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Melta bombs and Monoliths

Apothecary Daxam

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Codex says; "Living Metal:" In practice, any weapon attacking the monolith will roll for armour penetration using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what."

Just to quote from Steelmage99.




I fail to see what is so hard about "no matter what" that requires 7 pages of debate. Sure, be pedantic about how things such as grenades are/aren't described, but the rule actually says "using its unaugmented strength and a single D6 no matter what.".

If you decide it has no strength, then 0+d6. No more dice than d6 "no matter what". It is not a loophole letting you out of the rule.


Oh, the words "In practice" do NOT mean you can just ignore this part of the rule conveniently, as someone posted above...



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This thread has been well behaved - and for that I thank you all, brothers. But it is honestly due for a closing - the points have all been made and I would hate to see a wreck on lap 4 when the race was decided much earlier...


the majority seem to side with deciphering the S+D6 convetion from the grenade AP value and adjusting it such that only 1 die is rolled, ever. even on Melta Bombs.


for those that disagree - do as GW says and houserule it.


Topic Closed. If you have a good reason to reoppen it, PM me or another Mod and we will consider it.

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