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    Not quite a mini but is 40k. Have finished another purity seal. This one for my post apoc airsoft loadout. More learnt on this one and given new ideas for next one. Seems stifinging fabric with paint is a winner that prevents the fonts inks or paints bleeding and charing edges seals the stitching together nicely. Must plan out my fonts wording better for the next one


  2. So in my various painting logs, I tallied all the painted points and models I managed to complete in 2022 and then set some optimistic objectives for models I'd like to get painted to round out some armies in 2023 - turns out that several small goals across nids, eldar necrons and Titanicus add up fast... Thankfully the warlord is maybe 10% of the year total, and that's all done bar the basing. This is also before I get to the Alpha Legion I want to paint. If I add in gift-warhammer I've received, we're well into about 5000pts. 


    With contrasts, I think this is a realistic goal, I can maybe get over 100pts a week done, which would be 5200pts for the year. Lets see how this goes! 



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    So it's March and this is entry one on the blog....the plan is off to a rocky start. I largely blame this on having a baby - definitely eats into the hobby time!


    The is the current WIP area of my desk:



    No less than 5 armies represented in a small space. I'm a hobby magpie, and I'm not ashamed of it, but it can be an issue. 

    The big impact of reduced hobby time, is that I find it easy to find time to build. Not for extensive conversions etc, but building is an easy thing that can be done in little chunks here and there. Painting....not so much. So my grey plastic horde grows. 


    Sadly this means that my gaming time may need to pivot to painting time to catch up. It's only a few hours once a week, but if it helps make a dent it'll be worth it in the long run. With 10th seemingly on the horizon, I'm less attached to games with my newer armies.


    First on the Hitlist will be this chonker:



    All those points increases on the Votann means that I now have well over 2000 points and painting that many points is more achievable. So that's the painting focus.


    On another note I dug these out of my parents roof:




    Lovely bit of nostalgia! I do enjoy reading through these old rules and lore. Always fun stuff in there.

  3. In the Cornelivs Maximvs books that I have written the dwarves are mentioned as being allied to the imperial forces, so as part of my attempt to build forces that represent my books, I have built and painted some Einherjar from Wargames Atlantic to represent them. In addition, the dwarves have a somewhat symbiotic relationship with a species of sentient giant spiders and they often fight side by side, so I got some of the dwarves to be mounted on giant spiders (also from Wargames Atlantic) for rough rider equivalents.

    Although in the books the spiders can also fight on their own as the dwarves often dismount once they reach their destination, I have not built any spiders on their own.


    Even though the dwarves are at peace with each other, they are divided into several kingdoms and so the colours of their equipment vary greatly based on the planet or kingdom from which the forces were recruited.

    Below are some examples of how the dwarves look on foot or mounted on giant spiders.














    Some examples of different worlds/kingdoms:


















    In total I have 120 dwarves, 60 on foot and 60 mounted, divided into 5 batches of 24 soldiers each batch with its own colour scheme.
    Other than basing which is something that I intend to do in the future for my entire army, they are all ready which is not that bad, considering I have bought them in 2020 and built the last batch of them in 2021.

    I am certain I didn't build the spiders as they should be built, but I like how the poses are often quite unique and dynamic.

  4. Wow its been a spell!! That whole work/life balance thing has been out of whack but its starting to level out again, a very positive thing. With the out of balance thing mind ventured into areas I never really went to before, namely Chaos!  Sure I've painted a few Underworlds Warbands & the odd Death guard model but the 40K Chaos astestic never really appealed to me. Aspects of it for sure but most seemed to GWAR-ish for my taste. Now I have followed many peoples Blogs over the years & have really dug what they've done with Chaos, just never really pulled the trigger myself. I bought the Abaddon model when it came out & while its a great model, I got about half way through & just didn't care for it. This really is the only 40K Chaos model I own so my next step was maybe hap hazard, time will tell. This time I also took a rather big step in converting, I've done some minor kitbashing before but not to this extent. My greenstuffing work would be subpar at best but screw it, gotta take the leap at some point. 

    A few years ago White Dwarf had a cover with a Choas warrior on it but not just any warrior, it was a Red Corsair warrior. This really appealed to me, the colour scheme, look...everything & I vowed that if I ever was to do a Chaos army if would be to this standard. Of course I found Kari (Iron Sleet, Spikey Rat Pack) & Eternal Hunt (Blog and his postings here) plus many others, & being a fairly new person to all the lore in 40K, I really kinda dove into the Badab War as it was familiar ground with my 30K knowledge. 

    Anyway long story short, I've succumbed to the power of Chaos and coverted, built my first Red Corsair. It'll be really obvious what models/parts I used, I just hope I did a good enough job at blending them together. The greenstuff work needs a lot of practice as well as my plasticard shaping but am hopefull people on here will either give pointers to help me become better at it or point me in the right direction to video's or blogs that demonstrate this. Particularly I can't for the life of me figure out how guy's make the Chaos filigree  with greenstuff/miliput, beyond my skill set.

    Thanks for reading







    Well I've fininshed the Red Corsair (99%) & really must say I enjoyed the whole experience. I learned a lot and really need to focus my kitbashing/greenstuff/photography skills. I've already moved on to my second Red Corsair. I'm not up on all the new lore in 40K but a fairly recent video from Valrek and the Arks series had me intrigued, this wave of destruction/hate that had infected a whole Imperium fleet, turning Primarius marines into Chaos marines, thats my starting point!



  5. So while doing some reorganizing the other day I took inventory of  my =][= Forces:



    My Inquisitor  Erasmus Cartavolnus is sitting currently primed and awaiting paint. Still need to prime/ paint 3 Culexus, Vindicare, and Callidus Assassins. I need build my Imperial Navy Breachers, Voidsmen, 15 Militarum Tempestus (including making a new Tempstor), 2 Taurox  Prime, and Valkyrie.  Hopefully I'll add some Arbites. 




  6. Hello folks - welcome to 2023! 


    If you read my last blog entry, which by the way was too long ago, you will know that the reveal of new Astra Militarum aka Imperial Guard minis had me quite excited, and I talked about trying to resist starting a Guard army, especially if other regiments were to get the same update treatment as the Cadians. The new stuff is fantastic, and following that last blog entry there were some other reveals too, such as the Lord Solar (BraveStarr) on his steed, the Rogal Dorn Battle tank, a new Castellan and new fancy Cadian upgrade sprue, so in true fashion for someone who has a plastic crack addiction, I broke, but not in the way you might think.


    Upon reading the title of this blog entry you may have thought I caved in and got the Cadia Stands army set when it released? Nope, I did not. Nor did I pre-order the new Guard stuff when it went on general release, although that was a factor. When the new Cadian Shock troops, Field Ordnance Batteries and all the other stuff that was in the army set went on pre-order, I saw the prices of everything and quickly released that the Cadia Stands army set was ridiculously good value. Not only was it good value, it was still available on Games Workshop's website and also with a couple of Third party retailers! I did some quick maths, let out an excited laugh and ordered the army set for £110. I took my wife to the theatre that same day, so its fine.


    I couldn't help it, and I don't care. Its been a rubbish start to the year in RL terms, so this was a nice treat to myself, retail therapy I guess you could say.

    So far, I've built and magnetised the Filed Ordnance Battery, and I'm halfway through building the Sentinel. Its a actually a really nice set, the shock troopers and command squad sprues are jammed with all sorts of options, so I'm looking forward to getting those built and I have an idea for my own custom regiment, the Joroduun Aces - more on those later.


    Anyway, looks like I am indeed doing a Guard army, though whether it will see a tabletop is anyones guess, as is the question of will I ever get it built and painted. I can say one thing for certain though, I fully intend to pull my finger out and do some serious hobbying this year, and not jump from project to project if I can help it.


    Oh and by the way, that half built Wyvern - it lives again! It was actually in the garage and half built as a Hydra, but with a broken peg. I've repaired it and re-done it as a Wyvern, as I thought it might be more use. Just needs track gluing on and then paint.





    So then, Imperial Guard it is. I'm off now to go and pray to the miniature gods that we see some plastic Tallarn, Catachan, Valhallans etc, then I can really have an old school Guard army.


    Thanks for reading.


  7. The purpose of this article/editorial is to provide some insight into the concepts and methodologies employed by the staff in enforcing the site’s on/off topic rules.


    A few terms are used within this article/editorial:


    Information architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks. Instead of “information architecture” the term “content architecture” will be used in this article as we are referring not just to information, but to the full range of content that can be found here at the Bolter & Chainsword, including images in the galleries, files in the downloads, etc.


    Findability is the ease with which information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website (using search engines and the like) and by users already on the website.


    Off-topic means that a topic brought up in a discussion isn’t directly related to the discussion’s topic. It might be valid for discussion within the scope of the Bolter & Chainsword’s subject matter, but it is either unrelated to or only tangentially related to the discussion topic.


    A complaint occasionally voiced here at the Bolter & Chainsword is that the rules of the site stifle discussion, that discussions should be allowed to evolve naturally. Here’s the rub, though: a discussion taking place at an online discussion forum isn’t a “natural” discussion, nor should it be. Treating an online discussion as a natural discussion actually degrades discussion. To understand why this is true, you need to understand the two mediums (natural discussion and online discussion) and how they are vastly different.


    A “natural” discussion is when two or more individuals engage in a discussion in the present. All participants may be in the same physical location and engaged in verbal discussion, using sign language, gestures, or other mediums; or they may be separated and communicating via electronic means such as telephone, video conference, or other means. The key with a natural discussion is that the discussion is conducted in real time in the present. The composition of the participants can change over the course of the discussion, with members leaving and others joining, and the discussion can continue to develop naturally, with participants responding to each other. The topic will typically change throughout the course of the discussion regardless of how the discussion started. The discussion may have started on the topic of last night’s sporting event, evolving into an article of clothing someone wore at the event, then shifting to favorite colors, then shifting to sports cars, and so on; each evolution in the topic deriving from what individuals think about as the discussion progresses. In a “natural” discussion it is even possible for a topic to shift abruptly without any real transition or linkage between one topic and the next. Individuals joining the discussion as it evolves are not concerned with what was being discussed three topics ago – they simply join the discussion as the current topic is discussed. In a “natural” discussion, topics are ephemeral and awareness of the points made for previous topics addressed in the discussion isn’t always necessary for effective participation in discussion of the current topic. Notably, the average human being can only participate in one “natural” discussion at a time.



    Fig. 1 ”Natural” discussion progression


    In an online discussion, participants take part in a primarily text-based exchange of ideas. Although these exchanges are often punctuated with graphics (emoticons/emojis/memes), videos, and sound, the true “discussion” is built around the text. Online discussions are conducted in an asynchronous manner and discussions may take place over the span of hours, days, months, or even years, with varying gaps in time between posts. An online discussion is effectively permanent, lasting as long as the discussion remains visible and allowing for participation in perpetuity. It is possible for an online discussion started in 2005 by a certain group of participants to resume in 2025 with a completely different set of participants, the participants able to review the entirety of the early discussion and carrying on by providing their own relevant input. Where a “natural” discussion’s topic is defined by what is being discussed right now, an online discussion’s topic is defined by how it is placed in the content architecture, the topic title, and the parameters given in the first post (and occasionally as adjusted within the first few posts). The capabilities of online discussion forums also allow for linkages between different discussions, enabling participants to explore different related topics without derailing a discussion through the simple expedient of starting a new topic and linking between the original and new topics. It is also very important to realize that members can participate in multiple online forum discussions concurrently.



    Fig. 2 Online discussion progression, including off-topic tangents


    Instead of being a natural discussion, an online discussion is more like a classroom, debate, seminar, or convention session in certain respects. In each of these environments, the basic subject matter is pre-determined and there is a basic agenda. Typically, while there are many people present in each of these environments, active participants represent a small fraction of those that are taking part in the overall effort – most people are simply taking the discussion in without contributing. While discussion occasionally veers off into tangents, those that are in control must bring the discussion back on topic if the overall effort is to be successful. Sometimes, too, a specific point is relevant, but it requires an in-depth exploration that might detract from the broader issues. Sometimes these points can be resolved quickly. At other times, however, they might involve a lengthy discussion. In such cases, it might be prudent to resolve them separately so that the larger discussion can continue. Side discussions that are brought up may be worthy of discussion, but they should either be saved for later or taken outside so that the main discussion isn’t disrupted. People attend the event because they are interested in topic X and there is a good chance that they will be dissatisfied and/or leave if the discussion instead becomes about topic Y. Remaining on topic in these environments is central to successful discussions.


    An online discussion’s topic is generally defined through three elements: placement in the overall structure (category, forum, sub-forum), the topic title, and the first post.


    The first level of organization in our discussion content architecture is the forum categories. These are somewhat broad and are currently:


    • Community (general topics)
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    • Fan-Made (areas where fans can exercise their WH40K hobby creativity)
    • Ordo Administratum (resources for using the site rather than participating in the hobby)


    Hopefully, we’ve organized and named these categories in a way that makes it easy for members to understand what each category is about in order to find the content that they want while bypassing/ignoring the content that they are not interested in. Members are able to hide any categories in which they have no interest (including all forums and sub-forums within) by a simple click of the mouse, making the chore of navigating to the forums in which they participate quicker and easier.


    The second level of organization in our discussion content architecture is the forums and sub-forums. These, too, are (hopefully) organized in a logical manner. In most cases, forums are organized in alphabetical order, but there are some where another construct is used. An example of this is the Forge whose forums are organized in a slightly different manner. As a general rule, our faction-based forums are structured around codices and codex supplements, with each codex having a forum and all of its related codex supplements being included as sub-forums beneath that forum (there are a few exceptions, notably the Adeptus Astartes and Heretic Astartes forums and sub-forums). This structure allows for varying degrees of specificity. For example, a discussion on the general merits of [Codex: Space Marines] Assault Intercessors would take place in the Adeptus Astartes forum, whereas a discussion about using Assault Intercessors in the context of the Imperial Fists Chapter (presumably in coordination with the rules and units specific to the Imperial Fists codex supplement) would take place in the Imperial Fists sub-forum. Similarly, topics that are common to two or more (sub-)factions would take place in the higher level (sub-)forum. In most cases it is easy to identify the appropriate (sub-)forum for such a discussion, but there are few cases where it is not as obvious. For example, the loyalist Imperial Knights and traitor Chaos Knights are discussed in different forums within different categories, but there are many elements that they have in common; those common elements should be discussed where the Imperial Knights are discussed. This principle similarly applies to those elements that the Heretic Astartes have in common with their loyalist brethren, with topics about common elements taking place in the Adeptus Astartes forum.


    The category/forum/sub-forum placement allow for placement of a topic where it is most applicable. This compartmentalization reduces the “noise” that members have to filter through in order to focus on the topics that are of interest to them. For example, a hobbyist that is focused on Orks and who has no interest in discussing the Dark Angels can find the Ork discussions through the simple expedient of going to the Orks forum within the Xenos category, bypassing all of the Dark Angels discussions by skipping over the Dark Angels forum within the Adeptus Astartes category.


    One of the most important principles of the category/forum/sub-forum structure is that it is built around content and not audience. A common mistake that members make is posting a topic in the incorrect (sub-)forum. This is often done deliberately in order to reach a certain audience. While this may sound reasonable, it degrades the topic’s findability and limits participation in the discussion. When trying to ensure that a particular segment of the community has awareness of a discussion, the proper course of action is to provide a link, either via a discussion topic in that community (sub-)forum or within your signature. Topics will be moved to the appropriate (sub-)forum based on their content.


    The next element in defining a topic, and arguably the most important for getting other members’ attention, is the topic title. This is the first thing that catches a member’s eye, providing basic information on what the topic is about. A well-crafted topic title allows other members to assess at a glance whether or not a discussion is worth opening, and it lays the groundwork for identifying the basic scope of the topic. A poorly crafted topic title tells other members very little about the discussion’s scope, forcing them to decide between just moving on (and potentially ignoring a topic in which they might have interest) or clicking on the topic (and potentially finding out that the topic is of no interest to them). For example, over the years there have been dozens of topics titled “Legion of the Damned” here. While that title might be sufficient in the Forge forums where it is obvious that there will be pictures of Legion of the Damned models, it is woefully inadequate in the discussion-based forums. A discussion about the various origin theories of the Legion of the Damned might be given the title of “Legion of the Damned Origin Theories” whereas one about different types of units in the Legion of the Damned might be given the title of “Legion of the Damned Units.” Topic titles are limited to 90 characters, however, so they can give only a basic level of specificity. Ultimately, they should be thought of as basic summaries of the discussion’s subject matter and scope.


    The full definition of a discussion’s subject matter and scope is usually provided in the first post. Occasionally, the first post might be a bit vague or it might be created without a solid idea of its intended topic, in which case the topic will be better defined later. This refinement of the topic generally takes place on the first page, most often within the first half dozen posts. Subject matter and scope are rarely provided in a legalistic manner where the limits of what might be considered “on topic” are clearly defined. Instead, the discussion’s subject matter and scope are defined by implication, and this can often be open to interpretation. If you have to play six degrees of separation to figure out how a reply is relevant to the topic, however, the reply is off topic. At most, a reply should only have one degree of separation from the discussion topic, and the content of the post should be in the context of how it relates to the discussion topic. Once replies are two degrees of separation or more away from the discussion’s actual topic, or they begin to focus on the separated topic and not the discussion’s topic, they should be taken up as separate discussions (and sometimes in entirely different forums). A little bit of drift is allowed, but the discussion should quickly return to its topic.


    An excellent illustration of these principles can be found in the Aeldari forums:


    1. A member started the Karandras possibly created Drazhar? discussion. Naturally, the topic revolved around the origins of the Drukhari character Drazhar. Relevant topic elements included the Phoenix Lord Karandras, his predecessor Ahra, the Striking Scorpions Aspect of the Asuryani, and the Incubi, but each of these was only relevant with regard to how they relate to Drazhar’s origins (see the bottom bullet below).
    2. In that discussion, another member posed comments that steered exploring the broader issue of the origins of the Phoenix Lords. That post was split off into its own topic to discuss the issue of how Phoenix Lords are made. To illustrate how topics can last for years, that topic started in March of 2020 and died down later that month, but was picked back up in November of 2022.
    3. The discussion about how Phoenix Lords are made prompted another line of thought that was taken up in an entirely new discussion to explore whether or not hobbyists thought that other types of “Phoenix Lords” (or Aeldari with similar death/rebirth cycles) were possible. Instead of being focused on the Phoenix Lords of the Aspect Warrior shrines, this discussion considered whether or not the Aeldari might have other types of immortals.
    4. That discussion prompted another line of discussion about additional aspect warrior shrines, taken up in this discussion. The most well-known shrines are those that are common to all of the major craftworlds and which are present in the rules and models. This discussion explored other shrines that have been mentioned in the lore, whether in the rulebooks or novels, as well as speculation about other types of shrines that might be possible.
    5. Anyone wishing to explore the other elements (Karandras, Ahra, the Striking Scorpion Aspect of the Asuryani, the Incubi, etc.) in more detail (i.e., outside the scope of Karandras possibly creating Drazhar) would need to start a separate discussion.


    Had the off-topic elements not been split into a separate topic and the other tangential thoughts been taken up in the original discussion instead of in their own topic, the original topic would have become a mess. Someone might come into the topic expecting to see discussion about Drazhar/Ahra/Karandras, but might have found posts about minor Aspect Warrior Shrines instead. This would have been very confusing. By keeping the discrete topics separated while cross-linking them, different but related ideas were split up and discussions could remain focused on the specific topics. It takes very little time and effort to do this and shows respect for other members.


    Ultimately, discussions that take place in an online discussion forum are not some sort of race. While it is very easy to post a reply about something that you think of while participating in a discussion, if that subject matter isn’t directly related to the topic at hand, it can create confusion for other members. Creating a separate discussion about that subject matter is preferred, allowing each discussion to focus on its intended subject matter. As the example above shows, you can also link between topics to help steer people towards related discussions without muddying the waters of either.


    Overall, remaining on topic in a discussion improves findability of information, especially when members are searching for topics via the discussion list (rather than using the search function). Members are able to quickly assess discussion topics via their content architecture: category, (sub-)forum, and topic title instead of being caught off guard by finding something that is off topic in a discussion (e.g., a series of posts about Imperial Fists and their scrimshandering in a discussion about the Salamanders and their branding practices). While many members don’t make a habit of reading through old discussions, there are many members that do take advantage of this site capability, especially when they want to revisit a discussion. In this, the findability of information is very important.


    The staff members have several options when they find off-topic posts. The first is to leave them alone, and this might happen if the issues are minor and don’t appear to disrupt the overall conversation. The second is to split related off topic posts into a separate discussion, sometimes moving that discussion into another (sub-)forum altogether. This might happen if there is a constructive discussion among the off-topic posts and if the staff members have the time and interest. The third option is to hide the off-topic posts. Regardless of the option chosen, the staff members may or may not remind members to remain on topic, and they may re-state the topic for clarity. Far from being “censorship” or “restrictive,” these measures are intended to make the best use of the online discussion forum’s capabilities, giving members a clear idea of what any discussion is about and keeping findability of information as high as possible.


    Admittedly, whether or not a post is on/off-topic can be subjective. The basic litmus test is whether or not someone reading the topic title should expect to find a post about X in that discussion. Sometimes a bit of wiggle room can be found, especially if the discussion winds its way back to the established topic. At other times the answer is very clear.

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    First full entry with pics coming soon.  This is the start of my return to The Bolter & Chainsword after a long time away.  I have been working on my 6th Death Guard army since the start of 8th, and it is nearly finished, just 10 models to go.  I have owned a Death Guard army in every edition since 2nd, and my latest one is almost finished being painted.  This blog will catalogue the end of that project and the start of a new one, Dark Angels in 2023.  Dark Angels was my first real army which I started right after the release of the Angel of Death Codex in 2nd edition in the mid 90s... though before that I had been collecting 40k starting back in Rogue Trader around the beginning of 1989.  I really had just been dabbling before the Angels of Death codex which got me working on organizing my small collection into a full army.

    With the rumors of a DA range refresh and Lion 'El Johnson returning it felt like a good time to jump back in feet first.  I have managed to collect up a bit more then 500pts of Primaris DAs so far, really closer to 1k, of Green Wing I guess... though most is just built and none of it is fully painted.  I will be documenting the figuring out of my paint scheme for them and my work on the army over the course of 2023 and beyond, here.  Don't expect regular updates, they will most likely be sporadic... as I get things painted and start to play some games with them.  Well off to take some pics and start the write up for the first full post.  Until next time...




    Arkrath, the Hand of Khorne DAEMON PRINCE, 11PL
    For ten thousand years, the Astartes who would become Arkrath, Kratus, has led his warband of Chosen Terminators. Entering the Long War as a veteran warrior in the ranks of the XII Legion's Terminator elite, Kratus was frequently found in the most bloody of battles. This boldness amassed for him a significant following of Terminators, and they adopted the moniker of Red Butchers, once a reviled and pitied name but one that had since taken on a new sense of respect in their new worship of Khorne.
    It was from these same ranks that a warlord named Bardûl rose to prominence, his single-minded devotion to the Blood God eclipsing even Kratus's own. When Bardûl declared the founding of the Aksha'i Cruentes and the start of the Red Crusade, Kratus stood beside him, ready to go to war with the galaxy.
    As Bardûl's chief bodyguard and confidant, Kratus defended the man who called himself Hand of Khorne, as well as delivering justice to those who impeded the Bloodfather's dominance. It was not uncommon for Kratus to be dispatched to kill other Champions of Khorne who had displeased the Hand in some way.
    During the War for Janus, however, Bardûl grew impatient with the gifts his Daemonic patrons bestowed upon him, and he drank too greedily from the well of power that is Chaos worship, transforming into a monstrous Chaos Spawn. The power vacuum was quickly filled by the former Terminator Champion, who tore the symbolic chainfist from his erstwhile master's broken Terminator plate and took it for his own.
    Kratus's ascent was meteoric, and before long he was courting the same Daemonic patrons as his former master. Unlike Bardûl, however, Kratus's ambition and arrogance were tempered by personal sacrifices, having suffered several grievous wounds, including the loss of his own leg. Such losses displayed a certain dedication to the Lord of Battles, however they were still defeats in the eyes of the Blood God and would be punished. After one such defeat, Kratus was whisked away to the Warp before the alien witch's magicks could kill him.
    It was there that Kratus was first imprisoned and tortured by his patron, known to him as Ska'nzand the Wrathforged. He was held here for eight hundred years, by his perception, however never did his faith and determination waver. Impressed by this, Ska'nzand released Kratus on a quest of penitent rage throughout the Eye of Terror for another eight hundred years.
    In realspace only hours later, a winged figure manifested before the Cruentes, who were on the verge of tearing themselves apart to find a new leader. Monstrous in stature, this figure was armoured in what appeared to be a mockery of Terminator plate and bore a warped chainfist on its right vambrace. It did not use the name Kratus, for the man who bore that name was dead, it said.
    This was now Arkrath, the True Hand of Khorne.

    Warlord Trait: Hatred Incarnate

    Relic: Gorget of Eternal Hate

    Rank: Legendary


    Battle Honours:

    • Scorpion Tail (Chaos Boon) - +1A
    • Serpent's Fangs (Chaos Boon) - +1 to wound in first round of combat
    • Warp Stalker (Chaos boon) - reroll advance and charge
    • Razor-edged - improve AP of melee weapon by 1
    • Blackstone Shard Amulet - cannot be targeted by psychic powers
    • Null-field Disruptor - ignores invulnerable saves
    Baruda, Blood Priest of Kharneth DARK APOSTLE, 6PL

    An early convert to the Cult of the Blood God, Baruda was instrumental in the formation of the Cruentes. He wears the charcoal black armour of Loyalist chaplains in dark mockery of his misguided counterparts.


    Baruda is an extremely - and some might say excessively - zealous individual, to the point that those around him view him with slight unease. However, there is no denying that his entreaties to the Dark Powers are an effective tool.


    He knows the Dark ZealotryWrathful Entreaty and Illusory Supplication prayers.


    Warlord Trait: Eternal Vendetta

    Relic: Mantle of Traitors

    Rank: Heroic


    Battle Honours:

    • Detestation (Path of the Righteous) - cannot be targeted by psychic powers
    • Stoic Fervour (Path of the Righteous) - 6+ FNP, 4+ FNP vs mortal wounds
    • Just Killer (Path of the Righteous) - +1S when attacking units smaller than his :dry:
    • Daemonic Flesh (via Chaos Reward Requisition) - unit gains +1T
    • Aspect of Khorne (via Chaos Reward Requisition) - once per game free use of Fury of Khorne or Scorn of Sorcery stratagems
    • Razor-edged(?) Crozius (via Victor Bonus) - AP of Crozius improved by 1
    Thrax Gorechosen EXALTED CHAMPION, 6PL
    Thrax is a wandering traveller, claiming to be an original member of the War Hounds Legion and claiming to be the bearer of the coveted relic, Gorefather. Regardless of the truth to his words, the Berzerkers who follow Thrax into battle are invariably inspired to great deeds of bloodshed as Thrax himself frequently seeks out the strongest enemies he can find.

    Warlord Trait: Flames of Spite

    Relic: Gorefather

    Rank: Blooded


    Battle Honours:

    • Sigil of the Shadowlord - 4+ Invul, 4+ FNP vs mortal wounds
    Validon's Bloodthunderers 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL

    Validon is one of the Cruentes' longest-serving Berzerker Champions, and has been instrumental to the cohesion of the Cruentes as a fighting force. He instituted a gradual change to the Eternal Warrior's fighting pits: instead of individual combat, the pits would focus more on squad-based combat. Through repeated training in this manner over hundreds of years, the instinct to fight in a squad of brothers became so ingrained that even in the deepest frenzy, Berzerkers would know to fight together.


    Validon leads seven Berzerkers, collectively known as the Bloodthunderers.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1 to WS
    • Divine Guidance (Path of the Righteous) - improves melee AP by 1
    Dreior's Hunters 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL

    A newer member of the Cruentes, Dreior is a vat-grown gift from Fabius Bile's gene clinics. Implanted with false memories, he believes himself to be a veteran of the Long War, and despite his relative youth, he is a consummate fighter. He and his squad are often seen breaking through enemy lines and hunting down specific targets.


    Dreior leads seven Berzerkers simply known as the Hunters.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Bitter to the Bone - can choose their Wanton state
    • Fervid Focus (Path of the Righteous) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    • Trusted Hounds (via Warfleet Favour) - can choose a character's aura to always be in range
    Gorm's Stalkers 8x KHORNE BERZERKERS, 10PL
    Another long-serving member of the Cruentes, Gorm leads the newest inductees into battle. His strict command gives these initiates their first taste at combat, and puts them on the path to becoming fully-fledged Berzerkers of the Cruentes. Gorm's habit of consuming the flesh of the dead, however, often permeates through the ranks of those under his command. As a result, a significant number of Cruentes share his cannibalistic tendencies.
    Gorm leads seven Berzerkers known as the Stalkers.
    Rank: Battle-hardened

    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1 to WS
    • Fervid Focus (Path of the Righteous) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    • Serpentine Fangs (via Dark God Favour) - Gorm's attacks gain +1 to wound on the charge
    Covenant of the Bloody Hand 20x CULTIST MOB, 5PL
    Despite this cultist warband's high attrition rate - or, perhaps, because of it - the cult members rarely have any trouble finding more volunteers for their ranks, as few mortal followers of Khorne can resist being given the opportunity to have their blood spilt on the battlefield.
    Members of this warband have begun adopting a sigil of a bloody handprint as they are inducted, signifying the dead passing on their covenant to the new warriors.
    Rank: Blooded
    Battle Honours:
    • Believers of the True Faith - gain the Let the Galaxy Burn ability
    Murdax's Butchers 10x CHAOS TERMINATORS, 19PL
    Led by the dangerously ambitious champion, Murdax, the Butchers are a sub-warband of Terminators within the Aksha'i Cruentes. Fierce warriors all, this warband adopted the nickname of Red Butchers upon their descent into the worship of the Blood God.
    With Terminator plate being difficult to manufacture amongst the Traitor Legions, and with the World Eaters' excessively high attrition rate, the warriors in the Butchers are, ironically for their namesake, some of the more measured of the Cruentes. However, this should not be taken as a lack of aggression - they are capable of as much as their Berzerker brethren, however they have all trained for millennia to hone their use of the Butcher's Nails.
    Rank: Heroic
    Upgrades: Red Butchers (via Specialist Reinforcements Requisition)
    Battle Honours:
    • Ambition's Edge - Murdax gains +1A, +1W and +1Ld
    • Trusted Hounds - can benefit from certain character auras outside of range
    • Hate-fuelled Butchers - +1WS
    • Fervid Focus (via Path of the Righteous: Glorious Ceremony Requisition) - can move horizontally through terrain and models
    Vervek the Condemned HELLBRUTE, 7PL
    Vervek's fate is a cautionary tale for any individual who stands in the way of a mighty Champion of Khorne and his glory, for this former Terminator stole a trophy kill that Kratus had claimed. In the eyes of the Blood Father, of course, such triviality didn't matter - however, in the eyes of the corporeal judge and executioner claiming the god's authority, he was little more than a usurper. Vervek was carved out of his Terminator plate with little care, being no more than a head and torso before he was entombed within a Dreadnought's sarcophagus.
    Rank: Battle-ready
    Xarian the Bloody Idiot HELLBRUTE, 7PL

    Once the champion of a whole Cruentes warband, Xarian - formerly known also as Doomgore - was deposed of his position after it was apparent that he did not deserve to lead. Originally, he was the lieutenant of a rival World Eaters warband, the control over which he seized through betrayal, before he pledged them to the Cruentes. As a reward for bolstering their ranks, Xarian was gifted with command of his own warband and a rebellious Daemon sword.


    The sword resisted Xarian's ownership at first, having not been seized through combat. However, after several battles, Xarian appeased the weapon by stabbing it through his own stomach. Amused by this attempt at sacrifice, the sword appeared to capitulate.


    It soon became apparent that the sword still had not deemed Xarian worthy. Even though its power had been unlocked, it still rebelled at some of the worst moments possible, often leading to Xarian's defeat.


    Out of frustration, several conspirators - including Kratus and his Terminators - turned on the champion, dismembering his body and burying the Daemon sword deep within the Eternal Warrior. Xarian was kept alive as an amusement, more than anything, and was interred within a dreadnought sarcophagus.


    Xarian is a Helbrute, armed with a plasma cannon and hammer.


    Rank: Battle-hardened


    Battle Honours:

    • Hate-fuelled Butcher - +1 to WS
    • Despoiler Without Mercy - +1 to BS


    Chaos Rhino Motorpool CHAOS RHINOS, 4PL x2
    • Rhino I - Battle-ready
    • Rhino II - Battle-ready
    • Rhino III - deleted
    Bardûl the Wretched Fool CHAOS SPAWN, 1PL
    A horrid, mutated mess of flesh, Bardûl is kept by the Cruentes as a "living" cautionary tale for those who would squander the gifts of the gods. Bardûl was once a mighty Champion of Khorne, blessed by the Blood God's favour and a promising locus around which the shattered remnants of the World Eaters Legion could gather.
    However, Bardûl was tempted with more power than he could bear. One of his Daemonic patrons offered him a tiny sliver of immortality, but the Chaos Lord demanded more. In a painful twist of hubris, the mighty Hand of Khorne was wracked with torment as his wrathful masters poured ever more mutating power of Chaos into the champion, until he was no longer recognisable.
    Rank: Battle-hardened
    Battle Honours:
    • Fleet of Foot - +1Mv, +1 Advance and Charge rolls
    • Grizzled - 6+ FNP
    Gorethane RENDMASTER, 7PL
    Equally at home hewing through ranks of foes from atop its warped chariot as it is duelling with enemy champions, the Gorethane is a dark master of battle. It can be seen directing its Bloodletter hordes from the front, always eager to slay.

    Warlord Trait: Glory of Battle

    Rank: Battle-ready

    Bloodseeker SKULLMASTER, 7PL
    The Bloodseeker is a swift butcher, and one of the first Neverborn to swear allegiance to Arkrath during his penance. Wielding the accursed axe Bloodbane and thundering into battle atop a loping Juggernaut, the Bloodseeker is a terrifying foe in battle.

    Relic: A'rgath, King of Blades

    Rank: Battle-ready

    Bloodletter Packs 6PL
    Rank: Battle-ready
    Bloodcrushers 6PL



    Rank: Battle-ready
    Flesh Hounds 5PL




    Rank: Battle-ready
  10. Cross posting some pictures from the Hall of Honor > Army Showcase thread. I didn't take a ton of close ups, those can be found elsewhere on the B&C.


    Comments and criticism welcome.
















    Fast Attack







    Heavy Support



    Dedicated Transports















  11. Evil Eye
    Latest Entry

    Success! My termagant sculpts have been printed, and they're delightful! I still need to sculpt some weapons for them, but they work with the plastic gaunt weapons as a stop-gap.



    This was quite a learning experience, and I hadn't quite appreciated just how...spindly they would be. On the plus side, Elegoo ABS-Like 2.0 is very durable and they don't feel like they're going to break. In hindsight I'll not add quite so many tiny bits in future as they're just so small that they get lost.

  12. Photo update 2/2 - I managed to paint the model. The next entry will show a the model, together with a finished base, in better quality photos. However, I know that I need to take break from this draining project and focus on other things for the time being.













    And my finished Redemptor Dreadnought Conversion
















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    "My name is Inquisitor Anrede Hedrek and like my compatriots I am unique in the truest sense of the word as you will come to comprehend. Like so many ancient and specialised branches of the great Imperium to the other Ordo of the great Inquisition we are of little significance to the greater whole. For who would think to question the existence of such an insignificant sub section hidden away in a forgotten office deep within the vast and labyrinthian depths of the record halls of the great Administratium.  

    We are tasked with the impossible endevour of cataloguing existence itself, in this realm and beyond. But this is not a simple case of observing the material and immaterial realms, which in itself would be a staggering undertaking in, ours is the duty to go beyond to explore that which can only be perceived by one of my kind.   

    I am a stranger to this place, for want of a better word this reality. I was born to a different time and place as such was my Ordo which is only right and true.  The citizens of this Imperium, your Imperium know only that which is passed down from generation to generation and the events that play out before them. Their perception of this truth is but a tiny slither, the faintest of faintest lights passing through the tiniest cracks into the utter darkness that is their existence. They are blind, ignorant of the greater schemes and happenings of their own universe and could in no manner be expected to comprehend the greater truth. Such is the way of things, such are the mysteries that are greater than even your understanding of the Warp. Yet it fills me with sadness that this is the truest and most proper realm, all others mere echoes or shadows cast by the brilliant light of His flame.

    To describe the absolute truth would be meaningless even to the most learned of  your scholars. Such blind and fragile closed minds that exist in such an age of superstition and heresy would prove to be a barren wasteland to the seeds of knowledge that I would spread so instead I shall tell it as a tale, a fable, a parable of what was and what came to be and what is. 

    Know that there are many stories, so many renditions of the great truth. A tale of betrayal, of lost sons, of great evil and final sacrifice against the great beast. In all the thousands of versions of this tale I have been privy to there is one common denominator, He was there. The same theme over and over, played out on thousands of stages, the players differ, the order of events is not always the same as a hero in one can be villain in another but all without fail come to the same terrible act on curtain fall. The confrontation between Him and his most trusted, be it son or daughter, friend or lover, be he saviour or monster, victory at such a terrible cost or such terrible sacrifice where in every instance that I have recorded results in his inescapable fate of internment on the Golden device. This one closing act of the great tragic story being truth no matter what the stage or where the scene is set echoing throughout all reality. 

    The version that you, unlike the majority of the lowly masses of this Imperium, are most likely familiar with is the great Heresy. Beloved Horus most trusted of his sons taking sides with the immaterial entities of the Warp that posed as deities, a catastrophic event that would scar time itself and push humanity to the brink of extinction.  

    Humanity’s lack of true awareness of the greater universe hinders me as I try to put into words that which you cannot truly understand. The favoured son was brought down by the father but at great cost, his own body broken and shattered he was placed on the great golden device.  

    One thing is true of all accounts, His final breath delayed, His physical form saved from the cold embrace of final death but His soul is fractured and fragmented throughout out time and space. Each tiny fragment of His glorious essence taking root and diverting what you would probably call reality. Each like dropping an immense immovable boulder into a mighty river blocking its path as the flow of the river is diverted into smaller streams break free moving around the object. Each stream becomes its own story, its own tale, it's own record of events that come to pass as these solitary fragments of Him are cast throughout time and space.  

    In the most simplest terms that you could possibly comprehend it is our sole purpose and divine duty to gather, collect and record data on these fragment realities with the hope that one day He may be made whole and save this sole record none will ever know."    







    The purpose of this blog is to explore beyond the boundaries that are set by the universe of Warhammer 40,000 by using various techniques from story telling, AI artwork and of course the miniatures. It's a chance to open up my creativity and move past my own self imposed limitations when it comes to lore.

    So this blog in effect is the exploration of the what if, what could be but keeping within the boundaries of alternate takes on the 40k universe through the lenses of the Ordo Scientia. The Ordo operates on the premise that when Horus all but destroyed the Emperor his soul shattered sending fragments through time and dimensional space as we can understand it creating alternative realities that ultimately all play out in the same way coming to a single point with the near demise of the Emperor and his soul fragmenting. While the Ordo Scientia exists in the true 40k universe in a dusty old library cell deep within the vast catacombs of Terra the events that they record do not come from our reality for the most and so do not effect the true course of the lore we know. Everything we know plays out as it is written in the lore.

    The idea is inspired from a small section of the book Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work which hints at such a possibility leaving it open to interpretation which I won't spoil for people here. This blog will be written partially in character where needed and partially as myself and will include both finished and work in progress models as I play around with ideas. You will not find any mention of the Ordo Scientia within any Imperial records simply because they are not from our reality but believe ours to be the true source of all echoes of what is.




    inquisitor 2.jpg

  13. Noserenda
    Latest Entry


    Real quick one as im knackered but im really happy with how my Knight Errant Sister came out, the concept being that she is either the last member of an Orphaned Vigil or perhaps a particularly grizzled Knight or Solo operative, either way she works alone, is armed to the teeth and perfectly willing to use it all :D 

    That and i spotted the Vampire base mini had definite potential! It hasnt gone perfectly but my keen needed an outlet ;) 

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    Hello folks,


    I've been in a hobby mojo dip for the past few months, which has translated into 0% physical hobby progress and mounting frustration, in addition to the usual Hobby Butterfly Syndrome (or HBS for short). I have however managed a relatively stable online presence (if a bit sparse in terms of post count) over that time. With that in mind, I've decided to create this blog for which my objectives are:

    1. Get a post, preferably with at least one picture of personal hobby progress, published each week and keep that momentum going for as long as possible;
    2. Organise my hobby projects in such a way that I have a clear idea of what I have underway and avoid having too big of a scatter of projects but not in a way that will stifle my creativity (typically, creating army lists at the start of a project stifles my creativity and usually sounds the death knell of projects before they have properly taken off);
    3. Avoid unnecessary squandering of my limited monetary resources;
    4. Interact with the local blogging community here.

    To hold myself accountable to these objectives, I'll do a periodic (monthly?) review of how well I've managed to fulfill those objectives and what I will do to improve fulfillment over time if I feel I'm going astray.


    Now, perhaps I can write a bit more about myself. I...

    • am approaching my thirties at an alarmingly steady speed;
    • live, study, and work in Switzerland (Europe) though don't have the stereotypical, well-filled bank account, much to the chagrin of my hobby hoarder side;
    • have been in the hobby since roughly 2005-2006, when a friend showed me their Lord of the Rings Rohan Warriors and got me hooked;
    • have been a member of this community since 2009 and a moderator since 2014;
    • first managed to complete a playable army just under a year ago and that remains one of my proudest hobby achievements;
    • do not like the latest edition of Warhammer 40'000 and am looking at playing the game using the 3rd/4th Edition rules and codecies.


    Before my latest hobby mojo dip, I was busy with painting Necromunda models and one-off Space Marines from various lesser-known Chapters. Here are a few pictures from both of those projects:



    A WIP shot of my Escher gang, the Lazer Lynx



    A pair of Goliath gangers that are part of an ongoing (and very late) commission



    A Space Marine from the Emperor's Hands Chapter



    A Space Marine from the Star Phantoms Chapter


    Before these projects, I was working on my Black Templars. I don't have a decent army picture so here is one of the larger Crusader Squad with its Rhino APC facing off against some retro Orks found at my local club:




    While I was very proud of achieving that coveted goal of a fully-painted army, their tabletop performance against the local community was very poor and my work on them ground to a complete halt late last year/early on this year. However, with my (re)discovery of the 3rd and 4th Editions of Warhammer 40'000, I'm considering working on this army project once more.


    I was also working on a Mantis Warrior Kill Team project that was supposed to accompany a one-off Marine that I painted in 2021 but it hasn't gotten any further than building the models and giving them a spray coat of Death Guard Green.




    Pre-undercoat pictures of the Kill Team



    The "original" and completed Mantis Warrior


    Moving forward, I would like to (in no particular order):

    • organise a proper work space for my hobbying;
    • restart work on my Black Templars and create a playable 3rd/4th Edition force;
    • finish the Goliath gang I started painting for a friend as a commission;
    • start work on an Eldar force for 3rd/4th Edition;
    • continue painting one-off models whenever it tickles my fancy and/or I need a bit of palette cleanser.

    Beyond concrete projects though, I'd like to find a sustainable way to keep my hobby mojo flame burning steadily and to rekindle that joy I feel when working on hobby projects.


    If you have gotten this far, I thank you for your attention and hope you enjoyed this first post on this fresh, new blog. If you have any comments or thoughts, feel free to share them below. :smile:


    In the time between now and my next update, take care and keep hobbying!

  14. Looking for inspiration for another painting project I started rummaging through my plastic sprues looking for simple things to add here and there to my BA force. I built 2 ABR Intercessors as a result but I wanted to share with you something else that kinda happened on it's own.

    Remember that odd Flamer guy Black Templars got all of a sudden during their last model release? Well now I have my own :biggrin:

    Design is not perfect, but it's bigger (as all things Primaris should be) and it was fun to make. 

    I fully expect the full range of the firstborn Special and Heavy weapons to find their way into Primaris squads. The pyro blaster BT got is an indicator of that for me. 

  15. I'm about to start a new job and have had a couple of weeks off since leaving the last one. The idea was to use some of the time painting to clear a bit of my backlog, but as with most of my hobby projects, I thought of something new to do and immeadiatly got sidetracked by that idea. The big idea was simply this, to build and paint a number of kill teams, enough to have a slection so I could invite some friends round for a short kill team campaign and have teams ready to go without all the hassle of creating squads themsleves as not all of them are fans of the building and painting side of the hobby.

    I already had the Voidscarred corsairs and Chaos Legionaires painted with the Kroot kinband and Tau pathfinders undercoated and ready to paint. To these I decided to add a SM Intercession team and a Harelequins one. I already had models I could use for these but decided I wanted to create new teams with a better squad identity , so I ht ebay to find the required models an bits and set about creating and printing the other custom components I wanted. The other thing I wanted to do was add name plates to all of the models to make them easily identifiable on the tabletop which I created and 3d printed as required.

    Below are the killteams in their current state:


    Voidscarred corsairs - painted and now with nameplates.


    Chaos legionaires - Also now with added nameplates.


    Tau Pathfinders - managed to finish painting these this week.


    Intercession Kill Team - WIP, added custom 3d printed helmets and shoilderpads to all models as well as a scabbard and targeter for the sargeant.


    Void Dancer Troupe - WIP, only had to print a fusion pistol for the leader along with the nameplates as it is not an option in on the sprue. 


    Kroot Kinband - Still awaiting paint, but now with nameplates.

    Let me know what you think and I'll try to update you with progress.

  16. Working on my 40k Kratos build and I wanted it to fit into 40k in my army of all primaris. The hatch-mounted combi-volkite was not exciting to me at all.  I really like how he came out:



  17. It's that time again – time for a new invitational challenge event themed around the War of the False Primarch. Please do help to spread the word. Tag is:


    Full details are through this link to the +Death of a Rubricist+ blog; but summarised here:

    • Build and paint between one and three models to illuminate one of the many battles that raged over planet Coldforge during the War of the False Primarch
    • Post a picture of – and any lore you've written for – your finished model(s) to Instagram or here.
    • Coldforge is a place of high-octane danger! Whether you choose to produce three squadmates or a duel between opposing champions, your models should be posed or arranged to emphasise the movement and conflict.
    • Yes, you can use existing models.
    • + The challenge begins on the 11th September at 11:02am GMT, and ends on 11th October at 02:11pm GMT. +


  18. Warhammer 40k;

    Primaris - Iron Snakes 20% Complete (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Astral Claws 10% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Lamenters 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Mantis Warriors 5% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Executioners 25% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War - Tyrants Legion 0% (as at Sept 22)

    Tyranids 75% (as at Sept 22)

    Necrons 85% (as at Sept 22)

    CSM Red Corsairs 55% (as at Sept 22)


    Horus Heresy;

    Dark Angels 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Emperors Children 40% (as at Sept 22)



  19. A Long Introduction 

    A blog! An honest to goodness blog! I have no clue how these things work, which is an embarrassing thing to admit as someone my age. I should definitely know. 

    Anyway hello! If you have found this blog by some misfortune welcome! I’ve been at this hobby since I was a wee lad. But I’m only just now getting to a point where I feel good enough about it to share, especially when it comes to painting and modeling. Don’t expect many to visits but I like the idea of having a dedicated hobby space to post my projects and progress.

    About the title

    Back when I first got into Warhammer 40000, Eldar were my first army. A boxset of those old plastic Dire Avengers with the metal heads and Exarch gear were my first Warhammer 40,000 models, after the Lord of the Rings miniatures and Lizardmen (we were still in the old world back then) lost their charm. I was enthralled by the idea of the space elves, even if my understanding was limited. And the Swordwind of Biel-Tan was my first love. This was around the end of third fourth edition. I think. While others went for the overpowering seer council of Ulthwé or the ghost warriors of Iyanden, I was smitten by the Aspect Warriors. And the Swordwind. The name just sounded so cool to a young me. 

    And so years and years after that, after most of my original Eldar have been sold or lost or crushed to plastic powder, I started my first love again. 



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