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 During the final part of the 37th Millennium, the Imperium had taken heavy losses from several wars within and without. No strangers to this, the Astartes have always kept regular recruitment a serious practice and often is treated with equal parts pragmatism and ritual. However several events precluding to the close of the 37th Millennium lead to the Adeptus Astartes suffering massive losses, a combination of factors including the ill-fated 21st founding, the "Cursed Founding", followed by the terrible age of apostasy dooming many chapters and several chapters turning renegade thus diminishing the ever famed Astarte's ranks. A new founding was decreed and it would be made of only the purest gene-seeds the High Lords could sanction and so the 23rd founding, the "Sentinel Founding".


 The Angels of Justice were among these chapters, born from the gene-seed of the Dark Angels for it's incredible stability and purity however the purity was not without a decision of great contention. Passtilalpates from the Eagle Warriors whose linage comes from the Ultramarines was chosen to be the chapter master to initially lead the Angels of Justice. He held a strong ethic of purpose and reason along with a transparent doctrine, the last tenet this marine lived by being the bane of the Dark Angels attempts to gain any sway of their successor, this lead to the Angels of Justice becoming an oddity for Dark Angel Successors. No amount of planning or coaxing could bring the successor into the Dark Angels inner circle for by the time Passtilalpates fell, his Beliefs and Doctrines were ingrained into the chapter as a whole and the concept of open disclosure of these 'urgent requests' from the Dark Angels meant that even if the Dark Angels were to establish an inner circle within the chapter, it would become common knowledge for the rest of the chapter as no marine is expected to follow any order covered by false pretense or reason.


 The chapter, being fleet bound, was granted the honour of a Star Fortress along with two Battle Barges and three Strike Cruisers. The Star Fortress, dubbed "The Absolute Court", was reclaimed from a renegade chapter that was brought to face the Emperor's Justice and their name striken from history. The grim event is a cornerstone of chaplain sermons, a reminder to stay true to their tenet which is reflected in their motto: "We are the Emperor's Justice!".


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 Lead by Passtilalpates, the chapter took to it's purpose with great gusto and sought to prove itself worthy of it's founding. This lead to the chapter having a testing time where the chapter would not be seen whole for nearly half a millennia as companies were sent out to multiple distress calls along with many call to arms for cleansing of planets. These early years would shape the doctrine and mindset of the chapter heavily along with more notably it's organisation where their reserve companies resemble a shallow form of battle companies.


 As the Angels of Justice were split apart for the best part of five hundred years, their companies were not able to draw upon reserve companies to replace losses so readily nor could their reserve companies promote marines to the correct squads upon completion of their training. This lead to the solution that every reserve company began to have a mix of the three core squads of the Codex Astartes: Tactical, Assault and Devastator thus meaning that any battle company supported by a reserve company could reinforce any facet of their forces without concern. This divergence has had minor implications on how newly born marines are handled, instead of rising through the tenth through sixth company they are instead handed off from the tenth company to a reserve company that needs reinforcing and from there that company handles the remaining training the marine needs. A minor aspect of this is marines develop a form of company pride and even veterans of the chapter will often still refer to their reserve company of training with pride however this mentality is purely cosmetic and doesn't prevent any of the marines from fighting as one cohesive force.


 This minor divergence has also had a minor effect on the size of the first company of the chapter. As the companies are often away from the chapter's Star Fortress, the home of the first company, each company will often take some veterans with them regularly and thus the first company has not since the chapters founding ever been together as a whole for any single point in history. This means the First Company is an oddity in that it doesn't exist in one place but in several, thus each of the main battle companies have veterans who are what could be considered the more traditional veterans of the chapter but these veterans are still considered part of the first company. The First Company calls the chapter's Star Fortress, "The Absolute Court", their home however they are rarely the only on board as companies often reside here when they need time to repair and re-arm along with acting as a security force for the chapter's home. This is a regular occurrence as task forces are ether called back by the Chapter Master for several reasons which can include acting as help for moving the chapter's home to a new location however there are various reasons.

 There is a small portion of the First Company who actually do reside within "The Absolute Court" and these marines are called "The Court" and there are roughly twenty to thirty members at any time. These marines have served the chapter honestly and justly along with showing a great sense of justice. They hold a form of internal structure of their own, of them a small squad form the Chapter Master's honour guard while another squad form the First Company Captains personal squad while the remaining members of the Court often will join task forces to act as advisers. These three groups within the the Court are part of the chapter's method of dealing with marines who break the chapter's codes and thus even if the chapter master and first company captain leave with a portion of their squads, there always remains a portion of them to pass judgment on marines that have strayed from the chapter's codes. 


 However the First Company are not the only company who officially reside within "The Absolute Court" and that is the opposite of the First Company, the Tenth Company. Similarly with the First Company, the Tenth Company never exist entirely in one place however the members of the Tenth Company do not have any unique members but instead have members spread across the chapter. However despite that all companies perform recruitment as they travel, the chapter's home also performs recruitment however the recruits that are trained in the home of the chapter tend to be far more solemn and there is a direct relation between recruits eventually gaining positions within the Court and where they were trained within the chapter.

 Along with this, each company has a Librarian that is responsible for recording the company's history. Upon the company's return, these Librarians see that all newly recorded information is carefully handed over to the chapter's central librarium  with the star fortress. 


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 The Angels of Justice beliefs could be better described as "Laws". While they do hold sermons by their chaplains, they will recite their Laws rather than Litanies during battle or during sermons. These Laws are largely the same as most chapter's litanies however their wording changes slightly with structure being far more rigid. Notable most Laws begin with "Thou shalt not" followed by the action and sentence. The most commonly recited Law is the "Emperor's Law" recited as such "Thou shalt not contest the Emperor. No conditions allow it. No exceptions exempt it. It is the highest crime, the sentence is death." and is often the first law recited by chaplains and is heard regularly as Marines prepare for battle.


 The Angels of Justice view the Emperor as true Justice, a man who strove to being Just and see that no evil goes unpunished. His current state a symbol of great power for the chapter as they view it as the very image of Justice and so livery of the chapter commonly revolves around gold in reference to the Golden Throne. The chapter however does make use of Silver regularly as a compliment to gold with Gold seen as the colour of Justice and Silver the colour of Honesty. This is reflected in the chapters method of displaying ranks, Gold only seen on high ranks while silver is seen among veterans. A third colour is honoured to sergeants, Bronze which the chapter sees as a colour of righteousness and valour and while not common is often used in conjunction with each other to denote certain ranks or those aspiring to greater ranks.


 An odd quirk of the chapter is a facet of astartes that the Angels of Justice take further and that is the ideas of the Holy Emperor and in general religious epithets. They refuse to call anything Holy or Divine but instead view things with concepts of Just, Righteousness and Truth which comes to blows with the Ecclesiarchy and have friction with many priests. The chapter has managed to bridge the relation with the Ecclessiarchy by means of many debates and discussions with the common ground that the Emperor is the embodiment of righteousness and unquestionable Justice thus the chapter recieve their Rosariuses normally but friction remains between the Angels and the Ecclessiarchy.


 Another point that is the source of their conflicts with their gene-seed source is that they pay respect and honour two primarchs instead of just one. Their genetic material is from the Dark Angels' Primarch, Lion El Johnson, while their tactical doctrines are formed from the Ultramarine's Primarch, Roboute Gulliman and so they refer to the two Primarchs as 'Father' and 'Mentor' Primarch respectively. This naturally is odd for any chapter who talks with them however notably the two chapters, Dark Angels and Ultramarines, have a unique relation to them with the Dark Angels feeling they betray their calling while the Ultramarines see them as almost a great ally and while not born of their material see them as brothers all the same they do other ultramarine successors. However regardless of ether chapter, the Angels of Justice do not consider ether Primarch greater and are equally important, for without the Lion they would not of been born and without Roboute they would not have their tactics they do now.



60EC; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; ">Doctrine

 The chapter's tactical acumen is largely unaffected by their beliefs and retain orthodox strategic methodology, this is largely to do with their first chapter master Passtilalpates and his linage hailing from the Ultramarines. However they do have a stubborn arrogance that could be thought to be from their gene-seed, the Dark Angels known for an aloof nature.


 A more notable impact on the chapter from their ideals is how it impacts their approaches to punishments and deal with enemies. The chapter does not pass judgment lightly and are approached with a modicum of regulations. A captain can pass interim judgments for any marine in breach of a law which ranges from penance like fasting, flagellating or in the case of marines holding positions of power a temporary stripping of rank however more severe crimes (what the Angels of Justice refer to breaking laws) can result in complete solitary confinement. These temporary measures are used until the marine can be returned to the chapter's home to receive final judgment from the Court.

 The Court are responsible for reviewing all crimes a marine has committed. The process takes into account any previous punishments the marine has been dealt by a captain (if any) and will hand out a final verdict and also review the captain's actions in regards to the marine. This entire practice is in place to ensure the chapter's purity of mind and is strictly monitored by the chapter master.

 Regardless of punishment or past punishments, a marine will have to bear the shame of their crime and this is done by the marines right shoulder pad being coloured a dark grey. The duration of how long the marine must bear this colour is dependent on their crime and this is seen as a huge dishonour along with not just for the marine but his squad. This additional punishment for the marine ensures they remember that any crime will have long lasting effects however it is a Law that once a marine serves his sentence and no longer has to bear the "Grey Shame" he is to be respected fully and no further comments on his past can be made except by the Court if the marine continues to offend. To date however no marine has commited a crime more than once and this Law does mean that even a marine that has broken a law can attain high ranks. Notably the current Chapter Master Alexander Bayson had broken the "Law of Forgiveness" (the law pertaining to judging or talking badly of a marine due to their past crime) long ago and he himself however still retains his "Grey Shame" to this day despite he has served his sentence hundred folds.


 Part of the chapter's arsenal is their home, the Star Fortress. This vast vessel is not just a place of re-arming and resting for marines but also a massive weapons platform bristling with weaponry and defenses that when brought to bear can reduce even fleets to scrap. To this end, the chapter has various navigators and other smaller tug vessels from the finest houses of navigators the chapter can request. This is due to the perilous nature of moving such a vessel and many has been lost to warp in the history of the Imperium and the star fortress of the Angels of Justice has been no exception to accidents within the warp however these moments are far and few in between and so far has not resulted in any major damage or loss of the star fortress due to a far more robust crew that live within. When this mighty fortress does arrive at a new planet, it can be for several reasons depending on the destination. While not a common occurrence to move "The Absolute Court" it does happen on a regular basis, often periods of decades to possibly centuries between moves however some events can cause it to move such as battles causing damage to the fortress can put impetus to move to a forge world to repair possibly more specialised parts or the planet being orbited is considered no longer able to provide suitable recruits.

 The most serious reason is to bring the forts weapons to bear on a foe. When the chapter expects serious orbital resistance or may be participating in a warzone for an extended period of time the Star Fortress is brought to bear. This naturally leads to the chapter not only bringing to bear the Star Fortress' weaponry but also the Chapter Master will often take to the battlefield, commanding not only marine but orbital strikes from "The Absolute Court".


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Like all astartes, the Angels of Justice have had numerous campaigns and many battles. Their M.O. always revolves their beliefs, bringing justice to those who oppose the Emperor. There are however a few events within the chapter's history that are notable.


The Crossroad

 During the chapters first five hundred years, they took part in four campaigns. These four campaigns were considered a developing point of the chapter and due to it's significance the chapter calls this the "Crossroad", in reference to how the chapter went four ways.


 "Yovtozk Incident", the 2nd and 9th company accompanied by Passtilalpates and the chapter's Star Fortress. This campaign was launched in response to a call for aid to quell a rebellion thought to be just discontented civilians. Evidence the chapter was given on the call all pointed to this being the case however by the time the task force arrived a dire turn had occurred, Chaos had arrived. Rather Chaos was the source of the rebellion and was rooted deeply within not just common citizens but also high ranking officials. Due to the planet's abundant resources and production facilities, most of which were lost during the initial uprising meant the forces of chaos had access to powerful weapons and plenty of supplies. This meant the task force spent a great deal of time regaining a lot of vital resource points, despite the trademark tactics of the adeptus astartes being specialised in lightning warfare, the entrenched forces were well armed. The enemy forces included Alpha Legionnaires which meant that any attempts to strike at command structure of the traitor forces often made little impact and so fighting for the planet took the better part of a century. After the enemy forces were confirmed to be destroyed completely, the chapter master decided to make use of Yovtozk resources to re-arm and repair "The Absolute Court". This campaign was the last engaged as it took a massive amount of time to move the star fortress to the destination.


 "Waaagh GubSkul", the Ork Warboss GubSkul had managed to gather a large waaagh and was plundering many planets in his path, including forge worlds resulting in his Waaagh obtaining many powerful weapons. The 4th and 6th company planned to engage the Waaagh in a surprise attack, waiting for the typical ork invasion of smashing rokz into the planet and at the same time launching their counter offensive complimented by air units shooting down smaller rokz. This tactic paid off however only lead to a grueling war between marine and ork. The confusion of suddenly fighting the Emperor's finest along with being clustered together meant the marines were able to contain the green tide before it could get going. The chapter had chosen to engage the orks on a hive world with minimal flora as to help reduce the orks reproduction. The campaign was more extended by the time it took for an Astra Militarium detachment to get deployed to help contain and maintain containment on the orks which meant the Angels of Justice had only taken a couple of decades to defeat the ork Waaagh, unfortunately failed to kill the warboss who managed to escape off planet. However it took nearly seven further decades before an imperial guard force arrived to take over the containment and full purging of the orks. This is the first campaign that was engaged by the Angels of Justice chronologically. The 4th and 6th company spent several decades re-arming, repairing and recruiting while they made their way back to "The Absolute Court". During this time, smaller less significant campaigns were fought extending the companies journey back to the chapter's home.


 "Siege of Gorn VI", this campaign is notably the longest the chapter has ever undertaken to date. Spanning nearly four centuries, the campaign was a taxing and draining war that largely centered around Gorn VI's many Planet Fortresses. Considered a bulwark planet within the system, it's main purpose was to be a place that no matter what the Imperium could never lose it's foothold within the system. However this idea was great in theory but as is normal with the Imperium, the bureaucracy was what lead to the planets failed defences as it was undermanned ever since it's completion along with being under-supplied. This was a ripe target of the Alpha Legion, having manipulated and brought the garrison under the sway of chaos along with directing many other corrupted forces to Gorn VI with the intention of turning it into a chaos fortress that would spread it's taint by using Gorn VI fortresses as a means to make it impossible to remove. This Campaign was undertaken by the 3rd and 7th company who arrived by the mercy of the Emperor before the Alpha Legion could fully man all the fortresses. While many regiments of Imperial Guard arrived to help take back the planet, the 3rd and 7th company stayed until the campaigns conclusion seeing leaving before the traitors were brought to heel un-thinkable. Initially the Alpha Legion's forces, consisting of a small number of their legionnaires organising larger numbers of traitor guard and the like, had the majority of fortresses under their control however the same reason they couldn't be moved was the same for the Angels of Justice who had managed to take one of the fortresses however the Angels had the key advantage: Resources. Unlike the Alpha Legion, despite their initial lead in the campaign had not managed to secure supply lines onto the planet entirely, having been rushed into their plan by the arrival of the Angels of Justice. As the Campaign wore on and reinforcements for the Angels began to arrive, slowly the Alpha Legion and their traitor guard were removed from all the fortresses. As is the Alpha Legions signature trait, none of their legionnaires were captured however there are confirmed sightings and kills but it is believed a majority of them escaped. The Angels of Justice present at the conclusion of the campaign were thoroughly worn down and drained after a campaign that measured at 348 years. This company spent the best part of 70 years on it's way back to the Star Fortress recruiting new initiates while engaging campaigns that they were able to.


The after effect of the "Campaign of Campaigns"
 A note in regards to the companies that weren't involved with "Campaign of Campaigns". They developed a lesser forms of the divergence that might of reverted however once the chapter did converge back together the Chapter Master took note of the 5th and 8th's unique change and noticed that the other companies were beginning to develop this trait thus decided to make it the chapter's standard, as having just had the chapter split for so long he saw the benefit if such ill fate would befall the chapter again and see apart for a long time and yet it held no long lasting negative effects.
"Campaign of Campaigns", an odd event of the Crossroad was the 5th and 8th companies. These companies responded to numerous calls for aid and are noted for not having the unusual run of bad luck the other companies in regards to their initial campaign but instead became overzealous in how many campaigns they engaged in. Ranging from answering calls for fighting back enemies of the emperor, these Angels of Justice succeeded in what is recorded as 23 successful campaigns before returning to "The Absolute Court". It is these companies that are considered the first to develop the chapter's now noted divergence of reserve companies. As the companies were regularly recruiting new marines as they went from campaign to campaign these companies developed the unique change faster as they need not just assault marines replaced. The impetus for returning to the chapter's home was the librarians bringing concern that they had such history recorded but have yet the chance to return it to the chapter's home.







Dark Time, True Calling

 As with the rest of the Imperium, the Angels of Justice felt the effects of the eye of terror spreading across the domain of the Emperor and it could not of been more ill-fated. During the time, the Angels of Justice were moving "The Absolute Court" and as the scar of the Imperium spread, it was thought like many other ships and vessels in the warp at the time to be lost with few escaping and only by luck. It would be a time of trial for the Angels of Justice whom had just lost several of their leaders and many were lost as for what to do. It was through guidance of the chapter's most noble dreadnoughts, Kayvaan Gard and Ventris Gard that they were able to continue functioning as they did, the venerable knowledge the dreadnoughts bestowed instilled a sense of determination and drive to continue and not let such things impede their duty: to bring justice to the enemies of the Emperor. The chapter nominated 3rd Company Captain Alex Caber to the position of chapter steward, as until evidence of their chapter master's demise was provided they would not chose a new chapter master but still needed a leader.


 The Angels of Justice still held more than 50% of it's fighting force at the ready. With that, Alex Caber ordered for the chapter to begin pressing onwards to the Star Fortress' original destination, a campaign against the traitors. This campaign might of been the last the Angels of Justice would ever take to as once the storms died down and the chapter assailed their foes, they found forces well beyond reports. The Warp Storms had not just made travel impossible but forces of chaos everywhere were reinforced beyond any conceivable levels. The chapter quickly found it's offensive turned into a desperate stand to survive. Alex Caber lead the Angels of Justice with shaken fortitude, even when bolstered by Kayvaan and Ventris Gard as advisors, feeling a fool and guilty of sending his brothers to a vain death. This would be the chapters darkest hour but as is with nights, the dawn comes and so it did with the Angels of Justice.


 In the sky it was visible, a tear was forming in space itself. Something big was coming and as Alex Caber looked upon it, he gazed in disbelief as suddenly an explosion engulfed the scene. "The Absolute Court" burst forth, heavily damaged and warp fire covering the hull however it did not emerge as a hulk, not as a dead vessel but began immediately firing upon traitor forces orbital vessels while also firing salvos of drop pods. Smashing next to Alex Caber was a drop pod that burst open and came a bellow, three voices in unison cried "We are the Emperor's Justice." as not only did Alexander Bayson come forth but also Jorge McCool, Chief Librarian, and Keith McRoy, Head Chaplain. While having suffered grievous losses in the warp, what marines who had survived were the hardiest and sternest that the chapter had to offer and they fell upon the traitor forces with fury that was only matched by the firepower of their star fortress that was locked in combat with the traitor forces, rallying the chapter's other ships around it and destroying countless vessels.


 The Conclusion of the campaign resulted in all forces of chaos within the system crushed with other imperial forces being rallied and arriving to aid the Angels of Justice. However the toll was heavy, be it from the initial campaign lead by Alex Caber or the time spent in the warp the chapter lost over 60% of it's forces and was now reeling from such tragedy. While a shadow of their former glory, they still had their Star Fortress along with most of their fleet still functional but in dire need of repair and their will now doubled knowing that even when the warp does it's worst, they will not fall.


 The Aftermath meant the Angels of Justice were among many chapters to welcome the new "Primaris" Marines, seeing them as a great boon to a greatly depleted chapter. This batch of new marines into the chapter's ranks meant they were again able to set out on campaigns once more with full vigour and now, during the Imperiums most trying time the Angels of Justice answer calls for aid and have no shortage of those who must be judged. Upon "The Absolute Court" the Chapter Master sits, his armour still bearing scars of the warp and he commands his marines with no hesitation and he knows, the chapter knows one thing and not another: "They are the Emperor's Justice and they shall know no fear!"


Heroes of the Chapter

Among the Angels of Justice there are many heroes however like any chapter, this is true for most of their ranks however few go beyond. As every chapter has records of mighty heroes, some of the most recent keep writing history. Among these current heroes are four:


Chapter Master Alexander Bayson

 The current chapter master of the Angels of Justice, a marine of incredible energy and vigour. Preferring to take to the battlefield on wings of fire, Alexander deploys using a jump pack and can be found fighting the Emperor's enemies with unrelenting vigour. Wielding a relic blade, he aims for necks of the enemies like an overzealous executioner. While each swing of his relic blade beheads, his voice booms over vox channels as he commands his Angels of Justice to greater feats and keeps them ordered. Naturally as a chapter master, his command is peerless and as precise as a commander safe in a bunker.

 His most notable efforts were during the chapters Dark Time, coming from the warp and immediately engaging forces of chaos with his remaining veterans. Diving into the battle he carved a bloody swathe through traitor forces while rallying his chapter however this was in part to the Court also reinforcing other dire locations with their tactical acumen. The height of the counter offensive was his fight with the traitor forces leader, a grueling fight that included many members of not just the traitor lord's retinue but also the Chapter Master's Court as both Leaders attempted to move in for the kill but every time their guards stepped up to ether deflect the blow or intercept the hit. It was the bold move that lead to Alexander's victory, allowing a deep wound to strike leaving the lord no defense and loosing a point blank salvo from his mighty boltgun humbling the traitor leaving him on his knees where Alexander took a mighty swing, the lord's head removed.

 After the loss of their leader, the traitor forces while formidable without their leader's could not keep up with Alexander's continued command, now too wounded to continue the fight personally but his voice still inspiring his marines.



First Company Captain Gregor "The Wall" Finn

 Many marines have bionics and aren't uncommon however Finn is more machine than man. Missing both of his original legs and his left arm along with his right eye and a portion of his skull are cybernetic replacements along with various other minor replacements, naturally making him a resilient marine by itself however when he lumbers into battle he does so in his suit of Terminator Armour along with one of the chapter's relics; Just Defender, a modified Storm Shield. His choice of armament is a power fist fitted with a grenade launcher, massive swings and crushing grips of this weapon has ended more than one heretic or xenos leader if not by his strength but by the sheer toughness of the captain, this attribute gaining his moniker and personal battle cry, "You are up against the Wall and I am the WALL!".

 The reason for his state being as such is a long history of service however the loss of his arm and legs came from a foul ork whose rokkit found it's mark in his armour, exploiting a crack left by a previous nob'z power klaw. The resulting impact tore his arm off along with his legs, however they were not so as torn from his body as it was they were completely decimated by the force.

 He has more than once fought orks and is now more of a personal grudge he holds against the Xenos, notably taking great fervour in pursuit of the Warboss GubSkul who has been a thorn in the side of the Angels of Justice ever since their founding. Some of his feats fighting orks have been of incredible resilience and fortitude, having ground entire mobs of boyz by himself along with more than once fighting GubSkul himself however neither combatant being able to finish the other. This hatred for the orks drives Finn to participate in mostly in campaigns involving orks, especially if reports confirm the presence of GubSkul.


Venerable Dreadnoughts Kayvaan and Ventris Gard

 These two dreadnoughts are an oddity of the chapter, these two marines are actually brothers from a death world. Both ancient and wise, these dreadnoughts are deployed together and rarely apart. These marines served the chapter, attaining rank of the Court however kept the odd quirk of working together as one which is a curious quirk however is cemented in they blood tie with each other. Both are equally incredible marines, having attained positions in the Court after all is no mere feat.

 Of the two brothers, Ventris Gard is a fiery individual and a natural leader. He was commonly seen leading squads head first into the enemy lines, wielding his power mace. His voice inspiring and pushing his marines forward, his tactical acumen with a notable ability to read his opponents next move in combat however his grander tactical abilities are equal to his rank but his brother is leagues above it. Kayvaan in contrast is a calm calculating man, seen in vantage points over battlefields viewing the enemy and constantly relaying information to his brother. While not as outspoken as his brother, Kayvaan was able to predict enemy movements with unerring precision and thus with such information Ventris was fully able to charge head long into enemies with supporting fire of his brother.

 They however fell together holding the line against chaos, they sacrifice not in vain but their bodies beyond repair. So it was that the brothers were interred within might dreadnoughts and now they yet again serve. Separately they are incredible warriors, Ventris' fiery speeches now more powerful and Kayvaan's tactical prowess now tempered further by centuries allowed by his new form.


60EC; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; ">Post-Fall of Cadia and forming of the cicatrix Maledictum

 Following the events of the "Dark Time, True Calling", the chapter's numbers had fallen dangerously low and stifled their trademark response methods. During this time, their numbers were nearly quartered and the calls for aid had more than quadrupled. While they answered calls to the best of their ability they were cautious about losing any more marines, their efforts primarily focused on restoring their ranks but this was also a hurdle as most worlds they attempted to recruit from were under attack from one threat or another thus forcing an almost vicious cycle upon the chapter: They must recruit new initiates to survive but to recruit new initiates they must fight to help free the planet from their attackers but to do this they needed initiates to help fill out their ranks. As the chapter's numbers dwindled away down to nearly 30%, the solution came from the resurrection of Gulliman and his rather erratic Techpriest, Belisarius Cawl. Not only did the return of their Mentor Primarch bolster their morale but the new weapons and reinforcements he brought were sorely needed, the Primaris Marines. Embracing these new marines as a means to restore recruitment, the new influx of troops allowed the Angels of Justice to reclaim planets for the Emperor but also gain recruits. It is during this time a sore spot developed in regards to the Primaris marines.

 While viewed a brothers, the primaris marines had a gene-seed they viewed as being 'tampered' by the tech priest and thus not of 'pure' stock they normally use. This is because of the history and established reason for their gene-seed: it's undeniable and irrefutable purity. It is what gave them credit as Angels of the Emperor's Justice and to think that these Primaris had 'purer' gene-seed would be to imply that their original gene-seed was in someway impure. This has led to a clear divide in opinion within the chapter regarding the new Primaris marines, mainly among the older marines who survived their trying times. Currently within the chapter, they have no Primaris Captains or Librarians however they do have a couple Primaris Chaplains and Apothecaries and on top of that they do not consider the Primaris viable for any promotion beyond their own squad, meaning the highest honour a Primaris marine can attain is Lieutenant and that is after considerable feats and much debate within the Court. This means no member of the Court, nor the 1st company are officially Primaris. Initiates however are not taught the mentality as it is against the unity of the chapter and Alexander hopes to over time remove this bias and one day have Primaris being able to hold positions of power but currently to do so would cause serious morale and spiritual issues until ether the older veterans accept the new marines or they fall in combat.

 As it stands however, there are Primaris marines who see active duty in "The Absolute Court" under the idea to expose them to the chapter's beliefs at it's purest. However this is just the guise Alexander keeps it under, it is largely a means to expose the older marines to these newcomers as to show that they aren't any more pure than they are and still stand for Justice just like them. It does however sit in the back of Alexander's mind that they do have tampered gene-seeds and he himself wonders what issues may arise in time from these new marines.

 Having restored their might, the chapter has now renewed their fervour and have begun a spree of campaigns unlike that which hasn't been seen since their birth, now eclipsing their "Crossroad" event.


60EC; padding: 12px 8px 12px 8px; border: 1px solid #DDD; margin-left: 0 auto; text-align: left; color: #fff; text-indent:10px; font-size:130%; ">We are the Emperors Justice!
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I've included my thoughts in bold red font below.


-This is currently work in progress and will change depending on feedback so do feel free to add any constructive aid or even point me in the direction of things that may be what I am hoping to achieve. I have already noticed a lack of head apothecaries and their titles-
The Angels of Justice are a chapter made during the times of ending when the events of Abbadon's black crusade spilled forth the eye of terror across the imperial space. Now with this terrible blight upon the Imperium's space, they have found their mission in the Emperor's name. Taking full advantage of their unique chapter structure they have carved a legacy of being a chapter of rapid deployment and response with fury befitting their name seeking Justice for this grave heresy that covers the sky of all planets within the emperor's domain.
You don't mention it, but this is an Ultima Founding Chapter then, of Primaris Marines? This is the only known creation of Chapters at that point in time, the nearest regular Marine Founding was the 26th Founding, about two-three centuries earlier.

Angels of Justice are a strongly divergent chapter, with only 4 large companies instead of the traditional 10. These 4 companies referred to as Battalions (350-500 marines each) and are then within split into roughly 10-12 Platoons (up to 30 marines per platoons). This means the chapters strength in total numbers roughly 1200 marines strong however depending on attrition rates may vary largely however they have never numbered greater than 1300.
Within each Battalion there is not a standard Captain with command however instead there are 4 such individuals with titles befitting of their position within the Battalion. The leader of each battalion is the Brigadier, followed by his Colonel then further from there, there are 2 captains who answer to the Brigadier and Colonel and act as their will where they can't be as often each Battalion can be fighting many warzones or even seperate systems. Each battalion have their own number of techmarines, librarians and chaplins however 2 chaplins, 2 librarians and a techmarine are considered the 'Battalion-Chaplin/Librarian/Techmarine' which grants them power similar of a head of other chapters where they are second only to the chapter's true leader of their respective section.
This tells us "what," but nothing about "why." "What" is easy and alluring to write, but for readers it's all about the "why." Why is this Chapter divergent in organization? What is the reason behind their organization, and what does that organization mean to their character and to their story?

The Chapter heads are, in respects again expanded. The Chapter Marshal is the Chapter Master in full and has his second, the Chapter General who acts like Colonels do to Brigadiers. The Chapter's Chief Librarian is known as a Major-Librarian while his second is a Lieutenant-Librarian. The Chaplins and Techmarines of the chapter do not have regular ranks but still come with the power a head of their sect within the chapter. The Chaplins answer to the High-Chapter-Chaplin and Honoured-Chapter-Chaplin. Similar the Master of the Forge has a second and respectively these individuals are known as a Forge-Master and Forge-Apprentice. These heads of the chapter all answer to the Chapter Marshal and General.
Quite honestly, listing variations in titles and ranks is very uninteresting for readers. It's better to introduce them in the act of explaining or describing something else. The easiest way to do this is to include quotes. The other thing to note is that incorporating ranks more common to mortal forces tends to get the reader thinking about the Imperial Guard rather than Space Marine Chapters. It's not that they're bad ranks as such, it's using them makes readers stop thinking about your Chapter. It's a disconnect.
Each Battalion is largely independent for recruitment as the chapter is fleet based. The Marshal and General are rarely together and have a company of guard/task force with them that they replenish by recruiting marines from whichever Battalion is closest which often leads to their Guard Companies being a mix of other Battalions however these are largely considered an informal addition to the Chapter's structure. The remaining Heads of the Chapter maintain duties wherever they are needed most, the Major and Lieutenant-Librarian often found chasing down portents and lending their powers to Battalions found in conflict with Chaos. The High and Honoured chaplins do not stay with any particular Battalion any longer than needed.
The only Head of Chapter that does not actively see combat is the Forge-Master and Forge-Apprentice. These 2 individuals are requested by the Battalions when ancient wargear needs repaired however their presence on the battlefield is often the sign of precious tanks of the chapter are deployed and require their expert care in case they are damaged.
Every Chapter is dependent on recruitment, if it intends to survive. Fleet-based Chapters might have their choice of worlds to recruit from, but by and large there will be channels that they'll have to go through to avoid clashes. They might have the authority and firepower to just do what they want, but they wouldn't get very far if they just made enemies at every turn. Chapters are as much defined by their oaths and alliances. Though there are, most likely, plenty of worlds out there a Chapter can take from and nobody would, like some backwater feral planet.
-current stop point, needing a small break. Will continue however any feedback so far is welcome-

A lot of this might be best answered in time, if you are going for a Primaris Chapter. But that's mostly because of how many unanswered questions there are right now. We know many Primaris Chapters are organized more similar to the Legions of old, which suggests a massive variance in organization and ranking, and who knows what kind of recruiting rights they might have been granted.


But until we get clearer answers, as it is a lot of these elements feel out of place. But most importantly, none of these elements really tell us anything about the Angels of Justice themselves. It's a bit like putting the cart before the horse, it's better to develop the character and narrative of the Chapter, and letting that inform their organization and combat doctrine.

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Well that was a lot and it is incredibly helpful. Not the greatest lore nut however thank you for all that information. This chapter is not an ultima founding but the 26th founding which is best fitted for what I want with the chapter so thank you for that.


Like mentioned a lot of this is work in progress and getting feedback like that is what I need to make sure I make something really good (don't want bad writing).


The reasoning behind divergence is kind of muddied in there heavily. The purpose of this divergence is while Chapters are already fairly rapid response answers to threats, sometimes even then it isn't fast enough if they are all together in one chapter or bound to one homeworld. Every time the space marines send out a task force they have to assemble one from their various companies and have someone lead it and then even after the fight they have to come back and get mended, re-armed and repaired along with careful documenting of gene seeds that were recovered from losses. The point of this divergence is to alleviate this, each battalion is commanded largely under one figure who can rapidly assign a task force, and if needed multiple task forces with minimal loss of command structure (as with normal chapters, each captain sent is one captain less to command forces). Within this style, the responses from this chapter are faster than average space marine chapters and being fleet bound, they patrol an area larger than what most chapters could reliably lend aid to (each Battalion would have a sort of area of space they patrol when not fully engaged in wars that somewhat overlap with other battalions but only a small portion). This was done to help combat the ever increasing calls for aid within their area of the Imperium, previously they were sort of patrolling the south of the Imperium however with the new time line they have shifted to patrolling along the cicatrix's border Terra side to help fight any chaos that attempts to make a move from it.


Not sure if that's a good why, I will be updating this later on tonight to continue what my chapter is about. Hopefully I can write something better than Matt Ward at least...then again that might not be a high bar.

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Okay, so the Chapter is divergent because it needs to respond to threats quickly? Well that's not really an explanation in and of itself, seeing as other Codex compliant Chapters manage to respond to multiple threats simultaneously under current structures.


As a rule, deviation from the norm should come bottom up, not top down.


An example from my own Chapter:


The people of Tasal value personal prowess and self reliance. The Supernovas recruit from Tasal and so over time adopted these values. These values led to a gradual shift in doctrine where Companies became increasingly self contained, and then in turn squads became self contained. The end result? All Companies are Battle Companies, all squads are Tactical Squads, and all Companies handle their own recruitment.


Your own Chapter's deviation should follow this same pattern. What is the internal or external pressure that caused the Chapter to deviate, and why did that deviation become permanent? Keep in mind that you are making a young Chapter, which in turn doesn't help with the deviation - you're effectively redesigning the entire Chapter structure within a few centuries of their founding, which implies that the stress for the change would have to be quite drastic, or so great it justified the Chapter deviating from their inception.


The rank structure part felt a bit overwhelming to me. After reading it I wasn't really left with a clear image of how the Chapter works. Less is more here, and existing structures help - we all know what the default Chapter structure is, so reference that wherever possible.


If possible, kill two birds with one stone: if you tell us about Chapter-General Suchandsuch and how he's led the Chapter for half a century, we can infer that "Chspter-General" is the highest rank in the Chapter.

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Okay, so the Chapter is divergent because it needs to respond to threats quickly? Well that's not really an explanation in and of itself, seeing as other Codex compliant Chapters manage to respond to multiple threats simultaneously under current structures.


As a rule, deviation from the norm should come bottom up, not top down.


An example from my own Chapter:


The people of Tasal value personal prowess and self reliance. The Supernovas recruit from Tasal and so over time adopted these values. These values led to a gradual shift in doctrine where Companies became increasingly self contained, and then in turn squads became self contained. The end result? All Companies are Battle Companies, all squads are Tactical Squads, and all Companies handle their own recruitment.


Your own Chapter's deviation should follow this same pattern. What is the internal or external pressure that caused the Chapter to deviate, and why did that deviation become permanent? Keep in mind that you are making a young Chapter, which in turn doesn't help with the deviation - you're effectively redesigning the entire Chapter structure within a few centuries of their founding, which implies that the stress for the change would have to be quite drastic, or so great it justified the Chapter deviating from their inception.


The rank structure part felt a bit overwhelming to me. After reading it I wasn't really left with a clear image of how the Chapter works. Less is more here, and existing structures help - we all know what the default Chapter structure is, so reference that wherever possible.


If possible, kill two birds with one stone: if you tell us about Chapter-General Suchandsuch and how he's led the Chapter for half a century, we can infer that "Chspter-General" is the highest rank in the Chapter.


Interesting insight. It will be something I need to think on, how to build it the reason for this rather unique system. The main issue is trying to make something work because I personally have great disliking for how chapters are organised and their ability to respond is a little to overdone IMO which is why I wanted to create something different and unique, a sort of reason for those 'throw-away' captains we see or why there seems to be so many powerful librarians (anyone remember that the two main ranks were codicer and epistolary?). It is a personal gripe but I feel chapters having half their strength in purely reserves makes them weaker overall and while those are 'training' times, it doesn't stand as to why then that assault squads and devastators (the 'rookies' compared to tacticals) are part of the main battle companies (and in fact are outnumbered: 18 each of devastator squads and assault squads where as the 'elite' tacticals number their squads in at 44 squads of tactical marines). This is something I want to put to correction as marines can't spend time on reserve duty. There is no reason to waste nearly 50% of the chapters forces to sit back (not say they always do but even then it always feels like chapters only ever exert 70% at max at any time).

The Angels of Justice ideologically hate idling and see it as moments for weakness. Time that could be used delivering Justice to enemies. They understand training is needed but why should the chapter have any less than 80% fighting while the remaining are getting taught how to fight. Once they are in power armour, they are marines now. Full and through. They have spent their time as scouts and know each weapon well from those days. Now it is time to put them to the true test, the test of fire and sword. Not another round of training. (as far as I understand, there are neophytes, scouts then you become a Devastator. From there you serve as assault marines but until you become a tactical marine you are not fully trained yet so as such these marines are only deployed in lesser numbers than those with training. Seems like the perfect chance for them to learn and apply their lessons with tacticals being the unit sent in to support them, not vice versa).


Sorry, that became a bit ranty however it did let me somewhat get in my own head the possible reason for it. Possibly a bold move by an early chapter master who felt the codex astartes limited his ability to deploy his marines rapidly and so devised his own method of organisation. Though very weak reason. Need a foundation, a root of where this rather odd and completely flying in the face of the codex. Can't exactly get lazy and say 'dark angel gene seed made me do it because screw smurfs'. Need a compelling, rational reason as to why...Maybe finding someway of bringing in how I feel into the chapter, some sort of possible event. maybe even change their founding time...after all, they will exist upon the cicatrix coming to be so need to find a founding that makes sense and would give me time to allow this sort of drastic change to happen. Any ideas towards this is welcome, certainly put a halt on any work on the main article here tonight. Need to research the foundings and find out which one fits.

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I think you're honestly working off a misunderstanding here. Reserve Companies are fighting. They're fighting all the time. As often as Battle-Companies, because they're fighting with the Battle-Companies. That's their purpose. The Marines inside are "learning" the job, such as it were, but they're doing so by augmenting the more veteran forces.


A Space Marine is only not fighting because he is heading from one warzone to another, or because he has returned to the home world for refit and resupply. That includes the Reserves and the Scouts.

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The way I always saw it is that the Battle Companies are the vanguard, and they draw from Reserves when they need additional forces. So if a Battle Company wants extra Bikes or Land Speeders, those will be provided by the 6th. If they need extra dakka, the 9th will send more Devastators. If they need Scouts, the 10th sends Scouts.


While the 6th to 10th won't deploy on their own, and the 2nd to 5th will, the Reserves will join larger task forces.

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Ok, so I lost an entire long post when I closed my tabs. Somewhat annoying but did let me think of something different.


The main thing is I am in all rights a stubborn battle brother and somewhat possibly overzealous (should of been a black templar or imperial fist XD. I hate black templars though so na) in my determined nature to not follow the codex astartes to the letter as I personally feel the amount of command in a chapter is sorely lacking along with their ability to respond is hindered by this '4 battle companies reinforced with reserves". The first gripe is support from any company that isn't the tactical companies mean you don't have access to all the reserves you should have along with being rather unbalanced. 'Brother captain, we have lost all tacticals from our company but we are supported only by 8th company' which to me is rather stupid. This now means only 2 reserve companies are actually useful for any real tactical use (as even tactical marines can be outfitted to be devastators or assaults if needed as they have experience in those areas) while the other 2 may as well be '10th company stage 2 and stage 3).

So despite lore saying marines can fight and respond well enough, I have never seen them have any mention of being able to field any more than 2-3 functional armies without being lop-sided.

I just don't understand the concept of having so many reserves. Literally 50% of the standard marines are able to actively deploy while the other 50% are only able to do so if they tag along. -continues to rant like a child over Gulliman wasting resources because he thinks the best part of 400 marines should be reserved-


Another idea in regards to how I feel that could be easier to do is making the chapter have more battle companies (6 and 7 become battle companies while 8 and 9 become reserve companies that are actively drawn from by all battle companies to support them). Much easier to justify than my rather grand idea of 4 large companies. Will need to work on it.



Also regarding founding. I believe a different founding is also possible to fit with their theme and reason for their rather determined mindset of trying to be everywhere, they were part of the 23rd founding, the 'sentinel' founding. Seems like a more reasonable idea.


Going to edit the main post to try and maybe work on some ideas from there.

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It's fine if you do want to discard the Codex Chapter organization. I'm not really trying to convince you otherwise. I'm only responding like this because you gave reasons why you don't like it that are based on a misunderstanding and I just want to clear that up. Totally doesn't mean you should jump on the Codex train though.But, an example of what I mean:




The first gripe is support from any company that isn't the tactical companies mean you don't have access to all the reserves you should have along with being rather unbalanced. 


That's not how the Reserve Companies work. It's not the 3rd Battle-Company supported by the 9th Reserve Company. It's the 3rd Battle-Company, supported by squads from the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Reserve Companies. No army simply amasses its entire force at each battle. Each battle, each war, that the Chapter is in comes with it an understanding of what it would take to accomplish mission objectives. This is a siege effort, take more Devastator reserves. The enemy moves fast and avoids firefights, take more Assault & Speeder reserves. It's not this Reserve Company follows that Battle-Company around.


Another thing to remember is that Chapter organization =/= the Codex Astartes, no more than any one page of the Art of War equals the rest of the Art of War. Chapter organization is because of Imperial fear and paranoia, the Codex Astartes is about improving Space Marine capabilities.


I also want to bring up something that is rather more headcanon than not, but if you're interested in the idea you can feel free to run with it. In the original Imperial Armour Badab War books, the Nomad-Predation Fleet organization that the Carcharadons Astra had was heavily implied to be a Codex approved organization. They were Codex adherent, and they were in a Nomad-Predation Fleet pattern. The implication being that there were organizational "patterns" within the Codex beyond the standard. It made a lot of sense, and added some real depth to the Codex.


It's been more or less retconned since then, as Forge World made the organization a Legion hold-out. But, the idea that it's Codex approved or that the Codex has organizational variations built in has never been directly refuted. It's just that the implication has a more likely solution. So, as far as my headcanon goes, it's still in. The Codex Astartes approves of more than one Chapter organization.

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ah ok, interesting. So it's possible to have my chapter been built with this odd style of structure from inception possibly? Or soon after inception a certain event lead to the requirement to become the more off the wall organisation. Though still need to think of a good reason and if that takes any longer I will have to scrap that. Different for different sake isn't good writing.


However I can I guess retain the idea of secondary captains. A little easier to justify ('During early campaigns, captains of the chapter felt their tactical command and ability to direct extended forces from their company strained. To ease this they appointed regularly force commanders for this purpose, overtime this became so regular and the appointment of force commander regularly being similar candidates that the chapter soon approved the idea of having a second in command for each company. This has allowed the chapter during conflicts to have even a single company strike more targets with the tactical precision of captains acumen')


I do appreciate everyones input, I really do. Sorry if I sound ungrateful but I am really glad people are so helpful and really quite informative. Really hope I can make my chapter into something that people can read and not cringe ^_^

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The most divergent Chapter I have ever created, I did so by trying to make the divergence a necessity they were forced into but became permanent by stubborn tradition (they were, of course, sons of Dorn). The Chapter had recently come out of a Chaos-induced civil war, but many of their traitorous brothers survived and fled. An unforgiving Inquisitor who had become aware of the corruption just before the end committed the master-less Chapter to a Penitence Crusade (100 years of constant war without refit, resupply or reinforcement), their task to hunt down these surviving elements. Because I like to be mean to my Chapters, they were forced into two, back-to-back Penitence Crusades. It was a powerful Inquisitor, and the alternative was being declared Excommunicate Traitoris. By the end of it, the Chapter simply was nowhere near capable of forming along Codex lines, and had gravitated to three heroes that had each led separate hunting efforts, and by the end were unable to select one as Chapter Master.


Necessity became stubborn pride became traditional divergence.

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Added something to organisation that seems more reasonable and actually explainable. Maintains some ideas I wanted (reserve captains being a bit more prominent) while also being more reasonable. Might need to write up the reasons a bit more but the basic concept is there and is plausible (each task force being out of sync of returning for an extended period of time). 

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Good job, overall. I still have issue with the battle cry "None can Judge us for we are Justice itself!" as it conveys arrogance comparable to the Astral Claws and countless other Chapters that turned to Chaos. "The Emperor alone may judge us, for we bring His justice!" or "We bring the Emperor's justice!" should convey your intentions better.
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Good job, overall. I still have issue with the battle cry "None can Judge us for we are Justice itself!" as it conveys arrogance comparable to the Astral Claws and countless other Chapters that turned to Chaos. "The Emperor alone may judge us, for we bring His justice!" or "We bring the Emperor's justice!" should convey your intentions better.


Thanks for the feedback. Might take and modify the second one you suggested as I still want them to be somewhat headstrong/arrogant due to their gene-seed heritage. Maybe something like "We are the Emperor's Justice!" as to make it a viable battlecry and a sort of answer to sermons a chaplin may give.



Also considering borrowing something from the Dark Angels for the newly made 'Court' of the chapter where they bear strikingly different colours/scheme that denotes their position.


Would also like to say that I am proud of what I called the first chapter master, it is an anagram of a character from scottish mythos. I feel the name has roots within the theme of the chapter's names for characters (scottish based largely) but also feels 'space mariney'

Edited by chapter master 454
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I find it interesting your Marines assign certain meanings to metallic colors. Will the gray of steel or the black of iron be the color of punishment, for battle-brothers to wear?


Never thought of that, it was more of a rank defining thing however with meaning assigned, dull facsimile colours of the represent crimes the marine may have committed and bear the marks of those crimes until they ether redeem or serve their sentence.

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A good start! Congratulations on beginning to pull together a cohesive Chapter concept. I thought it might be interesting for you to read another justice-based Chapter for inspiration - Darrell's Judicators. After ten years, I can't find them in the B+C's archives, but I found them over at warseer: link. Hope they're of some interest to you! 

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Quick bump due to some work being done on these guys. As much as they are 'finished' I want to overtime possibly add a few things here and there as more current fluff appears along with pending something in the liber surgery. The big things I am adding here are post gathering storm fluff regarding the primaris marines and later on I am adding something to their beliefs that i missed which is in regards to the fact they pay homage to 2 primarchs (their 'Father' primarch and 'Mentor' Primarch)

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