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Sometimes Excessus does hobby things...


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Thanks, yeah I love the old Renegades and Heretics!


But...22/36 lasgun dudes finished (I had to repaint some older ones too so they fit with the new colour scheme). I sincerily hope that will be enough lasgun-armed guardsmen for a while. :D



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The adventure continues...of course after lasguns comes special weapons and officers...




...and then ogryns and then heavy weapon teams...



...what have I gotten myself into... :P

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  • 2 months later...

Slowly getting up to 6 guard squads (of course more lasgun-people were needed after all...), and the ogryns are done as is some HQs.




I'm gonna get another box of ogryns to make it a 6-man squad with two invul shields and the rest with slabshields...and I got some old leftover scion stuff lying about that I need to convert as well...


...still no vehicles though...

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