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  1. I did some work today on cleaning some parts, tentative list building, and getting Chaplain Gerud Vahlas, the Witch-Breaker, ready for priming.


    The gap on the right pauldron/cloak portion is because they're held on with poster tac. I'm going to paint the cape and power pack separate from the rest of the model. The Death Guard are more about function than frippery, but with the recent praetor reveals I felt okay with including a cape. It also made it easier on me, because I think I'm out of extra shoulder pads. Regardless, I didn't like what the cape did to the silhouette. It's so :cuss: big, so I cut it down and fixed the area with some shaving and filing. 


  2. In February, when BroT and Brother Argos invited me to take a step inside the Inner Sanctum and work out how the site upgrade would work, I didn't realize then just how much I would grow to appreciate the Bolter and Chainsword.   

    It took a while to get down on paper and visualize what was really important to the site and over the course of the months that followed.. Well, you know how that ended up.  Thanks again for your input and patience.

    Now we reach a milestone.  It was agreed in February that the October month was an important deadline since it meant the lease on the old hardware would have to be renewed.  We don't need to renew it.  So, while it has been obvious since June (when we re-launched) that the new site is the site moving forward, there was always that little thing called legacy BnC hanging back there in the shadows.   Way too much has happened since June.  There is no going back. 

    Having said that, the Admin/Mod work continues and I can say that more interesting things are in the pipeline.   I don't want to give it all away.  But expect even more interesting customizations to the site w/o actually losing the flavor of the site.  Namely (Oh ok, I'll drop one thing)... the launch page will probably be tweaked a bit so it has a bit more options than simply straight-to-forums.   BroT is still kicking that around and I think the Mods have also contributed to the analysis of what that would look like.

    Suffice to say.. October.  It's coming and it'll be an inflection point of the site to some.   For all of you who use this site, and stay here --- that's great.  Keep up the work and postings, and gallery submissions, and all of it.   It's really a site for us that we make together.

    Support the BnC. 

    There'll be some work in the months ahead to explain how you can be effective in that area.   In the mean time, like the rest of us, I'll be busy thinking about the next models to paint and look forward to the next releases of my new favorite, League of Votann.

    Carry on.


  3. It's taken me a bit to get back into the Blogging mind set mainly because of the long form framework. With FB, Insta...etc, you post a picture, quick blurb and be done with it, extremely easy to become lazy with words. You gain insta-gratification with "likes" or "Follows" but really, at least to me, they have never meant anything. Sure as a hobbyist getting hundreds of likes for a model you completed felt good at first but knowing some people just click on it because their finger is pre-programmed to do so kinda takes the wind out of your sail so to speak. I wasn't a extremely early adaptor of blogging but did start around 2000 with a blog mainly about the outhouse cinema I enjoy. The golden age of DVD's when all the worlds worst (not my words) would find a home on the format. Great tittles like The Sinful Dwarf, Cannibal Holocaust, Mad Foxes..etc  would all have their time in the spotlight. But not only movies, all things in life would find their way on there. All of your hobbies or pastimes like Fishing or Hunting, motorcycles, model building....all lead to the eventual departure from blogging all together because life became busy. Well I'm extremely glad that the Blog has made a comeback here, even if it is hobby, IE Warhammer 30/40K focused because it has given me a focal point, and of course that is my Alpha Legion force of the Great Scouring. I have been very un-focused with this project for many years, but given that 30K has gotten a huge push lately and this blog came along at the right time, I feel a certain completeness and really look forward to the few hours per week put into the hobby. 


    Well here is my completed dread, really happy with the way he turned out. Plans for a few others have already be jotted down. I really do have to work on my photography skills though, they lack huge.

    Now I'm not really a contest kinda guy but from time to time I do enter one if for no other reason than to light a fire under my arse to get stuff moving/completed. Well I entered BCK's Vehicle Challenge & Fire Raptor Giveaway. He was kind enough to pony up a Fire Raptor for the winner & even pay the postage!!! How awesome is that!! Anyway I hope more people enter this, his early poll seemed to show a lot of interest from folks but to date I only see a handful of us entering. I generally take a long time to paint stuff that others complete in a short time so there is still ample time for those of you that crank out projects, but its closing rather quickly so get a move on it!

    Here is a WIP of my Sicaran 



    Good luck for those of you that entered and for those of you that will enter!

  4. So September White Dwarf has been here a lil while which means accountability time was like... last week but hey ho, better late than never :P 

    52374428522_9a062a20f5_o.pngBingo 2022 September 

    The Sons of Horus have been covered off here already but i finished the Vindicare and his perch, as previously mentioned i wanted to go for a badly damaged but painted statue as a bit of a challenge and to stand out a bit. Though ive since seen a version with the statue fallen which is a much better idea! Happy with how he came out in the end, there are things id like to tweak but perfect is the enemy of done after all.


    I did plan to have it overrun with foliage on the lower part too but then realised the scale felt off and i hate doing vines :D Hes obviously a display piece anyhow so basing not matching perfectly is fine. Plus im hardly short on assassins...

    That aside ive been painting some Mandalorian Rebels for Star wars legion as for various reasons Amazon has been sending me silly offers for them. Not too sold on the game, the cards give me X-wing flashbacks but two of my group are keen.

    Going forward, i have a few Lords of War mostly painted around in boxes to score the somewhat silly two per grid, definitely going to adjust that next year GW you cheeky sods. That and the Sons of Horus but Aod 2nd is stalling hard in our group, i guess how they treat the Talons in October will see if they progress much more.

  5. Or: It's Fistin' Time!

    22 September, 2022

    After a series of stinging defeats and anaemic offerings to the Blood Father, the World Eaters are eager for a worthy fight. Kratus, in particular, is determined to prove his worth as a successor to the Hand of Khorne. As scattered bands of Cruentes stalk the streets, they encounter a scouting force of Imperial Knights, presenting them with an opportunity to take some worthy trophies.

    Since the last battle, I used Repair and Recuperate to remove the battle scar from Thrax, the Exalted Champion. It appears his pact with a shadowy daemon has instilled him with new confidence...

    Kratus and Thrax lead this force, composed of all three Berzerker squads led by ValidonDreior and Gorm, and backed by a Cultist mob and Bardûl, the Spawn.

    Eager to salvage his reputation and silence any possibility of usurpation from within his ranks, Kratus seeks to draw the Eye of the Gods (kill characters or vehicles) and solidify himself as an Instrument of Vengeance (Path of the Righteous - kill characters or units bearing relics).

    In this mission, half of each player's units (rounding down) must start in Strategic Reserve, at no cost. With seven units in my army, I opt to keep Kratus, two Berzerker squads and the Cultists on the board. Thrax leads a reserve band of eight Berzerkers and the Spawn. 

    The objectives for this mission are simply to kill enemies and end the game in the opponent's deployment zone. We also set up a couple of supply cache secondary objectives, per our campaign's rules. Performing a special Action on these objectives would provide free uses of certain Requisitions.


    A wave of determination sweeps over the World Eaters, and although my opponent gains first turn I decide to use Apoplectic Frenzy to sprint almost everyone forwards.



    In the Knights' first turn, their warlord, Prince Arthur, shimmies between two ruins to draw a bead on the Berzerkers on my right.


    In a storm of extremely accurate firepower, six Berzerkers are blasted apart.


    On the left, one Berzerker is downed by an autocannon from the shooty Armiger.


    Following up on his successful shooting, Prince Arthur barrels between the ruined buildings to charge and easily destroy the two remaining Berzerkers. Kratus, still suffering from some Deep Scars, cannot use Heroic Intervention.

    (Our campaign has a house rule where a unit can only use the Repair and Recuperate requisition if they sit out a battle, and Kratus has been fighting in every battle since gaining that scar.)


    In response, I abandon my original plan of using the Cultists to just nab some supplies, and instead hurl them at the Knight along with Kratus. If push comes to shove, they can use Fury of Khorne to help get a few extra wounds in if needed.

    The Berzerkers on the left instead head over to pick up those supplies...but I forget that they have the Battle-weary scar, preventing them from performing Actions. Dangit.


    Kratus leaps from the corpses of dead Berzerkers to latch onto the Knight's carapace. With the help of the Wrath of the Chosen (+1 to hit with Terminators or Chosen) and Stoke the Nails (puts the unit into Wanton Slaughter) stratagems, as well as his various abilities, Kratus drives his chainfist repeatedly into the Knight's body. 

    Inflicting an impressive 27 damage, Kratus manages to rupture the fuel cells of Prince Arthur's mighty steed, causing a catastrophic explosion that kills several Cultists and wounds the Chaos Lord.


    Seeking retribution for the demise of their Warlord, the two Armigers in reserve start racing towards Kratus.


    Six cultists (and a couple of Berzerkers on my left) are slain by the Knights' firepower.


    Wading into the Cultist mob, the Armigers make short work of the mortals and their remains are sprayed onto the walls of the nearby ruins and silo, leaving Kratus decidedly vulnerable.


    In my second turn, Thrax and his Berzerkers stream in from Strategic Reserve, taking advantage of the ability to set up closer to the enemy if you arrive close to your own table edge. Thrax's aim with his combi-melta is uncanny, scoring a direct hit on one of the Armigers and stripping six wounds off it.

    Elsewhere, Bardûl wanders onto the table near my opponent's deployment zone, ready to wander in on the last turn to earn some endgame VPs if things go badly.


    Meanwhile, Gorm's Berzerkers stalk through the ruins, hoping for a long charge on the Armigers to help out the Chaos Lord.


    Unfortunately, everyone except Kratus fails their charges. I guess it's down to the Hand of Khorne, now!


    Kratus has an impressive nine attacks on the charge, so I allocate three to the wounded Armiger and six to the other. Using the Wrath of the Chosen and Stoke the Nails stratagems again, he gains an absurd number of attacks from exploding 6s, but even so he barely finishes off the wounded Armiger and, with a lucky Command Re-roll to wound, he destroys the unwounded Armiger.


    Unfortunately, Kratus's luck can't last forever. The last Armiger sidesteps the ruin and unloads his autocannons into the Chaos Lord, who fails two of his 2+ saves, so even a Command Re-roll wouldn't help. High-impact, explosive rounds tear into Kratus and he crashes to the ground, ending his rampage.

    In my third turn, Thrax and all the Berzerkers hurl themselves at the last Armiger, eager for the kill.


    In the Knights' fourth turn, he knocks out a couple more Berzerkers from Gorm's squad, but the writing is definitely on the wall. Thrax and Validon's Berzerker squad pack into the last Armiger, with Thrax severely damaging the machine (seriously, I can't seem to roll 6s to save my life with Gorefather), and it is easily dismantled by the Berzerkers.


    What a brutal game. I made one mistake in sending my one Berzerker squad that can't perform Actions after some objectives that require Actions, but other than that things went unbelievably well, and probably need to start screening Berzerkers with Cultists to prevent them from getting charged so easily. I also kept forgetting to use the Skulls for the Skull Throne stratagem, since all of the Knights were Characters. But I think that would've just been rubbing salt in the wound at that point!

    Result: 50-10 victory

    Kratus's Personal Glory: 1 -> 7
    Khorne's Dark God Glory: 6 -> 5
    Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 7 -> 7

    I only gain four Chaos Points for the victory, but with Kratus killing the enemy Warlord and two more characters/vehicles, he gains another three Personal Glory points. I put another three Chaos Points from the victory into Kratus's Personal Glory (I think he deserved it!), catapulting him from being Forsaken to being Favoured! Evidently, his followers were impressed by his showing in this game.

    Unfortunately, Kratus does fail his Out of Action test, and it turns out that one of his legs was turned into a pulpy mess by a hail of mass-reactive rounds. His body has not yet accepted the crude bionic replacement, giving him the Lost Leg battle scar (-1Mv, -1 to Advance and Charge rolls). Oof.

    However, he gained a whopping 8XP from the Eye of the Gods agenda, and a further 4XP (and 2 Righteous Inspiration points) from the Instrument of Vengeance agenda, plus he killed three units and was Marked for Glory for a total of 17XP (including the one for fighting a battle).

    And this is the part I've all been waiting for: Kratus finally levelled up to Heroic rank, giving him another chance to roll on the Chaos Boons table. He already has serpentine fangs (13) and a scorpion's tail (21), and if I roll either of those two results again he gets to join Bardûl in the ranks of spawndom.

    I roll the Chaos Boon - and get 23. Warp Stalker (reroll Advance and Charge rolls). My heart skipped a beat on the first D3 roll, but that result was a very good one, and partially offsets the Lost Leg battle scar.

    Kratus is now at 47XP, so levelling up to Legendary rank is realistically only a couple of games away. And who knows what awaits him when he does...

  6. Working on my 40k Kratos build and I wanted it to fit into 40k in my army of all primaris. The hatch-mounted combi-volkite was not exciting to me at all.  I really like how he came out:



  7. Not sure progress is the right word as a nice shiny box full of goodies arrived, adding much more to my pile of shame:


    So I got stuck in and assemebled an undercoated the Kroot, even made a custom Pech token using a eagle from the bits box. Not sure I'm going to keep the Imperial Navy team, so left them on the sprue. Clipped and assembled all the terrain in the box, very impressed with the kit , highly detailed, but also means it's going to take longer to paint. Now only got find time to play it, hope to get it all done for a small campaign with friends over the Xmas period.


    On the painting front this weekend I made some progress on this bad boy:


    Also managed to finish off the heavy intercessors I had been working on, get base coats on a few other models with the airbrush and paint a couple more bits of the Killzone Moroch terrain. Then, as if I don't have enough on my list to do I went and printed this:


    Always wanted one for my firstborn chapter, but could never justify the expense. It was nealy a disaster running out of resin right at the end of an 8hour+ print, but I think I've managed to salvage it with a big wad of milliput to fill in the unprinted gap.


  8. It's that time again – time for a new invitational challenge event themed around the War of the False Primarch. Please do help to spread the word. Tag is:


    Full details are through this link to the +Death of a Rubricist+ blog; but summarised here:

    • Build and paint between one and three models to illuminate one of the many battles that raged over planet Coldforge during the War of the False Primarch
    • Post a picture of – and any lore you've written for – your finished model(s) to Instagram or here.
    • Coldforge is a place of high-octane danger! Whether you choose to produce three squadmates or a duel between opposing champions, your models should be posed or arranged to emphasise the movement and conflict.
    • Yes, you can use existing models.
    • + The challenge begins on the 11th September at 11:02am GMT, and ends on 11th October at 02:11pm GMT. +


  9. With the first member of the up-scaled Cataphractii painted, I'm kinda surprised to say that the project is complete :happy:


    I already said in my previous entry, that I'm satisfied with the build. However seeing the result in full color gives that extra layer of confirmation and pleasure. Finis coronat opus if my High Gothic serves me right?

    Now the nearest goal is to paint the remaining 4 members of the squad. There is another 5 waiting in the sprues too if I fancy. 

    As far as trying to make Terminators "better" idea goes, I have plans to try it out with the Indomitus pattern as well\

    Cheers! :biggrin:

  10. Warhammer 40k;

    Primaris - Iron Snakes 20% Complete (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Astral Claws 10% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Lamenters 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Mantis Warriors 5% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War Firstborn - Executioners 25% (as at Sept 22)

    Badab War - Tyrants Legion 0% (as at Sept 22)

    Tyranids 75% (as at Sept 22)

    Necrons 85% (as at Sept 22)

    CSM Red Corsairs 55% (as at Sept 22)


    Horus Heresy;

    Dark Angels 15% (as at Sept 22)

    Emperors Children 40% (as at Sept 22)



  11. What goes around comes around, it seems...After having started the hobby with Tyranids, and having joined this forum doing Chaos Space Marines, I am now finding myself making the subject of this forum's origins- a loyal servant of the Emperor, a Space Marine!

    This was largely done on account of getting the Firestrike Turret as a gift from a friend, who knew I liked 40K but didn't really know much about it. Whilst the turret itself is an immeasurably helpful source of gun/turret-y bits, the Techmarine seemed a bit redundant.

    However, I quickly realized that due to his construction, it would be fairly simple to get him standing upright and actually looking pretty cool! A bit of cutting and gluing later and I had the basis for a decent looking Marine.

    I've since done a fair bit of work scrounging together as many parts as I can that would fit a Loyalist Marine. Ironically, a lot of these parts are from traitors! The arms are de-Chaosed last-gen CSM arms, the resin shoulder pad from the Kakophoni kit and the head from the Phoenix Terminators. His other shoulder pad is leftover from Tor Garadon (who is destined to be a Slaaneshi Iron Warrior lord once I finish the conversion and paint him...), and his sword and backpack trinket are from the Empire Wizard kit (THE best kit you can possibly get for assorted INQ28/Blanchitsu doodads). The tilt shield is from the Venerable Dreadnought kit.

    I also spent a while removing the Primaris-y bits from the legs; as there's a lot of putty work to be done anyway, a little extra trimming was no great hardship. The end result actually makes for a fairly convincing looking set of Mk. 7 legs IMO.

    Here he is so far!


    The only question that remains is the paint scheme to choose. I'm definitely thinking of an Imperial Fists successor (hence the shoulder pad, which is convenient as I love the Fists and it was the only Loyalist pad I had...) but I'm torn between an actual Imperial Fist, a member of my little homebrew chapter "The Warborn" (which would necessitate some minor sculpting on the pad to have the fist hold an anchor) or alternatively a sort of INQ28 Astartes "hedge knight" who wears armour made from whatever components he can find, and is leading a ragtag warband of appropriately scruffy but fiercely loyal and pious followers to try and bring some light to a benighted world. We'll see...

  12. As the title says, why can't I resist new things? 

    When the return of the Squats was teased on April Fools Day, and then confirmed shortly afterwards as the Leagues of Votann, I got very excited! The Squats were actually coming back - this was an army that was around when I first discovered the GW universe, and it reminded of those good times that you always look back on fondly.

    I ended up making a couple of videos about it which went down quite well, and I looked forward to seeing what GW had in store for the Leagues. Then came an article about the Votanns, which it turns out are ancient ancestor cores, containing all sorts of information including complete STC patterns. I was even more excited, this sounded amazing.

    Then they said they were all clones. Wait what? At first this annoyed me, and coupled with the release of Horus Heresy 2.0, I started to lose a bit of interest.

    But then they started showing cool things... but still I resisted.

    Then they showed the Brôkhyr Thunderkyn, and my head was turned. I could see them painted like the power loader from Aliens... 

    Then it was NOVA open 2022. They got me.

    Believe it or not, the thing that did it was a picture of the Hekaton Land Fortress photoshopped to look like the TMNT Turtle Van. It was stupidly awesome, and I could see that colour scheme again that I'd envisioned for the Thunderkyn - a JCB/Industrial Yellow and Dark Grey or Black.

    Some people have commented on how different the range is and how it doesn't seem to mesh or follow a common theme, but thats what I love about it. I also don't mind the cloneskyn thing anymore, it actually sounds like an interesting take on the lore.

    Now I find myself wanting the Army box so I can start building a Leagues of Votann force.

    To be honest all of the above is just nonsense - its just me trying to justify spending more money on minis when there's a cost of living crisis going on, not to mention the fact that my pile of shame is just ridiculous.

    Why can't I resist new things? 


    If anyone wants me I'll be on eBay.

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    Recent Entries

    The oldest of my unfinished Warhammer 40,000 projects is that of creating a chess set based on the game. I enjoyed playing chess long before WH40K and greatly appreciate finely crafted chess pieces. I began “working” on this project back in the ezBoard days of 3rd edition and have revisited it several times since then. At one point, I even started a larger project in which other members of the community were invited to submit their own WH40K-themed chess sets. That project was called “Regicide” after the in-universe game of the same name and predating the video game of the same name from Hammerfall Publishing (you can find it at the Google Play store and on Steam). Actually, the project has never moved beyond the conceptual stage. Despite my pathetic lack of progress, this is the project that I am most keen on finishing one day.


    There are several things that I would like to achieve with my set:

    • Recognizability
    • Simplicity
    • Theme

    The key focus of recognizability is that a chess player that isn’t familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 setting should be able to look at the pieces and be able to figure out what each represents. A key component of this is the actual piece – the shape of the piece should look most like what it is supposed to represent. Another element might be decorations on or additions to the piece. For example, the standard chess symbol for the piece might be represented on the model. Alternately/additionally, the symbols might be incorporated into the model bases. However this is done, symbols should be visible on the front and back at a minimum to facilitate recognition by the players, but also on the sides to facilitate recognition by spectators.

    This is an offshoot of the recognizability criterion. The goal here is to limit the learning curve to the greatest extent possible. In this, the opposing pieces should be as close as possible in appearance so that non-WH40K players will recognize that the opponent’s pieces correspond with their own pieces. Two virtually identical sets (except for color) would be ideal for this, but the next criterion means that there might be small differences.

    This criterion drives towards the pieces working together thematically, as well as each working on its own thematically. For example, a knight should look like it can move the way a chess knight moves; and the potency of each piece (relative to the others) is appropriate. In addition, the opposing sides should work thematically, representing enemies within the setting.

    All these criteria combined have led me to base the set on the Legiones Astartes of the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy/Scouring. As it stands right now, the pieces are as follows:

    • King – Standard Bearer
    • Queen – Praetor
    • Bishop – Librarian/Techmarine
    • Knight – Assault
    • Rook – Breacher or Terminator (I’m leaning towards the Terminator)
    • Pawn – Tactical

    I don’t plan to make the sides represent any specific legions, instead just making each generic. Black (actually, a dark grey) and dark red will be the main colors, each with the chess piece symbol marked in white on both shoulder pads and on the backpack (and shield, if they have one).

    I’m thinking that I can use different armor types as another way to differentiate the sides. One side would have Mk III armor (Cataphracti for the Terminators) and the other side would have Mk IV armor (Tartaros for the Terminators).

    The pieces won’t look like they can be used in regular games of WH40K – they won’t have ‘Eavy Metal paint jobs (or as close as my skills might attempt). Instead, they’ll be [mostly] monochromatic. This reduces some of the distraction for non-WH40K players. The minis will be painted using contrast paints and inks to make the details pop, but I want them to look more like they were carved from a single piece of wood/stone than like regular painted miniatures. They’ll probably have a glossy finish, too.

    I’m looking at using the Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set for the board.

    The bases of the chess pieces will feature a number of elements to distinguish the pieces:

    • Height: Pawns being shortest; Rooks, Knights, and Bishops being in the middle; and Queens and Kings having the tallest bases.
    • Chess symbols at the front, back, and sides.

    The concept is illustrated below. To execute, I’ll need either three or eight types of pieces. Piece A is the middle part of the base and will have the standard symbol on it. The variation here comes in either having a generic piece that I have to apply the symbol either through painting or decals, or having the symbols sculpted onto the bases (so needing six variations for each of the piece types). Piece B is the top/bottom, and Piece C is a spacer that indicates the relative power/importance of the piece. The illustrations aren’t quite to scale and will probably be much wider than they appear in the image. If I had a 3D printer, I’d make them that way. Since I don’t, I’ll either have to commission them or create them the old fashioned way (or resort to turning the pieces out of wood or casting them in resin).


  13. A Long Introduction 

    A blog! An honest to goodness blog! I have no clue how these things work, which is an embarrassing thing to admit as someone my age. I should definitely know. 

    Anyway hello! If you have found this blog by some misfortune welcome! I’ve been at this hobby since I was a wee lad. But I’m only just now getting to a point where I feel good enough about it to share, especially when it comes to painting and modeling. Don’t expect many to visits but I like the idea of having a dedicated hobby space to post my projects and progress.

    About the title

    Back when I first got into Warhammer 40000, Eldar were my first army. A boxset of those old plastic Dire Avengers with the metal heads and Exarch gear were my first Warhammer 40,000 models, after the Lord of the Rings miniatures and Lizardmen (we were still in the old world back then) lost their charm. I was enthralled by the idea of the space elves, even if my understanding was limited. And the Swordwind of Biel-Tan was my first love. This was around the end of third fourth edition. I think. While others went for the overpowering seer council of Ulthwé or the ghost warriors of Iyanden, I was smitten by the Aspect Warriors. And the Swordwind. The name just sounded so cool to a young me. 

    And so years and years after that, after most of my original Eldar have been sold or lost or crushed to plastic powder, I started my first love again. 



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