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Fights With Wolves

Captain Semper

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Captain Semper’s Debt


The doors for Great Hall slammed open and the night’s freezing wind entered the room making the great fires fickle. A lone figure was standing at the entrance of the hall, his long robes covered his armour and a hood was covering his helmeted head. The red eye lenses though had an eerie glow emanating from the darkness beyond, and it was the only thing that was discernible from his face plate.

The figure stepped forward into the Great Hall, and light started to hit upon his insignia. The Winged Sword... The venerable Wolf Lords in the room were already on their feet, brandishing their ancient weapons ready to cut the intruder down ending this thread right then and there. As the newcomer approached Skadi’s throne a huge figure of a Wolf Guard in Terminator armour stepped in the way and with a stern voice said:


The Dark Angel looked at him through the red lenses that pierced the shade of his hood and stopped.

Let’s hear the Angel now Forte… the voice of the She-Wolf of Fenris echoed in the Great Hall, it’s not as if things like that happen every day…

As the towering figure stepped aside the Dark Angel said in a vox altered voice that was hardly discernible:

- I am Captain Semper of the First Legion, Lord of Light and Faith, Master of Recruits. When I go to battle I carry a mace, a relic of the Unforgiven. It is called “Lux ex Tenebris” and has been wielded by mighty Dark Angel heroes before me. It has slain the heretic, the mutant and the filthy Xenos countless times and continues to do so under my charge! It was inscribed by the Lion himself bearing the motto: “Imperium Sine Fine”.

With an abrupt move he set his robes aside, pulling out an oversized power maul with an obsidian head that seemed like it was absorbing the light of the Great Hall making the surroundings somewhat darker. The body of the mace was made from an unassuming dark metal not dissimilar to that of the ordinary bolter but the handle was covered in a deep-red studded cloth that seemed almost unused. With a push of a button the maul was energized sending a bright light accross the Hall forcing his eye lenses to compensate while those with unprotected eyes were taken aback needing some seconds to adjust.

The Dark Angel looked around him. Every gun in the room was pointing at him (he even noticed a heavy bolter held by what seemed like an ancient warrior) but the Terminator that had blocked his way previously stood lazily in his corner looking… amused as if he knew the true reason for Captain Semper’s presence in the Great Hall. The Dark Angel slowly hanged his mace on his waist allowing his white robes to cover it again.

- But enough of that. I’m here for another reason. I have a debt. And I have come to repay.

Only Forte’s laughter could be heard in the Great Hall.


In the wake of the E TENEBRAE LUX and after the dust has settled I was left with a debt to Forte and the Space Wolves forum. The debt is that I have to paint Arjac and a few Wolfguard Termies to go with him. I intend to fully repay my debt.

However, given the tons of DA goodies that are in the pipeline, starting with the Dark Vengeance boxed set and escalating to the (expected) release of a new Codex plus the FW HH series that is rumoured to start with the 1st Legion (and Sons of Horus) I really would like to economise on my spending. I recently acquired the AoBR boxed set that I had resisted so far (don’t ask why, OCD at its best) so I intend to use the Termies from that box but with some weapon swaps from my bits box(es). Don’t worry – they’ll look Wolfish enough! To compensate, I’ll build and paint the AoBR Dreadnought too!

For Arjac himself, I’m in two minds… Either to get the proper Arjac mini (which I’m not a huge fan of) OR the FW SW upgrade kit with the fantastic Wolf bodies… I’ll contemplate on it a bit more…

So here we go:

Chapter 1: Forte

In the bowels of the Fang, Captain Semper was following Forte’s hulking Terminator form through a wide corridor that looked somewhat narrower now that Forte was occupying it. They were both silent until Forte spoke with his deep, booming voice.

- We are going to Lord Bjorn Stormwolf’s Great Company quarters. If you want to fight with the Wolves Dark Angel, you’d better meet them first.

Captain Semper kept silent as the corridor reached to an end. The two Marines were standing in front of the 20ft high wooden gates adorned with heavy brass carvings which, Captain Semper thought, were of barbaric taste…

As Forte was about to push the gates open, he turned again to Captain Semper.

- Dark Angel, before we enter the Halls of my Great Company, you need to do me a favour first.
- A favour? What favour?
- Don’t try any of your theatrics that you pulled before. My brothers will not find them amusing.
- I suspected as much. Rest assured Forte, there will be no more weapons brandishing for my part.
- Ok then… Oh, and Dark Angel?
- Yes?
- Lose the dress…


I give you Forte, the first out of the 5 Wolf Guard Terminators I’m planning to build. I used the AoBR Termie sergeant but swapped the head – the original just didn’t look Wolfy at all! I hope you like him…


Chapter 2: Arez

As the gates opened, loud noises were filling the air and a strong smell of ale hit Captain Semper’s nostrils. The sight was puzzling: In front of a large wooden table there was a fight going on. At least that’s how Captain Semper would describe it. Not only the Wolves were pushing and punching each other, they were even throwing stools or other (often metallic) furniture around that, given their intoxicated state, it was surprisingly accurate. Captain Semper’s hand instinctively rested on the hilt of Lux ex Tenebris – his trusted power maul but he was smart enough not to unhook it from his waist.

As Forte approached the centre of the Hall a large wooden bench landed on his shoulder, with a part of it hitting him on the head. As he turned around in anger, Captain Semper noticed blood dripping from his forehead. This is it, he thought, this is getting out of hand – someone will die here. To his surprise Forte was smiling – he was ready to burst to laughter!

- Only a Greenhorn would deliver such a weak blow! Where are you Arez, hiding under a table? Come here, I need you to meet someone!

A battle-scarred Space Wolf in Terminator armour of his own left the rubble and walked towards the two newcomers.

- This is Captain Semper Arez, Forte said in a feeble attempt to keep up decorum. As Captain Semper thought that this was poor even by Space Wolf standards he took it upon himself to make proper introduction.
- I’m Captain Semper of the Unforgiven, Lord of Light and Faith, Master of Recruits. He looked Arez straight in the eyes expecting a similar introduction from him. Arez looked at him curiously for a few seconds and then said:
- So?


I give you Arez, the second Terminator of my 5 Wolf Guards. He’s equipped with Wolf Claw and Storm Bolter – hope you guys like him.


Chapter 3: Rayray

As the fight subsided the Space Wolves took their positions around the wooden table continuing to drink the liquid they were calling ale occasionally pushing each other or laughing as they gulped down huge quantities of the stuff. Captain Semper joined the table sitting between Forte and Arez. He noticed that one of the Wolves stood up abruptly and left the table.

- What’s with him? He asked Forte.
- Drink your ale! Forte replied.
- I can drink it, much like I can drink poison and survive. But I don’t like it. Do you have wine?
- Wine? The Hall fell silent. Wine? Forte repeated, this time he could hardly contain his laughter.

The entire room broke to an uncontrollable laugh, Arez coming close to tears…

- No Dark Angel. We do not have wine! You want to fight with us? Better get used to ale.

The Space Wolf that had left the table previously returned, without laughing, having a massive drum-fed assault cannon attached to his Terminator armour. The laughter subsided and everyone continued to consume their ale in a much more hushed manner.

- Who is he? Captain Semper asked Arez this time.
- That’s Rayray, Dark Angel. He’s a lone wolf. He carries the assault cannon of Adon the Orkslayer. You see Adon Orkslayer and Rayray were the last of their pack and together they held bastion 1.27.032 on Axarlis IV for 23 days against an Ork Warlord calling himself Buz da Konkura. Orks got Adon in the end after his ammo was spent. They would get Rayray too if our Lord’s Wolf Guard did not intervene in the nick of time. Rayray was elevated to Wolf Guard that day, but he’s a lone wolf at heart. He still mourns his brothers and his carries Buz’ head as a trophy at all times. Losing all of your pack can cause great sadness…


Here’s my third Wolf Guard Terminator. He carries a drum-fed assault cannon and an Ork head hangs from his waist… I hope he looks no-nonsense!


Chapter 4: True Son Of Russ

A particularly feral looking giant of a Marine entered the room. With slow steps, and with a not-so-discreet whirring of his Terminator plate he approached the table.

- What did I miss? the newcomer asked.
- Nothing much Forte replied. There is still ale for the True Son!

Captain Semper was puzzled…

- What do you mean True Son? he asked Forte.
- Once in a while, a brother has an uncanny physical resemblance to our Primarch – the mighty Leman Russ himself! I hear that this happens on occasion to other Chapters too… Those brothers we call True Sons. It’s something of a friendly banter – most of them dislike it. But our brother here seems to like it so no one uses his real name anymore. Not that it would have been otherwise if he didn’t like it.

And with that he burst again in a loud laughter.

The True Son of Russ sat down, leaving his Frost Blade on the table while his Storm Bolter remained magnetised firmly on this thigh. He nodded to Rayray who returned his nod.

- This is Captain Semper of the Dark Angels, Arez said to True Son’s ear, Lord of some thing or another and Master of something else too. He will fight with us in our next engagement – you know the…
- I know… said the True Son. Why?
- He says it’s a debt he has to repay. Go figure. He got clearance from Lord Stormwolf himself so we’re stuck with him…
- Hrrmmph… ALE!!! Next thing we know they’ll send bloody guardsmen to fight with us… WHERE’S THAT ALE?


This is the fourth Wolf Guard. He’s armed with a Frost Blade and a Strom Bolter. He looks a bit more traditional but no less heroic (I hope)! I actually tried a somewhat different technique with this on that I like better... I\'m not sure if it transaltes well to photos, but in real life he looks the part! Not the good natured norse drunkard who belches and farts but the Emperor\'s Executioner! B) Enjoy:


Chapter 5: Ethzor

Suddenly another Space Wolf stood up and said in a loud noise:

- It is time brothers… Time to transfer to the “Ultimate Hunt”!

Every Space Wolf stood up as one and started walking to the Gates of their Hall.

- Who’s he? Captain Semper asked.
- He’s Wolf Guard Ethzor, Forte replied. He’s known as Ethzor the Warm!
- The Wyrm? asked Semper.
- The Warm! And the “Ultimate Hunt” is our Strike Cruiser. Now shut up. We go!

As they exited the Hall, Semper turned and glanced at Ethzor. The Terminator was attaching a Chainfist to his armour. He then picked up an ornate Heavy Flamer the size of a guardsman.

And all of a sudden the nickname made perfect sense.


This is the fifth Wolf guard Terminator – Heavy Flamer and Chainfist. Enjoy!


Chapter 6: Gizur

++The Ultimate Hunt++
+Landing Bay 23+

As they disembarked from the Thunderhawk, Captain Semper saw three Iron Priests tending to a metal behemoth. The Dreadnought was at an awake state and the frantic movements of the Iron Priests suggested it was none too happy…

- Come with me, Forte said. I will introduce you to Wolf Guard Gizur. The ancient hero will fight with us, so you need to meet him. I’m not sure he needs to meet you but that is a chance we have to take!

Semper expected a laugh from Forte that never came.

- Venerable Brother… Forte started to speak,
- *Little Forte…*
- Yes, umm.., yes… well ermm, this is Captain Semper of the Dark Angels. He will be fighting with us on this mission.

The Dreadnought kept silent for some minutes. As Semper thought it had fallen back to slumber the reply came:

- * I don’t like him*

On their way to the bridge Forte turned to Captain Semper

- That went well!
- Well??? He said he didn’t like me.
- Yes he did. But you also walk with me now in perfect health. So that went well.

And with that he pressed the button to open the door to the bridge as the ship’s Geller Field was energized.


I give you the promised Dreadnought. Since I got a fetish for solid slug weapons (as opposed to energy based ones) he carries an Assault Cannon & c/c weapon with attached storm bolter.

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Looks good just one thing...... EVERYONE RUN! FORTE HAS TERMIE ARMOR!!!!!!!! :) ;)

you should get the FW upgrade pack since the official one doesnt (imo) do Arjac justice.

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a loud rawkus howling laughter could be heard coming from the Blood Claw rolling on the floor clutching at his stomach. After a few minutes of everyone staring at him, Forte just about managed to compose himself enough to sit up on the floor. Arms rested on his knees.

His face was lined with tears and his mouth as wide as a child on the verge of more hysterics.


Oh Sempre. Dear Sempre. I'm sure that there was never a time I ever said I was an old grey. Thought the pack markings would've given it away.

I just have a knack for stirring up trouble.


And Skadi. On a throne. We just know better than to argue with the shield maiden.


forte gave in once again to his belly full of laughter as Sempre looked on. Confused, cheated, tricked...he wasn't sure.


Nice...hehe...job...hmmfff...by the...wayyyyyyyheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee

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In all fairness though. You should really be doing Wolves anyway. Your far too fun to be a dress wearer :cuss


Paint a whole lot quicker than I do and are following up on your oath. Hats off mate.

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Lol. The usual pack is Arez (Greenhorn), Postal, Nrth (Iron Chin. The only Blood Claw with a bushy beard) and Skadi.


As far as i'm concerned the usual suspects are ETL participants... Just take a look to the 5 top scores - and forte... :cuss


No prizes for guessing who the Arjac count-as is going to be... :eek

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As far as i'm concerned the usual suspects are ETL participants... Just take a look to the 5 top scores - and forte... :blush:


No prizes for guessing who the Arjac count-as is going to be... :tu:

Is it going to be me? :ph34r:

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Noooo.... You would if you had a Champion badge in your sig. :blush:


Hint: who painted the most points in the ETL from the Wolves forum?





But you're next up! With a Storm Bolter and a Wolf Claw! :ph34r:

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Noooo.... You would if you had a Champion badge in your sig. ;)


Hint: who painted the most points in the ETL from the Wolves forum?





But you're next up! With a Storm Bolter and a Wolf Claw! :D

Had I another 15 minutes before the ETL ended i would've had another 600ish points vowed and done <_<

the answer is.....WLK


can i change the claw for a hammer?if its to late no problem

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Yes... This is actually the honor i'm bestowing upon forte... He won the bet so he get's to choose the Great Company... Personally I'd go for Gunnar Red Moon and his Long Fangs... You know as you age you appreciate the old warriors more! ;)


I'm just trying to put together a little story - not represent each one of you guys in detail - I might actually try that if I hang around the Fang a bit longer... hahahaha! ;)

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I'm just trying to put together a little story - not represent each one of you guys in detail - I might actually try that if I hang around the Fang a bit longer... hahahaha! ;)


You definitely need a Scout and LF pack... Because our veterans are superior.

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lookin rather nice there Semper - your allegiance is changing methinks - you need a LF pack to show our Old Grizzlies :lol: and a big ugly lord (Lord Rags) towering over us with his grim set brow and jaw filled with teeth sharper than a wulfen's claws...
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I like yer skirt Forte. Sorry I missed out on the ETL, moving, paying two rents, having no place/no people to play with brought my wolves to a halt, but I'm back for the haul now, unless another shoe drops in my life.
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