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Iron Within-Iron Warriors Showcase Thread


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From Iron, cometh Strength. From Strength, cometh Will, cometh Faith. From Faith, cometh Honour. From Honour, cometh Iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it ever be so. 


Hello there brothers of the IV Legion. Having been inspired by Flint and Heinrich, I thought that it would be appreciated to open a thread for the sons of Perturabo. So if anyone has Iron Warriors of any type, feel free to post them! Models, fluff and backstories are all fine, although make sure that it accompanies models of some kind.


Ave Perturabo Brothers, make the legion proud.  

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Here my - Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company, which has been led by Warsmith Abhorred Riddick since I started collecting Iron Warriors back in 2001, going from human to daemon prince.


This is the Mk6 version of my Iron Warriors as GW release a lot of cool new kits over the years & due to my own skill changing over the years I collected Iron Warriors :biggrin.:


Background base on a campign (sp) a friend had done back from a wargaming club we use to go to before it stop.  I've use this for my army background when going to events & is base on my 5th Grand Company second in Command Narach who went from a Champion in Warsmith Abhorred bodyguard (back when chosen/chaos lord could take bodyguard) & thank to brillaint games led to him standing out & become second in command with each codex update.



 Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company background - The
Prometheus Crusade
Iron is forever.
From Iron cometh Strength.
Strength cometh Will.
From Will cometh Faith
From Faith cometh
From Honour cometh Iron
This is the Unbreakable Litany.
May it
forever be so
Dominum imperator ac ferrum aeturnum

Prometheus was aworld that was liberated by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade. TheImperial turned it into a Forge World to help supply the Imperial armies during
the great crusade. Since then a millennium has passed and that time of the greatcrusade has become myth & legend. Now a Black Templar Crusade Force is stationed there, re-supplying for a crusade they planned to launch to the east of the Imperial border against a Xenos threat.

Now a millennium after theHorus Heresy, when Battle Brother fought Battle Brother. the Iron Warriors have returned to take back Prometheus. Their aim is to turn the Forge World in to a place to create Daemonic Engines & weapons to help their Legion battle against the Imperial & anyone else who would stand in their way.

After gaining a foot hold on the planet Warsmith Abhorred Riddick, the overall commander of the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company, has ordered his protégé, Iron Captain Narach Delau, to go out & lead his company to attack the Ancient Forge Keep of the Mechanicus on Prometheus. The Forge Keep had been made by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade & it holds a relic of their Legions
The Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company has been around since the Great Crusade, when gods walked among men & humanity was being reunited after the darkness of “old night”. The Iron Warriors along with the other Space Marine legions were hailed as heroes, until the Emperor betrayed them. The Iron
Warriors along with seven other Space Marine legions took sides with Horus Lupercal & pledged their loyalty to the Chaos. This led to the Horus Heresy, where brother would fight brother.
Since then, the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company have fought in many wars & campaigns against the Imperial, other chaos legions & Xenos races. They fought along with their Primarch Perturabo during the Iron Cage. Throughout the 10th Black Crusade along with other Iron Warrior Grand Companies, the 5th Grand Company helped attack the Iron Hands Chapter on Medusa, the Iron Hands own home world. During the 13th Black Crusade the 5th Grand Company fought on the very ground of Cadian. There they honoured the chaos gods by building a great fortification on Kasr Sonnen.

The optical zoom whirled on the auto-scope as Lord Narach looked into the gaping wound his siege engines had opened up in the Adeptus Mechanicus Forges’ flank.
The same engines lay silent for some 40 metres to either side of him all but exhausted of ammunition. The trench made defences they nestled in and the reinforced command bunkers were impressive even to his well trained eye, but of course they would have been, having been constructed under his orders and supervision. Up the slope almost a mile distant the Forge Fortress billowed smoke from its breached side.

From the rock-crete composition and architecture the Fortress, Narach had been tasked with grinding the defenders to dust in the name of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.

Half broken orders and weapons fire crackled through the comm’s when it managed anything more than white noise and static. The smoke screen of swirling white mist twisted and danced with the black smoke generated by the burning vehicles inside the breach.
It obscured any attempt to discern anything of the assault; Narach cursed thehuman guard, Imperial Guards who fallen under the darkness of Chaos & now serve as fodder to the Iron Warriors. Had assured Narach, the winds would have picked up by now to clear the sight of the fighting.

The fighting had been going on for almost 8 minutes now, too long without a clear signal. He hated not knowing. Narach scanned the smoke obscured breach again; the smoke was clearing now, if too slowly for his liking. A burning Rhino sprawled out of the smoke, its front hull section almost blown in two, a massive exit wound but relatively little entry damage, classic Lascannon round from the Black Templars. Coming apart in chunks of twisted metal as is smashed down the rocky slope.
Through the mist of battle, Narach could see armoured shapes of his brother Iron Warriors moved like spectres in the swirling clouds of smoke as they pushed forward toward the Forge Keep.

The scene reminded Narach of a moment during the siege. He’d pushed into the promenade of the first line of the defending walls, his battle brothers around him as they drove back the Imperial Fists from their defences guarding the gates inside the Imperial Palace. He emptied his combi-bolter into a wounded Imperial Fist as he tried to limp through the gates. The armour around his leg cracked and he fell to the floor.
Narach had charge, in a second plunging his serrated combat knife repeatedly into his neck. The sprays of warm blood had been glorious, the pathetic shriek
of the Imperial Fist more so.
Narach snapped back to the present, he pushed the memory of the Siege of the Emperor’s Palace back. Too few of his glorious brethren were emerging from the assault. He’d issued the order,
“Bring forth
Ferrum Draco the Vindacator siege tank & the Obliterators Cult”.

‘Acknowledged my Lord’. Narach gazed up at the defiant form of the Forge, his lips twisting into a snarl.

“Bring about my transport and assemble my guard, we launch our final assault on Prometheus!”



Narach back when the current codex Chaos Marines was being release & getting ready for the Throne of Skulls October event back in 2012.










You can see more of my Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company in my army logs which can be found here


WIP area of the fourm



Chaos area of the fourms



Current version of my Iron Warriors army is over 7000pts.  It just a army I want to keep adding cool models/conversion & units so I got more chose when it come to gaming ether for friendly games or for events from Throne of Skulls in Warhammer World in Nottingham or local tournament around Scotland.



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I don't have a lot of completed squads to showcase, but I can give an idea of my warband with some of what I have

Iron Warriors 49th Grand Company - "The Iron Hounds"

Emerging from the Eye of Terror during Abaddon's 7th Black Crusade, the 49th Grand Company rejected the ideals of the Long War and roamed the galaxy pursuing their own agenda as pirates and mercenaries. Developing their own cult and identity, they nevertheless continue to honour their Legion history and traditions, albeit in their own peculiar way.

The Warsmith Bolverk and members of his elite Terminator company:


In the foreground is the captain of the Comitatus, Har Ulfgrim. While the majority of the 49th rededicated their armour in the orange and black, Ulfgrim retained the Iron Warriors colour scheme as a reminder of their Legion origins.

Fabricator Volundr, the 49th's Master of the Forge, with two of his wards:


The pilot of the assault war engine wears the orange and black livery of the Iron Hounds, but his machine proudly announces to its victims the impossibility of their fortresses and tanks remaining intact through display of the Iron Warriors colours. Forn Valtyr, the dreadnought, has only had the new livery added to a portion of his forward armour paneling. The head of the dreadnought is a post-Heresy addition, though the rest of the dreadnought's body has not changed since the Great Crusade.

The "Bone Eaters" squad, first squad of the first company, deploying from their Rhino:


When the 49th embraced the Warsmith's will toward a separate destiny for the warband, the chapter serfs simply applied a heavy coat of orange paint over half the black paint on the vehicles of their masters. There was little communication between the work groups, and subsequently some of the vehicles have the orange painted on a different half of the vehicle. The gothic numeral IV and the skull device of the Iron Warrios Legion remains, as seen in this photo. Also, the standard bearers for most of the squads in the battle companies still bear the unchanged livery of the Iron Warriors to maintain tradition.

The "Gloom Walkers" squad, tactical specialists usually armed with multiple plasma guns, make a rare battlefield entrance from an old Legion Dreadclaw:


Some equipment stowed on the warband's battleship, the Child of Calamity, is so rarely deployed that the chapter serfs have never felt the need to do more than maintain operational capability. This Dreadclaw was hastily removed from storage and given a replacement pilot-servitor before being rolled out to the flight deck for operations. Faced with a dangerous drop behind enemy lines, the squad did not bother to chastise the serfs for its lack of the current livery. Note the standard bearer and his composite power armour, with captured loyalist components rededicated in traditional Iron Warriors Legion colours.

I made the Iron Hounds as a distinct warband before I fell in love with the Iron Warriors Legion. I contemplated ditching the fluff I had written and just making a straight Legion warband by repainting the couple of squads I had already done, but a few people said some very nice things about the Iron Hounds because of the writing I did during the forum's "Arx Rift Campaign" from a couple of years ago. So I kept them, but retconned a few things and steered the warband in the direction away from a modern composite warband into a breakaway grand company and did more to reinforce the origins when I was painting select models.

It may not fit exactly some people's idea of a Legion warband, but I was inspired by the end of A D-B's Night Lords trilogy, specifically the scene at the end where the different Night Lords warbands were gathered and it was noted that some of the warbands wore different colours of their own design but still considered themselves Night Lords. Really, I figure that this sort of thing is probably pretty normal in universe, considering the egos that Chaos Lords would have to possess...

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Gold for the custodian, silver for the maid,

Gold for the Emperor whom he betrayed

“Good!” said the Primarch, sitting in his hall,

“But Iron - Cold Iron – is master of them all.”


So he waged war for the warmaster, his liege

Camped before man’s birthworld and summoned it to siege

“Nay!” said the guardian on the palace wall,

“But Iron – Cold Iron – shall be master of you all!”

Woe for the Primarch, and his sons so strong,

When his lord and brother, lay there dead and gone,

He fell back to his fortress, mourning Horus’ fall,

And Iron – Cold Iron – was master of it all!


Yet his Gods spoke wisely (ah, how wise these Lords!)

“Can you not return now and take up again thy sword?”

“Nay!” said the Primarch, “mock not at my fall,

For Iron – Cold Iron – is master of men all!”


“Doubts are for the craven, vengeance is for the strong,

Hiding for the silly wretch that cannot right a wrong!”

“As my loss was grievous, vengeance shall be tall,

For Iron – Cold Iron – must be master of men all!”

Then this Lord laid Earthwork, (few such Lords there be!)

“Here I wait and stand my ground, come and join with me.

Curse, my sons, at Rogal’s name, the whiles I do recall

How Iron – Cold iron – can be master of men all!”

His rival took the challenge, though many soon be dead.

With His own guns he welcomed them, and presently he said:

“See! These fists have been deceived, inside my fortress wall,

Show Iron – Cold Iron – to be master of men all.”


“Rage is for the desperate, cunning for the strong.

Blood and death for vengeful hearts all cut and bruised with wrong.

I mock now thy Iron cage – I have built thy fall.

For Iron – Cold Iron – must be master of men all!”


“Glory for the righteous – kingdoms for the bold!

Thrones and fortresses for Warriors who dare to take and hold!”

“Yes!” said the Primarch, gloating in his hall

“For Iron – Cold Iron – is master of men all!

Iron out of Olympia is master of men all!” 


Attributed to Pylos Achilleus, Warsmith of the 11th Grand Company, IVth Legion


John'sIPhone1 208



Pylos Achilleus, the Righteous: Warsmith and War-poet of the 11th Grand Company


Well I have about 1500 points of IW in various shades of completion... sadly the new Tyranid Codex made me go back to my original army, but I'm hoping to return to the IVth when the third FW:HH book is released! My Warsmith is complete, and I've written a good deal of fluff, including the above adaptation of a poem. 

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Time to join the followers of the Iron Litany too :)

My warband consists mainly of members of the former 3rd company of the 2nd grand company of the dreaded Ferrous Ironclaw. Their warsmith, the now-Daemonprince Kythnos Thargelion, the Iron Dread, now leads them as an independent warband, called the Stonebreakers, who roam the Gothic Sector for revenge on the Imperium and for the honour of the IVth legion.

Second in command, warsmith Argos Tvarr, the Iron Prophet


The Implacables, Terminators of the Stonebreakers


The Unbound, Mutilator cult of the Stonebreakers


This was just a random selection. You can find more pictures in my WIP-thread by clicking on the banners in my signature :)

Iron Within, Iron Without!

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Already many beautiful minis, brings a mercury tear to my iron eye :']


I need to hurry up and contribute. Recently built a Warsmith with wrist-mounted Power axe which I will paint up soon.

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@Guitarasmus: Sure, it's pretty simple:


1. Leadbelcher basecoat over Chaos Black primer.

2. 2 very heavy washes of Nuln Oil. Let each one dry completely before the next. Shake thoroughly. (I'm sure that you know this but it may help somebody else)

3. Highlights with Ironbreaker, chips with Abaddon black highlighted with Runefang Steel. 

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2. 2 very heavy washes of Nuln Oil. Let each one dry completely before the next. Shake thoroughly. (I'm sure that you know this but it may help somebody else)


Let me stress that, I forgot to shake it thoroughly once, and I got this weird white scum all over my IW's. I had to repaint.

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Here is my XVIIth Grand Battalion led by Lord Mælvolentus and his Retinue of Terminators and Land Raider








Bællox the Bloody, Dæmon Prince (formely VIIIth Assault Captain)






Kranon the Relentless and his Chosen Retinue












and Mortis Metalikus




War(p)smith Dæxxos Steelweaver




Sorceror Phoebus Ironwrought (formally of the Thousand Sons)




more Terminators






allied Soul Grinder "Harvetser of Sorrow"




Heldrake 'Igneous Ferrum' Iron Fire






Outrider Lord Æbraxxos






This is what I have fully painted so far. Most of my Iron Warriors have paint, but they are not yet 'finished'. I am currently fininshing up a Night Lord Raptor Kill Team before I begin assembling my Lord of Skulls. I also have about 15,000 point Dark Angels I am painting fomrthe top down as well. Comments, critiques and suggentions always welcome. Thanks for looking


Iron Within, Iron Without

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It's time to bump this topic back to the frontlines again, where every Iron Warrior should be - crushing his foes into the dirt :devil:

I tried to take some a little more scenic shots with a few of my IW units on the nearly finished gaming table at my house. Take a look :)





Iron Within! Iron Without!

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