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Wound Allocation Question


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A new FaQ is out on GW's website, but while it sadly does not answer combi or one-shot weapons in general, it does comment on one-shot weapons on vehicles:


Q: If a vehicle has a weapon with a limited amount of

shots, and it has none left, for example a hunter-killer

missile that has already been fired, does it count as a

weapon that can be destroyed by a Damaged - Weapon

Destroyed roll on the Vehicle Damage table? (p61)


A: No. Once a weapon cannot possibly fire again during

the battle it is effectively destroyed as far as Damaged -

Weapon Destroyed results on the Vehicle Damage table

are concerned.


That is specifically for vehicles, and cannot strictly be applied to similar infantry weapons. But I do think a similar interpretation for infantry weapons seems more obvious now.

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Indeed Legatus there is an argument for it being something of a precedent covering single shot non-vehicle weapons too - maybe a specific mention in the next FAQ eh :P ?




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