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The Steel Ghosts v3.0 (after long silence)


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NB: I've been gone like forever, but I'm getting the 40k bug again and one of my summer projects is going to be bringing the Steel Ghosts to the table! So it's finally time to finalize this article and submit it to the Librarium.


The Librarium's currently closed for revamping, so that ambition may have some hiccups. :)


Ahh, my timing is impeccable as always! Still, more time to get actual minis painted up before getting it in the Librarium, I guess....


the bayous of Plackmine.


I see what you did there, and I approve highly. It's subtle, but people familiar with the area get the reference. :drool:


Haha, actually in my first draft I had it as 'Planckmine' to disguise it a bit more, but if it hasn't caused a bunch of raised eyebrows already I think I'll leave it as is. What's funnier is that now, nearly three years after I started this thing, I cannot for the life of me figure out how I first heard of Plaquemines Parish, as I'm not from anywhere nearby!

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I think flintlock may have wandered off again, but that doesn't seem to hamper our relationship much. :D


1, 4, and 7 are probably the least critical of the whispers.


I haven't actually been through the IA in a while, so I'll go back through and do it some time after I go through all the other ones I've been planning to review.

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