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The Slaughter at Karex Pass, from the musings of Consecrators First Company/Deathwing Champion, Zadok.


It was quiet inside Cawdor, the titale of the Land Raider Redeemer that we rode inside, with naught but the sound of Brother-Librarian Gideon relaying orders for us to begin our assault once we had reached the strongest of the Ork filth, compared to that of the battle raging outside, it was nearly completely silent as I mused on what had happened.


At Karex Pass we were to purge what was reported to be a small force of Orks, only approximately forty to seventy of them, easily taken care of. When we arrived, it appeared that there were far more than that number, perhaps more than twice that. So here we were, but thirty-seven men, a venerable dreadnought, and a land raider. This was to be a relatively easy battle then.


The sounds of Venerable Brother Enoch's Plasma Cannon spewing blasts of seering hot plasma at the greenskin horde as they charged him, his stormbolter tearing into their hides, and his giant fist grinding them into mere chunks of flesh. The first, third, and fourth tactical squads of the fifth company firing their bolters and plasma weaponry to the sound of Interrogator Chaplain Absalom's litanies of hatred, and the disgusting sound of the Orkish warcries as they began their charge, their weapons failing to penetrate the power armor of the tactical squads, with Chaplain Absalom's plasma pistol incinerating Ork after Ork, and his crozius caving in the skulls of any who came too near him.


"Look, brothers! See the might of Venerable brother Enoch of the glorious first company slays the greenskin pests! See how the Orks are slain by the might of our plasma weaponry! See how your bolters shall stop these beastly creatures!" Said Chaplain Absalom over the vox channel, ensuring that all would hear him over the din of the battle and roaring of guns.


I readjusted my bone colored helm atop my black armor, readied my Halberd of Caliban, and proudly displayed the Deathwing Company Banner upon my armor as the ramp began to open, scores of Orks charred to a crisp by the Flamestorm cannons of Cawdor, it's assault cannons tearing through the horde, leaving only the toughest of the foul xenos alive. Yet there was still a good deal of them, which meant only a good deal more to slay at my hands.


"Look brothers! See how the mighty Land Raider incinerates those foolish enough to tempt it's wrath! Look how it's mighty assault cannons rend through their flesh, and put them down as a butcher would a common grox!"


As we exited our land raider, I had spotted it. An Ork far larger than those around him. 'The Warboss, I had thought, as I began to feel a true hatred for the xenos building up inside of my mind, no truer contempt and rage had I felt then for such despicable creatures as I had now, and began to fight my way toward the large Ork, cleaving Boyz and Nobz alike with slashes of my halberd, as the horde of Boyz tried and failed to penetrate our mighty tactical dreadnought armor.


"Look brothers, see how the mighty warriors of the first company hold their own in battle! See how the pitiful alien cannot even harm their glorious terminator armor! See how the company champion himself cleaves through ork after ork with practiced ease!"


Brothers Berakhiah and Harrod's Chain Fists rending the Greenskin's armor useless and destroying their bodies with the immense strength granted by them, Brother Apothecary Turiel's Storm Bolter showering them in shells, the blood of Orks being splashed about all over the battlefield, Brother Oved's plasma cannon blasting bolts of hot plasma into the Ork scum, destroying and incinerating all whom were in his way, and Brother Librarian Gideon both firing his stormbolter and using his psychic powers to destroy the orks. A loud roar of an Orkish warcry was heard as we saw the Warboss himself come closer, I had charged at him, halberd raised and ready to slay the foul xeno once and for all.


"Brothers, the champion himself challenges the leader of the Orks! See how though the Ork is a strong opponent, he is no match for the champion, Zadok of the first company, nor the combined strength of the first company's terminators!"


I pressed on, the Warboss slightly faster than one of it's stature would assume, almost allowing it to get the better of me and get a hit on myself as it barely missed my arm, I brought my halberd straight through it's armored head and out through it's skull, the creature letting out a death wail, failing to get a hold of me with it's death grip in it's final moments, the light in it's eyes dimming.


"Look brothers! See how the mighty champion is truly deserving of his Crux Terminatus, and of his Deathwatch honors! Fight on, and eliminate the remaining greenskin horde!"


By now the battle was beginning to turn as Venerable Brother Enoch wrestled and fought two Ork Deff Dreads, gaining the upper hand and grabbing a hold of one, and unleashing a blast of plasma directly into it, completely destroying it, with the help of the tactical squads focusing fire with their own plasma weaponry onto them as well, focusing on any Ork heavy weapons which could harm Enoch or themselves as he fought the Ork machines.


This and the act of slaying the Ork leader had demoralized the Orks, once they had begun their retreat, we had slewn as many as we could as and returned to our craft to rearm and refuel, as well as heal the wounded tactical marines and harvest the geneseed of three fallen brothers who had been harmed by Orks that had been able to either get lucky shots or get in too close. By this time, my armor and robes were in need of a proper cleaning, having become drenched a dn covered in the blood and guts of Ork filth.

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