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OrbOfAntioch's WIP


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SR looking good - how are you planning to paint the canopy?


Also what happened with the primer, went fuzzy?


Thanks! 2 more highlights to finish the white transition. I don't have a good solution for my lazy canopy: scab red base coat, 50/50 scab/blood highlight and glaze. I covered my last 2 canopies on my DC SRs 5 years ago so I'm just going to do the same thing to keep solidarity. 


Imperial Primer on resin, especially flat surfaces, is just a bad idea I think. That Deredeo picture has 2 coats of IP plus touchups and it still chips. I washed it pretty good too. Better off with spray primer next time I hope..

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Knight Porphyrion "Finished". I'll touch up details when sanity is regained. 




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Impressive. Is he a Freeblade whose colors are meant to honor the Death Company?


Yes sir, DC Porphyrion now joins alongside DC Lucius to protect the DC until the end of their madness.

Next up to join the black freeblades will be the Castigator, followed by the Lancer and then finally Atrapos. A DC Warlord is also on the way...

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WLT WIP: The resin release wasn't as savage as I had dreaded, but still no joke. 2nd round of scrubbing. 



Infantry update: got most of my gun boys assembled and primed (Still missing inferno pistols and hand flamers on the magnetize list but I'm sick of magnets). 



Painful it was, but the 15 Stern Guards are hopefully prepared for the vagaries of 8th...

-15 SSs

-15 Melta

-8 Grav 

-6 C-Flamer

-6 C-Plasma

-8 C-Melta

-8 C-Grav

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Back to the Titan now, or have you something else on the paint desk?


The pile of shame has been high: been a little unmotivated when it comes to zee titan... the airbrushing part is done and now it is time to paint with me bare hands :facepalm:


I think once I finish my 8th ed upgrade kits of various magnetized loadouts I'll go back to finish him up though!

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Despite having been taking a break from my brutal onslaught of black-and-white death company colors and painting some more colorful space elves I got a little more progress done on my VVs. 

These are my "4th generation hobby models" and they come with fully magnetized features: torso, both arms, and back, allowing for compatibility with foot soldier packs, jump packs nd bikes, and any special range and melee weapon options. I've not quite finished painting those tiny magnetized arms and guns (oh the horror!)




Also got my razorbacks converted, finally. Raided my SoB box and dismantled some very old rhinos and pertinent armor, cut up some leman russ hulls and made circular holes because I didn't have razorback turret mounts. Overall I think it is okay. 


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