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XIth: Wardens of Light - Destined to be forgotten


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XIIth Despoiler Marine
Althegdos Gyrwhul
The Tenth Banner, 102nd Company, Squad ___
The Evacuation of Thelum, the Spaceport Deliverance


Brother Gyrwhul’s mask signifies that the pariah element of the XIIth Legion’s gene-seed is active within him. His dual tonfas mark him as a member of the Caibín Bráthair, as the Wardens of Light style their squads of blademasters (these were formally designated as despoiler squads). He had been admitted to this order after his feats of arms during the Battle of Arphel, during the Koloss Syntheticide. In the Evacuation of Thelum, the Caibín Bráthair were deployed as Lemorik’s vanguard when the time came to cross blades with the Warriors of Peace.

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Yucahu's eyes hardened. Or, eye. His left one had been lost long ago to reasons Gwalchavad could not care about in the moment. The Lord of the Fourth repeated, "It is Imperial Law."


No attempt at brotherly love, no real try of persuasion, and not even a hint of empathy as Yucahu's lone eye bore into Gwalchavad's mask.


And they call me Soulless, Gwalchavad thought bitterly to himself. "They," he said as he gestured toward the city where a not insignificant militia of gifted individuals awaited his oath, "are under my protection."

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The Warrior stepping onto the battlefield knows he will be facing powerful opponents. Not only the physical whom he will fight. The real fight is in invisible to the eye. The real enemy is inside himself. Losing either battle means death. The end of life and the death of your soul.




>>ORIGIN: Causthos The Grim

>>Location: Pending


>>Extract Transcript::::::::









....Delete all Transcripts

........Delete Data.....



Hello Guys, has been a while, close to a yeat since I last posted and a lot has going on in real life, in virtual life. The Brotherhood is gone, The broken throne was borne. I left GW and am now an editor for another name in the hobby. But I got back into the hobby. As I slowly felt my drive going away while, it is ow back an I wanted to show you some WIP of the Wardens which seem to rest on my table for longer than I can remember. But now I am back and got some nice Projects to tackle.



The guy must have seen better days



Just a comparision with an Old Warden of mine.



Are you looking at me?



And no, I did not use any filter.



Ah, and the pic above, to celebrate my return to the hobby, I celebrate the Death of my primarch. The Pic was drawn by the more than talented Ruslan.

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Hey pal, has been a while. Seldom do I outrank Ruslan. So time to celebrate.


I still have Nightlords on my schedule or better the Nightmare host. And a primaris Chapter the Blades of Night and Day. The other things are not allowed on this server^^


I think I will also convert some assault primaris into wardens but let's see what the future holds in store. A getting a primaris landspeeder and resculpt it into a javelin or illuminator would be a cool project.

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Haha. GW destroyed yesterday my main Fantasyproject, so more focus on 30k and 40k.


And Thx. Got to influenced by the Observer,Isengrin and those awesome Scythe of the Emperor concerning the weathering. But it is ok I guess, cuz they are in the middle of getting purged.

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@Isengrin: Yes they are and totally stopped my Slaanesh AoS Project...for now.


But we are here, because we want more Wardens.

So you get...WIP. Not paint WIP bit sculpts.


We Start with a group shot:




Mk4 Void Pattern in Caerbannog Style. Always fun to make these.


Let's take closer look:












I am going for these guys more into the scale armor style instead of just plate, but not sure yet. Maybe it will be a mix of both as usual.


And here some prework on the same guys, just MK2 instead of MK4.




All the layers will prof complicated because everything nas little space in between. Guess I need to male them less bulky.



Without a pic: same guys prepared, this time for mk5 heresy armor. Wait!!! How could that be, they never lived to see the heresy. Yes, but rule of cool and they could just be a bunch who were on a galactic mission, run out of armor and had to fix theirs ASAP.

(Other backdoor: Just for the BROKEN THRONE narrative)


So that where the news.


Read ya and looking forward to all your suggestions.

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Hello friends of battle,


nearly a month passed and I finished my MKIV Void pattern assaulties for the Wardens.


Take a look.I may add some more filigree and smooth things out, but the basic minis are now ready to be casted. and then being forgotten, like always^^.














And because I got a sprue left, ...wait for the next post^^

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