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Sculpting a wolf cloak


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+EDIT+ please not this is a rework of a thread i've posted in the space wolf section... i restarted the cloak midway through this tut which is why the legs are in totally different positions. as the process is the same i didn't feel the need to redo the first batch of pics, so if it looks like a totally different cloak in the second half thats cos it is :huh:


Firstly get your model, a fairly obvious step but i had to start somewhere... here my wolf lord, hes sad and cold cos he has no cloak :(




The mix up some greenstuff and tease it out into thin strips, these will form the legs of your pelt.

A good tip for when you do this, is once each limb is placed roughly where you want, put a thin layer of superglue over the greenstuff. When this dries it should help to keep the greenstuff in place while it cures.

If the cloak is going to be away from the model, and therefore will have nothing to rest on while it dries, use a lump of blu-tak to help it hold its shape.








Once you have the basic skeleton of the cloak (dont worry about how messy or poo this looks) you need to start adding the claws.

i've found out the hard way that its a bad idea to sculpt the fur before the claws...




I make the claws by rolling out a small point of greenstuff, make sure you have a bit extra on the opposite end to the point, this is waht you will attatch the claw to the pelt with.



i then carefully pick it up with my sculpting tool before positioning it where i want it to go. I find its best to have it overhanging the cloak, although you dont have to, it just looks better in my opinion. Then use flatten the excess greenstuff onto the paw.




This should give you a look a bit like this




ok once you have the skeleton of the cloak made then start laying a strip of greenstuff on top of one of the limbs.

its easiest to start on a limb as the fur should be scultped in lines pointing down and it makes blending later stages easier.


heres a shot of the one leg with fur added




when you reach the top of the leg make sure to flatten the greenstuff out as much as possible like this pic, this is to make later stages easier.




ok you should soon have all the legs finished




the nex tpart is the tail (and my pic didnt come out properly, dammit). but basially wrap a thin layer of greenstuff around the tail, making it thicker at the base of the tail. leave it to cure for about 20 mins. start working at the tip of the top side in the same manner as the fur on the legs. once the top is done do the same on the bottom, then neaten up the edges.


afterwards, add a patch going across the width of the cloak, filling about half the remaining gap. then just start scoring lines in to make the texture. as long as the new layer is added about where the layer from the legs thinned it should be pretty easy to get the two layers to blend.




then again, add another layer (this should be the final one) and sculpt the fur into this. this one is a bit different however as it will likely meet up with the wolfs head, as such the fur needs to be sculpted in a different way. excuse the poor pics but this is asimple way for me to describe it.

as you can see the fur (the little black lines) are pointing towards the end of the limbs...



now we need the fur to turn to point down the top legs... to do this the fur should be scultped in this sort of pattern.

at the middle of the neck, the fur is pointing down, but as you move further from the centre the fur should start to curve slightly.



it should look something like this when finished






once the fur cloak is sculpted you need to start adding the skin underneath in any visible areas... this is so simple to do, and far easier than sculpting the rest of it in the first place.


layer a thin piece of greenstuff within the outlines of the fur like below




then using you sculpting tool roughly spread it about, pulling it closer to the edge




then using the blade part of your tool start to make the edge irregular and add small 'holes' and dots in random places. also make sure the greenstuff layer isn't flat, as when you come to paint it the rough texture will look better.




all you need to do is finish the rest of the visible underside in the same manner to complete your fur cloak...

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Great photographic tutorial and excellent finished product. Would you be willing to give your permission for this to be added to the Librarium? Let me know how you feel, you can PM if you want.


One question I had was whether you'd tried to sculpt a wolf head for the pelt from scratch. If you have that might be an interesting addition to the tutorial.

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