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Void Eagles my Homegrown fluff


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I am finally pulling the trigger on making my own Chapter.  The rules support what I have envisioned for them.  Here is the start of a write up I came up with of the top of my head.  I will be completing it later, after I get some sleep.  I would love to hear critiques, corrections or any inputs to further develop this little piece.  This is really just the origin story so far but I have a ew ideas I would like to add to this eventually.  Thanks for the input!


                                   Void Eagles



            A newly minted Successor Chapter of the Raven Guard the Void Eagles were founded in the early 41st millennium.  The young Chapter set out on their first campaign with everything they had eager to prove their worth, and to secure a homeworld of their own.  Initial success greatly
empowered them leading to great feats that would surely lead the newfound Chapter into the annals of the Imperium.  Piece by piece the Void Eagles destroyed and scoured the Chaos taint from the Imperial World of <planetname>, until one last stronghold remained the city of <cityname>.

            Sure of their upcoming victory the Chapter leaders gathered in war council on the eve of their final assault to hear the Emperors Tarot, and determine the final assault on <cityname>.  The Tarot was less then hoped, the Chapter would be ruined its Master dead and the survivors strung out across the Imperium.  Enraged Chapter Master Navarre flew into a rage ordering his Captains not to mutter a word of the foretelling to the rest of the Chapter, and stormed out with his Captains in tow.  The Master of the Tarot Epistolary Oberon however wasn’t finished; the Chapter would be saved by twins that would be Battle Brothers.  With the last Oberon collapsed, newly inducted Librarian Sycorax, was the only one there to aid the aging Epistolary.  Sycorax quickly called on the Chapter Apothecaries to tend to the Epistolary, who had fallen into the long sleep.

            The next morning with the final preparations underway the War Counsel reconvened.  Chapter Master Navarre had regained his composure, and was about to give his final orders when a youth wearing the insignia of the planetary militia squirmed out of a nearby sewer grate.  Librarian Sycorax was he first to respond grabbing the boy by the scruff of the neck.  The youth looked back at the imposing figure with no fear.  Questioning revealed that Imperial loyalists were still inside the city and poised to take down the final city defenses, the youth was sent as a runner to coordinate operations.  Elated Chapter Master Navarre spat a pox decrying the previous night’s Tarot as false.  Sent on his way the youth was released to bring the message and a gift to the beleaguered city guard.   

Hours turned, the appointed time came, the Void Eagles charged.  Two great volleys greeted the Marines in their headlong surge towards the city a
few shots found their mark.  Space Marines are instruments of war, the assault continued.  The guns went silent and the cities Void shields flickered and spat as great explosions tore through the Power generators feeding the defenses.  Assured of a great victory the assault continued even fresher than before. 


The battle was finally met as great War Machines erupted from the earth tearing rhinos as I they were only so much tin foil.  The air filed with
lying metal behemoths tearing into Thunderhawk gunships.  Chaos Marines flowed out of the hidden bunkers that had housed the daemonic engines, bringing forth fresh carnage.   The fight was turning desperate, the Void Eagles fought with the vigor of a Chapter born for war, this was a fight that
had long been denied them.  The campaign had gone too easy this was real war.  The steady bark of bolter fire from Tactical Squads, the steady drum of heavy weapons from Devastators, the roaring of Chainswords from Assault Squads, all combining in the symphony that heralded the Angels of Death; this was what fighting as a Chapter meant. 


The Doom Came.  Fresh troops spilled from the city ready to pounce on the Void Eagles, and worse shimmering in the noonday heat vast forms
began to coalesce, Terminator armor covered in carnage.  One bedecked in elaborate markings formed close to Librarian Sycorax.  The traitor sneered and tossed First Company Captain Inaeus’ head to the Librarian’s feet.  The Challenge was laid.  All around Loyalists and Traitors died, the
duelists fought heedless of what was going on around them.  Sycorax, faltered a gash opened by the traitors Lightning claw gushed blood as the Librarian was thrown to the earth.   In triumph the Terminator stood over him relishing the moment before the killing blow.

An arm snaked around the Chaos Marines throat.  The traitor bucked and threw the adolescent off of him.  In desperation the Terminator grabbed at something lodged in its armor moments before it detonated.  The Traitor marine went limp the head missing. 

ChapterMaster Navarre: First Chapter Master of the Void Eagles, almost lead the Chapter to destruction on its first combat deployment, shattered and broken interred into a Dreadnought


 Master of Tarot: Office given to the most gifted Librarian in the Chapter.

Epistolary Oberon: Aged even for a Space Marine Oberon is the Master of Tarot, falls into deep sleep just prior to the disaster that befalls the Chapter

Librarian Sycorax: Leads the Void Eagles after their first disastrous campaign, foregoing the title of Chapter Master, and taking on the mantle of Warder of the Void Eagles




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Nice story but you mentioned twins in the beginning and only one child in the main part who saves the librarian; 1st Chapter Master seems far too reckless to have made it that rank let alone be given permission to found a Chapter but it wouldn't be the first time someone was promoted far ahead of their usefulness - needs must in war. How many marines survived this disaster and what format will they now take; led by a librarian permanently like Blood Ravens or is it literally temporary until Chapter strength is regained? Anyway sounds great and good luck with it.

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The twins part will come when I complete the aftermath of the battle.  I see ad-hoc 3.5 companies surviving, being very generous with the counting, i.e. counting surviving Predators as part of the Devastator Reserve Company.  The format I plan to take is that they start sending a large number of marines into the Deathwatch, and "loaning" out individual squads to other Chapters to increase combat experience.  In this way learning all the tools of war, and utiliseing more of what works as opposed to be strictly by the Codex Astartes.  Librarian Sycorax will lead the Chapter during its regbuilding taking the title of "Warder" ensuring that he is always a Subsurvient rank in any meetings between Chapters. 

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The battle had been won, but at great cost.  Little more than a third of the Chapter remained after its first mission as a whole, with almost none of the First Company surviving.  Sycorax remained the senior member still in fighting condition.  The only unscathed portion of the Void Eagles was their Fleet, after that their armory was all that was in good standing with much able to be repaired.  Decisions had to be made to ensure the Chapters survival.  Orders were given to take recruits from the planets population.  After such an omen as this costly victory Sycorax chose that the Chapter would take full vantage of its fleet, the Void Eagles would ever remain with its fleet and gather new recruits from planets that it saved from the Imperium’s enemies.  Taking lessons learned from the Ultramarines Sycorax gave orders for a large number of their remaining men to join the Deathwatch.  Intending to ensure a wider range of tactics he also distributed a company worth of Marines to work with other Chapters to learn their methods, no longer would his Chapter be ground in its own
dogma.  Finally being unable to take the mantle of Chapter Master, he created the position of Warder until such time as the Chapter was made whole again.

Taking stock of the recruits gleaned from the planet freshly purged of Chaos taint and of the Void Eagle’s woes Sycorax knew his decisions were right. The youth that had brought them word of resistance within the city stood over his twin brother’s broken body.  He had brought the teleport homer that stalled and destroyed the reinforcements that
were waiting in the city. The move had cost the Void Eagle’s their First Company but ensured that the rest of the Chapter survived.  The few remaining traitor terminators that
had hit their lines were insufficient to have won the day.  The broken boy had been with what had been originally thought to be renegade reinforcements, whose timely arrival signed
the death knell to the traitor Marines. 


The remainder of the origin story.  I know I need to clean this up, I am pretty open to any suggestions on ways to make this origin story flow better.  I would also love to get inputs and thoughts about how this fits within established canon.  Thanks in advance! 

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