesigns3d@gmail.com at your convenience. I will process your request and refund as soon as possible.

    However, I am also extending the summer sale until whenever i return, If you would like to take advantage of the 5% off your entire order.

    This includes preorders such as mantic northern alliance products which are due for release and shipment to my office by mid July.

    Thank you to all my customers for your continued patronage, and I truly wish to get back home and fulfill your orders as soon as possible.

    Happy gaming ,

    Maxwell Mcdougall

    Mcdougall Designs

  23. Stealth_Hobo
    Latest Entry

    Following Eradicators, my Imperial Fists will now also have decorated captain to lead them. Now I'm trying to decide what to paint next. 



  24. So over the bank holiday weekend, I found myself with a bit of unexpected hobby time and as it was too hot in the conservatory where my painting desk is I decided to do some kit bashing instead of painting.


    One unit that I won't to add to this project was a Judiciar as I like the idea of a chaplain in training, however I'm not a massive fan of the GW model so I decided to dive into the bits box and see about making my own version.


    I wanted the conversion to be easily identifiable so that it would be suitable for use in game, I found a left over body from the black templars crusader squad and decided that was going to be the basis of the kit bash.





    I ended up using bits from all over the space marine range to bring my version to life and I think it's turned out even better then I originally thought it would.


    The only thing I'm still not sure about is the head, I've currently got the one from the GW Judiciar to tie it back to the official model but part of me feels that bare reiver head with the skull plate would look better.


    Would love to get your feed back on which head betters suits the model. 


    Thank you for reading.


  25. Hey everyone. I've been able to make quite a bit of progress on the second Brazen Claws squad. The hellblasters are all painted and bases are done. I ended up taking a fairly simple route with the plasma coils, as my intention was just to get a nice contrasting color (Striking Scorpion Green) vs a more complex effort. Again, I only did one marine without a helmet as I am still working on upgrading my facial/eye painting skills.


    I'll be doing the chapter icons and maybe additional details over the next few weeks, and I've already started work on my next group... bikers! I had previously never purchased or painted bikers so the outriders will be a fun challenge.image.thumb.jpeg.11e5adf41f9e711b54de0e8572e34af3.jpeg


    More to come there soon. Keep painting. 

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