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I too want to add my thanks to captain semper.


Though mine was probably one of the smallest vows in the competition between work, life in general and a little baby girl at home it was good to have something to encourage me to take a little time and do something for me.

Congrats on the little one. Make sure you do get your fix on the painting side too. You'll go a bit nuts otherwise ;)

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Here are my meager contributions.


















Really enjoyed this ETL, except for the Zerkers they were just a pain to paint :lol:


Many thanks to Semper and my brothers of confusion & destruction :devil:

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Who doesn't love purple? :lol:


And yeah, to echo the echos, good work Semper.  I appreciate any opportunity to wage war on the Dark Angels http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/devil.gif  


And thank you for allowing the Templars to run solo again.  We have a lot more fun that way ;)

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No worries, mate. Have you tried the litany of connection: "Quid ergo est, et conversus iterum ageres?" http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png
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If blown into space, hold your breath, recite the litany of the vacuum, make swimming motions towards the hole in the hull and await pickup by rescue crews.

Now that's good advice!


Official advice from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, too.

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There was nothing left...

The mighty Armies of Humanity had fought each other utilizing every resource in their disposal. The end result was nothing short of total devastation.

Brother Neria, the Consecrators’ Veteran sergeant of the 6th Company was looking at the carnage in disgust… The bodies of the Emperor’s finest, tanks’ and flyers’ wrecks were littering the battlefield. In the distance the foul banner of obscene Deities was flying in the high ground. He turned to the wing-helmeted figure next to him.

- This cannot be allowed Master. We must launch the final assault and erase this blasphemy once and for all!

The Master of Recruits was silent. He knew that the Emperor’s forces were spent. Any further attack will only serve in expending resources with no material result. Was this the will of the Inner Circle? He smiled to himself… Then he turned to his Veteran Sergeant.

- We will Neria, we will… next year!


Section 1 – Overview

Well this was something. I do not believe there was ever an event neither here on B&C or any other similar forum that attracted the level of participation, commitment and raw talent as was this third incarnation of the ETL! Usually, massive participation generates risks for the smooth running of things but not here. The frater respected the spirit of the ETL and the spirit of B&C which resulted in a fantastic environment of friendly rivalry. The results speak for themselves:

Total number of participants: 424
Total number of vows: 704
Total amount of points pledged: 542,493
Average vow: 771pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 392,982
Total completion rate (before penalties): 72.4%

From the above you can see that the metric that measures commitment (completion rate) was exactly at ETL I levels while the total completions were 2.2x more! Seriously, this year was plain crazy!!!

This year there was an expansion of the units allowed as FW lists became ETL legal. This helped people to build and paint units they really wanted to do and gave the opportunity for some very impressive models to find their way to the ETL Strategiums, fully capturing their intended points. I’m really happy this worked well and you can be sure it will continue in the future as a standard feature.

I think what really emerged as a dominant theme this year though, was the super-mega-vows (for want of a better term). When the ETL started back in 2012 a vow exceeding 1,000pts was termed “mega vow”. It just seems funny now… This year, we had 4 vows above the 10,000 mark (all completed by the way) and a very large amount of vows of 3k+! Now 3k is roughly the upper limit for which 40k was designed around and the entry level for Apocalypse. So effectively we had a number of participants who build entire armies in 3 months – a huge undertaking and highly rewarding experience. It also served one of the ETL main aims, namely to beat procrastination!

However another major aim of the ETL is to paint to the best of one’s ability and if possible to improve the skills/techniques involved in doing so. It is a good opportunity too as all skill levels come together in the Strategiums and we have the entire wealth of B&C concentrated in one place. It’s very easy to ask for advice, share your problems on techniques and paint schemes and (why not?) experiment a bit. This is very difficult if you are under the clock and any deviation from your comfort zone can spell disaster.

The balance between painting massive amounts of minis to one’s usual standard (or, let’s face it, sometimes below the usual standard) and improving one’s overall painting through the interaction with other frater is a fine one – and I’m afraid not always achieved. It is important to remember that the models will stay with you long after the ETL is over.

As such this (super-mega-vows) may be an area of rules tweaking in the future.

So enough of that, let’s see what happened in this year’s ETL.

The weekly completions were very strong since Week 1 with an average of 20k pts completed per week, ignoring the highly distorting last week. This resulted in beating last year’s performance already from Week 12.

But then came the last week, Week 13. What WAS THAT?!?! 147k pts in a single week! I was really trying to keep track as completions were reported left, right and center and more were coming in all the time. And I thought last year was bad… When I turned to the Dark Gods for help all I got in return was their cruel laughter!

Looking at it objectively though, the best week was Week 9 just like last year but unlike last year, it was not as dramatically better. In fact it would be the worse if it was not for steve shields’ completion of 17k+ points! Actually from Week 7 onwards we had weekly completions in the range of 20-30k. Obviously Week 3 saw Arizonajirt’s mega completion boosting the weekly result to one of the highest in the ETL while the remaining Chaos mega completions were all reported in the last week – so they were kind of lost in the avalanche of reported completions…

Here’s the Weekly progress:


Obviously the completion rate skyrocketed in the last week going from a respectable 47.0% to a stratospheric 72.4%!!! Now this is truly spectacular if you think the absolute size of this year’s ETL

That’s all very nice but what does it translate to? Well, here are the rankings (post penalties):



Second position: DARK ANGELS [61,063]
Third position: ANGELS OF DEATH (Codex) [57,043]
Fourth position: BLACK TEMPLARS [55,559]
Fifth position: HORUS HERESY [46,856]
Sixth position: FORCES OF THE IMPERIUM [25,041]
Seventh position: BLOOD ANGELS [21,168]
Eight position: SPACE WOLVES [19,993]


Section 2 – Faction performance

Black Templar Strategium

Total number of participants: 67
Total number of vows: 118
Total amount of points pledged: 74,273
Average vow: 629 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 56,814
Total completion rate (before penalties): 76.5%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 55,559
ETL III Forum Champion: Tekman (6,321pts)


Let’s get one thing out of the way: the Black Templars are an ETL super-power! They have won the first one, came second on the second one and are now fourth but with a higher score from both the previous ETLs and really close to third position! As such, and given their continuous momentum and identity despite being merged into the Codex: Space Marines, they will always remain a distinct faction in the ETL.

Now let’s look at their performance in a little more detail:

The BTs managed to maintain an above average completion rate up to Week 8 and then remained broadly in line with the average until the last couple of weeks (Week 12 & 13) where the managed to beat the average again. Their best week, Week 6, saw the most completions in absolute and relative terms than any other forum representing more than 1/3 of all the completions of that week. However after that the momentum subsided and they just maintained their position close to the top without taking the lead again. In the last week though, they sprang into action, in true Templar habit and added a substantial 20k to their total – the third largest weekly contribution of the ETL! The real reason the BTs did not go higher in the rankings though is the low average vow. Everything else worked fine! High completion rate, high participation, high re-vowing rate… But with relatively small individual vows, it meant that the completions did not add to the total to the extent other factions did… With 629pts/vow on average it meant it was a good 140pts below the ETL average. Given Chaos’ performance and the BT average vow, you’d win that on a 100% completion rate on 157 vows of 629pts per vow on average or 128 vows on the ETL average vow. That's the kind of turnover required and I don;t know if that's even possible. This is where, in this ETL, a super-mega vow would come in handy.

Angels of Death (Codex) Strategium

Total number of participants: 60
Total number of vows: 98
Total amount of points pledged: 78,732
Average vow: 803 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 57,198
Total completion rate (before penalties): 72.6%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 57,043
ETL III Forum Champion: Arizonajirt (22,718pts)


The Angels of Death is a diverse faction comprising of many different Chapters grouped together on the fact that they share the same Codex. This creates a common purpose but also internal rivalry! Before I go into detail, I would like to point out that Arizonajirt, the Faction Champion, accounted for 29% of the faction’s total. The title of Champion is well deserved.

The most fun part though was to see how the several components of this faction behaved. In the beginning it was hard to find a single IH to join! As it happened not only 5 of them joined eventually but they all completed ALL their vows making it a 100% completion rate group! Well done guys. On the other end of the spectrum, it took the last week for us to see a couple of completions from the UMs camp (both were of outstanding quality though) and single completion from the Salamanders (equally of outstanding quality). The WSs managed a 54% completion rate – not bad considering they also suffered from late completions… Obviously the Champion’s Chapter (RG) came on top but with both the IFs and the IA lending valuable support.

The faction managed to remain ahead of the curve of completion rates as Arizona’s completion came in in Week 3 and then his subsequent completions of 4k+ pts each continued to carry the Faction to significantly higher completion rate compared to the ETL average. However, Arizonajirt was not unsupported! The entire faction mobilized maintaining high completions in absolute terms and with some extra boost in the last week, the AoDs secured the third position! Great performance overall guys – and most importantly: ONLY 155 PENALTY POINTS! That’s how the Emperor’s finest roll!

Blood Angels Strategium

Total number of participants: 37
Total number of vows: 54
Total amount of points pledged: 32,624
Average vow: 604 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 21,593
Total completion rate (before penalties): 66.2%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 21,168
ETL III Forum Champion: tabgoi (4,841pts)


The Blood Angels had a subdued performance throughout the event but in the final stages they sprang into action adding 100% of their cumulative performance up until Week 12. They started off really slow and by Week 4 they lagged 10 percentage points compared to the ETL average! Although the gap improved in Week 5 it gradually started to widen again to almost 15 percentage points difference by Week 12. The last week saw a strong effort to regain some of the lost ground and the gap narrowed again but it was not enough to guarantee a higher positioning.

Apart from the limited resources and low completion rate there was a third problem that hampered the performance of the BA faction: One of the lowest average vows in the game. This created an impossible situation. A low average vow can be turned into an advantage if there is a large turnover – i.e. high completion rate (especially early in the event to give a good head start). It appears that the BAs were unwilling to commit in any big way this year and the result was that their total completions were slightly below last year’s levels – one of the two faction to do so (the SWs being the other one).

On the positive side, the participants showed commitment and talent worthy of the renaissance-like Chapter. Hopefully next year we’ll see the numbers swelling, and who knows? A new codex maybe?

Dark Angels Strategium

Total number of participants: 59
Total number of vows: 105
Total amount of points pledged: 82,247
Average vow: 783 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 63,583
Total completion rate (before penalties): 77.6%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 61,063
ETL III Forum Champion: Tanyr (10,283pts)


What can I say about the DAs? Although they mostly stayed above the average completion rates they had two very strong weeks (Week 5 and Week 8) that really secured them one of the top positions. Truth is that the three weeks before the last (Week 10, 11 and 12) had solid completions giving them a good stage to launch the final assault of Week 13. And there, in the final hour, the Dark Angels added more points than any other faction save Chaos...

The DAs admittedly had among the highest number of participants and like the BTs lacked a crazy super-meg vow, so all this performance was in fact distributed among the frater to produce a result where every single vow mattered… And, if the DAs can brag about something it’s the fact that (marginally) they had the highest completion rate this year at 77.6%!

This is the second time the DAs are getting second position in three ETLs and, since they are one time Champions, it means that they are a force to be reckoned with – the benchmark of the ETL! Hopefully next year they (we) will claim the top position again!

Space Wolves Strategium

Total number of participants: 31
Total number of vows: 48
Total amount of points pledged: 31,391
Average vow: 654 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 20,213
Total completion rate (before penalties): 64.4%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 19,993
ETL III Forum Champion: Wolf Lord Kieran (5,045pts)


The SWs had the lowest amount of participants this year and this created a problem from the start. The other problem was that their average vow of c. 650 pts stood well below of the ETL average. The only way to counter these disadvantages and turn them to an advantage is to increase the turnover – i.e. to complete the small vows early on and re-vow (again small amounts) in order to counter the large individual vows that take more time to complete with a number of small quick ones. The SWs with all these single Character units offers a lot of opportunities for this type of play.

Unfortunately it was not to be. The completion rate remained significantly lower than the ETL average up to Week 10 and then the Wolves sprang into action – but it was too late to challenge their rivals as time did not permit large scale re-vowing and although the gap in terms of completion rate narrowed, in absolute terms they were not in a position to challenge their rivals.

A note I would like to make here is that on the very next day that the ETL finished a new SW Codex was released! The release of the new Codex was rumored throughout the life of the ETL and it could have been a factor that the SWs were unwilling to commit... Hopefully, next year, with a new Codex, the SWs will take their revenge!

Realm of Chaos Strategium

Total number of participants: 64
Total number of vows: 117
Total amount of points pledged: 130,871
Average vow: 1,119 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 101,414
Total completion rate (before penalties): 77.5%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 98,284
ETL III Forum Champion: steve shields (27,187pts)


Chaos is wonderful! These are the Champions of the ETL III and deservedly so! They have the highest amount of points pledged (ever) the highest amount of completions (ever) and it’s the first faction to get above the 100k mark of completions before penalties (ever).

Since the beginning Chaos had a huge drive in this ETL. Not only they had unusually high participation compared to the previous years, they went to the extent of creating a convoluted system of vows and even a mini satellite event to boost morale and enhance their drive.

They were also blessed by the Gods to have three of the four vows of 10k+ (steve shields and Fasha the Dog) and to have the Champion of Champions with them: steve shields who despite some personal issues, delivered the most points anyone has ever delivered in the ETL.

But Chaos would have been on the top positions even without the super-mega vows – that’s how driven our depraved frater were this year! In fact, other things been equal, Chaos would be ONLY 307 points behind the DAs – and that’s where the motto: “every point counts” would kick in.

Regardless this was a solid win, with the aspiring Champions of Chaos driving the Lost and the Damned to ever higher levels of frenzy!

By looking at the graphs above, Chaos was below the ETL average completion rate up until Week 8 but were never much behind (if at all) in the absolute amount of completions – given their high level of pledges even lower completion rates guaranteed a high absolute total. Then in Week 9 (a semi-magical week for all ETLs) steve shield’s first completion came in boosting the completion rate to above the ETL average where it stayed until the end.

Congratulations to Chaos – the Champions of ETL III and Primus Inter Pares!

Forces of the Imperium Strategiums (Astra Militarum, Grey Knights, Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Mechanicus)

Total number of participants: 46
Total number of vows: 69
Total amount of points pledged: 39,990
Average vow: 580 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 25,041
Total completion rate (before penalties): 62.6%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 25,041
ETL III Forum Champion: Dread (3,563pts)


The Forces of the Imperium is another diverse faction that combines a number of Codices. The major force among them is the IG – the latest addition to the B&C forums and the first to break away from the power armour theme.

The IG in itself is a very diverse force comprising of cheap infantry to large and expensive super heavies. I expected that the changes in the ETL rules that allow virtually anything that comes out of GW/FW to significantly aid this faction as now they were not only limited to the Codex’ tanks (many as they are) but to the myriad other vehicles that are described in the various FW publications.

Although tanks did make their appearance the good ol’ guardsman won the affection of the participants and as such the vows, although model intensive, the points associated with them were not that many. Which is a good thing in actual gaming terms!

A final note on the Guard is that last year, being the new kids on the block, they had ONLY 7 participants and completed 8k pts between them. This year they had 30 participants (more than 4x more than last year) and completed 19k pts!!! I have to say the mods of this forum (or should I say Commissars?) must be doing something right!

I really liked that the Mechanicum made an appearance with two(!) Knights both completed on time and the GKs managing a 54% completion ratio and having the Faction Champion coming for the ranks! The SoBs had a very small participation adding 770 pts to the total but I think the limited support for this faction by GW has its effect on the community.

The biggest take out here is that the Forces of the Imperium increased their output by 65% compared to the previous ETL and did so with the lowest average vow in the game of 580pts. Let’s see next year guys – will the big tanks make an appearance? Will the GKs come in force? Will the SoBs get some love? (that last one should not be taken out of context! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png)

Oh, did I mention no penalty points? Well done guys!

Horus Heresy Strategium

Total number of participants: 60
Total number of vows: 90
Total amount of points pledged: 72,365
Average vow: 762 pts
Total amount of points completed (before penalties): 46,856
Total completion rate (before penalties): 64.7%
Total amount of points completed (after penalties): 46,856
ETL III Forum Champion: Nehekhare (8,000pts)


The HH forum asserted itself as a major contestant in the ETL – a presence that’s here to stay! The armies of the 31st millennium were represented with the respect that those warriors of old deserve.

There was high participation, the amount of points pledged quite similar to all the major players at 70k+ and their average vow almost spot on to the ETL average. However their lower than average completion rate kept them in 5th position. I think the week that cost them the most was Week 5 that saw the completion of a single EC apothecary (but what a mini that was) and then the hallowed Week 9 where their completion rate gap (compared to the average) widened. Despite some strong performance in the last weeks of the event the HH forum never went above the average completion rate and although equal in points and vow size to their immediate rivals it meant that they could not threaten a higher place.

But let’s face it. This is an emerging force, with the Traitor’s already having the biggest share of coverage. The 40k “big 4” have yet to be covered by FW and there are also other more esoteric areas of the Heresy that has yet to be touched upon. So this is the beginning, this faction delivered 14k pts last year and 47k pts this year. The following is on the rise and this is the faction to watch in the future ETLs!

Section 3 – Individual Performance

The ETL is not only about faction performance. It’s about individual performance too and some amazing feats of glory have taken place this year. Now, just like last year, those you completed ALL their vows will be awarded the Custos Fidei. This badge replaces the Oath of Moment and denotes the number of completions by presenting a “Seal of Completion” for each one. So someone who has made a single vow and completed it successfully he’ll don the Custos Fidei with the single Seal of Completion. One who has made two will don the Custos Fidei with two Seals of Completions and so on. So the participants who completed 5 vows are awarded a Custos Fidei with 5 Seals of Completion!

If you don't see your name below or you see it in a wrong place do not reach for your bolter. PM me and I'll sort it out. In the mean time feel free to use the badge you deem appropriate!

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_03E_Custos_Fidei.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_5690.png

Andhill [bT] 2,095
Aradiel [DA] 3,940 Arizonajirt [AoD/RG] 22,718
Armond [HH] 2,945
Augustus b'Raass [Chaos/UD] 3,535
Cerroneth [DA] 2,370
Chaeron [Chaos/Nurgle] 7,346
Corton [AoD/IH] 994
Dark_Apostle_XVII [iG] 1,992
Gaius Maximus [bT] 4,047
hendrik [iG] 2,870
HLVW [bT] 2,785
Honda [bT] 2,984
JeffJedi [DA] 2,199
Kilofix [Chaos/UD] 10,664
Ldorte [iG] 3,170
Master Avoghai [DA] 2,380
Nehekhare [HH] 8,000
Passeltov [HH] 3,655
Razblood [Chaos/Nurgle] 1,899
Reinhard [bT] 1,425
rune priest sven [sW] 880
Spaced Hulk [DA] 4,180
Tanyr [DA] 10,283
Teetengee [Chaos/UD] 1,260
ValkirieUndead [bT] 3,135

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_03D_Custos_Fidei.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_3130.png

B E N [Chaos/Khorne] 3,466
Black Cohort [AoD/IF] 1,750
Capitano [Chaos/UD] 4,262
captain sox [iG] 590
Chaplain Morits [HH] 1,130
daemonclaw [Chaos/Slaanesh] 2,045
deathspectersgt7 [AoD/IA] 1,825
Grotsmasha [DA] 4,530
kizzgougs [HH] 745
Larhendiel [DA] 1,613
Malus Trux [AoD/IH] 3,900
Mandaloriano [bA] 2,250
Marshall Mattias [bT] 1,840
nightwing1511 [bT] 2,250
Pbenner [DA] 5,080
TheDevourer [Chaos/Nurgle] 983

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_03C_Custos_Fidei.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_4761.png

Akylas [Chaos/Tzeentch] 700
Brother Christofer [bT] 1,400
CatSmasher [sW] 2,162
Cod_lover [DA] 680
Deus Ex Ferrum [AoD/IH] 1,320
Dragonlover [Chaos/UD] 1,130
FortesMastery [bT] 1,890
Fulbrook [AoD/IF] 1,355
Gubnutz Da Grim [Chaos/Nurgle] 1,987
Kasper Hawser [sW] 933
longfang66 [HH] 1,210
Lord Doyok [AoD/RG] 326
Minigun762 [bT] 335
Pipkin [bT] 1,115
Polythemus [DA] 2,348
Prot [DA] 850
Psychodough [bA] 465
scatmandoo [iG] 906
Seathal [AoD/RG] 930
SlaveToDarkness [Chaos/Nurgle] 6,247
Strike Captain Lysimachus [AoD/IH] 405
tabgoi [bA] 4,841
TearsOfTheRaven [HH] 765
Tekman [bT] 6,321
Tommy Soule [sW] 1,125
Vazzy [HH] 2,960
Warriorfish [iG] 926
Wolf_Pack [HH] 2,488
xmercx [bA] 895

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_03B_Custos_Fidei.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_8099.png

Ace Debonair [AoD/IA] 655
Acebaur [bT] 1,350
Antarius [AoD/IF] 2,362
Ashriel [AoD/IA] 1,330
Barabas Sogalon [HH] 762
BassWave [HH] 360
Baulder [sW] 1,237
Brother Captain Lucian [HH] 410
Brother Dallo [bA] 515
bushman101 [bA] 981
Castellan Cato [Chaos/Nurgle] 210
ChapelXIII [bA] 955
CommodusXIII [AdMech] 750
Corvus Danseur [bA] 800
Crusader Bob [bT] 591
Deadman Wade [bT] 1,055
Faelchu [Chaos/Nurgle] 955
Forte [Chaos/Slaanesh] 1,125
greggles [bT] 1,160
Hoots [DA] 1,810
Iron Skull Mask [Chaos/UD] 405
Jeff Newton [AoD/IF] 2,860
Kierdale [iG] 781
Kormk [AoD/RG] 1,330
Krikey [bT] 1,720
Leif Bearclaw [sW] 930
Liberame [DA] 2,390
lionofjudah [iG] 1,242
lt051 [GK] 962
mactire [sW] 1,210
Madwolf Shadowmane [sW] 286
Malisteen [Chaos/UD] 1,280
Mike Zulu [bT] 361
Mordian7th [HH] 1,360
Mr Bill [DA] 771
MyDaemonCallista [Chaos/Tzeentch] 1,560
mytimeprez [bT] 1,035
NovemberIX [AoD/IA] 1,725
Phadeout [bA] 760
Pyromancer [HH] 1,041
Relict [HH] 1,156
Rumor Control [HH] 622
Russ Brother [HH] 982
ShadowSong7007 [AoD/IF] 385
steve shileds [Chaos/UD] 27,187
SteveW1 [AoD/IA] 245
SW1 [HH] 1,670
tdemayo [AoD/IF] 2,390
Templar 1 [bA] 2,600
Tenebris [Chaos/UD] 852
Toxichobbit [AoD/UM] 475
Urkh [bT] 935
Vesper [Chaos/Khorne] 285
Viddar [sW] 1,010
WLK [sW] 5,045

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_03A_Custos_Fidei.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_9307.png

AlmightyWalrus [bT] 589
Angelus Encarmine [Chaos/UD] 720
Aquilanus [Chaos/Tzeentch] 468
Ashmantle [AoD/Salamanders] 550
Balthamal [HH] 1,940
Battle8rother [HH] 635
Belial83 [DA] 1,905
Bjorn Stormfang [sW] 465
Brother Bahram [DA] 905
Brother Bethor [DA] 1,084
Brother Crazywolf [sW] 170
Brother Darklight [bT] 1,045
Brother Darvus [bT] 440
Brother Huh [bT] 190
Brother Librarian Haegl [AoD/IF] 335
Brother Sanvael [HH] 1,870
Brother Tankred [AoD/WS] 203
Bulweih [sW] 345
Cactus [DA] 260
Cap'm Heckus [iG] 301
Captain Semper [DA] 245
CaptainHelion [iG] 1,396
Carthage [DA] 525
Chaplain Lucifer [DA] 640
chaplainmikey [iG] 445
Cyfax [DA] 560
cypherthefallenangel [iG] 670
Daemonifugue [AoD/IA] 3,335
dantay_xv [sW] 1,220
DasPanzerIsUber [bT] 360
David Ravel [soB] 500
djgodsmith [DA] 963
Dread [GK] 3,563
Drii_Jokker [Chaos/Khorne] 583
Durfast Spiritwolf [HH] 2,157
dusktiger [AoD/IA] 375
Eberious [bT] 1,565
Eddie Orlock [GK] 190
Elmo9141 [DA] 1,305
farfromsam [DA] 291
FashaTheDog [Chaos/UD] 10,341
Firepower [bT] 185
Gaius Atticus [AoD/IF] 165
Golf 33 [bT] 265
Gondow [bA] 981
Greenz [DA] 675
Grun Teufel [bA] 770
gstoe [HH] 595
gunnar _w [sW] 850
Gunrunr [bT] 265
hart3856 [bT] 5,050
helterskelter [HH] 485
hisdudeness [HH] 1,200
Idlem [iG] 190
JamesI [bA] 375
jbickb [sW] 940
JGeils81 [DA] 635
jiron [Chaos/UD] 150
JJD [DA] 195
John Rainbow [bA] 1,035
Jolemai [bA] 235
Kael24 [soB] 100
Kol Saresk [Chaos/UD] 80
Kontakt [bT] 938
Kythnos [Chaos/UD] 595
logun [sW] 500
lokkorex [HH] 205
Mandalore511 [bT] 820
march10k [iG] 1,590
Marine72120000 [bA] 675
Marshal Zaccheous [bT] 280
Mc_luhvin [DA] 355
metic [bT] 95
mozley [bA] 720
Mystech [bT] 612
MythicMatt [AoD/IA] 1,418
Namine [soB] 170
Nicodemus Dolosorus [iG] 250
oreo [bT] 140
our_baz [iG] 445
Plasmaspam [DA] 1,470
Psykic_scribe [bT] 260
Reayonix [Chaos/UD] 1,233
Reyner [HH] 535
Scion of Ferrus [AoD/IH] 280
ScRIPture [bT] 1,241
Shubniggurath [DA] 881
sockwithaticket [bA] 530
spafe [iG] 540
Spinitron [HH] 1,140
Squark [sW] 115
Stobz [DA] 1,105
SvenONE [DA] 480
Sviar [iG] 395
Taranis [bA] 305
Telhdrat [HH] 3,343
Thamier [Chaos/UD] 2,254
That_One_Marshal [bT] 405
The Calll of the Hunt [HH] 305
The Chaplain [bT] 190
The Or [HH] 185
The Red Thirst [bA] 245
Titan 1975 [bT] 395
Totgeboren [Chaos/UD] 411
uberwolfe [iG] 107
Ultrad81 [AoD/UM] 292
vijok [DA] 1,160
Vorganov [AoD/WS] 810
Voxxel [bA] 235
Wolf Priest Readbeard [sW] 570
Yogi [Chaos/UD] 2,066

For those who did not complete ALL their vows it’s the Badge of Oath Breaker:

http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_02_Oath_Breaker.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_5619.png

200plus [Chaos/UD]
A D-B [bA]
A Kvit Ghost [Chaos/UD]
A Son of Sanguinius [bA]
AceofCase [AoD/IA]
Adper [DA]
Anaziel [DA]
AngelsAbsolute [HH]
Archangel [HH]
Arendius [AoD/RG]
Arez [sW]
Aridene [Chaos/Tzeentch]
Arthanor [bT]
Aspecti [AoD/UM]
Battle-Brother Ludovic [AoD/UM]
Biggabertha [DA]
Black Templar 307th Comp. [bT]
Blackheart [Chaos/UD]
Blissful Brushes [HH]
Blood Angels Marine [HH]
Bmseifer [DA]
bonesaww666 [GK]
Bowlzee [HH]
Brother Angelus [AoD/WS]
Brother Chaplain Kage [iG]
Brother Erekose [DA]
Brother Heinrich [Chaos/UD]
Brother Molokai [HH]
Brother Najanus [AoD/IA]
Brother Rylanor [sW]
Brother Ulkesh [bT]
BrotherSammael [DA]
Bryan Blair [DA]
Cain21 [AoD/IF]
Calgar 2.0 [iG]
CastelandeMollay [bT]
Cate [sW]
chaplain_blackord [bA]
Cheddybob [HH]
ChooChooTemplar [bT]
CollectiveCounciousness [soB]
Cpt Uriel Ventris [AoD/IA]
CPT Weiss [HH]
Cronhour [bA]
Daemon2027 [HH]
DAN [iG]
Dark Master [DA]
Dark Rage [DA]
Dark Scipio [bT]
dark_angel_345 [bA]
Das Bee [bT]
daveNYC [Chaos/Slaanesh]
Demoulious [bA]
depthcharge12 [HH]
Drippy [HH]
Duke Danse Macabre [soB]
Elspikeo [iG]
emperors immortals [bA]
Erren [DA]
Excessus [Chaos/Tzeentch]
Excubitor [AoD/Salamanders]
Fibonacci [soB]
firewind [iG]
Flawless [AoD/IF]
Fortis [Chaos/Slaanesh]
furioso-prime [HH]
Fytharin [sW]
General Disarray [bT]
Ginger Avenger [bT]
Glaeken Templaris [bT]
gogmagog [bA]
greg0985 [Chaos/UD]
Guts [Chaos/Slaanesh]
Hellrender [Chaos/UD]
Hidicul [GK]
HsojVvad [Chaos/UD]
Immersturm [iG]
Indrick [HH]
Interoggator Chaplain Kamjin [DA]
iWarsaw [Chaos/UD]
Jack of the Pelt [DA]
JasonX [Chaos/Tzeentch]
Jaspcat [HH]
Jedideinos [HH]
jeremy1391 [AoD/IF]
Jurneyman [AoD/IF]
Kaela_Mensha [Chaos/Khorne]
keith [HH]
Koryn [AoD/RG]
leinman [Chaos/UD]
lemarshall87 [DA]
Leonaidas [bA]
Little lano [Chaos/Khorne]
Lord Rust [Chaos/UD]
Lord Tharand [HH]
Maggot Thrasher [Chaos/Nurgle]
MagicMan [AoD/UM]
Marshal Hadrarius [AoD/IF]
Marshal Laeroth [bT]
Marshal Sampson of Terra [AoD/IA]
marshal seanisi [HH]
Marshal_Roujakis [bT]
marvmoogy [DA]
MaveriK [sW]
Max [Chaos/UD]
Max Power [HH]
Mechanicus_Adept [AoD/WS]
mirage20059 [DA]
MisterKillam [AoD/IA]
MordentHex [HH]
moric [bT]
Namia [Chaos/Khorne]
netminder69 [AoD/IA]
Nikolai180393 [soB]
ninjasuperspy [HH]
Njjesters4 [bA]
Noctus Cornix [Chaos/UD]
noisemarine [Chaos/Slaanesh]
NoLifeKing [Chaos/UD]
Nrthstar [sW]
oreaper84 [soB]
Owlandmoonguy [HH]
Palak [HH]
panda squirrel [iG]
Parn [soB]
pedrogzc [sW]
Plasma-Freak [bT]
Player not found [bA]
Politix [DA] poom [HH]
PupLord [sW] Raeken [bT]
rai [iG] Rajden [DA]
Ramell [HH]
Rayray [Chaos/UD]
recon0321 [bT]
redmapa [bT]
RedMoon [DA]
Reede [sW]
RenderDead [bA]
Res Ipsa Loquitur [DA]
Retaliation [DA]
Rune_Priest_Rhapsody [sW]
Scag [Chaos/Nurgle]
Scribe of Khorne [Chaos/UD]
Severoth [HH]
Silver Phoenix [AoD/Salamanders]
SirSamuelBuca [AoD/UM]
Sith'ari [Chaos/UD]
Skittle [AoD/UM]
SnaRf.za [DA]
SonOfCretacia [bA]
Sons of Erebus [sW]
Squeaky [AoD/IA]
Synthos117 [iG]
Tanhausen [DA]
terminatorAM [bA]
Terrified Templar [bT]
The Black Shield [AoD/IA]
The Harrower [bA]
The Shadow Guard [DA]
The Yak [AoD/RG]
The_Oni_of_Hindsight [iG]
TheLastHuzzah [sW]
TheWarmaster [HH]
Trignama [bT]
trub [AoD/RG]
tu_shan82 [AoD/Salamanders]
tvih [bT]
Twisted Logic [bT]
Ultra Rich [AoD/UM]
Uprising [Chaos/Khorne]
Uvenla [HH]
Valhaal [bT]
Walter h [iG]
WAR009 [AoD/IF]
Warlord EXE [bT]
xFallenx [soB]
Zeuspro [AoD/UM]
Zoatibix [HH]
zyl- [Chaos/UD]
Zyth23 [bT]
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Section 4 – The Champions' banners


The Realm of Chaos is the Primus Inter Pares for this year - a well deserved distinction as they managed to break the 100k barrier - even if the penalties brought the total to just below that...


So here's the Primus Inter Pares


http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/ETL_2014_Banner_V2_04_Primus_Inter_Pares.jpg http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_6198/gallery_29004_6198_1186.png


This can be worn instead of the Custos Fidei or it may be combined with it in the usual manner:




Furthermore, like last year, the Champions of each faction (i.e. the ones that made the most points) will be awarded the Badge of the Champion:


Black Templars: Tekman




Angels of Death: Arizonajirt




Blood Angels: tabgoi




Dark Angels: Tanyr




Space Wolves: Wolf Lord Kieran




Realm of Chaos: steve shields




Forces of the Imperium: Dread




Horus Heresy: Nehkhare





Now moving on to the other badges of excellence:


The Badge of the Hero: This goes to steve shields for completing the single largest vow of the event of 17,086 pts. Congratulations mate:




The Badge of the Martyr: This goes again to steve shields as he managed to complete more points than any other participant: a total of 27,187 pts. Again congratulations! This is awe inspiring stuff!




The Badge of the Artisan: This is one of the most difficult awards as it is purely subjective... But here goes:




Augustus b'Raass, you're awarded the Badge of the Artisan! Congratulations!


But we're not impressed only by the super-sized models (impressive as they are). Here's another mini that I really admire: a EC Apothecary!




kizzdougs, you're also eligible for the badge! Congratulations! 


Lastly there was a BT squad painted by someone who was really disappointed by the fact that the BT lost their own Codex, but the ETL was reason enough to return to the black & white lunatics! This is the result:




Mike Zulu, please take your badge!





Section 5 – Captain Semper's closing notes


Well the third ETL is over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their participation, effort and conduct. This event makes me very proud to be counted in the best internet 40k community around! To those who completed your vows you can proudly wear your Custos Fidei while those who did not complete, there is always next time!


This year Chaos made a huge effort. The mobilization was unprecedented and the drive and motivation out of this world (well, it makes sense). This was a surprise to me as in previous ETLs Chaos was a mid-of-the-range faction that never threatened the top positions. I have to point out here that even without stave's and Fasha's colossal vows the rest of the team managed to equalise the Dark Angles performance - the second best score ever (even surpassing last year's score that made them Primus Inter Pares).


On the other end of the spectrum, the Space Wolves seemed less interested this year than any of the previous ones so participation was small. And so were the vows - with the exception of WLK and Arez who did vow thousands of points each. I think that the rumored new Codex (which eventually came out the day after the ETL was finished played a big part in the Wolves stance as it's reasonable to wait for the new 'dex before you commit your money and time to a project.


Before I close I'd like to thank the Admins (Kurgan and Brother Tyler) for allowing the ETL to run again and for supporting the concept. I would also like to thank the Supreme Grand Master of the Inner Circle The Shadow Guard himself for giving so much of his time to shape the imagery of the ETL! This event would be nowhere without him!


Looking ahead, there are other events in the pipeline, like the Call of Chaos and the Loyalty and Treachery and who knows what else? Stay tuned!



So until next year, farewell!


Captain Semper

Member of the Inner Circle

Master of Recruits

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First of all, thanks to Captain Semper for all the effort in running this event once again! I may not have fulfilled my vow due to IRL reasons, but for the first time since ETL II, I got some painting done at least, and thus got me some nice new models ready for the tabletop. As such, it's definitely not a complete loss for me in the hobby aspect, even if failing my Chapter shames me greatly nonetheless - especially after being the Forum Champion last year http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/unsure.png 

The balance between painting massive amounts of minis to one’s usual standard (or, let’s face it, sometimes below the usual standard) and improving one’s overall painting through the interaction with other frater is a fine one – and I’m afraid not always achieved. It is important to remember that the models will stay with you long after the ETL is over.

As such this (super-mega-vows) may be an area of rules tweaking in the future.


Well, I must admit I don't really like super-mega-vows that much in the context of the ETL. It's a community event, and to me it somehow feels thatsingle individuals shouldn't have THAT big of a role. I mean, of course 40k is a world of great heroes as well as of common troopers, thus giving some parity to mega-vows and normal vows, and in a sense seeing such big vows is even kinda cool, but when a single individual ends up painting more than some entire factions, it just feels a bit... off, in terms of the greater competition. Of course there may not be a simple alternative to this that everyone would wholeheartedly agree with. Artificial point caps per participant and what not may upset some people, for example.

And of course the standard of painting is even more difficult to quantify. I'm not naming names or anything, I don't see much point in that and I haven't even looked at most of the completions yet - especially outside the BT forum - especially so critically, but for example I could've fulfilled my vow had I been willing to go with "relaxed standards." But I wasn't, so I didn't. I'm sure it's not far-fetched to imagine someone might've ended up being a bit more lax in this regard. And I'm not even saying it's wrong if they were - it's their models, their decision! Yet to me personally the best part is seeing the completions where it's obvious a lot of effort was put into making the models look as good as the painter can possibly make them, resulting in really beautiful models. From the BT subforum some examples are the works of Krikey, Reinhard and Eberious, as their work makes me gape in awe and also admittedly with envy every time http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/whistlingW.gif 

Anyway, enough chit chat - bring on the ETL IV, and the redemption of my Crusade from the disgraced ranks of the oath breakers http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png

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...but when a single individual ends up painting more than some entire factions, it just feels a bit... off, in terms of the greater competition. Of course there may not be a simple alternative to this that everyone would wholeheartedly agree with. Artificial point caps per participant and what not may upset some people, for example.

I think that those people are worthy of honour, nonetheless and perhaps more so. Appreciate some factions are inevitably smaller, but if people have collections that large and use it to complete great chunks - kudos to them. Given there are so few of these occurring, it's not a massive issue - and it's so, so impressive to see visually.


I'm now going to enjoy checking out what the competition painted during the course of the ETL - as I've truthfully only mainly seen Chaos and the Horus Heresy forums!

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