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Elmo's Dark Angels - going for a Chapter?


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Seriously, you must be addicted. A full chapter is just plain insane. I have a battle company with some 1st and 2nd company stuff on the side, 2 assassins, 2 knights and expanding FW support. Target is 12500 points including wargear. Not all of it is assembled, and paintwork so far is just a quarter or so of my points total. But going for a full chapter... WOW!


I'm gobsmacked. Lost for words (not totally). As Greenz said, if anyone is to do it, it's you.


All of the above is meant as very positive and happy stuff, and I really hope you can pull it off, but the project is just so immense I'd never personally have the balls to begin such an undertaking. 7 companies of guys in green (with some variation based on the look of 3rd and 4th company). It's 700 marines plus command/veterans. Plus any transports and dreadnoughts dedicated to those companies...


Think I'm just gonna bow my head and exit backwards, humbled...




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It is a bit tongue in cheek at the moment but I have enough models in the painting queue to do another company and a half so who knows ;)



Just short of rhinos at the moment.

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You are a madman Elmo ... a true madman...... I just love madmen!  That collection is just stupendous to behold. No words will do justice to the impact it has on someone looking at its majesty.


All I can say is.... Well Done!


Praise the Lion and pass the Paint!


Full chapter here we come! :smile.:



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Thanks for the support Brothers - I will try hard to keep going... and be certain you shall be the first to see any additions :wink:



The order of the thread has changed slightly and the links have been added. I plan to update the photos at the weekend :whistling:

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Wow, that's really an impressive army :)


One question; how do you incorporate the Primaris Marines into your Chapter/Company structure? Do they take places of normal marines (so intercessors instead of a Tac Squad for example)?.

Not at the moment. There is sort of a plan to make them part of the 10th but it is still early days...

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