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Kthulu returns


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hi fellas


This has been posted up on other forums for a couple of weeks now, but i wanted to hold off until everyone had finished preparing for the ultra-meet tomorrow.

After the success of last years event ive decided to host a second call of kthulu tournament, this one is subtitled "the cult of Kthulu"


pics from last year

Link 1

Link 2


pdf file of rules and requirements is here


its pretty much the same as last year, ive slightly changed the way the painting comp works this year, all points will be seperate which means the winner will be based solely on best tactician.


its £10 entry, top prize is a battleforce sets, secondary and best army prizes dependant on the number of players involved..

last year we had 16 players, this year id like to have 26 so we can then add a couple more prizes.. Also we are sticking with actial prizes again this year and i will be looking for any suggestions, i wont be doing the whole receipt thing again though as we are being sponsored by my local independant store and are getting 10% off purchases for the tournament prizes.


last years results are Here, our own team did extremely well and stormbringer who was a deputised ultra player won the event with his renegade space wolves..


ill bring some flyers with me tomorrow, but let me know if your interested

its a one day 1750 point, 4 game event.. 9am til 7pm in huntingdon near cambridge

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a reminder to anyone interested that the annual kthulu tournament is approaching, it should be just in time to try out the new ultramarine dice.


its very much a friendly environment and emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship, a deputised ultramarine player won it last year.. stormbringer who attends the ultrameets, was victorious with his renegade space wolves.. Thantoes was exteremely unlucky to miss out on both first place and best army with his smurfwing.. missing both by a gnats whisker.


the event is in huntingdon (nr cambridge) on saturday the 3rd september.. please let me know if your coming..


a few changes from last year.. scoring is the same except we took the painting aspect out of the tournament points and have it as a seperate entity.

painted armies are no longer a requirement, although they are preferred (many of the local chaps have trouble getting armies painted).. WYSIWYG is still in place though. (may add +1 point for tabletop standard armies, gives some advantage without too much imbalance)

we are running this years event to benefit the players, so more players = more prizes.. once numbers are in ill release a full list of prizes and thier monetary/size values.

at the moment whats confirmed is the same as last year, with prizes for tournament champ, tournament runner-up and best army.


lists in advance also give +1 point, same as last year.. games are at 1750 points, tournament pack is linked in the OP..


edit: if anyone wanst to come but doesnt have an army finished, i have 3 that can be borrowed for the day, including my scout army

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I'm interested my friend. I need to confirm my dates etc with the boss (the misses) but I reckon I can come. I even have the army ready and painted!


sounds great, be good to have you this time round..

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It's a shame you mean the original Cambridge and not the rebel Cambridge that's 20 min from my apartment. <3


yeah ive noticed we have a huge number of city and town names in common.. it would seem many an englishman was homesick when we first colonised your fair lands ^_^

if i had a few thousand pounds laying about, id definately ship a few guys over from the former colonies for a gaming event..

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I should be coming along with sgt campbell. Though he hasn't been very social recently and has had limited contact with we, presumably because of his work, so if he changes his mind I'd have to quit too as he's my taxi service...
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Where exactly is the event going to be held, any reasonable accommodation nearby an what are public transport links like? :)


the event is in huntingdon (in the UK), near cambridge..

there are plenty of guest houses nearby and a travellodge a few miles down the road.

the train station is pretty close, close enought to walk or a quick taxi ride


its on the 3rd september (saturday), HERE is the thread from last year with lots of details concerning the points you raised

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i'll give you a clue....



still a work in progress as you can see but they should all be finished in time for the tourney


i really hate putting up pics, it took me 20 minutes to put this pic up lol

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A headless Dreadknight. Terrifying. <3


It looks great, man. Excellent work on the blade.


EDIT: Hai gaiz: take up a bake sale or something and fund my tickets over there. ;)

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I'm quite interested in this, I live in london, will only cost £23 for a 1 day return to huntingdon. I've never been to a tourny and would like to start sooner then later...


Let me check with my manager if I can grab that day off, assuming there is still space and stuffs...

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