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The Siege Makers

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Hi guys, welcome to my Siege Makers thread. I'll use this thread to post up pics of my minis and fluff, from units I've already done to units involved in painting competitions. I should say this thread is inspired by such members as Insane Psychopath's 5th Grand Company thread (found here: [post=http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/242456-iron-warriors-5th-grand-company-army-log/]IP 5th Grand Company[/post]) and Kierdale's Shrineworld Garrison (found here: [post=http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/269424-shrineworld-garrison-priest-completed-49/]Kierdale's Shrineworld Garrison[/post]). This way I can keep everything together in one little neat stack and just have somewhere to post.

So a little background on the army models wise. Back in ETL 1, I had started my Chaos Space Marine army but hadn't painted it. I pledged to take part and voila - I had the start of a chaos space marine force. Since then, this collection has grown and even now encompasses a Traitor Guard force. My only frustration is I never have enough shoulder pads. Some models you may recognise from either the first ETL, the most recent Call of Chaos or last years LPC. It is for this reason alone that I decided I'd consolidate my minis into one thread so as to save on space for future painting competitions, as well as show case my models. I will say now I'm not the best painter in the world but I feel my level is satisfactory. However, I'm always looking for ways to improve so if you see a model you think could be improved, please 'quote' it and give me some c&c - this way I can practise new techniques and evolve my style. Whether it works or not is a different matter, but I'll give it a shot :tongue.:

I've had Chaos forces before - Khorne World Eaters (my first Chaos Space Marine army), Nurgle marines, Black Legion. But throughout all of it, I've always had a soft spot for the Iron Warriors. Therefore, the majority of The Siege Makers are Iron Warriors bar a few units. I love their background and it was their WD IA that drew me to love them. If only we could still take servo-arms! Not a great loss mind but still fun and fluffy, and maybe still useful in challenges. That said, let's see what 7th edition brings.

Some fluff for The Siege Makers, their beginnings in darkness:

The Siege Makers

GENE-SEED: Largely Iron Warriors, but have a few renegade elements
WARMASTER: Warsmith Dushk Helslash
HOME BASE: The Cogs of Madness, Dark Mechanicus Forge World
FORTRESS MONASTERY: N/A, The Siege Makers have access to the majority of the Cogs of Madness, although there is an area designated the Astartes Area, where the brothers of The Siege Makers sleep and hone their skills
FLAGSHIP: Although not fleet based, the ancient warship Wrath of Nightmares
MAIN COLOURS: Typical Iron Warrior gunmetal and gold/brass trims, black shoulder pads, although there are renegade Adeptus Astartes who still bear their original chapter livery. Note - The Siege Makers generally don't wear the hazard stripes seen in many other Iron Warrior warbands. This is in part a decree of the Arch-Magos Chaapoza, who sees them as unwarranted and Helslash in agreement.



Squad Novak
SPECIALITY: Siege warfare, urban conflicts.
BATTLE CRY: None to mention, battle cries are individual to each squad should they choose to have one.
CURRENT STRENGTH: The Siege Makers are noted as being of an above average size, with typically 800+ Iron Warriors among their ranks, although this figure is believed to be slightly diminished following the Sacking of Mortrev. However, this figure does not include renegade Astartes who seem to come and go on an almost unaccountable basis.
ALLEGIANCE: Very heavy ties to the Dark Mechanicus thanks to their allegiance to the Cogs of Madness Arch-Magos, Chaapoza.

The Siege Makers were part of a much larger formation, The Siege Crafters, under the leadership of Warsmith Keshra. Veterans from the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, The Siege Crafters had a formidable military and fleet capacity. Keshra respected martial strength and ingenuity, for which Helslash excelled in both, much to the jealousy of his fellow Captains. There were 3 Captains under the Warsmith - Helslash, Diazer and Sturmbruder, each of whom had a section of the Crafters to lead. There was no former Battalion number - there were at least half a dozen different Battalions and Companies that flocked to Keshra's banner after the Siege of Terra and the Second Siege of Olympia. Arriving on Medrengard with the majority of the IV Legion, The Siege Crafters were created from the bitter desire for revenge on the Imperium.

In 387.M34, following Helslash's promotion to Keshra's Lieutenant, The Siege Crafters ceased to exist. Whilst returning from a campaign against an Ork Warlord, Helslash discovered Sturmbruder had been killed and his men most loyal to him (by Iron Warrior standards) suffered the same fate. As Lieutenant, Helslash had the best pick of men and equipment after Keshra, and quickly located Diazer attacking the Warsmith, who fell to a mortal wound in his neck. Much to Helslash's disgust, Diazer had the aid of several Alpha Legion squads, who used the shadows to their advantage. But Helslash wasn't dissuaded - in the ensuing fight he routed the XX Legion from the shadows, then butchered any who were loyal to Diazer. The treacherous Captain was stripped of his weapons and armour, then thrown through a Warp Portal to be left to the denizens of the Warp. The remaining Iron Warriors then swore allegiance to the newly declared Warsmith Helslash, and were renamed as The Siege Makers.

The Cogs of Madness Dark Forge World.

Overview: Formed just after the Scouring immediately after the Horus Heresy, The Cogs of Madness has developed into a moderate sized Forge World, run by the Dark Mechanicus Arch-Magos Chaapoza. It is unknown if the cosmic body Chaapoza landed on was an asteroid or moon that had lost its orbit, only that it was located in the galactic south of the Eye of Terror. Initially formed from the wreckage of his cruiser, the Star Roller, Chaapoza has since expanded and consolidated his power. He not only has his forces at hand, legions of Skitarii twisted in his own image of what he wants them to be, but also a warband of considerable size (the Siege Makers of the Iron Warriors Legion), and the Nihilists, a group of renegades and traitors who have fantastic military training.

Aside from an impact crater, the Star Roller is no more. It was stripped of all its components over time to create the rest of the world - walls and floors were used as the basis for the oldest parts of some areas, with cogitator banks given a new purpose in their new locations. Over time, with new materials and technology, the base was expanded and has become a sprawling mini metropolis in some parts. However, much of the land is given over to either defense systems or mining, of which the Cogs of Madness has a reputation for the latter. It is believed this is due to the warping influence of the nearby Eye of Terror, but no studies have ever been conclusive.

Each area of the Forge world has an attached Habitat Block, where Servitors are placed to regenerate lost nutrients for a sleep cycle. Worker-slaves are placed into shared accommodation, which is often nothing more than an enlarged prison cell. Overseers and Dark Tech-priests have their own individual cells as befits their status. In the Central Cog, the oldest area of the world, Chaapoza has his own cell and station that links to every single station on the planet. He in turn has a mind link to the central database, allowing to him to have complete access to the Cogs of Madness's actions at all times, although it is range limited meaning he must be on the world for the link to be fully functioning. If he leaves the world, depending on the distance, there is disruption to the feed.

There is much trade on the Cogs of Madness. Despite being a Forge world, it doesn't manufacture Titans, although it does have the capability of servicing them. It can, however, produce super heavy vehicles and weaponry, although this will use an incredible amount of time and resources. Trade comes in many forms, and as long as no organisation is of Imperial allegiance, there generally is no shortage of those willing to trade, buy and/or sell. This even extends to xenos, although it should be noted that generally speaking only Dark Eldar and Orks are the main alien traders. The Commorite dwellers usually trade in slaves and artifacts, whereas the Orks are often looking for whatever they can get their hands on but often includes some of the noisiest weapons in the known universe. The only enforceable rule is Chaapoza and Helslash's will, both of whom have a considerable wrath when angered. As long as they aren't made to be fools, then all is fine. If that rule is broken, the perpetrators generally aren't heard of again and new Servitors seem to take their place.

The Central Cog: The oldest of the planet's districts, this is formed mostly from the Star Roller's bridge. Consisting of three tiers, the uppermost is both the command centre for the world and Chaapoza's personal quarters. It is also here that intergalactic communications are sent and received, including requests for creations of war machines and weapons, before they are then sent to the respective factories for construction. The second tier acts as both a general command centre for Skitarii forces and security lookout. Three former Tech-priests are permanently wired in to the main frame, their eyes, vocal chords and ears replaced by wires and sensor feeds linked to all areas of the world. The lowest tier is where all trade takes place - it occurs here so as not to interfere with the manufacturing of war materials on the rest of the world, and so as it is in sight of the security forces. Keep your friends close, and your enemies in plain sight of your weapons, as Chaapoza often states. Much of the defenses are in fact automated and hang from the ceiling, mostly as a reminder that all are being watched.

Manufactorum Diadris: This is where vehicles are manufactured, mostly based around STCs stolen over the millennia. It is the largest facility on the Cogs, and manufactures mostly Rhinos APCs, Predator and Leman Russ Battle tanks, Land Raiders and the occasional super heavy vehicles such as Baneblades and Shadow Swords. There is also an area for servicing Titans, although only room for up to one at a time. Wrecked vehicles are also transported here, where there is a large area towards the back of the facility for salvaging the machines of war. Overseer Magos Tazik is the Manufactorum's leader, with 14 Lexmechanics and 4 Artisans beneath him, as well as Servitors and several teams of salvaging slaves.

Manufactorum Scalus: Divided into two tiers, the bottom tier produces mass batches of las-weaponry and heavy weapons such as Lascannons and Missile Launchers, as well as combat gear such as armour, webbing, combat goggles and so on. The upper tier is more specialized and produces Bolters and other specialist weapons such as Plasma Guns and Power weapons of all descriptions. Due to the nature of the goods produced here, Servitors are the general workforce in the lower tier, whereas slaves are augmented and set to work in the upper tier. It is from these slaves that aspirants for the Dark Mechanicum can be selected if they show the right aptitude and ingenuity. Overseer Magos Tabia is the commander here, overseeing 11 Artisans and 27 Lexmechanics, some of whom are from the slaves and been given the most basic rights as a Tech-Priest.

Apothecarium: Before the arrival of the Siege Makers, this was used solely for treating the injured mortals and Mechanicus forces. This facility is the most advanced on the planet and has containment fields, purge beds, operating tables, Servitor outfitting points, treatment bays and medicine dispensaries. Since the Siege Makers have taken up permanent residence, an underground tier has been added. Exceptionally well guarded, by off duty Astartes, this underground tier has the facilities to create new Astartes with all the surgical equipment and gene-seeding technology at hand. Also located here is storage for geneseed - that taken from fallen Iron Warriors is given the highest priority, while the rest are generally cared for but not as to the same extent as Perturabo's lineage. Run by Genetor Rolus, with 2 Genetor Apprenti and 12 Lexmechanics. All Servitors here are equipped as Medi-Servitors. It should also be noted that this is the single most heavily defended area of the Cogs of Madness, even discounting the permanent Astartes present here.

Astartes District: Located here is where the Siege Makers make their home. Having been expanded over the years as the warband has grown, Helslash and his men are largely autonomous from the rest of the world. As can be expected, this area serves more for function than form, and has nothing more than the basics. A mess hall (with modified kitchen to accommodate Space Marine diets), firing range, ammunition creating facilities and individual cubicles all make this area the Siege Makers their base of operations. There is also a vehicle hangar, where the war machines of these Iron Warriors are stored until required.

Perturabo's Post: Named after the Primarch and gene-father of the majority of the warband, this is where relics and objects of interest are stowed until required. Ancient texts and tomes are also stored here, and it isn't uncommon to find the Sorcerors or visiting mystics to be found here. Occasionally sacrifices are carried out here, and it was within these walls that Robersium sacrificed several sons of Guilliman to bring Ards'wat, Barkesh and several more daemonic entities back to this realm.

Nihilist Barracks: This is the newest area of the world and where Kryten's Nihilists are located. That said, this is by no means an advanced area. The command centre is nothing more than a large tent with an area for Kryten and his chosen men to sleep and issue orders. Billets are the most numerous thing in these grounds, as well as a firing range and mess tent, and there is also space for worship grounds and shrines and a discipline square. Although Kryten is the leader of the traitor Guardsmen, it is Warsmith Helslash who directs their actions. Chaapoza also stations his Skitarii here too, although they are largely in vats regenerating from battles until they are required again.

Station Mirama: A large orbiting space port that can refit ships that are docked to the moderate sized station. When a ship docks, requests are sent to the facilities on the surface and each ship is given individual care, although this can sometimes lead to increased repair times (although this is sometimes intentional when a ship full of bounty is asking for assistance). Before mounting a campaign, the Siege Makers and Nihilist forces will form up on board the station and set out on their tasks.

The Emperor's Watch were a proud Space Marine chapter, founded during the 3rd Founding from the White Scars geneseed. That is until The Siege Makers invaded their homeworld. Alongside forces from Chaapoza's own military forces and Kryten's Nihilists (a Traitor Regiment founded by Helslash himself), the world of Mortrev was razed to a world of nightmares. The simple feudal folk of the world saw their skies broken open and burned images of their heroes as the sons of Perturabo smashed their world apart. The Halls of Corona, the Fortress-Monastry of the Khan descendants, recalled their forces, but it was too late. Helslash personally led the assault and broke into the Reliquary, smashing any artefacts that couldn't be turned over to his use. The 1st Company attempted in vain to stop the onslaught, but it was never in doubt as to who the victor would be. As the genevaults in the Apothecarium were raided, a bitter fight between the First Chaplain and the Dark Apostle Tunni played out, with Tunni winning and claiming an ancient suit of Terminator Armour for himself.

None can say for sure what the exact intent is for this campaign, but with the death of The Emperor's Watch and perverting their raided arsenal, it cannot bode well for the Dubray sub-sector.

COMBAT DOCTRINE: A heavy slant on both infantry and armoured vehicles is the usual approach to The Siege Makers, although all are trained in the art of siege warfare, even those not descended from the Lord of Iron's genetic legacy. However, if a battle or campaign is likely to include more open battles (deserts, ice wastes etc), heavier combat and transport vehicles are often employed.


Retaking The Cogs of Madness

In 917.M37, by Imperial dates, Helslash, Rualteth, Chaapozaand a small force of Siege Makers were on a quest to wrestle control of an ancient xenos artifact from Imperial forces. They had with them the Nihilists for support, and on the Coogs of Madness Gerath the Desolater had been left in command. Gerath had ascended the ranks of the warband, proving himself an able combatant and a true heir to Perturabo's genetic legacy. He had a great way with words too, able to rouse a defence into a suicidal counter attack if needed. Helslash naturally didn't trust him, but given the choice of others, he knew he didn't have much choice. Gerath had a small following within the Siege Makers, and as the top level commanders left on their campaign, Gerath put into motion a plan.
He had contacted a rival Dark Mechanicus Magos, who was part of a Tzeentchian warband with a large number of renegade Astartes and traitor Guardsmen. The warband, the Rakers of the Abyss, quickly captured key position and either imprisoned or killed those who put up resistance. Gerath declared that any Siege Makers would be dealt with immediately if they didn't side with the Rakers, although few sided with the traitor of traitors. Things looked grim as the Cogs of Madness went into shut down following a conflict of interests between the main cogitator systems and the new Magos attempting to access them.
Helslash and Chaapoza were furious upon their return. They had captured the artifact, but in the process lost their world. However, they still had their fleet, and Helslash was an Iron Warrior, the best siege troops in the galaxy. Not even their home would stand their wrath. Chaapoza knew ways into the inner areas that avoid heavy damage to the main structures, and he and what was left of his own military forces would escort the more hard bitten elements of the Siege Makers forces and Helslash himself. The Nihilists, although mortal, had several armoured columns that they would use to push ahead. Thus the Battle for Madness began.
The first to arrive were the vanguard units of the Siege Makers. Their targets were the holding cells, where they freed their comrades and rearmed them. This wasn't without it's casualties, however, but many relished in the opportunity to enact vengeance upon the invaders. The Manufactorums saw some of the heaviest fighting, with idle machinery providing both cover and assault launch points. Both Siege Maker and Nihilist fought side by side to reclaim their home, even as Horrors and Screamers of Tzeentch manifested and threw Warpfire at them.
However, Helslash had made his way into the most secluded parts of the Cogs. Gerath, having noticed the absence of the Warsmith from the main fighting, knew there would be a confrontation sooner or later. As Chaapoza and his own forces butchered the opposing Magos and their forces, he reactivated the Cog's main network, allowing the defence network to power up. Gerath and Helslash battled each other as opposing Skitarii were torn apart by high powered energy bolts. Gerath was able to tear Helslash's Terminator helmet from the suit in a display of power, the Warp giving him a temporary boost in strength. But this was only fleeting. The Warsmith smashed the once Chosen Champion back, and using Asereth sliced his legs feet off at the ankles. As Gerath writhed trying to deflect blows from the ancient sword, losing his right arm at the elbow in the process, he realised his coup had failed. But Helslash wasn't going to let the upstart off with just death, which would be far too easy.
Instead, he sought out Xathian and a Sorceror named Glacius, both of whom followed the Changer of Ways. They surgically interred him into an ancient Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought body, where he was largely dulled of his environment. However, they also bound the essence of a Tzeentch daemon into the hull too, who would constantly vie for control of the now shared body. On occasion, Gerath is sent out into battle, where the daemon has considerably more control. At the end of the battle, the sarcophagus is put back into the cells beneath the surface of the Cogs of Madness, where the failure howls at the world around him, being driven more and more insane at the lack of sensation.

The Battle of Bastion 178

Robersium had seen the Guardsmen trying to gain ground outside of the Bastion, but they were quickly repelled by a blast of fiery Warp energy. The Pyromancer barely had time to see the charred corpses turn to dust before a shell from a distant Basilisk slammed into the battlement. Squad Mika, who had deployed via Storm Eagle, immediately reported casualties, with nearly the entire squad wiped out. They were supposed to act as a suppression unit as the rest of the force spearheaded the attack. Now, they were little more than bloody streaks trapped on the uppermost level. Seeing a change of tactics was needed, Robersium ordered his remaining squads into new patterns.

"Squad Vornt, fire-aggressive pattern," barked the Sorceror into the vox, all the while with las-rounds and Bolt shells exchanging sides. "Squad Shail, spearhead formation. Skrinen, you and your squad protect our flanks. Ard'swat, you and your brethren will spearhead with myself and Shail. GO!" With perfect unison, the squads moved into their designated roles. As they did so, Robersium also keyed in co-ordinates for the Storm Eagle Grave Slash to attack, namely the Basilisk that had caused this slight dampener. The ancient craft flew off, its engines a bright blew against the orange of the dusky sky.

The Siege Makers were part of a larger force of Chaos warbands working together to take down the Imperial Rule of Gratious IV. The world was largely a Hive World, with several of these Hives producing top quality merchandise for the local sector in the form of weapons and armour. The idea was to capture the planet and turn its manufactories over to the Dark Mechanicum. Each warband was designated a Hive, and the Siege Makers were after Hasut Hive. Bastion 178 was part of a main track to the Hive, and control of the Bastion would mean control of reinforcements to the Hive. Whereas the majority of the Siege Makers were attacking the Hive itself, Robersium had a small task force with which to take the Bastion, the lead elements of whom were Siege Makers, the rest were drawn from the Nihilists who formed a rearguard.

Shail and the Iron Teeth ran full pelt towards the steel door. A Heavy Bolter barked as they drew closer, although it's lack of accuracy was an indicator the weapon was automated. Regardless, an Iron Warrior was knocked back, his head twisted at an unnatural angle. Another was jarred back as his arm disappeared at the elbow, but the Khorne worshiper continued forward. Robersium manifested a fire storm that he poured through a vision slit as he neared, which was met with the screams of it's victims from the other side. Shail attached a Krak grenade to the locking mechanism, and the squad drew back slightly. A small crumpling sound indicated the door was no longer locked, and it swung to the side slightly.

The first one in was Kiten'Amie, a Possessed from Ard'swat's pack in the body of a fallen Genesis Chapter marine. His strength lifted a disorientated Guardsman to his doom by smashing his back against the interior of the structure. The rest of the Possessed followed, their supernatural speed and strength bringing death to the few remaining dozen humans left.

The Iron Teeth then stormed upstairs, their chainswords drawn and whirring. The defense here was more organised however, and volleys of las-fire hit the iron clad giants. The majority of the shots caused no more than slight burns to the ceramite armour, but one brother went down, a few shots having pierced the soft armour on his neck. From the dozens of pin prick shots spurted his life blood, but he knew he had given his life for the Blood God, a feat he took great pride in as his world went dark. Shail, meanwhile, was butchering his way through the mortals as he made his way to the Commissar leading them. The two exchanged brief blows, but Shail was victorious by a clear mile. As he decapitated his opponent, he felt the powers of the Warp course through him. He saw a Guardsman fire a melta gun in his direction, but a shimmering field of Warp fire stopped it. That was the last action of the Guardsman as he was cleaved in two by a chainsword.

Following in the wake and tasked with taking the battlement, Vornt and the Iron Death blasted their way to the uppermost level. Their ancient Siege Shields provided excellent protection as they advanced within the structure. A platoon had been trying to hold them off, but the mortals were picked off by precision Bolter fire by the veteran Astartes. The squad finally emerged to see the dying day, where a couple of Autocannon teams were firing on the Siege Makers' brothers below. A quick burst from their Bolters ended this rain of fire. The squad quickly took up firing positions to support their Chosen brethren,who were coming under more and more fire from a dozen or more directions. But the ancient Iron Warriors and their Fallen Angel squad mate had survived for several millennia and knew how to survive.

"Bastion secure," said Robersium into the vox as he joined the Iron Death on the uppermost level. "Enemy is attempting to counter attack. Minimal casualties reported, Nihilist units are ranking up to protect our rear."

+Excellent,+ replied Helslash from the other end of the vox, his voice as gruff as ever. +I need you to hold it as long as possible. Resistance here is minimal but heavily entrenched. I am assigning additional Nihilist units to the Bastion to relieve you, after which you are to redeploy to our location. Understood.+ Robersium sighed into his rebreather.

"Loud and clear, my liege." Through fire tinted eyes, he felt the Warp flowing through him, and knew his day would come.

A Mother Once

Gratious IV had fallen. The Siege Makers were consolidating their position. Robersium had reported that the Bastion was their's, and Imperial reinforcements would be difficult to obtain. Once the Hive had fallen, he allowed his men a certain length of freedom before moving on. This was to bite him where he didn't expect it.

Following reports that all military resistance was gone, Helslash made a point of reviewing thearea of war. With Rualteth at his side, they began a sweep of the warzone. The Nihilists, the human element of their forces, reported that all was well, all flanks and rear secure. Their warmachines kept a vigilant eye on the field. As Helslash and his Lieutenant swept through they found their true cause for concern.

They entered the Arbites office, blood splattered across the walls. Squad Mich had taken this, losing two members in the process. As the Warsmith entered the Interrogation Station, he saw what he reviled.

The last three members of Squad Mich were there, the desk of Imperial lackey turned on its side. There, a female human, her blond hair draped across her face, her features etched in fear as her hands were bound behind her back. One member, who held a plasma pistol, had her pinned, while the other remnants of the squad cheered on. Mich, whose helmet, crested with glory, was firmly fixed, acknowledged the Warsmith and his second in command.

"He's here boys, let's continue," were the last words Helslash heard as his vision went red. The squad member holding the female unlatched his armour, and immediately his member was noticeably firm. As were the other members of the squad, who were now circling like vultures upon a carrion corpse.

But Warsmith Dushk Helslash hadn't desecrated the planet for this. He hadn't burned thousands of Imperial lackeys on this world for the indulgence of some half blood Astartes. He fought for a far greater purpose. The destruction of the Imperium was his goal, and this world was but one step. What he was witnessing was just pointless. As he saw Mich's men take their stance, he grew so enraged, even Rualteth backed off slightly.

Opening his palm next to his hip, his ancient power sword Asarath flew to his hand. The closest member of the squad was the first to feel his wrath. Cleaved from the hip to shoulder, he fell in a display of blood and guts.The second had hi pistol drawn, not thinking he had drawn it against a warrior of the IV Legion, a veteran of countless campaigns and treachery. The helmet of the would be crusher smashed against the wall, its features irrecoverable. Mich looked in horror as Helslash approached him, the Aspiring Champion's armour still open.

"M..my liege, are we not free to indulge our desires?" Mich was now backing away, his member now clearly flaccid. "Surely w..we should indulge our desires." Mich then felt the grip of the Warsmith's fingers upon his neck, before being thrown against the wall. As Mich gathered his bearings, he felt those same fingers grip the back of his throat and haul him in front of his would be victim.

"You may leave," Helslash said to her, making a point of how their positions had now changed. "My men are gathered below. Report that you are my administariu team and they will provide you with a safe haven. Tell them the Warsmith sent you."

"T..th..thank you," were her only words as she sprinted out of the room, pulling her skirt down as she did so. Helslash then turned his attention to the Champion Mich, who was still dazed.

Standing above him, the power of the Warp flowing through his veins, Helslash grabbed the Champion by his chin. Hauling him up, Helslash ripped the horned helmet from Mich's head.

"By the Dark Gods, have I not..." The Indomidatus armoured glove smashed Mich's head to a pulp in one swift action, leaving nothing but a blood stained smear on the wall as a reminder of Mich's hopes and glories. As Helslash turned towalk out, he caught Rualteth's glowing eye.

"Why waste such a talented champion, my lord?"

"Because I had a mother once," were Helslash's last words as he left the room.

Typical of many Iron Warrior Warsmiths, directly below Helslash on the battlefield is the Trident. These are selected from the Iron Council, the most prominent Astartes figures within The Siege Makers before a battle rather than being the most favoured at all times. The one exception is Lieutenant Rualteth, who has earned enough favour from the Warsmith to always be included. Squads who have a patron god often band together under one or more of the Iron Council, although every Siege Maker swears allegiance to Helslash and the Cogs of Madness before all else. Any who don't are banded together and receive the least spoils from any actions they participate in.

It should be noted that there are relatively few followers of any of the Chaos Gods except for Khorne, and those that are tend to be more isolated individuals (Warpsmith Xathian, Sorceror Vithian and Captain Altoth are all Tzeentch followers while only the Scions of the Flame implore the Changer of Ways; the Corvus Reapers follow Slaanesh and are Chosen, but the only individual thus far that follows the Dark Prince of Pleasure is Barius Alani, a Sorceror; Greiner's Advancers follow Nurgle only out of neccessity, while Captain Mercus is the only true believer of the Plague Lord). This is mostly due to the lack of faith shown around the Cogs of Madness, whereas worship of Khorne is more practical and better spread, as well as the alliance with Barkesh the Destroyer, a Khorne Herald who uses possession to remain in the physical realm.


  • Wrath of Nightmares - Ancient Astartes warship from the Great Crusade. Originally from the IV Legion, has seen many captains but won by Helslash in 306.M34, used as his flagship ever since.
  • Ironhide - Retribution class ship, captured by the Siege Makers.
  • Catacombs of Hope - Lunar class ship captured by both the Siege Makers and Nihilists. Although listed as belonging to Helslash, it is used by the Nihilists as their home away from the Cogs of Madness.

BELIEFS: None really to speak of. Belief that Perturabo saved them from being shackled to the Imperium, as shared by many Iron Warriors.

RECRUITMENT: Thanks to the Cogs of Madness, The Siege Makers are able to recruit and create new Space Marines. In fact, any wishing to join Helslash's warband MUST submit to genetic testing and where possible provide a copy of their geneseed for this exact purpose. As well as this, they also recruit renegades from any and all chapters and warbands.

LOCAL RITUALS: All Astartes are expected to train in siege warfare, as well as basic maintenance of equipment and weapons. This is the creed of the Iron Warriors and Helslash will not break the litany. Any other practices to the Dark Gods are to be made in their own time.

WAR BANNERS OR BATTLE STANDARDS: The Cogs of Madness lends its standard to all Siege Makers, that of a set of bellows. This is to show that each Brother is loyal to the Forge World, it provides a sense of unity during battle, and it harkens to the manufacturing aspect that the Cogs of Madness is known for at its core.


Death of Redemption (Land Raider) showing the bellows as used by all Siege Makers and any forces of the Cogs of Madness.


The bellows repeated on a Nihilist standard, showing the symbol used beyond just the Siege Makers.


  • Warsmith's Mark - Often given to an individual or squad by one of the Iron Council when a particular feat is achieved (obtaining a valued artefact, killing an enemy of significance) and can mean advancement within the Siege Makers.
  • Faith Breaker - A symbol given to anyone who desecrates symbols of great hope to the enemy. Usually given by a Dark Apostle or Warpsmith, but can be given by a member of the Iron Council.
  • Claw of the Hunter - Modifications to armour after a particularly brutal battle or campaign where mass damage has been gained but the enemy destroyed. Clawed units are often then favoured for assaults in later actions.
  • Iron Anvil - A mark given to those who participate in a violent campaign, sustain little damage but annihilate the enemy. This is often a precursor to being elevated to Chosen status. So named as the enemy is beaten upon them.

BATTLE CRY: Done by a squad by squad basis.

GENE-SEED: Iron Warriors, although there are a few renegade elements.

And leading from the front, Warsmith Dushk Helslash himself:

Helslash left

Helslash right

Helslash front

Chaos Lord, TDA, Murder Sword, Combi-melta, Sigil of Corruption, Veteran of the Long War

So this is the start to my Chaos Space Marine thread, I hope you enjoy. I'll post pics up as and when I can. In the meantime, good luck with your vows or competition entries.

Iron Within, Iron Without!

Edit: Edited out old parts of the post that no longer have the pictures to accompany them, added fluff and pictures of Warsmith Helslash.

Edit 2: Updated with full fluff.

Edited by Beachymike123
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Thanks for the comment on my IW's :smile.:


Just to ask would you be able to get a close of photos of the Jump Pack HQ?  I'm looking forward to see how the army turn out & it great seen the background for each unit :biggrin.:




Too kind a word IP. I love fluff and this is mostly what helps me to decide on a unit, how its loaded out and so on. I'll include a bit of fluff for each unit as I post them, some of it in-universe, some based on games they've been involved in. As an example my Sorceror called Robersium and Squad Vornt were allied to my Traitor Guard and were featured in the most recent battle of The Austik Vien Relic Campaign, therefore their fluff will be either mostly or entirely revolved around this (I use them as an example as they led the attack and Robersium survived untll the end, surviving 3 different combats with the Necron Overlord and defeated the Nightbringer; I'll post a link up to their success when I post pics up of them). 

As an extra spur on I'll finish the Jump Pack HQ first for you IP. Once he's done, I'll do close up pics of him. Most likely it'll be done by Monday or Tuesday as I have a couple of days off then. 

Iron Within, Iron Without! 

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Hi guys, quick update on m vow. Both Lords are finished and I took some pics to show. Please excuse the bases (I know some people are fussy about it) but I'm going to do a mass basing session to tie the entire army together once the ETL III is over. So for all intents and purposes, these models are done. 

Lord Helslash, Master of the Siege Makers (Lord 1):


I much prefer this model now in IW colours. I'll take some more pics of him in the near future, as his right shoulder pad has his personal icon (which I forgot to include in these pics). I might just have to get a box of termies to accompany him too at some point. As a note, the barrel of the melta gun looks very light, this is due to the flash of my phone. Anywho, on with some background fluff:

Warsmith Dushk Helslash was born on Olympia and recruited into the IV Iron Warriors Legion during the Great Crusade. Having participated in several campaigns and historical battles during the Horus Heresy, where he ascended to Sergeant-Champion, he felt bitter about having to fallback to the Eye of Terror. Under the command of Warsmith Kareth, Helslash became a Lieutenant and was renowned for his extensive abilities in tunnel and corridor fighting, as well as taking on enemy commanders in close quarter fighting. 

However, during the culmination of an extensive campaign, Helslash returned to Kareth's fleet to find it losing to forces of the XX Legion. Using the forces he'd returned with, and taking command of the remaining Iron Warriors, the Lieutenant led a counter attack that routed the Alpha legion and salvaged the remaining half of the armoury. Remaining fleet based for a short time afterwards, the newly renamed Siege Makers found a Dark Mechanicus Forgeworld, run by the twisted Arch-Magos Chaapoza. In return for artefacts and the protection of a Traitor Legion warband, the forges and utilities of Chaapoza's Forgeworld would act as a base of operations for the Siege Makers. Helslash himself views this as mutually beneficial, but always has an eye on those around him. 

It is through his bold decision making and ruling with an iron fist that Helslash has survived acts of betrayal and retained his position as Warsmith. He has established a Traitor Guard regiment by recruiting General Kryten into the fold following his corruption, rebuilding him as the Iron Dragon and allowing the mortal a small measure of Helslash's resources. Chaapoza has occasionally lent his forces into the fray, usually to field test new devices or gather data, but it is always a dark day when  this happens. In rare circumstances, all three forces will work together to shatter a foe. The most recent undertaking of this was in 002.M42 when they sacked Mortrev and the Halls of Corona, the homeworld and Fortress-Monastry of The Emperor's Watch chapter. The Siege Makers raided the gene-vaults and emptied the armouries, while the Chaapozan forces stole ancient relics and began extracting ores. The Nihilists, under Kryten's command, have already taken a fair chunk from the PDF's vehicle pool and is now completely rearmed. What purpose lays beyond the death of The Emperor's Watch is unsure, but the Siege Makers and their allies are clearly gearing up for a massive campaign. 


Lieutenant Rualteth, Master of the Airborne (Lord 2):


Rualteth front


Rualteth left


Rualteth right


Rualteth closer (without blurry images)

One of my favourite models to have built, he's also been a joy to paint. The idea for him is to lead the more assault based lists and units. 

During the Scouring, Warsmith Kareth recruited to boost the numbers of his warband. Rualteth was one of these, and as one of the first non-Olympian recruits, he had to fight against the prejudice of those before him. Over time, he discovered he had an affinity for jump packs and began leading in the vanguard of attacks. During an attack against a World Eaters position, he bested a Khornate champion and took their axe as a trophy, which has since heightened his bloodlust. He has ascended the ranks of the Siege Makers, and is now Helslash's Leiutenant and sits as one of his councilors. Having begun worship of the Blood God, he is still a brilliant tactician and excellent at target acquisition. His armour has been upgraded many times, largely through necessity, but his jump pack and axe are always his first choice. His temperament and history within the warband has led to both a bane and boon for him. Helslash still looks down on him as a non-Olympian, but Rualteth is also charged with recruitment for aspirants taken from captives, slaves and traitor guard mortals. It is through this involvement of the recruits that he hopes to shape the future of the warband, and hopefully take the position of Warsmith for himself one day...


My next aim is to complete the Possessed squad. I've got a few ideas laid out as to what chapters they were taken from, mostly if not all will be from the 2nd founding. This is it for now, hope you enjoy. C&C welcome. 

Iron Within, Iron Without! 

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  • 4 months later...

It's been 4 months, Leinmann, got any more cool stuff to show us?


Too true Xenith, it has been far too long. My summer was blighted by being a chef, a job I have since left and really don't intend to do again (please note this is only a personal thing for me - if any chefs are reading this and they enjoy their job then fair play, it just wasn't for me). Now you asked for some 'cool stuff', I hope the following pics don't disappoint. 


First up, and one of my fave minis I've ever made and gamed with - Rbersium, Pyromancer of the Void. 

IMG20131023 001

IMG20131023 002

Originally in the Crusaders of Guilliman Chapter, Robersium was a troubled soul. He excelled in his fields, most notably attention to detail and close quarter combat. However, not long after his Scout training, he discovered he had psychic abilities, specifically those based around pyromancy. He began training with the Librarius, having been rejected by his Brothers in the 8th Company. He proved himself able to control his powers to a great degree, although he was known to anger quickly, a trait his mentors monitored extremely closely. 
After ascending from Acolyte to Lexicanum, Robersium was deployed on missions as an advisor. However, he often saw conflict on may an occasion. His powers allowed him to purge those opposed to him with ethereal flames. But a powerful voice whispered to him - voices he had been warned about and to ignore. But he couldn't. They said how everything was tainted, that the Imperium of Man was rotten to the core and only those who broke their shackles would thrive. On the world of Thrasen, he stepped too far by purging a riot of civilians with his powers. He was immediately arrested by the 3rd Company's Chaplain Hushkai, enacting ancient rites from before the Horus Heresy. 
Whilst in his cell, what appeared to be a Chapter Surf released him and opened a Warp Portal. The Chapter Surf, it transpired, had been dead for some time, and in his place a daemon inhabited the body to be closer to the Librarian. Ards'wat bargained with Robersium - the daemon would be a patron to the Astartes, on condition Robersium hunt down specific geneseeds from the Battle of Calth who had founded Chapters from the Second Founding and allow possession of their bodies. Knowing he wold damn himself, but also seeing the hypocrisy of staying with the Imperium, he agreed to the bargain and fled into a temporary Warp Portal. Whilst in the Warp, he gained new weapons - a sword that would channel his powers in combat and immolate his foes, and a plasma pistol with wolf iconography embellished on it. 
This was sixteen years ago since Robersium renounced his oaths to The Emperor. Now, he has found service with Warsmith Helslash and the ability to enact the bargain struck to unleash Ards'wat into the mortal realm. He pledges his service to the Warsmith on one condition - any attacks against any of Guilliman's descendants are to be led by Robersium, the better to sweeten his deal with Ards'wat. 
In game terms, Robersium is a Sorceror, plain and simple. For fluff reasons, he only ever uses the Pyromancy discipline. Not the most competitive but I don't care, he has been fantastic in games and HASN'T ACTUALLY DIED in any game he has been involved in yet. On a more personal level he is the only purple model I have ever painted and I have immense joy in fielding. I named him after a great man I knew - Robert Merritt, known as Bob to those close to him. He was my father in law who sadly lost his battle against cancer in October 2012. Robersium was made in his honour. 
Now I said about Robersium's alliance with a daemon. This led me to getting a Possessed squad with the backstory of possessing ultramarine descendants. This has resulted in:

Possessed p1

Ards'wat, possessing an Ultramarine (front left), Kiten'Ami possessed a Genesis chapter marine (front right) and Cul'ven who inhabits the body of a Novamarine (back, with the wings)

Possessed p2

at the back is Dir'kez who has an Aurora chapter body and at the front to the right is Tual'Grath who possessed a White Consuls brother. 

In his sixteen years of service to Helslash, Robersium has been able to partially accomplish his goal of allowing Ards'wat the ability to walk in the mortal realm. During the Horus Heresy, in the War of Calth, Ards'wat and a pack of daemons were in the ascendant. Summoned by the Word Bearers, they preyed on the younger members of the Ultramarines to start with, growing in power as they did so. As they gained more power, they targeted more powerful members of the XIII Legion. However, towards the end, they were systematically wiped from this realm by members of different Chapters in a carefully laid plan. When only Ards'wat was left, he cursed each of their geneseeds so he could track them from beyond the Warp before he himself was banished. 

Once in the Warp he joined forces with another daemon of great might called Barkesh. Always keeping track of the mortal realm, he noticed an aspiring Librarian named Robersium. Not knowing how much time had passed, Ards'wat called to the pyromancer and lured him to Chaos. As Ards'wat elevated Robersium's powers, so too has Robersium kept his end of the bargain. 

Every time Robersium has taken to the field against certain sons of his gene sire, he has made sure as he has captured specific foes. These seemed random even to The Siege Makers, themselves made up mostly of Iron Warriors. These foes had the geneseeds from those who banished Ards'wat and his pack of daemons, and enacting dark rituals, Robersium has made sure as vengeance is theirs. Sacrificing their souls to the Dark Gods, possession was granted to them. Now, they seek to bring about the fall of the author of the Codex Astartes, starting with the corruption of his sons first. 

Originally I was going to get the CS supplement and field the possessed as allies but thats been put on the back burner for the time being. I've had fun painting the squad as it makes a nice break from all of the metallics associated with doing an Iron Warriors army. Plus they have been a blast to play with. 


Now hopefully I should be able to get some more pics and fluff up in the next few days. As I've said I'm no longer a chef and in my new role I should have a bit more free time. Hope you enjoy what you've seen and read. C&C welcome. 


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Next up is my ranged Chosen Squad, The Bitter Scourged led by Skrinen. 






From top to bottom: Skrinen (Champion), Nimhaz (Fallen Angel), Brosius (Heavy Bolter), Krull (plasma gun) and at the bottom is Broth (Icon Bearer). 

Skrinen is a veteran from the Great Crusade. Like most Iron Warriors, he has a lust to engage and destroy the enemy, although his idea of carrying this out is to pour an unprecedented amount of firepower into them. When Perturabo aligned himself with Horus, Skrinen took savage joy in tearing Loyalists apart and has demonstrated an uncanny ability to mount offensive actions in space. During the Scouring, he suffered injuries to his left arm, and has a bionic Power Fist in place of it now, as well as the loss of his primary heart. 

Nimhaz was cast next to Skrinen as the Iron Warriors were in the Second Siege of Olympia at the Fall of Caliban. Unlike some Fallen Angels, Nimhaz had no qualms with shedding his loyalty to his former brethren and has become a true Chaos Space Marine. Mysterious to some who don't know him, Nimhaz has a deep bond with Skrinen and sees him as a dark saviour, a fact Skrinen exploits on a regular basis. Unlike the rest of the squad, Nimhaz suffered no major injuries during the Scouring, and their survival is often attributed to him and his ability to tactically analyse every situation. 

Brosius has an ancient Heavy Bolter called Anarchist. He has wielded the weapon since his induction into the IV Legion and demonstrated a natural intuition with it. He can quickly identify targets that believe themselves hidden as well as a natural ability to identify weak points in heavier armoured machines of war. During the Scouring, he lost both legs to a lascannon shot. The replacements he received had greater stabilisers in them at the time, although these have since been replaced with good but inferior parts due to lack of resources. 

Krull has always been a special weapons expert, and served in Tactical Support Squads for much of the Great Crusade. During the Siege of The Emperor's Palace, he wielded a melta gun and took great joy in fighting in confined conditions where it was used to deadly effect. Like Skrinen, he has a natural ability to fight aboard star ships, and is often found leading the attacks. During the Scouring, he received a blow from a Blood Angels Chaplain that destroyed much of his torso's left side and his vocal chords. He was able to survive by his dark will and limped back to the Apothecaries, where he was extensively rebuilt. Now, he prefers to wield plasma weaponry as it has a greater range, and has been able to scavenge parts of Mk.8 Errant Armour from dead loyalist foes. 

Broth is the last member to have joined the squad and as such is tasked with carrying their Icon. He also carries their auspex and often acts as a spotter of sorts. His injuries during the Scouring only extend to the loss of his right eye although he also lost the use of his right lung too, which makes him have a rasping sound when he talks or is physically exerted. 

The Bitter Scourged (so named for their injuries sustained during the traitors' retreat to the Eye of Terror) form an anchor for Siege Makers to advance under. Working alongside Havocs and other machines of destruction their experienced eyes are able to bring ruin to their opponents. 

This squad was originally done as part of my first Iron Warriors Chosen squad and was largely cobbled together from parts I had lying around. Although not armed competitively they are relatively cheap to field and usually make their points back. Nimhaz was also added as back in 3rd edition you had to roll for Hunting the Fallen with Dark Angels unless there was already a Fallen Angel present. With Nimhaz you wouldn't need to roll although the rule, as far as I'm aware, is now defunct, but still adds a bit of variety and annoyance to Dark Angels. 

As always C&C welcome. 


edit: forgot to name the models in correct order (oops). 

Edited by leinmann
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VOW COMP...D'OH! Ok so in case you hadn't guessed I finished off my last squad from my ETL3 vow, which is why I wear the Oath Breaker badge. This squad is a basic Chaos Space Marine squad using mostly Space Wolves as the base. 

Lokorex and Bloodpups pt1

Lokorex and Bloodpups pt2

Top image: Champion Lokorex with Plasma gunner, Plasma Pistol and 2 Bloodpups

Bottom image: Icon Bearer with the rest of the squad. 

A relatively new addition to The Siege Makers, Lororex and the Bloodpups are the most junior members and are all from the same pack. Originally of the Space Wolves chapter, they were on a training exercise to hone their natural hunting skills when they were ambushed on the distant world of Yenden, a dense Deathworld. Initially, two packs, Bloodclaws and Skyclaws,  were under the tutelage of their Wolf Guard and Grey Hunter superiors. The local populace were used to the Space Wolves, they had practiced there for decades. When contact was lost with the Skyclaws, however, the Wolves became very concerned. The Wolf Guard, a trio of venerable warriors, kept closest to the youngest of their Chapter. The Grey Hunters moved out, but it wasn't long before they found the enemy. 

Precision fire took the lead duo of Hunters, forcing the rest of the pack into cover. This brought their assailants time to advance, and it was apparent these weren't any normal enemies. As they closed, ruthless Bolter fire coming from two different squads, one at the Wolves' level, the other in a higher elevation. Iron Warriors, clearly veterans at that. As the gap between them closed, plasma gun fire came from the tree tops, blowing another Hunter to the ground and incinerating his torso. The Wolf Guard added their own Bolters to the firefight, but it was too late. As the lower squad of the IV Legion broke through the dense trees and into view, they set about killing the Grey Hunters in earnest. Clearly veterans of considerable years, they dodged every attack and immediately found chinks in their armour, felling the sons of Russ in a heartbeat. It took less than a minute for not even half a dozen of the Iron Warriors to wipe out their opponents. Pausing in their advance, they quickly took up positions, but keeping their weapons trained on the Bloodclaws and Wolf Guard. The Wolves prepared to sell their lives, before a voice came over their vox-net. 

+You are surrounded, sons of Russ,+ said the voice of an authoritative figure as more figures came into view. +Lay down your weapons and we shall settle this the better way.+ The Wolves were suddenly aware of the fact their communications had been hacked, but their defacto leader was quick to react. 

"There is no better way," snarled Jargel, the most senior of the Wolf Guard. "They will execute you in the bl..." A Bolt slammed into the weaker neck joint of the Wolf Guard, and the other two veterans fell in the same way. Lokorex, the most head strong of the Bloodclaws, was about to charge when he noticed an unnerving sight. Two of the Skyclaws accompanied a hulking figure in corrupted Terminator, their weapons covered in blood. Then it made sense as to how the vox-channel had been negated. 

"We have all been deceived," said Farel, his wolf shaped helmet seeming more menacing in light of his treachery. "Do you think we would be blessed by the Corpse Emperor if we lived under the Imperium's shadow?" The words felt like a caress of poison to Lokorex's ears, but he couldn't help but listen. 

"I offer you the chance of life and death, pups," said the massive figure in the gunmetal Terminator suit. "If you pick life and join us, you shall swear allegiance to me. If you pick death, I shall show no mercy when I give you to my allies."

That had been three years ago, and Lokorex still remembered it well. There had been sixteen of them, his pack, in total, but only ten chose to join Warsmith Helslash. As the first to pledge his allegiance, Lokorex was given the task of executing his former brothers. Their screams of betrayal still lingered in his ears, and the retaliations of the hopelessness of the situation became war chants and the first offerings to the Ruinous Powers. Since then, the Skyclaws had joined with the Raptors and the Bloodclaws were now known as the Bloodpups, Lokorex their champion and voice to Helslash. All of them venerated Khorne, a trait Lieutenant Rualteth fostered as he showed them new skills, revealed unshackled new powers to heighten their blood lust. Within the Siege Makers, they had met a Dark Angel from the Great Crusade, whom they enjoyed sparring with in a re-enactment of their primarchs. Nimhaz, as was his name, told them of tales of the old ways. 

Now, Lokorex felt the blood lust rise in him as he saw the enemy emerging through the rubble of the ruined street. The Space Marines of the Crusaders of Guilliman chapter had proved unrelenting in their pursuit of the Siege Makers, but their time was up. Powering up his lightning claws, taken from the body of one of the murdered Wolf Guard and his reward for his allegiance, he looked and snarled, before howling to the sky. His pack followed, their weapons ready and their plasma weaponry at full capacity. 

"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" he bellowed as he led the charge once more. 


These guys are just CSM with the mark of Khorne and Icon of Wrath, plasma gun and plasma pistol. In battle they are generally at the front in support of Raptors and other forward elements. Paint wise I wanted to try a couple of techniques, namely trying to make a damaged look to them as they get the last of the pickings as the youngest members of the warband.

I've got a couple of units to paint up, so any units that I post up in the next few days are going to be ones already painted in my army along with their fluff. 

As always, C&C is welcome. 

Iron Within, Iron Without. 

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Wowzers, you don't half follow through, Leinmann, 3 updates in 2 days, good work!


Loving the scheme on the corrupted wolves, the red works really well with the grey. I'm thinking of a possessed wolf squad myself, to go with my Thousand Sons.


Its the beauty of leaving a job I no longer enjoyed that I get to focus on what I love instead. If only I could have done this for the ETL I would be among the champions instead of wearing the Badge Of Shame :wallbash: ho hum, we live and we learn, and we become bitter reavers plighting the galaxy that take what we want fair and square. 


For your Thousand Sons do it! It would be a marvelous kick in the teeth for the mortal enemies of the scions of Magnus. As its Tzeentch involved you could make any explanation - they are hosts to daemons, they have had the wulfen exaggerated by foul sorceries, they could be a hybrid of the two, etc etc! I look forward to it. As for the grey, I'm glad you like it, it was trial and error on the first couple of models. I discovered blue washes work well with greys, and I nearly went a shade higher but it didn't look right. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

So many cool ideas. I'm now trying to work out if I can get the possessed loyalists thing into any of my lists, but I don't think I can. Are the units for your Call gonna be Iron Warriors or more renegade loyalists?



Its funny you should ask, as I'm planning a bit of both. I love the Iron Warriors fluff and colour scheme and this is a major influence. However, I love Chaos as you can incorporate elements into your army to break it up a bit. 

Does your warband have any enemies they fight against regularly or have a grudge against? IIRC, the Alpha Legion have a habit of infiltrating :wink:


So without further ado, my Call of Chaos VII vow:

Plague Marines WIP

Plague Marines

Lord WIP


Tri-las pred and biker sorceror WIP

Tri-las Predator and Biker Sorceror

Rhinos WIP

X2 Rhinos

Havocs WIP


Terminators WIP


Defiler WIP



This little horde should keep me busy. Will keep updates coming in as they are finished. Good luck with your vows, and may the Dark Gods bless you in your endeavors. 

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Models are looking cool.  Will you be writen background for the new units as you update your Call of Chaos progress?



Indeed I shall IP. I need to flesh out the Lord a bit more as not entirely sure which deity he will be from, it' be either Khorne or Tzeentch for sure but haven't decided yet. 

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Finished the Plague Marines today, aka Advancer Squad Greiner. I couldn't decide which pic was better so I'll put both up (one with and one without flash):

Plague Marines finished with flash

Plague Marines finished without flash

The idea I wanted with these guys is they aren't the most putrid of Plague Marines, but rather they follow him to augment their abilities. I wanted a small group of ragtag survivors of a larger battle, embittered more than the rest of the warband, which is saying something among the Iron Warriors. I still think they need a shade of green or brown ink, but I don't have the former and I'm running low on the latter, so they are finished for the time being. Comments and critique welcome. 


Greiner and his squad, the Advancer Squad, as they had come to be known, hit the enemy line as a shell leveled the building twenty meters to their left. Taking cover against a pillbox, it's occupants now sporting stumps on top of their necks, Greiner saw his target. Signaling his men forward, he remembered there was once a larger body of men to move, but now only five remained. Sometimes he thought about the losses he had seen, whether the life as an Astartes had been truly worth it, especially after the betrayal by the Imperium. As he and his squad advanced to the beginning of the tunnel network, used by the PDF's command sections as a means of protection and directing forces at platoon levels, he tried to brush aside the morbid thoughts, but they always found a way of working their way in. 

Originally, he and his men were part of the 165th Expeditionary Fleet, Greiner himself trained in using rad-bombs and alchem-munitions and leading the most strenuous and protracted of fights. Fantastic at squad level command, Greiner had failed twice at officer training - he just couldn't get used to the commanding of larger numbers and formations. He did, however, have a natural charisma among his men, and was seen as a leader in their eyes. He enjoyed unleashing his weapons against xenos and humans alike, but when the Heresy erupted, he took a greater pleasure. 


"Spatz," yelled Greiner, "get a grenade into the entrance before we go in there." Spatz, carrying the squad's totem of sacrifices on his back pack, ran into position, the grenade primed and ready to be unleashed at the Champion's command. "Krian, Stebia, plasma guns at the ready. Kobain, with me. We shall show the the error of their ways. On my mark, Spatz to lead. MARK!" The Icon Bearer threw the grenade into the tunnel entrance, just to ensure the initial entrance woud allow them to gain a foothold. After the dust had settled, the Iron Warriors moved in, their eyes glowing and giving them a menacing appearance as the first of the lasgun volleys opened up on them. 


The Heresy, to Greiner and his small group of Iron Warriors, had happened all too quickly. Although Medrengard provided a base of sorts for the IV Legion, Greiner and his twenty or so men had never felt truly welcome. They worked with several Grand Companies and warbands, and after a while even hired out their services to other warbands not of Perturabo's lineage. It was while with a group of Death Guard they learnt of Nurgle's blessings and how the XIV Legion had come to use them. Not wanting to become fully attached to a deity, Greiner initially had his suspicions but saw the benefits. In 200.M36, Greiner and his men, now reduced to fifteen of twenty, entered the service of the Siege Makers, a service they haven't stopped since. Although supplied with ammunition and the most basic of rations, the Advancers exist outside of the Siege Makers. This is due to their affiliation and use of Nurgle's gifts - there are members of Helslash's council who beseech Tzeentch, and as the position of Lieutenant is already taken by a Khorne worshiper, Greiner is happy to take a backseat in the wider political stage. Xathian, a Fallen Dark Angel Techmarine who studied Warp Craft in a Tzeentchian Daemon Forge, refuses to service the armour of Greiner's men, which has led them to have to scavenge armour, weapons, equipment and so on from fallen foes, sometimes even allies. Their armour is now considered sub-par, and their helmets no longer have long range targeting capabilities. However, what they lack in resources they make up for in tenacity. Greiner no longer thought of death as an escape, instead just a way ofensuring his dreams would remain unfulfilled. He would not go down that route, and due to his stubborn nature he stuck to this. Let Helslash have his advisors - Greiner would have his wits. One day, he would see his small group rise from their status. Until then, he would bite his lip and continue plotting. 


+Proceed as planned,+ said Warsmith Helslash over the vox-channel. +I want those tunnels to be their graves. I shall join the fray soon. Understood?+

"Aye, my liege," replied the Champion, scratching his chin as he spoke, noticing the stubble, coarse as always. "We have secured the entrance and flanks. We advance as I speak, their command shall be no more within the hour."

+Make it less, Greiner. I have little patience if you aren't here for the final push.+

"So nice that you think of us, Warsmith. I shal vox in once completed."

+Ensure you do. I like my pieces all in one place. Helslash out.+ Kobain, who was keeping watch at the left flank, turned to face his Champion. 

"Where next, chief?" Griener never understood why his men still looked up to him, but he was glad they did. He wondered at times if he truly was an Iron Warrior, his loyalties after Perturabo certainly locked to his squad. 

"Into the darkness, my old comrade." Greiner smiled as e looked at his old brother in arms. "Where else is there for us?"


Hope you liked that guys - I wanted a sightly rogue Iron Warriors element to my warband, and as most of my characters are either Khorne or Tzeentch marked, I thought Nurgle would be a great diversion. I enjoyed doing this squad as I had time to do it on my days off - at this rate I should have my vow compete around a month before the end of the Call of Chaos. 

Thanks for reading guys and girls, comments and critique welcome. Iron Within, Iron Without. 

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Plaguies are looking good, a bit too...clean for my tastes, especially as they are forward operators.


I like the idea of them praying to nurgle, maybe for a swarm of flies to obscure them or their targets vision?


Get the pred done, I have a thing for the new style preds, even though I dont own one...

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Plaguies are looking good, a bit too...clean for my tastes, especially as they are forward operators.


I like the idea of them praying to nurgle, maybe for a swarm of flies to obscure them or their targets vision?


Get the pred done, I have a thing for the new style preds, even though I dont own one...


I know what you mean- they need that little 'earthy' or downtrodden effect to them to make them stand out a bit more. I have to get either some brown or green wash for what I'm thinking of doing though - maybe even one of Forgeworld's weathering effects (thinking of either the rust or mud effects). I'm happy with them for the time being until I can get my hands on some washes or effect paints. Thanks for the input Xenith, it is appreciated, I'm glad you see what I'm trying to achieve, especially with the idea of them being a forward element to the main force. I need to touch up a couple of models throughout the army anyways, so these guys won't be gleaming for long.

The idea of them turning to Nurgle was to ensure their survivability - I imagine that in siege and trench warfare the forward elements would be exposed to some of the most hostile parts of the battlefield, and so they began using Nurgle as a way to ensure their survival. Over the centuries though, they have gained a few more of the Plague God's favours unwittingly, but use them to their advantage - I might just have to incorporate your cloud of flies idea somehow. 

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