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Sometimes Excessus does hobby things...


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Excessus does stuff...sometimes...






I don't really remember anymore why I had started a second WIP-thread when the new CSM models were released, or why I named both of the threads specifically after my Alpha Legion warband when quite a lot of the content was for different stuff. So, third time's a charm! I merged them together instead of starting a third thread now that I'm back after a short hobby-break, better to have everything together (if nothing else, just for me keeping track of how much or little I have improved over the years)! But I thought I'd at least explain things than just randomly merge stuff together and start a new WIP-thread on page 18. :tongue.:



Now, back to a more innocent time...2013... :smile.:





Ok, so since my entire WIP thread was pretty new, it got bombed with the rest of the new posts. :smile.:
So the ETL is going along nicely for me. I am planning to have everything done in just a few days.
Here is what is done sofar: (I'm crappy at taking pictures...and I only have an iPhone as well :sad.: )
Alphuron the Randomizer
Sorceror on bike
More to come...

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Slowly but surely I'm getting there...havoc champ done!




Now it's just a bunch of regular guys left!



...and maybe also learn how to take pictures properly... :P

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Well, I managed to finish my ETL vow, and here is a crappy picture to prove it:





...and then I had a little moment where I was suddenly inspired by the new BL supplement artwork. An hour later or so, this guy showed up...




He was fun to build, maybe a bionic Plague Marine? :P

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Is there any chance that you could provide close-ups? They look great at a distance, but they reveal none of their details, which is what I'd like to see :smile.:


Nice looking Bionic Marine :thumbsup:


EDIT: Oh, and since the board ate up the post where you gave me a short tutorial on how you painted them up, would you mind posting it again?

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@Ludovic: It's Kantor Blue, drybrushed and highlighted with Sotek Green, the HQ have a Kabalite Green highlight as well. After that it's washing with Drakenhof Nightshade. Legion markings are Kabalite Green highlighted with Warboss Green.


Here are my two plasma guys. (that has developed a bad habit of blowing themselves up in each battle)




The other ones are right next to them here, I'll take more pics tomorrow...sleepy time now! I've been up almost 24 hours now, woooohooo! :P

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Ok, I am trying out some various ways of photographing my models...and it's not turning out as I would have liked...


I only have my crappy iPhone 5, and various A4 sized papers to reflect with. I should probably build a lightbox but I am too lazy...for now...


This time I tried angling them a bit compared to the lightsources. Result: meh...









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Aaaand that's it! I had to fix these ones up a bit, I painted them while half asleep and they looked like crap! Painted, yes, but not something I personally would be happy with... :P


More crappy pictures:






I am never going to get good at taking pictures...

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So I'm going to a 1500 point tournament 1st of nov, and have a few tings to build until then.


First up might be a lord with an above average flamer on a...jetbike?




I need to find some more "jetbike bits" around my boxes though...

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Awesome Cell! Much of the time I feel like people go too far with the chaos iconography, horned helmets etc when doing post heresy alpha legion but I think you struck a perfect balance there. Excellent conversions and painting too!
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@Brother Melice: I'm not good at taking pictures or making tutorials though, but I took pictures and we'll see.


I cut off the legs at the groin, and cut off the toes. Then I positioned them as I wanted and built up new heels with GS.










The knees already have pretty good angles I found out, it's just the feet and groin that are attached in an unnatural way...


@jimmy101: I drybrushed with a very dry brush with Mournfang Brown, and then a smaller area with Karak Stone.

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