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Vengeance for Monarchia! Calth Shall Burn!

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Lorgar Transfigured
The Master of the Word Bearers, Aurelian, The Golden, The Voice of Truth

‘I was weaned on the old scrolls – the very scrolls we cast aside in favour of worshipping the Emperor. Now, I cannot help but look back at the teachings of my youth, and think of those legends and their cores of truth.

In crude imagery, the old works showed a stain on the stars – a scar in reality, where the Primordial Truth reached out into the universe of flesh, bone, blood and breath. Each of them foretold of a golden lord, a being of godly power that would carry humanity to divine perfection. It had to be my father. It had to be the Emperor. And I believed it was, until the moment it was not.

He was not the golden lord. The Emperor will carry us to the stars, but never beyond them. My dreams will be lies, if a golden lord does not rise.

I look to the stars now, with the old scrolls burning runes across my memory. And I see my own hands as I write these words.

Erebus and Kor Phaeron speak the truth.

My hands. They, too, are golden.’

Lorgar Aurelian




‘Lorgar’s incubation pod will be carried to Colchis, to walk the first steps to enlightening humanity of the Primordial Truth, and the gods behind the stars. Without the gods, humanity will die, piece by piece, under the predation of the aliens that still lay claim to much of the galaxy. Those that remain will die as the elder died: in agony, unable to see the Primordial Truth before their very eyes. This is fate. It is written in the stars. Lorgar knows that humanity needs divinity – it is what shaped his life and Legion. It is why he was chosen as the favoured son.’
Ingethel the Ascended

‘Some may say “What has he done” and call me mad priest, fallen vizier. My answer shall be as ever it has, simply that I have done what must be done’
Lorgar Aurelian

Word Bearers Chaplain

"Faith is the soul of any army; be it vested in primitive religion or enlightened truth. It makes even the least soldier mighty, the craven is remade worthy and through its balm any hardship may be endured. Faith ennobles all of the worlds the soldier undertakes be they so base or vile, and imports to them the golden spark of transcendent purpose."
Lorgar Aurelian



Word Bearers Diabolist
+++ I just noticed in these photos that I have forgotten to highlight his gun so please ignore this +++

“That which we foolishly call truth is only a small island in a vast sea of the unknown. For man to truly flourish, he must be willing to abandon the ever-shrinking island of such petty ‘truth’ and surrender himself to the reality of that which is beyond”
Attrb. Erebus, First Chaplain of the Word Bearers Legion





Welcome, to where I shall be collecting everything I have finished, or am working on for my Horus Heresy Word Bearers. This will mostly be photos WiP and finished models, but I also hope to develop a bit of background for my army, and flesh out some of the major characters in it – meaning that I would very much appreciate the input of anyone who takes an interest on here with that.

I will leave you with this:

“The Emperor has denied all claims to godhood, but there are other gods, older gods, gods who will hear our pleas and reward our service with more than empty promises and false dreams. In their name we will have our revenge, and the Emperor will regret that He spurned our loyalty on Monarchia…”
Unknown Transmission Intercept – Calth War Zone

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@ Son of Carnelian - Thank you! Will do. I'm working on a Sicaran and the summoning Cataphractii Librarian at the moment.
@ Brother Pheidias - Thanks man! I have to admit I'm particularly proud of him.
@ DarkApostle7 - Thanks! You literally have no idea how much that comments means haha! I was heavily inspired by the Diabolist artwork in Tempest when planning and building the Diabolist and so it is great to hear that people can see that without me having said it previously!


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