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Tribun's warriors of the long war...


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Some of my post heresy warriors...







Terminator Obliterators






Iron Warriors






comments welcome!

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This is so... well, retro. I really have no other words to describe it. It's all retro, and delightfully so, painted in a style that while not quite the same as that of John Blanche, captures the same sort of feeling. I like it. Thus, you get some high fives.



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Thx Brothers...this is good to read and expresses exactly the goal, I want to archive by painting my minis. :)


Here's some more:


World Eaters Cult of Kharnath Terminators




Death Guard




PS: 30mm is perfect for oldschool termis...

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TRIBUN, these are so cool. I love them. I'm personally enjoying muted, very limited pallets a lot and I love the paint job you've achieved. The turquoise you chose fits the different grey shades very well and stands out and accentuates the models at the same time. Consider me a great fan of your work. 

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chaos space marines csm iron warriors havoc devastor




chaos space marines csm death guard Terminators




comments welcome :wink:

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The Ironwolf, The Grey Smith, Forgelord of the Deathguard (Warpsmith)




This Techmarine of the SW is imo the best TM-Model ever made. To blend in with my warriors, I've chosen a paint-mix from the DG and the IW-shemes.


It should look like an weathered Iron-Warrior from a post-apocalyptic tale (like Fallout).


This is because I don't see my GD as slimy mutants (like the Plaguemarines), but as bad postapokalyptic warriors, who love the ABC-warfare.

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